Jerry settles for Dak and BIG move for NHL

Jerry settles for Dak and BIG move for NHL


Billionaire Jerry Jones is not used to settling for just good but he appears to have done just that at the prized position of his prized possession. But J Dawg defends Dak as a Super Bowl option for Dallas.

Mike is giddy with the NHL returning to ESPN, even though most games will be on ESPN+.

Mike also shares a new illegal way to stream NBA games. 

And J Dawg previews the pass catching options in NFL Free Agency. Too bad the names are not impressive.

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Michael Benatar

Michael Benatar  00:01

Sports hang over. I'm Michael Benatar joined alongside J. Dog. Mike. It's good to see you. We're planning your bachelor party. Sorry to those of you not invited. So I'm wearing. We're in a golf shirt from.


From our last trip, Mike quarter lane, golf shirt here. We all had a COVID trip to Idaho and you backed out you didn't go but we are planning golf on your bachelor parties where I'm getting with that. Yeah, we're gonna try the golf in the bachelor party. It is a COVID safe bachelor party. It's going to be a small group of people. And we're going to go somewhere. Hopefully, it all gets planned out. Obviously, our mutual friend is planning it so who knows? If it's dangerous. The guy guys had COVID The guys are covering Steelers fan. There's a lot of flaws. There's a lot. I want. I have a lot to talk about. So so much happened over this week. ESPN just got NHL, which I thought was how we could start the show off. I know you're excited about this. Of all the things like my favorite quarterback signed a massive contract and we have to talk about hockey right off the bat classic. Um, so NHL, getting it for what? Four years is it 2022 to 2028 they're paying just for the playoff so so the Stanley Cup playoffs, which is good, because you can never find the goddamn games. There. They're paying for the regular season two, they're gonna have 100 games a year. But interesting. Oddly enough. 75 games a year will be on ESPN plus only 25 games on TV. If that shows you where sports are going. It's not on TV, it's on stream. It's annoying because that's the first thing my dad said to me. He watches lightning every night they're on and he's like, I hope it's not on that act that I have to go download and watch because he's not gonna be able to figure it out he's just gonna do people are the problem us then Gen Z, we're fine but if you're above 45 you might struggle in this new era to figure it out but it's not gonna change we're not going to stop for the old people know so this is on the other part. I mentioned this in our group chat. It's called he he streams so I found this the other day it's called he streams I'll put I'll put a description in here a little link to it. It is a link to follow along so it is a legal in that in a way illegal way of streaming anything you want to stream sports related. So the problem right now is there's a lot of blackouts there's a lot of issues with buying streaming packages like for the NHL, you get blackout in your own town and in NFL NBA all that blackouts. Right. So what this guy did, he's anonymously putting this website together. He has no information about him on the internet. This is all somehow illegal, but you pay your your subscription through an Amazon gift card to get in this so I am now a member I'm streaming NBA games. Talking about this today too. It's it's all illegal. You need to keep saying how illegal it is both him doing it and you paying for it and you gain an Amazon gift cards. This is like a Russian hooker who can't pay cash. Yeah credit card. So you pay her a gift card. I you know I've been dabbling a little bit and like only fans and stuff and there's a lot of like Amazon gift cards put in that territory putting your own body up there obviously it's my body I'm not interested in anyone else's it's my body. It's going out there but I just I hate it for so many reasons. One it's $100 to sign up you paying $100 to watch NBA games like wouldn't even cost that much to do it legally but like I was thinking about it because for the NFL redzone I'm paying 30 bucks a month but for this clown is going to be around in September when I listen I'm not I'm not buying NFL right now I bought NBA just to test it out I absolutely am now not accidentally NHL TV just charged me 100 and something dollars because I had a credit card on file and just renewed my NHL subscription so now I have NHL package but I thought this was interesting if you want to watch these sports you got 100 bucks for an entire season I feel like it's a deal and you're supporting this guy illegally somewhere in the middle of the world we support the big brands Mike the big corporate strike deserve my money much more than haha streams This is illegal don't do it. He says I'm laughing at you for paying $100 for watching NBA and you're not even an NBA fan can we get to big dick energy? Sure I don't have the soundboard it's too far.


