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  • Never send 62 straight texts and Barstool Bros suck at sports betting

    The guys reveal interesting data about Penn National’s sports betting revenue vs. others like Draft Kings. It’s hard to be worse than Mike at NFL picks but the Barstool Bros are just that.
  • The Soft Pittsburgh Steelers Eliminated & Fat Harden Traded

    Mike and J Dawg start the show with predictions they nailed weeks ago: how the Pittsburgh Steelers were the softest 11-0 team ever and how James Harden will turn the Brooklyn Nets into an eventual NBA Champion.
  • NFL Playoffs Draft and Quarterbacks on the Move

    Mike and J Dawg conduct their annual NFL playoff draft of teams most likely to win the Super Bowl. Huge prizes are at stake. We play “BS or Bel...
  • Sportstradmus Returns with 2021 Predictions

    Scandal City breaks down the Dwayne Haskins debacle in Washington DC, 'BS or Believe' ponders whether the Dolphins 2-QB approach will catch on across the NFL and J Dawg Takes On Jon Gruden for losing 29 of his first 47 games with the Las Vegas Raiders.
  • 2020 Winners and Losers in Sports

    "When the pandemic shut down life in March, many of us assumed it was an opportunity to get in the best shape of our lives. Nearly all of us were wrong. But Bryson DeChambeau emerged from his personal ‘bulking season’ with 40 additional pounds of strength and 20 additional yards on his average drive."
  • Recapping 2020 in sports & life

    The shows we watched, the sports scandals we covered, the big duck energy winners of the year and the Work From Home essentials we couldn’t do without.
  • Who Will Win The Superbowl 2021

    The Cleveland Browns' disappointing 2019 season has dampened expectations for the franchise in 2020 as they have fallen back to the middle of the ...
  • Best NFL Athletes Of 2020

    Tom Brady has been named the NFL's top player since 2011, but why will he go down in NFL history as one of the greatest in years? Sources: 12 The ...
  • Top 10 Athletes Of 2020

    When was the last time Forbes released its list of the world's ten highest paid athletes? Swiss tennis pro Roger Federer tops Forbes' list of high...
  • The Best Holiday Board Games

    Whether it's buying real estate in a Monopoly game or building vocabulary with Scrabble games, we're here to help. From classic board games pas...
  • Is Tom Brady The Greatest Of All Time?

    Brady has played in 41 playoff games, an NFL record, has made nine Super Bowls, is Super Bowl MVP and has won two Super Bowls, two AFC championship games and three AFC championship games. All of which is undoubtedly impressive, but has Tom Brady established himself as the greatest of all time in football - or has he now won it all? Brady has behaved like a name - he's the best quarterback in NFL history and the most successful quarterback of his generation
  • 7 Ways to Become a Millionaire

    Some become millionaires by pure luck, while others are rewarded for their planning and wits. With some effort you can have a big fat bank account one day, too.