Recapping 2020 in sports & life

Recapping 2020 in sports & life

The boys sit down for an extended show with their lists from 2020 - The shows we watched, the sports scandals we covered, the big duck energy winners of the year and the Work From Home essentials we couldn’t do without. Plus, Trevor Lawrence won’t be a New York Jet, the Steelers won’t be a factor in the playoffs and James Harden won’t be traded from the Rockets anytime soon. Thanks for downloading our 2020 In Review episode of The Sports Hangover podcast!

Transcript :

We are live it's a sports hangover I'm j dog that's Mike Happy holidays. Happy Holidays j dog. Hanukkah is over Christmas is in like two days right? Two days three days Christmas Eve is tomorrow.

At you know we're still here we're still doing content. We don't take a day this is it's a special show for us. It is the holiday season we don't say Merry Christmas Mike because there's so many different holidays that people celebrate so we're definitely being overarching with this. Can I say I've just gone ahead and said Merry Christmas I refuse to be yes. Which is interesting because you're Jewish. Yeah, but I feel like Merry Christmas is like a nod to like Happy Holidays. But when I say when people say Happy Holidays to me, I feel like it's like I'm not really sure if I should stay this year or not. So I feel like there be like a pushy about it like just say Merry Christmas like yeah, I'm aggressive about it. I'm no longer will say Happy Holidays. It is Mariss, the politically correct side of you and I don't appreciate it. There's so many holidays out there. And it's not just Hanukkah for us, Mike for one you grew up barely even celebrating Christmas. I know like one of your parents celebrated Christmas. Christmas wasn't important to you. But you know you say Merry Christmas. I don't get it. Happy Holidays covers everything in one boat. We have to say Happy Hanukkah Merry Christmas Happy Kwanzaa happy whatever else people are celebrating. That's a lot of words. I'm playing the numbers game. I'm assuming most people I'm not going to go walk around and say Happy Hanukkah to I would say Merry Christmas and they kind of get it but I'm offended. No, I'm offended. Aren't you gonna correct me on the street? If I walk by say Merry Christmas, you can be like, God damn it. I'm a Jew. See?

I promise you people and like the grocery strips and Merry Christmas to me before and I will say Happy Hanukkah back. You know you

giving me a holiday break. I'll give you all

I don't wear one every day. What do you

know my gosh, we're off topic. Happy Holidays. Listen, fantasy football's over for both of us is our urine show by the way. So we're gonna recap the year so stick around. It gets better from here. We're gonna recap some. Next week is a prediction show just so there is another show coming. This is not the last show of the year. No, no. So we're looking back on 2020 What a hell hellish year it was. So we're gonna look back on that we've got some listen today's show and then next week showing back around New Year's with our predictions for next year and looking back on our predictions from this year, which were certainly inaccurate except for like Patrick mahomes winning the Super Bowl or something like that. Um, but I wanted to mention, we're both done with fantasy football. And last time we talked we weren't both done with fantasy football but now I'm done. And I I'm upset. But like I realized I don't need to be upset because me losing fantasy football is kind of equivalent to the Rams losing to the jets and in my perspective as a dolphins fan. I'm wearing my Miami sports hangover shirt kitri here today on the sports hangover calm by the way.

That was that was very exclusive. I got to put those back up. But I'm sorry Miami shirt colors and everything. Like you stole it.


So as a dolphins fan back to my original point. I'm so happy that the Jets beat the Rams. And they are not going to get Trevor Lawrence which we talked about a few weeks ago they blew that game so they're still on track to get up Trevor Lawrence is so special. I had to lose my fantasy football matchups which are contingent on the Rams playing well, Mike for the jets to lose as well for the jets to win and therefore not getting boring. So that's my overall way of saying I'm okay losing fantasy football, because the Jets won and now Trevor Lawrence won't torment too and the dolphins for the next 10 years. I just I love the part about fantasy football now that the losers supposedly are all going to tie I want all the losers, if they tie everybody I wasn't gonna say anything in the thread. You were in the group thread. There's a rule like if you lose, you have to go whatever do karate go take the shgs basically embarrass yourself in public. If four people all time lose, I want them all to do the punishment. There's no getting out of it. Like everybody should be committed to it. If you lose, do it. I don't want to go.



You're going inside baseball here. Our league which says punishment and it's one of the best rules in one of our fantasy leagues for everyone listening try to bring a punishment about we've had people take psats before I had a bad team at one point Believe it or not like I had a bad team and I was prepared to do stand up comedy in Los Angeles. I was gonna be my punishment would have been super nerve wracking. Of course, you dug yourself out. It took years to come out of the bottom, but you came on top this year. I feel like Do you remember why I started at the bottom in that league? I do. I do. Remember you mentioned it. But yeah, so that's a good one.


We do want all the losers so but anyway Trevor Lawrence going to the Jaguars, not the Jets. You're a Gardner Minshew fan I think he could be on the move this offseason. Yeah Jags I don't think they're they're competing anymore. I think they're just gonna go for Trevor Lawrence.



I think this was terrible for the jets to do but they're looking good and I think next year might be my prediction Sam dharna will be on another team and probably will be a lot better than what he was doing on the Jets. I don't know what happened. There's like sometimes these teams that are just like shitholes right like you go there and they're like nothing ever good comes out of it. Kind of like the bangles like feel like for a long time. I should pull them out to be fair and they'd be dealer so what does it say about the Steelers if the Bengals are bad? God the Steelers on a downslide. I feel.