Energy I got a ton of big dick energy Joe Give it to me. Mike I'm fired up my guy my hall of fame lock Dak Prescott was given such a massive contract by Jerry Jones and the Cowboys it's amazing and the way I was thinking about is Jerry Jones saw two months of any dollar in any says I'm going to do something I never thought I would do I'm gonna max out with Dak Prescott he is paying him $75 million in the first year the contract that Prescott on the broken leg. We were crying for him in November. We're laughing forum now in March because the guy's getting 75 million between now and December that is insane. So okay, my first thought was damn this guy's way overpaid. But on the other hand, it's like well, who else was he gonna go with? He was gonna he didn't want to restart. Jerry is old. I see. I was like I put myself in Jerry shoes. Jerry's an old man. He went


In a Super Bowl, that is only he want to do. That helps out I guess on the salary cap at this point in this year and next year. It's pretty cheap. I think it's like $22 million. Right so again Dak now Dak is now up there pretty high is I think, is he not getting paid more than mahomes right now? Is he like, No, I'm glad you brought that up the top four Highest Paid quarterbacks per year right now like highest salary per year. Number four, Russell Wilson kind of go into the Hall of Fame number three deshaun Watson he's probably heading to the Hall of Fame number two Dak Prescott. The guy is surrounded by Hall of Fame quarterbacks


at 45 million 40 million with a $35 million signing bonus do we not want to just pause right there and say what is wrong with the list that does not there's nothing wrong with it. Okay, so here's here's a few things


great for deck like so happy obviously we're player first here at the sports hangover happy deck got paid. Not a fan of DAC but happy got paid. This is terrible for Dallas fans. I think they're going to be mediocre for the next four years. Guys are really good. They will obviously be in the division playing for something at some point, right? Because they get to play against eagles, the giants. I mean, those are bad teams, the Redskins they're all slowly getting better. But here's my thing. Will they make the Superbowl in these next four years that they have Dak under contract? This is Jerry Jones his dream because I don't think so. Yeah, I think I think the NFC is about to be void of quarterbacks when you look at mahomes on the Chiefs you look at the Shaun Watson probably heading to the dolphins like we talked about last week. If you miss that show, drop down one slot below us and listen to that one right after this one. And then you've got Wilson Where's he going? Russell Wilson you I'm heading to the Las Vegas Raiders so he'll probably be leaving the NFC so what I was saying is Dak and the Cowboys have a great chance because Dak might be the best quarterback in the NFC after Aaron Rodgers retires with the best quarterback in the NFC. He's been Russell once Russell goes to the Raiders. Okay, but you didn't answer my question. Are they going to


say yeah, hard for you? This year, your dag hater, your jerry jones hater and he thought they'd go to Super Bowl this year. I thought they were going to be good obviously. Dak broke his leg, whatever. But I think I don't think they're going to go now. I think this is it. Daca paid. It's kind of like when what's his name got paid like when Zeke got paid? Guess what? Palmer? Whatever who's playing behind them? That little guy was much better than Zeke all year.


Yeah. paller back is he is he had a bad COVID time he had COVID he was party and his quarterback broke is like don't judge anything on last year. We can't judge anything. 2020 performance. I'm not judging you for a shitty year. Don't judge seek for a shitty year. Okay, it's right back. Okay. All right. Okay, so I got more BD two more big dick energy. You talked about our boy Blake last week. And it was like a magical siren. Yeah, Blake Griffin out to Blake, not our friend Blake. But as a friend. He went to the nets and just beginning of the year scorcher. damas, myself predicted that the Nets would win the championship and this is looking more and more likely. I know I talked down on Blake. But look, how can you deny some guy that's out of his peak, but he's going to a team that could win a championship? You might need a guy for like three minutes at the end of the game. Right? That could be your guy. I think he's good for more than three minutes. We know he's good for dunks. That's one thing nobody is known for. We don't know. There was a stat he hasn't dunk since 2019. Are you serious? He's done like he has no more spring in his legs like hasn't done since 2000. It's like a golf club. Like once you hit enough shots, it doesn't have the thing anymore and like he's got no spring it's all done. That must be why they released them in February. We're trying to figure that out. They also had Andre diamond another piece drumming so so I feel like they're adding pieces whether they're good or bad, or whatever to get fans there to get people talking about and maybe they fit in. Maybe not. It can't be a bad thing that Blake Griffin is like your eight best player. No, I don't think it's a bad thing. It's it's almost like a move where because he bought himself out of the contract. I think he had to pay money to leave. Right, right. I think like $20 million to leave. So he was just like we did like, you need to get out of Detroit. So he's added to Detroit now. He's now in Brooklyn. I think this is great for him. He gets a BD award this week. I got two more big energies this energy. I got Josh Gordon. Our boy Josh Gordon scored two touchdowns in the fan control Football League have been talking about this stuff on TV anywhere. But Josh Gordon score two touchdown, so he's back. If you want to watch it, I think there's games probably on streaming. We're working on it not on he he streams but it's on.


