Why NFL is Better than NBA?

Why NFL is Better than NBA?

What brings all of America together is the Superbowl. It is one of the most-watched events in the country while only half of that public watches NBA Finals. 

Baseball is seen as a pass time in America but NFL is the game. That speaks volumes. But here’s why we love NFL.

Sports spirit

What makes sports so much fun to watch? It’s the adrenaline, the spirit, the raging enthusiasm. Let’s be honest, we love the violence. The NBA just doesn’t have enough physicality to fuel this excitement. 

The atmosphere 

When it comes to NBA, you sound you will hear will mostly come from the announcers. But NFL is a game that will fill the air with loud cheers, the audience pumping, and screaming for support. It is a game filled with so much more enthusiasm. 

The uncertainties 

No one likes a steady game that is predictable. People want last-minute twists and turns, things they didn’t see coming. 

Imagine the other team playing amazing from the beginning but in the last few minutes. The defence gears up and a player kicks off for a touchdown and your entire game falls into your team’s lap. That would surely be a match you will remember for a while. Such things are more likely to happen in NFL.

The fandom 

People go wild for their favourite sportsmen. To pay to see them, get their jerseys, etc. How many such superstars can you find in NBA? Maybe 10? NFL will have about 22. These superstars also add to the excitement factor of the game. People will be thrilled to see them. Seeing their preferred player on the field can make the game a lot more interesting for them. 

The unpredictability, better balance of sports and drama, etc associated with the NFL are also some reasons why people love watching it over NBA. We can’t stress enough but we would die to cheerlead in NFL!

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