A little bit. It's like the we're on top riding it. And the one thing I do notice is mutual friend. No, no communication during these hours now because they're so like, he's desperate. He wants a win. You know, he's riding the high and now he's crashing. And it's not a first it was like, Oh, you lose to Washington. They're scrappy team. You lose to Buffalo. They're one of the best teams. When you lose to Cincinnati without Joe burrow. You can't defend that in any way. The Steelers are trashed right now the garbage we reported last week exclusively from the hangover hotline that Steeler fans are ready to jump off the bandwagon. They want to fire everybody and then they lost to the Bengals. What are they saying this week? I think Tick Tock is ruining their team. They're doing little tick tock dances on everybody's center logo, which bad vibes all around obviously, people are getting hit in the field for it. If you ever watched the Steelers are very prominent on tik tok. Like, what's his name? What's your news Miss Schuster? Especially right Juju and then the other guy, the new receiver. I don't know what his name is. Les Paul is also on tik tok. He is on there so much. He's dancing all the time. Well, Juju dances on the on the 50 yard line logo of the other team of the opponent when they're visiting. So they dance on the Bengals logo. And he put on Tick Tock and then he had his clock cleaned on one of the first plays of the game. He actually fumbled getting hit over the middle. It turns out the Juju Smith Schuster has published in 95 Tick Tock videos this year, he has not gone over 95 yards once a year. That was a good stat. I like that stat. That's a really good one got drafted them and it drives me nuts how the man just stays the line of scrimmage and catches balls like screen passes and then advances to yards. And that's a good place to get that PPR. Um, so I got a I have a one headline, I know you're not gonna like this. I know we want to start off strong, but the NHL just changed your offside rule. And I just wanted to let you know the NHL season starting also breaking news at the button. I don't even know where the breaking news button is. But I'll change the rule where is my there is hold on here comes


they changed the rule. Now before offside, you would have to be like touching the blue line or below, in front or behind the blue line. Now it's crossing the plane of the blue line. So if your body crosses it kind of like the NFL, if your arms are over the blue line or the white line, it counts you're in minor change. But there are a lot of weird penalties last year. You know, obviously Jeremy, you watch a lot of hockey. Yeah, this is this is big. The rule changes in hockey really drive the ratings for us. I'm glad you're reporting that to our audience. Like I also think it's a little strange that we're changing rules the year after the lightning winds. The lightning just had an unfair advantage in the oxide department and duleek had to correct it. They're just really good at management and got a lot of good players. So just wait for this season. Also basketball started. I know you're excited about this Christmas basketball. It's your favorite time of year. Well actually, I'm not because they just so decided to start on December 22. And of course, we've been pushing for December 25. Last night the NBA started did people know about it that people watch it ratings were not good. Like we need it to start Christmas Day. Instead, we're getting an NFL game on Christmas Day. It's Kirk Cousins. No one wants to see that. But we are going to have to watch on Christmas Day at least it's not like the lions, Washington football team type deal that we always see on Thanksgiving. But I should start on Christmas should add games all day on Christmas. It started last night and no one really cares. I didn't want anything. I got alerts on my phone saying like Lakers clippers, like plane didn't really care. Um, it isn't big enough. I told you a few weeks ago, you've been starting every show with James Harden. And I told you a few weeks ago that he's not going to be traded. He's going to be on the Rockets start the season. Do you know where he played last night?



where he played last night? He played for the rockets. He played for the Rockets but he can still be traded. Right? This is still a thing. You can but he's playing and so I feel like he lost his leverage. Like there's no hold out. There's no I'm not gonna report he's playing for the rockets. What incentive do they have to trade him? Well, he's overweight.



Maybe trade them for that reason, get rid if they can get something of value back, they kind of have to see how the season plays out. Right? Like you have some asset that technically could be valuable to somebody, but you need a lot more value back because you're going to take a hit on salary cap, right? Unless they pay. They're not going to get that value back and they're not gonna trade him and he's gonna be there. Okay, that could be a listen next week. I have a prediction for where James Harden will be in 2021. But we'll see do you what do you want to do you want to have some bullshitter? Believe, scandal city we have a lot of top five lists of wrapping up the year. Where do you want to go? Let's get to all of our lists in a minute. Do you have a few scandal cities for this week? specifically? Uh, yeah. Let's see, you know, sometimes it's there. It is time to dig up the dirty stories around the sport world in this week's scandal city. Well, the first one Jeremy was about James Harden. scandal he threw started throwing stuff throw a ball at one of his teammates. I don't know if it's that big deal. Sometimes you get heated when you're playing. But through ball, it's a little Skype.



When I play sports, I feel like I do more than that. So I think it's okay. Did he do it on the game that was televised during the practice? So I don't think it's televised. I think it's fun. Yeah, well, but now you can see there's like little drama. No one's talking about it. Like what's the situation in Hardin? Is he gonna go somewhere? This is the big drama of this season. Like everybody else is like Alright, we're good where we are pardon once out because he got screwed. But yeah, he's in a big mood. We know that. So maybe, maybe he'll move on maybe. Next one Dwayne haskin. celebrated, became the starter of Washington football team, then ended up at a strip club. I don't know. Like COVID rules. It seems a little crazy to me. And we've been doing this Jeremy This is 10 years now. We've been doing like some now have a trophy. I've got a trophy. Sometimes there's weird things that happen. And you're like, why is this still happening? There's no one learned from these like mistakes like hey guys.



