Sam Darnold celebrates exit from New York

Sam Darnold celebrates exit from New York

Michael Benatar

April 5,2021

Sam Darnold celebrates exit from New York

A QB normally celebrates when he’s drafted or when he signs a fat free agent contract but the guys are breaking down the party Sam Darnold had when he found out he was done with the Jets. And J Dawg reveals the secret weapon for the Panthers that will lead to Darnold’s success.

A game of ‘BS or Believe’ reveals the Patriots QB plans for the NFL Draft, only 3 weeks away! And if Kevin Durant deserves to be fined for comments made towards crying, failed actor Michael Rapaport.

It’s Masters Week in Augusta, Georgia! You made it this far so 2 sleepers to make money on: Cameron Smith and Scottie Scheffler, both at 40/1.

Finally, Scandal City stars another famous cryer, Paul Pierce, parting ways with ESPN after a late-night Instagram Live showed off a whole bunch of strippers.



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Welcome to the sports hangover. I'm Michael Benatar joined alongside J. Dog. Mike. It's good to see you anything going on in your world?


I'm getting my second shot on Thursday. Is that is that what we're going for? I'm almost Yeah, you're just we're just talking. You know every podcast has five minutes of air banter before we start recording. And Mike is living his best life the roaring 20s have begun in in West Hollywood or wherever you are. Where we're in like Echo Park. We're on the side.


Yeah, Shippensburg, it's a it's wild here. It's finally we're opening up. And now it's weird because I feel like I'm in a bubble. And when the news breaks that we're opening back up June 15. No one else is like real. Everybody's been open. There. It is just la that has never been open. So we're getting set free Finally, by the terrible governor of California. And it feels good. But when I visited Florida, which you are in your free, you've never been on lockdown at all. Literally, no, no, everything's open bars, restaurants, economy. Everything's wide open. And it's just up to you to have your own risk tolerance. I'm not big on the risk tolerance. I don't want it it's going to be a badge of honor when I can say I went 14 months living nomadically without it. I just had to get there a few more weeks and then we'll that will be for efficacy. As I say we're so close. And I'm so excited. finally getting that shot. Hopefully I don't get sick. I've heard a lot of people get sick, but hopefully I don't. I'm not one of them. And you could still get COVID after you're fully vaccinated. That's possible. Okay, but it won't be as bad. It'd be like, no hospital. No hospital for you. Yeah. Let's talk some football. The biggest news of the week, Sam Donald. Now.


I just want to do bullshitter believe with it. I know but real quick. I didn't look back but if somebody wants to listen back to some of our podcasts in the beginning of the year when sports your dominance was around, huh? Did we did did somebody predict Sam Donald movie? Because I didn't go back yet. And I asked you last night I'm like, did we did we predict this? Because I felt like this was spot on. Like somebody hit this right? Oh, well, I didn't say it and I don't listen to what you say. So I can't say either one of us.


Alright, let's play




So the Jets traded same darn under the Panthers for not a lot of great picks. It's like a second round pick next year a sixth round pick this year and like that's it so it wasn't a big haul for a guy who was number three overall not long ago when he went to the Jets. The year there's like Baker Mayfield Josh Rosen and somehow Josh Allen turned out to be the best quarterback of the bunch and Lamar Jackson was the same draft two people forget about him. Those are the two we didn't expect to be good. Yeah. So I when this happened, then you immediately all these things come out about how Miami did exactly the same thing as the Jets did. They dumped Adam gays. They got rid of their quarterback for pics.


I think this is a good move. For Sam Donald. I think he's gonna be maybe what Ryan tannehill did to Tennessee maybe get a little energy going? I think what Sam Darnell Did you see that like Tick Tock or whatever have a video of him celebrating him leaving the jets and becoming a panther said no, it was a real it was a real he like walked in and there were balloons and cake and beers. It's like a free agent signing but it's actually a trade Yeah, I feel like when you're a jet it's kind of a depressing thing and you're not excited to be there. Now there was ups and downs right? Like if you saw all the great plays he did sometimes you're like, Okay, I can I can believe in this like the end of the season. They won a game and obviously now they're you know, second second place. Not first place in the loser pool. But this might be good for him. So I'm excited for Sam darnold because this could be another good quarterback and then I feel bad for Teddy.


