The Best Strategy for NFL Fantasy Football

The Best Strategy for NFL Fantasy Football

We have picked up on some of the best strategies for NFL fantasy football. Understanding these strategies can help you dominate teams. Here are some golden points to keep in mind. 


Source: The Sports Geek
Source: The Sports Geek


Pre-drafts for middle rounds
Focus on Pre-draft preparations for the players in the Middle and later rounds of your draft. Most people end up focusing on the top stars who are easy to identify and they get the most attention. But the drafts are lost or won in the later rounds, so focus your preparations on finding this year’s Miles Austin or Sidney Rice, this will increase your chances of a win. 


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Picking the potential players
Towards the later rounds, it’s easy to focus on the recognizable names who will provide a modest performance that can be found on the waiver wire. Instead, you should focus on picking the new or young players that have potential. You should look for players who may be getting an opportunity for the first time or who are looking to make progress in later seasons. 


The team makeup
You must keep track of the draft picks and the makeup of each team’s rosters. This is an extremely useful technique as tracking the opposite roosters will determine which player or position will be available for picking next.


You shouldn’t lock yourself in a strategy. It’s always okay to have a plan B in the case when something goes wrong. 

Maintaining the reputation

Don’t take a player that you don’t like or you don’t want to pick. There are too many talented players in the draft to be picked from, especially during early drafts. 

When in your initial years, you have to work towards building a reputation for your franchise. While keeping this in mind, you must take the best player available as long as you are not selecting that player as a backup, regardless of the position. 

Statistics that matter

Always manage to pick one of the elites who threw 4200+ yards and 26+ touchdowns. If you are not picking at least one of these seven, you will lose at least 400 yards and 5 touchdowns from the quarterback position.

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