Maybe don't go to strip club after maybe when COVID was like not a thing. You go celebrate do what you want to do. But this is not a good move when there's COVID your whole team could be at risk. Who knows what the strippers are doing? I didn't even know strip clubs were open. I can't do anything in LA. I can't go out. I can't nothing. I sit here right here you can't have outdoor dining which is which is a whole nother level. Uh, you know, I thought maybe he flew down to Florida because everything is open afford I promise you mom's Venus is doing killer business every weekend during the pandemic. Are you serious? You that Yeah. Like wide open everything. It's it's well, so this was in Washington, Dwayne Haskins got to win. I know he's not used to that because that never happens for him in the NFL. So we had to celebrate it is a scandal because you're putting your players at risk. We're normally go out party do your thing. Just don't get arrested don't show up on a video doing something stupid. And now it's a whole nother level because you're bringing whatever the strippers have back into the locker. So that's a problem for Washington. Well, he also came out and said I want to publicly apologize for my actions spoke to coach Rivera yesterday and took full accountability. This is just obviously some PR team that helped them tweet this out. But I don't get I don't get the move. It just seems like I know Aaron Rodgers isn't doing this. I know. I know Russell Wilson is a doings apparently not Russell.



I don't I don't get it. I don't get why this happened. And it blows my eye. Clearly he's not the one for this team. Like you can't be a leader and just like dudes, let's go strip club right now. And that's the point. I think he's not the guy for that team. They had the second pick in this year's draft and they took chase young, he's been great on defense. They couldn't take into it. They could have taken Herbert and they didn't they brought under warp roll with Haskins that turned out into Alex Smith has been a great comeback story. But he's not going to be a guy who's gonna win a playoff game for them. I know they might win the division. That's a whole nother story. It's ugly. They're not gonna win a playoff game even if they get there. But Haskins isn't the guy they should be picking around 15 in this year's draft, there's quarterbacks out there BYU has got a great Mormon quarterback who was slinging it last night against UCF. He could end up there and be completely different I don't think he'll be going any strip clubs if he goes to watch



what else Yeah, do you want to do another scandal or I got a scandal then I'm ready to get into the year end stuff and it looks like some top five so why don't we do our top five work from home essentials because this is what you texted me said I got top five work from home essentials. I tried to put some together I don't think I did as good as you because you I think you were excited about your work from home essentials you are traveling and working from home so I'm curious to know what's on your list. I feel like I learned a lot this year things like you need a stable laundry machine to do your washer and dryer a business in because when you're traveling around the country that doesn't happen but my top five Mike and we'll see if you agree. It's just that I've always been an office guy I've always been a corporate guy I've always been heading to the office always traveling and and this made me settle into a little routine at home which was brutal for me brutal For everyone else, but we got through it. So number five, CNBC because you know I'm a day trader now. So I've CNBC on all day every day, just keeping an eye on my songs. Number four is a comfy chair. You'll see him in a swivel chair right now. Rest in peace at any



When's been sitting on like a hard kitchen chair the last nine months let for like eight hours a day. That's gonna hurt your ass You're back. That's awful. The swivel chair with padding super important. Number three, go outside throughout the day, eight hours a day inside not recommend you don't always when you're in the windy office or you're working or traveling, you're always walking around outside somewhere. When you're working at home, you have a tendency just sit in one place, take your calls outside, go for a walk, walk the dogs in your case, that's super important. Number two, I went through the first six months of the pandemic without one of these amounts. Shockingly, I was working on a laptop on my Mac mouse pad for six months like six months, I was just working on the track but I didn't know how how terrible it was until I started using a mouse. I wish I used a mouse from day one. And number one, the most important thing work from home thing that you can have is caffeine because let me tell you, you will not be able to focus you'll not be able to get your proper rest you're going to feel out of it. Everything's a little off. Caffeine has saved me to lock my eyes into the computer to get my work done during COVID that's my top five What do you think? I like it I went a little different way I think the same for me uh some things were a little different but I'll go down my list no no particular order for me.



I said a good webcam. I think you need a great webcam everybody's doing zooms you got to have a good webcam or a good background one of the two needs to happen because listen we don't i don't have I don't you got to you got to get one you got to get it just get the zoom backgrounds you're good to go and I know what aren't you using like Microsoft Teams do they allow you have backgrounds over there? Yeah, you can like blur it and shit.



Lighting look it Look at my lighting setup. This is elevated my zoom calls. So we take so many calls like you might as well look good, make your professional got lights shining get like the biggest thing on Amazon this year was one was tripods but two was that low ring light that goes behind your computer you don't have that you have a different lighting setup. I have like an LED panels that are just sitting here shining light onto me from two different ways. So it looks good. It's nice. I'm a little red all the time on these videos. Not really sure if that's a color thing and the lighting is a little bald on my videos. I think it's the lighting either. House slippers number three four gotta have some good house slippers I got some amazing comfy insulated crocs that I walk around with really comfy and then yeah, I had strong coffee on my list too because those were very yeah yeah, a lot of coffee you know I didn't realize it before but I didn't keep a lot of coffee in the house because on the weekends I don't drink it a lot maybe go out with friends or pick something up on the during the weekday I was drinking works coffee and I was drinking a lot of it and then work from home happens and you're like damn, I need to invest in my own coffee. That's a little bit of a hit at first



yeah you gotta you got to really make your own coffee because going out every day getting $5 coffees lattes whatever the hell you're getting really add up. I got a great coffee machine off Amazon a grinds it fresh every morning. pours it through. Great. That's great. You'll post that link on Instagram um, what do you want to get to Next I have I have this interesting list maybe we'll go through this the most searched athletes in 2020 Let's do a bullshitter believe Okay, bullshit or below.