Also in the land of Johnny Manziel. It's like the land of misfits the opposite of the Brooklyn Nets. Yes. I got to watch a game. I haven't watched anything yet. I watched the highlight looked kind


exciting and remember Arena Football where they would like bounce off the padding and stuff like that. It reminds me a lot of that when arena football was around. Do you remember? Yeah, Football League? Did you ever go to one and like Florida and like I did. I went to some Orlando predators games. They're fun and I liked how you could sit right on the field. Like the first row of the stands is like on top of the field that player can like flip or jump on top. Like there's no buffer like an NFL guy. It's kind of like wrestling a little bit. The year up. Yes. In Action with the Yeah, so it's, it's kind of fun. I got to watch one this week. I got to watch a full game. Another big energy. This is a really crazy one. Right? There's a guy that's getting paid just as much as these three and he works in television right now. He's getting paid as much as Melvin Gordon PK, Sue bond, and Lou Williams. So there's three guys mediocre, not a lot of money. I see what you're doing there. I know where you're going, say who it is. First. It is Skip Bayless. And that's crazy. And he deserves million dollars.


8 million. This is more famous than the three people you just named right.


Ah, yeah, I mean, but I mean, I know who all of them are. I kid you. I mean, you know, what do you know about Lou Williams? I don't I mean, he plays basketball. I used to be on the clippers. Maybe it might still be on the clippers. Who knows who was the first guy said Melvin Gordon. I mean, he's washed. I don't know. I feel like as he came to Barney. I don't know. I mean, yeah, listen, he got paid a million dollars fox is just handing out checks so good for him. I guess I guess he he's like the face of Fox. I don't I've never watched a show with what's his name on there. Shannon Sharpe It's good. It's not much better than first take with Stephen A Max Kellerman. So ESPN was involved in this they were in a bidding war for skip trying to bring them back. And they were gonna do ESPN plus with Stephen A, and do this whole show around the two of them, but only on digital because they get 499 for ESPN plus. So everything they're doing now is geared toward that. And that's how you know the whole thing is changing because ESPN was always most profitable network because of sports rights and how much they could charge cable companies and the consumer. Anyway, it made Fox overpay. So skip wasn't going to get that much. But because there was another bidder in the room. Fox had to overpay which probably helps ESPN in the end because now that's more money that Fox has to pay and ESPN can buy some rights or buy some other talent with it. I like the move though. A million dollars great for him. Good job. I think he's more valuable and more famous and public Gordon? Just gonna say Well, I would say he's probably one like him and Colin coward are the only two guys that I know are at Fox right now. That I could mean.


Yeah, right. Yes. The manual ochos a big deal donor. I don't know. Marcellus Wiley. Did you ever I know. I know myself. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, that's a fit up to many. They just hired Bob stoops replace Urban Meyer


Urban's Jacksonville now, right? Yeah, head coach.


I have boasted or believe what do you want to do?


Bullshit, I believe.


All right. The first one is Russell Wilson. So we talked about a lot of landing spots last week, but we didn't really talk about the Chicago Bears as a landing spot, but but a lot of people think that's most likely place and it sounds like the bears are gearing up to make the best offer for Russell Wilson. Bullshit or believe, or Russell Wilson ever in his life, Mike play for the bears. So I was reading call Monday quarterback? Yes. Will Russell's to be true? And at first his answer was 95%. No. 5%. Yes, a few weeks ago. And today he's around 6040. And


he needs


he needs to sign another like sign an extension with the Seahawks or I think it next year he'll be gone. And this is scary. Because if he leaves they have they need value back. Right? They need to get something back from. And this is the scary part. If he leaves the Seahawks. I think they're done. They're they're rebuilding. Well, they might as well take Big Ben on because they're done. Like, well, Pete Carroll would lead the whole operation with the the team. That'll be done. Yeah, it'd be.