Judo believe by the way, tough year economically we did lose our sponsors for things like j dog takes on and bullshitter believe but we do hope Baha Mar is back for 2021 when they reopen so we do hope to get that back on the books just shut up. So yeah, shut up. So this is the most search athletes in 2025 the top five Mike and some of them are surprised so I want you to say bullshit or believe if they deserve to be in the top five. Most search athletes of the year you're okay I'm ready. Alright, number five. This is going to take you back to march a little PTSD. Rudy go bear. Okay, that makes sense. He kind of kicked off everything shutting down. That's what I remember. I agree. I could definitely on the list. But this far into the year you almost forget what happened. But uh, yeah, that was like the moment when we're like, this is real sports have now shut down. What's next? It was it was tough. That was in early March. He tested positive and they canceled that game and then sports themselves are canceled all that night. Really? Number four, surprise me It's Mike Tyson. He was just in a fight recently, but prior to December, we didn't talk about Mike Tyson. Yeah, I'm gonna say bullshit on that one. I know he's been doing like a lot of marijuana stuff growing. I don't was he on Joe Rogan this year? Was that last year?



I don't know. I don't why why was he the most searched? Fight that he did in December because he made the comeback, but it wasn't that good, right. I mean, you watched it? I didn't. I didn't watch it. I didn't watch



it. No clue. I'm gonna say bullshit on that. on that one. I agree. Number three, and this was like a scandal city.



nominee of the year. I don't know if you remember this bubba wallace NASCAR driver, he found a noose in his garage Mike. And that was one of the biggest scandals. It turned out that the news wasn't a new set. All NASCAR did an investigation was just a little hinge to open the door. But bubba Wallace was a number three searched Athlete of the Year. I kind of remember that story for like a minute and then it kind of moved on to the next thing because there's during the middle of the pandemic, I feel like a lot of news was coming in and out really quickly. Everybody's on to the next thing. Ah, that's weird that he would be number three on the list as most searched. It was like a combination of race and sports and scandal. So I think that's why it kind of went up the ranks but you're right. Anything took it back to COVID this year.



Alright, number two, this one you might like it's Tom Brady. It happened. rafter COVID started it was in April when he signed with them bucks number two most searched Athlete of the Year. I could see that a lot of leading up to NFL season coming in Tom Brady moving to Tampa Tom Brady hanging out with gronk Tom Brady going boating. I see it I saw a lot of that news. You could argue there was a lot of wasted ink on Tom Brady because the Bucs aren't going anywhere. You don't think they're gone? playoffs you don't think there's any I gonna have the Super Bowl in Tampa with the Bucs no I don't think they have a chance being that the best team they beat and all years like the Falcons. I think they've been maybe the backers but



they barely beat the Falcons. They barely



I think Tom Brady and the Bucs have been a mess to be honest. And that's more on that coming next week for our predictions. Oh, I like that. So the number one most searched athlete any guesses before we go there? You know who five through two are most search athlete? While I'm trying to think like acknowledge the Bron Jake Paul just had a fight. So I'm thinking like maybe he could be. He's big, big athletes everywhere.



Is it NFL related? Or NBA? Where are we going here? No, it's a hard one. I'll be honest, it's hard and it happened before COVID. Back when people searched for non COVID tracker springs. It was ryan newman, the NASCAR driver at the Daytona 500. His car was in such a bad wreck. People thought he was dead just like Dale Earnhardt many years prior. He was in the hospital for days and days you couldn't walk at first and then all of a sudden he like recovered and walked out of the hospital. So he was number one. Shot number one remember that at all? I'm gonna say bullshit on that one. I believe it. What is the How do you categorize like? Is it the volume of that day? Or just like over the course of this year? How do you over the course of the year? Mike? These are the most searched athletes on Google in 2020? It's it's a real thing. It doesn't I don't believe it. Um, let's do



it. I did some like real symbols to dig energy. Winner of the week. What do you got? Is your big energy of the year? Not the



right of the year. I have three candidates. Can I can I just kind of talk through them with just go go through? Let me just say like one candidate would be Dr. Fauci The guy was our guiding light. I know it's not it's especially a sports crossover. But he was our just our big dick, American of the Year in a way like such a guiding light during COVID. So he's someone I thought of another one I thought it was Adam Silver. The way that he led and shutting down the NBA, but also his creation of the NBA bubble like set the template for how sports should be done. And we saw like the NFL and college football, and baseball all struggled to different degrees by the NBA got it right from the jump and that bubble was like revolutionary. And like the NBA Twitter handle for bubble life, like the whole thing is like going to go down as one of the coolest things of itself. But my number one mic, I think I'm going with number one here. It's Patrick mahomes. Because he won the Super Bowl this year in 2020. And he's only lost one game since two The good thing is like the Raiders for some reason.



And and he's probably gonna win the Super Bowl again. And He's unbelievable. And he's still putting up these crazy numbers. And it's swept under the COVID rug a little bit but Patrick mahomes is my big big energy to you. I like that one I I went a totally different way here. I kept thinking like what what was big this year, and I didn't think of a person I thought of a website and this website to me seems like the biggest dick energy of all time. A lot of people got laid off. A lot of people had alternative jobs this year. And only fans became the biggest marketplace for selling your nudes and I'm going to give it the big dick energy. It made over $2 billion this year of people going online and selling weird pictures of their feet or their boobs or whatever it is my big energy only fans. That is a different lane but not a bad lane at all to go down. I love how



Listen 2020 brought about these changes in technology that we weren't anticipating at all and that's one of them like, like sex and and dating and porn, they all became more complicated things, but only fans brought it to the masses and though Yeah, connection kind of way I feel like me people become there, like solo printers or whatever you were x, you know, maybe you were modeling or maybe you were just doing like, you were working nine to five job but then all of a sudden you realize I can't get 100 guys to pay me for my boobs and I made and I think



Yeah, people were making so much money, so much money on there. So good for them and good for only fans. It's made a whole new career for a lot of people. The tricky part is all those women who are on there it's gonna be hard for them to get back into the corporate job when they're when their boss Googles them for their next interviewing show. I don't I don't think any of these people are some of them. Were going you know working at like Walmart to working over here and making six figures on only fans. Well, that's nice is getting into only fans. I don't know if you heard this, but for food, they're doing food porn. I don't know if that's crossover quite works. But they're doing food porn with like a MSR and like great sound effects. And like,



I don't know, trying too hard with all that ASMR stuff. Like, we're over it. I see it on YouTube.



Okay, one question I want to ask you as we wrap up the year,



kind of live fans of the great call 20 does a does a title in 2020. Count, because your team one one, the team that plays right next to your house one one, the Dodgers, the lightning? Talk about the Lakers play down the street, they won once you're connected to all these championships. Mike, you're wearing a lightning shirt right now. Right? It's lightning colors. Do these titles count you should be the definitive person to rule on. I think they count but I think it's gonna be hard



to I mean, I guess it'll be easy to remember this time be like, Oh my God, who won during this period of time during the pandemic? Yeah, I think looking back on it, we'll remember it. But I don't know, if we're gonna hold it in the same value that we hold all the other ones, it's it's tough. Because we don't know where we're going to be in five years from now we'll look back. And like, Oh my god, I can't believe I sat inside for nine months and didn't leave my house, I can go out to eat or anything. It's going to look crazy. Like I'm I'm making a time capsule that I'm going to bury in my backyard over here. And I'm gonna open it up in 10 years. And I'm going to do it for I've always wanted to do this. And I'm trying to write down a list of stuff that went on this year, and how it happened, just so that I could look back on this time and remember more clearly, like in it, instead of looking back on it with just the memories because sometimes, you know, you look back on us being you know, in college and going out, like you can barely probably remember like spotty things here and there. You know, your friends getting beat up in bars, stuff like that.



There's Yeah, you don't have like, you don't have the memory from that moment. Like Imagine if after the bar after one of you know, one of our friends gets beat up in the bar, you go home and journal about it. And you have this like journal like, Damn, he got beat up and jumped by all these guys. And then we came home and had to be like, those are the things I want to remember. So I think looking back on this, we will might remember them more. But I think in the time we don't remember it as much because so much other shit was going on.



I love the idea. I think it's great. You're gonna be living in Texas in like three years. So in 10 years, I guess you're gonna travel back to your backyard and like, try to like, go back there and pick it up. I'm curious. What are you putting in this time capsule? Can you share with us? Ah, I got a voice recorder. Memory is in on The Voice Recorder. So Aaron and I sat around we had some wine. We were talking about what was going on this year, how things we're going talking to our future selves. I printed out some pictures. I threw a Pokemon card in there because Pokemon Go is getting hot this



law. Oh yeah. So a lot of just random things I've been throwing in just so you can look back and remember, but the voice recorders the big one I want to do some video to but I got to put it on like a little SD card and throw it in there because you got a future proofing. You know, I can't open a VHS tape. Yeah, you almost have almost have to buy a camera to put in there to then use in 10 years, so I could open it up and watch the video. That's a good idea. I love it. But nothing from the lightning is going in there. So when you look back on this year, your chip and therefore the championships of all the teams I mentioned won't be the parts of the year that we remember. So therefore they heard the count.



I think they will count. I just think we'll look back differently. That's all I did. They will definitely count. Okay, they will. They will count. It's just such a weird year like the NBA bubble. Does that really count for the bra? It does, but like he definitely counts it. He's he's kind of got that Really? Yeah. All right. Let's do our



Our top 10 TV shows because you had



this was the year of streaming, this was the year of watching, this was the year of doing nothing but watching these shows. So this is the most definitive list of shows ever.