What Yeah, I don't think he's going to Chicago either. Just to just to clear that up. I don't know where he's going. But uh, Peter kings at 40%. He's going to be traded, that's somewhat high.


If you can get a valuable asset. Like if I was him, I would say yeah, let me trade you to Houston. And but he doesn't want to go to Houston. So it's kind of he has his choice as well. Yeah, he wants to go Miami. So what it's almost like when a player wants out, they forced the team into a bad situation because you can't get any value like right now the Sean's forcing his hand saying I'm not playing Trade Me or I'm not playing. Now they're in a bad situation even though the Shawn seems willing to go anywhere. So why not get some assets back but it doesn't seem like anybody's willing to get some It's weird. Because they in the NBA it seems like everybody's willing to trade packages and deals. But in the NFL, they're like no, no, no, this is gold. We can't we can't trade away this player. I don't understand the deal. What's their mindset here like trade away this asset get more back and you could be good in a year from now and maybe this year to figure it out? Well, I think it's all about leverage, and it's one thing to Seahawks still have because we aren't certain that Russell Wilson will be traded but we're certain deshaun Watson wants to be traded. He


He because he hates what the Texans have done the last few years, took all the way at the leverage away and he gave it all to himself. And now teams that want to call the Texans they can say he's not available. How long can that last? Are they going to go to September with the Shawn Watson and he's still not going to play and then it's just an ugly situation playing out on public or the draft is now only six weeks away. Make a Deal in the next six weeks, get your get your rebuild, going, start now why wait another day, someone? A brilliant man once told me, me. Don't wait. And probably don't wait until tomorrow to do something that you could also do today. And if you can do it today, my doing today trade the Shawn trade, Russell, start the rebuild, don't go into September with a crazy situation. Do you think that this all will happen on draft day? Is this something that's going to happen where we see a lot of moves? Because that seemed most likely, okay, we're here we're drafting, if we don't get a quarterback, or if I get a quarterback you want maybe I can trade you for him? Because it's also the unknown, you get somebody that might not perform as well. And you're like, well, maybe we can try them? Well, I don't know. I just there's got to be something that happens in this next few weeks, where we kind of see a clearer picture because these two quarterbacks need to either stay and be happy or need to get traded. And I think at least one gets traded before the draft and I think things are about to ratchet up right because franchise picks were do compensate Coppin compensatory picks were given out today, extra draft picks for agency starts next week. I have a little free agency preview. We're about to unveil Okay, I just think things are about to start happening. So the next few weeks are going to be very, very


good another bullshitter believe Tom Brady wants Odell Beckham How likely is it that Odell Beckham will join the Buccaneers? It's very, very unlikely. So it's bullshit because they have enough people with bad mindsets on that team like Antonio brown looking at you and I know he's a free agent, but I think he might come back Chris Godwin was given the franchise tag he's gonna make 20 million a year you have Mike Evans making 20 mil a year, how can you pay Odell 20 mil that's 16 mil I'm free receivers like Tom Brady could throw me open across the middle. I don't think you need to pay your receiver. $16 million. Is it is it kind of crazy. If I was a coach, not a GM if I was a coach, I'd say Screw it. Let's fuck up the salary cap. We're going all in. Let's go get all these guys because if you can win back to back Super Bowls, do not think you go down in history as one of the greatest coaches of all time. So if I was a GM, I'd kind of hate it because you might screw me for the next 10 years because of salary cap issues. But if you can do back to back and get all these studs I'm in so if they can pull off this deal, and they can go back to the Super Bowl.


I love it. I love what they're doing. They can. They're trying they brought in the vontae david i don't think Adele's there but Godwin's back David's back. They're trying to keep the crew around. We'll see if they can bring back Antonio Brown. We'll see if they can bring back there's someone else who's a free agent Shaq Barrett the edge rusher so we'll see if they can actually keep the team intact because we've seen a lot where a team wins the Super Bowl. And then the players get pilfered by other teams on free agent contracts so the Bucs are trying their best not to let it up well cuz they want to get more money they're super bowl champs now. And I think the weather and the no income tax makes it a lot easier to stay in Tampa when you're offered more money in Detroit tip isn't that bad? Oh, by the way, Jeremy be there in two weeks. I'm flying out. Wow, should we do a live show? We can try. That's COVID I can't see. Okay, okay. We'll see we'll see what can we do my NFL free agency Oh, dude.