I wouldn't say it's the definitive list of it, some are more recent summer like at the time. Now I don't have a an order for this. I think these are just shows that if you said named top 10 shows you watch this year, I think these would all be in it. And no particular order. I thought they were all great in their own and all different times. Like maybe I won't watch the tiger King right now and be like, Damn, this is good. But at the time, the moment is pretty great. You start there with your king, I thought that was revolutionary. And that's definitely on my list too. It's something that Netflix, probably when they acquired it, or when they first heard about it, they're like, oh, we'll put this up. And never ever thought about the ways it would resonate. And it captivated the country. And it was like a community event. And that's how I think it. It transformed just outside of Netflix, when everyone was talking about it all at once. It was just Tiger King. Yeah, I think once we locked down Tiger King was all we had, and the internet and you're at home by yourself. It was Tiger King and the internet and you had conversations and you could talk to people about it. Remember, at the beginning of COVID you would like FaceTime your friend talk to them that way when you didn't want to do that anymore. We should be doing that. Right? I think you got fatigue from always doing this with other people. And then like I don't want to be on phone with 10 other people right now. Because talking over it's tough. When there's two of us, we talk over each other. When there's five of us, you know down you talk over each other. It's true, but like LA is more on lockdown now than it was like before yet we haven't touched our hearts house party app. It's so long. No more house parties. It's just like one on one text messages or something like that. What do you got for I guess go for number two. I'm sure Tiger King was on there. I'm sure a lot of a lot of duplicates. Yeah. This was a show that I didn't I think came out in 2019. But me and I think a lot of people watching 2020 succession was just an amazing, amazing show on HBO. It's done several seasons. I would say it has to be dated in 2020. I don't know Are we clarified I just want



I fucking loved it. And if you haven't watched it go binge every season. It is a great, great show. I'm gonna go with a Let's start. I'm kind of Let's go. I'll go in order. What I have here is the undoing. Ah, Nicole Kidman lost on HBO just recently ended. I thought it was a great show.



definitely up there on top 10 of the season or this year. So Nicole Kidman is amazing. I did watch it. I didn't put in my top 10 I thought it was really good. I thought the finale was just didn't have as many turns as I wanted it to have that last episode. Nicole Kidman is amazing and everything she does, especially for HBO. I love Big Little Lies the last few years with her and Reese and she was amazing at that and she's such an amazing actress. We're lucky to have her doing TV instead of movie. Wow traffic. Send it a love note to Nicole Kidman wake up Nicole Hey, Alex here. What do you got?



How about a few comedies I think shits Creek wrapped up a run it's just super mindless. You can put it on it's 20 minutes you can pay attention or not pay attention and still laugh several times. I love that one. Was that on your list? It was not on my list. I tried I really tried you know COVID all this stuff. I was like alright, let's let's give it a shot. It's been around for years. couldn't do it. I got to like episode two or three. I'm like no, not for me. Really? Yeah, I couldn't I couldn't do it every season not good. You have to make it through the first season. There's a very low budget for the first season and maybe maybe the next year 2021 I'll finish it's great. Um next one for me. No son was doing all the recent ones at for teacher on FX.



It is great if you have never heard of this.



It's on FX or on on Hulu foods like in the FX hub. It's called a teacher it's about a teacher hooking up with a student really dramatic really weird and it's it's a great show just like super tense there's something about it that it's done the right way and it's not this like cheesy way of like oh my god you slept with him it's like more about what happened to you and the feelings of going on when this was all happening so really good. Really really good. I've never heard of it but sounds dramatic. One of my big dramas of the year I don't think this is on your list those are it is course oh good is so violent. Every episode has gory murder violence stabbing shooting. Every episode took your breath away. I've watched all three seasons this year Mike during during COVID so this was a big right 30 hour binge for me. Really? Yeah, I loved it. Jason Bateman never a huge fan and a rest development didn't do much for me. This was a great



Great series. They're making one more and I'm so excited for season.



I hope they make more than one more, but at some point they're gonna run up story on my next one we're gonna run out of people to kill. Yeah, it's true. They're gonna run it people love Lovecraft country loved it another HBO one. Really, really weird sometimes hard to follow, but I kind of wanted that weirdness to see what was going on. I really liked that one. I didn't see that one, but I'll check it out right into the list. HBO makes a lot of good shows that if we're talking a weird category, I don't know if you've seen it how to with john Wilson on HBO. Did you try watching that? I couldn't get into it. I get the like witty humor. I think I have to like focus on it or be hi one of the two and watch it because I don't think you have to do either one. I maybe it's a focus on it. I don't think you have to be Hi, the first of all, it's hard to explain what exactly it is. But it's one man who like straps a camera to his chest and observes New York City and tell stories and goes weird directions but always leaves you with a great like poignant message after a 30 minute show. You rarely see him on camera, but he's narrating the whole thing. It's all real hidden camera footage, the footage that he has to match his voiceover. You as a filmmaker, as someone who went to film school should really appreciate that Mike how he just has this endless trove of 1000s and 1000s of random hours of New York City video. It's just a weird show. It's like fielder for you. Nathan fielder is involved in it. I think I think people should check it out. And you maybe you should give it another chance. I'm gonna give it another shot. Um, my next one was the Queen's gambit still didn't finish it but great show little little slow. But it's I love the quality of it. It feels like a high value high production value movie. Love I hadn't watched it yet. I need to I need to watch that. And the crown was a crown on your list. Crown is not on my list. I I'm not into it. I'm not into the royal family. So Queen's gambit better than the crown? Do you have to be in the chest or is it not really about you don't have to be it's just I actually got into just because I like the show so much. I bought a chessboard



that's that's impressive recently instead of those two which are on the list I'm not saying with the family in December, so it's like family focused. We watched a flight attendant on HBO also with Kaley Cuoco. Did you watch it? Really good? Yeah. Is it on your list? It's not on the list. Oh, it's top 10 for me, I thought it was really good. The flashbacks were a little crazy. She's a flight attendant. He gets involved in a murder. And then like she's on the run and then trying to solve the murder was really good just got picked up for season two, which a little scary because it went on a book and there's no book for season two. But I'm glad it got renewed and I thought it was really great. I love that one too. Um, my next one mythic quest ravens banquet. Ah, it's an Apple TV original series. If you have ever played video games, or know people that play video games, this show is the perfect video game show. It's about a production company making video games. And like the inner workings at the office. It's the same guy that one of the guys that are on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He's like me, are of the show. I've never laughed so much because it's dirty humor about video games. mythic quest go watch it on if you have Apple TV plus is like for if you have a new iMac, it just yeah.



I haven't seen it. I'm also not a big video game guy. You know that. So I don't know if I'm the right demo for you. Like it's just like office comedy, but based around



video games, like working in an office. It's all witty humor stuff. That's fair. I don't have Hulu, but I was on a Delta flight recently, I did travel a little bit during the pandemic never had COVID not over yet. But knock on wood, just so people know. But I saw the show. It's on Hulu, on this flight and I was laughing hysterically on the plane. And it was just so uncomfortable. I loved it. I don't even know how to say it properly. It's 10 one five. And



1013 It's so awkward and cringy and it's a comedy and you're laughing so hard at the situations that these girls are in Have you seen it? I think I tried watching one episode and I didn't really vibe with it but it's like early 90s right they're based in like the 90s early 2000s Yeah, like our age like say in middle school mostly on these girls getting into like awkward trouble and it's just hilarious. These girls are all like literally our age now become pretending to be in middle school. So it's like braces on them in weird hair. Yeah, it's really bizarre. I don't know Hulu so I need to like get someone's login and keep watching so if you have it, send it to the hangover hotline because I need to keep watching those layers. My next one I think I'll crown this one as number one. The last dance I think this was like the biggest



to watch the entire COVID like every Sunday we talked about it. It was like what we talked about because there was nothing else to talk about or swap is their will the word sports. Last Dance to me was like number one but they will



Wasn't the thing that we all tuned into just like Tiger King.



I love that choice. I think I forgot about that to be honest. But for our sports audience, it's probably pretty high up there. It was really well done and again it was just like you said it was like Tiger King we all rallied around and we talked about every week and the way ESPN released it, like two hours per Sunday kind of to keep up with this. You could be involved in the pop culture of it. That was a great choice. You know, for me in that same time frame I was really big in the NFL Draft, which isn't a TV show but it kind of was like a three day TV show. There's nothing else on dolphins had all these picks and they got to so the the NFL draft was kind of what I was focused on around that same time. Okay, so is that your top TV show of the year? No, US Joe exotic Tiger King was? Uh, do you have a few more? We didn't go through 10 yet. Um, we did I think I have one more. It's like an obscure Netflix one called Never have I ever did you watch that? No.



I I don't really know how it's like a young girl going through life as like with her immigrant family from India and they were just talking about like growing up there and she's doing like high school stuff. I don't know why I liked it. It was just like a fun easy show to watch. But it was really entertaining. So it's on Netflix, great show. I think Netflix original. This is good. Really good. giving people more to watch. I didn't see it a few more on my list insecure on HBO is always a favorite came back with a new season early this year. Ice Array is really good talented. Good drama good comedy. show great show. It's easy. He says nicer. He said he said okay, but the caller a service show anyway.



They're just showing golf not to travel show swing expedition Mike I love it. It gets around all these



people it's a great thing it's also a golf pass if you don't have cable don't have golf showing go watch it there golf test calm. And we want to show as kids called Saved by the Bell peacock launched Saved by the Bell reboot. When



NBC right now it's much different than the original. I recommend it. It was actually really good watch. More definitely more 2020 version of everything with onpoint things things that today's high school kids would say. I thought was a really it reboots are hard. They don't always work. This one hit for me. It doesn't work. This one actually. Did you watch it Really? Yeah. Did you not? No, I did not. I did not. Check it. Also, there's a Chrome app. It's called Netflix wrapped kind of like Spotify wrapped where it will show you all the shows and everything. You watched how many hours you spent on Netflix if you want to do it. I'll put it in the Larry. Concerning screen time, right? Yeah, it's like that. All right. Let's see. Real quick



TV shows will bang through the best bets and we're back next week



in the gutter got a lot Yes, we're back. We're back next week. All right. We're covering a you know Christmas we kind of tough thrown games together. still gonna do a lot more research. It's early. It's Wednesday.



This is like a lot of gut feeling before I kind of dive in deep with our mutual friend here and what's going on but Rams at Seattle Seattle's favorite about one and a half at home. I'm taking this game it's a division game. I think there's value on Seattle I think they're a better team than the Rams Rams are up and down right getting beat by terrible teams. I don't know what's happening so I'm going to go with the team that I know could win this game and I want to take Seattle



I I don't like it I think the Rams are due for a bounce back It makes no sense that they lost to the Jets they always confuse you. I think golf bounces back in a way that the Rams win the shootout. Okay, all right. We'll see. This is Christmas day one I just thought he got to bed on Christmas Day or



Vikings plus seven and a half at the saints I think the defense of the saints are kind of weak and like breeze coming back from 11 broken ribs and a punctured lung I'm sure week for him he wasn't great on given that wasn't like the best but he did you know hold it out a lot of shoot out there. Um



I just questioned Brees like comfortability his comfort coming back again, like he got hit last week. How will he be this week? There's no real motivation for the saints because they clinched a playoff spot, but then my other thought was, well, there's no motivation for the Vikings because I don't think they have an opportunity to get into the playoffs. So this might be more saints motivation to maybe bounce saints down the spot. I don't know if that's possible. But yeah, like in both basically no motivation for either but I'll take the points and then make a lot of sense how there's no motivation for either but like it says plus seven, so I get it. You're gonna watch it. I'm glad we're back to our ways of me disagreeing with you because I disagree again, I think the saints do have a good defense. I think breathing struggled in that game. I am neither both quarterbacks come by for more incompletions than completions which is not wait that go into that game.