Music I know you have a soundboard it's far alright so there's a few big free agents I want to get your take on we have to spend too much on this but a few of them are already franchise tax so Chris Godwin to the Bucks we talked about Alan Robinson to the bears. Those were both going to be big free agents massive moves in the free agency landscape and fantasy football they're not going anywhere now so a few other guys on should think about Kenny gala day free agent will fuller your boy free agent you haven't every year in fantasy, Juju Smith Schuster. I don't think you'd love he's a free agent. And then hunter Henry is a free agent as well. So I'm going to give you my prediction for where each guy's going. And you tell me bullshitter believe on the destination. Okay, easy game. Kenny gala day. The New York Giants are a team that need help at receiver they want to help their stud Daniel Jones or so called stud at least Dave Gettleman consider so they have stay quiet running back imagine a passing attack that's decent I have Kenny gala day two the New York Giants bullshit or belief. So these are free agents that they don't excite me that much. Kenny Galloway the best of the best. I'm sorry.


Ah, it's interesting because I don't know how much of an impact Do we have because he wasn't that great on Detroit right? Like he was just kind of like a mediocre like second tier guy.


But he was like a second tier third, third option, right? He wasn't the worst option.


marva Jones I thought I think Kenny gala day had better numbers most years. Well


We'll have to double check. Where's Marvin Jones is a friend of the show. He is here. Do you know he was on the show like nine years ago? I know you took pictures of his family


we need a stats guy on this but


the Giants I'm gonna say believe Why not? Yeah, they need somebody he's not a number one but sure take it they traded away Odell Beckham how dumb are they? So are they Okay, will fuller is definitely leaving the Texans because they're rebuilding you always own will follow. You'll probably own them again this year. I think you might, you might not want them based on where I'm sending. All right. Okay. The Green Bay Packers because my boy Aaron Rodgers needs a Super Bowl before he retires. And a stud like will fall on the other side of davante. Adams would be very interesting. I get it. I don't love it.


Aaron Rodgers is a guy that is very like he when he likes to target it's great for him and he kind of throws it. He I don't trust them enough. You know, I'm not a big fan of Aaron Rodgers. You know, not not my top guy. And I don't love it. I just don't think


wide receivers there become superstars like davante Adams is good. But you never put up numbers, like you know, Dell or anything like that in their prime right when they were like the number one. So this would hurt well, Fuller, for sure. So I'm gonna say bullshit just because I don't want him to go there. And he would say that I think it'd be great for Aaron Rodgers, Juju Smith Schuster. I had him. I had him going to the Washington football team to help the young quarterback there because they have a decent running game. They're starting to rebuild. But now now that Chris Godwin and Alan Robinson aren't able to go anywhere else, they're both franchise tag. I'm giving them to a team that has a lot of money and a murky offense. It's a New York Jets, Juju Smith Schuster is going to the Jets, they're going to pay him a lot of money to be slow and catch three yard passes. So is that just what the Jets do they just take old scalars to the team and then it never works out but they always do it. Okay, so I can see that they're dumb team they could take them now what about a team that could use them like who's a team that we think oh, this would make sense like does he go to the Raiders or does he go to the bills like a team that could just use that extra spark because Juju can be in number one and I think those are pretty set with stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis they did release john brown today which was surprising the Raiders they have Henry rugs they could use a big Juju I think the Jets are like a team he makes an impact Okay, I agree makes an impact I just don't think Juju is the number one he's definitely like a number he was great when Antonio Brown was there because guess what everybody's covering and Tony brown and you could get ball so yeah, maybe never better option for Pittsburgh if you know you're number two plays in number two, so play up to you know, like Kyrie right he wanted to be number one. Guess what? He couldn't hold it. LeBron is number one. My last one is hunter Henry the LA chargers did not franchise tag. I'm kind of summarize like that's an herber you could really use an athletic tight end like that, but they're not going to do it.


I mean, maybe maybe not. I haven't joining the Tennessee Titans Ryan tannehill is not a very accurate passer is good at throwing a tight ends five yards over the middle hunter Henry can do that he's a weapon. I think the Titans make sense to open up the offense outside Derrick Henry a little bit. I love it. Genius spot. Ryan tannehill. Definitely Yeah, this this could be great for him. We I don't understand how they're good every year. I never get it. running game and defense. We always overlook it. I know. I know. So good to get that's a great spot. I believe that one that's I think the only one I believe for you. So good. Yeah, you believe three or four but thanks. Okay. Well, I kind of like Juju was like now you shouldn't go there but should kind of like go fully. Alright. Um, before we go, I got I got like, one other thing. Well, two other things. There's this thing called overtime. And it's like a basketball league that they're offering High School players six figure salaries. So this was really interesting. I read a whole article about it. It's overtime, the recruiting athletes ages of 16 to 18 to forfeit high school and college eligibility to join their league. So it's going to start in September, they will receive $100,000 plus health insurance equity stake in the company and also earn rights from their name image and likeness on jersey sales. They'll have a fallback fund of $100,000 college tuition money will be set aside for each player in case you decide not to pursue basketball professionally after this league. So I love this because this is like right now when there's all this like people making startups and all this go attack the one thing NBA can do is go get the kids that are starting super young. Maybe they're not academically, you know achieving greatness, but they're fucking great basketball players. Go out and play basketball. You earn $100,000 a year more money than you make working a nine to five in most places at the age of 16. And this is great. I love it. I'm gonna watch overtime. I wish I could invest in overtime. This is something this is great. It makes a lot of sense college athletics are recruiting kids much younger than ever before, both in football back


Squat probably all the sports but they can't pay him. Maybe they do. Like we had that story where they pay him in a McDonald's bag at Tennessee. Yeah, you could do so there's other stories like that. But if you can go out and give $100,000 to an athletic 15 year old Hell yeah, he's gonna take it, he's gonna play for you. And he's gonna say, I'm never gonna go play in Kentucky cuz I'm gonna make 100,000 and then go the NBA when I'm old. So I think it makes a lot of sense.


Yes, and overtime, supposedly has 15 million followers. And it's all content for teenagers. And they're saying By comparison, Saturday's Duke UNC game just through it drew 1.8 7 million viewers. And they were not teenagers. So like the are gearing these audiences specifically for teenagers. I think it's, I think it's great. And in fact, in this oversaturated world we're in is going to be a good thing. And then one more thing. Have you heard of locker room?


No. So locker room is the clubhouse for sports conversations. So it's basically what we're doing here. But it would be on a club. They're not branding themselves. Well, if I haven't heard of them right now. So locker room, it's new. I downloaded it. I already had an account from a while ago and I just didn't like it. But I guess they want to make it like it honestly feels like clubhouse it feels exactly the same way. There's rooms you can have conversations. I think we need to do some of these. Like I was thinking when the NBA Playoffs are on or the NHL playoffs on we should just jump in there and do what we want to do. Do some like play by play conversation stuff and have people on and talk about the game? It could be fun. I'm gonna unlock a room or clubhouse or Twitter space where we maybe we just do it all Twitter spaces is not available to everybody yet, but I liked it not. Now, you only can join Twitter spaces by people that are approved to have it but you can have your own space yet. Oh, cuz I'm okay. So I joined them. I've never had my own space. Yeah, it's not exclusive. Then. You know.


I didn't get invited the club house. That was a big deal. Yeah, cool. All right, let's do a teaser for next week. Uh, we're out of time for today. We're up against the clock. But for next week, I want to learn more about NF T's specifically. I've been dabbling in top shot. I can't believe what I'm seeing. So this is a little bit of homework for you. The viewers can come back now.


Over the weekend. I did not but one of my friends was sitting next to did and I couldn't believe the resale. This is just a giant tease at this point. But I couldn't get you got to dive into NF T's next week. Okay. All right. I'm I'll dive in. I'll tell you about my golfing trip with our mutual friend too. Yeah, that'd be great. All right. Check out the sports hangover, calm. Everything's there. Follow us on Instagram at the sports hangover podcast, and we'll get the most reviews. Hopefully we are back next week.


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