It could have been 50 to 45. If they got into a better rhythm they didn't



listen my thing with Kirk Cousins is he's really bad on the road if you look at his home road splits, they're completely different. And he's really bad as you told me I believe he doesn't play at one o'clock and he's not playing at one o'clock it's a 430 game it's essentially primetime. Cuz it's the only game on at that time. He's gonna blow it on the road the saints will cover easily.



Cleveland at the Jets I think Cleveland's defense is kind of bad. A lot of points can be scored against them I'm taking the Jets here jets look hot right now and I know this might be a public bet but jets at plus nine and a half. I'm taking the points at home jets are at home. Cleveland i think is also clinched a playoff spot.



So I don't know if they need this win. So I could see a little like lazy play from them especially from Baker after Chris but Mike clean Cleveland is hunting Pittsburgh for the number one spot on top of that division, trying to get homefield throughout the playoffs until they they would possibly go to Kansas City. Their tenant for the Steelers are 11 and three and freefall mode. The Browns are good they blow out most teams they play who aren't the Ravens Baker's hot. I like the Browns we have another disagreement. That's okay. Hey, I like it. I don't think the Jets are gonna win this game. I don't think they're gonna do anything like that. But hey, nine and a half points is a lot of points. bills at paths bills minus seven and a half. They bills right now are on top of the FCS first time ever. Only thing I can see here is motivation to destroy the Patriots division rival. That's what I'm going off of. And also, you know, I predicted the bill's might win the Super Bowl.



That's all I got Cam Newton is terrible. He cannot throw the ball. So you're right. He can't throw the ball. He couldn't even be to the dolphins when Belichick owns rookie quarterbacks and left handed quarterbacks and this is a Monday night game. The Patriots were eliminated from the playoffs and by the dolphins for this. Yes, the dolphins eliminate them. I think the bills show up the Patriots don't and that's an easy ask. Easy. Next one is Eagles minus two a Dallas. Jalen hertz really put some life into this team. Yeah, I thought Carson Wentz was supposed to be good. And then all of a sudden Jalen hertz is just slinging the ball around. Both teams actually still not out of it in the NFC. So they're both on the first end wildcard which is insane to me. Yeah. So I'm thinking easier minus two. I think they're a lot better. They've gotten a lot better the last few weeks. Dallas kind of going the other way. So Eagles Eagles I agree. Jalen hertz has changed that offense. Carson Wentz will be looking for a new team more on that and next week's sports dominance predictions are going to get to the end of the NFC East is wide open. That's what the spot they're fighting for. And all four teams can still get in even the giants in Washington. I like the Eagles too. So we have more agreement. Wow. Okay, so that's it. Um, these might change. I'll put them on Instagram or something on Saturday after after the final decision. People are waiting. Waiting. You got a bed you got a bit all these games. By the way bills right now. 10 to one. If you want them for the Superbowl, I just put money on them. I should have put money on them while ago 10 the one good odds if you still believe in them. They look good.



That's all I got. So next week, will Josh Allen go to Kansas City in January and beat Patrick mahomes to go to the Super Bowl?



I would say it's not I would What do you think you give it like a 45% chance that he could beat them? No, I give him 2015. Really, maybe it goes up to 45 and one of the Chiefs has COVID or there's no outbreak but those boys better be careful. Come playoff time. You don't so Wow. You think it's less than I thought it was like a little less than 5050 chance. Josh Allen's having a great year. The idea of going to Kansas City that's not a 5050 game to me. But if they do the same thing the Raiders did to the Kansas City Chiefs and play them play that defense that way or outscore them one of the two. I gave him the dolphins played well against the chiefs. But yeah, I don't know that bill Stevens would really have to step up in that game. They have good corners. I'll say that they have good corners. I don't know who covers Kelsey. They have Bitcoin. We'll see Glock sports dominance. I'm excited. That's all I got goes for Everything is there the podcast a lot of swag up there right now. T shirt Jeremy's ideas up there. What's the T shirt again? Saturday sermon. You know most sermons occur on Sunday, but Ohio State has a new running back. His name's Trey sermon he had 330 rushing yards in the big 10 title game. They're heading to the Rose Bowl Mike which means Saturday sermon. Get your Saturday sermon Buckeye shirt on the sports other board that was up forever and have the balls to be sure to watch it.


It's a weird time for bowl games. There's like teams that are good who aren't playing bowl games and teams that are bad who are gonna play


weird year it's gonna be Clemson, Alabama and the national championship dmj



You ready? 10 we'll catch up on college football. Okay, good, good. Catching up. All right, go we'll get the rest most of your toes. We are back next week. Happy Holidays.


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