Your boy Teddy I agree it's a Sam darnold wins the trade more than either team wins a trade to go from the quarterback ruiner Adam gays to one of the best quarterback whispers we have right now is on the Panthers. Mike. It's Joe Brady. He's our offensive coordinator. He was Joe Burrows, offensive coordinator at LSU. And then he got hired by the Panthers. So they're just waiting to work a quarterback and they looked at the draft and they said well, we know they're going 123 because we recapped with the 40 Niners are doing last week. The Panthers are picking eighth so is unlikely one of the good ones would follow them maybe the last quarterback available the fifth one like Mack Jones or Trey Lance falls to him. That wasn't going to be a great version either. So what happens? they go out and they make the trade Sam Darnell Mel Kiper today I was watching ESPN. I only watch train draft season and no Kiper said if Sam Darnell was in this year's draft, he'd be the third quarterback taken he'd be taken third overall yet the Panthers got him for a sixth round pick and a second round pick next year and Sam darnold pretty young, which


I was surprised by it because I felt like he's been in the league for years being terrible but he's only 23 which is great. He can see that young as 23 years old so why are they giving up on him? That's my question. Like I know gays ruined him. And I know they want to clear the way for the rookie quarterback. But what of Donald's better than the rookie this year? Well, you got to think about it as an owner, right? Okay, we're both we're the owners of the Jets. We're football owner. Yeah, you we got three years with this guy. How do you continue on with somebody that was so bad after three years? Because it's almost the same thing if you hire somebody to do like, the clean your house, let's say, and they came for three years in a row. And every time you're like, God dammit, like Jeremy just clean the toilet in the shower. And for three years he never cleaned toilet in the shower. You'd be like, I think it might be time to get some money. But if you brought in one best one of the best cleaning mentors around and said watch how you should clean the shower. Yeah, and then you let me clean the shower after being around that. Teacher. Maybe I would clean the shower so amazing. You would think Wow, he's the best shower cleaner I could ever have. I'm just gearing you up for when you're in town because you're gonna have to clean the shower. Okay.


So the question people share believe Sam darnold find success in Carolina. Well, I believe I believe Carolina was like weirdly Okay, last year like I don't know if it was just Teddy the excitement of him covering games and being close in the game felt like they had good defense. They still have Christian McCaffrey right. They didn't trade him why I felt like that was a little rumor that they're gonna get a little deshaun Watson rumor Yes, they have the weapons on offense they they lost Curtis Samuel but they still have DJ Moore who's good they have Robbie Anderson. I think they had the eighth overall pick to hopefully grab an offensive lineman to protect them. I agree. I believe Sam darnold wins games and Carolina are gonna be better than Atlanta in the division and it's a tough division so are they better than New Orleans? Probably not. Are they better than Tampa? No, but it's going the right direction they're gonna be more exciting than they would have been with your boy Teddy bridgewell so where where does Teddy go because then I thought okay, Teddy is not bad. He's like a decent quarterback maybe wasn't I don't know coming back from like knee surgery like it felt like his journey to become a starting quarterback. And it was very like a mediocre like oh yeah, we're just gonna start him you replaced Cam Newton but he was like a starter hurt his leg and came back and all this stuff to get there. Now where's he go? Cuz I feel like a lot of people can use Teddy but it almost seems like they might just hold on to them for a year and then trade them away. I don't know if a lot of people can use Teddy we're reaching a point where most teams are spoken for at the quarterback position question their motive? Sure What are the bears doing with Andy Dalton but they're doing it so they don't need Teddy. And there's a lot of teams like that plus we know there's five quarterbacks going at the top of the draft so I don't think Teddy has a big market I know he's allowed to look for a trade I bet he comes back like you said and says hey I have nowhere to go let's let's run this back as a backup this year Why did the bears stick with the they announced Dalton was gonna be the starter right that was like the most random thing in the world like what they came out defending that decision saying that's the guy we targeted in free agency he's the guy we wanted all along. It's just just atrocious along the same lines as draft season another bullshit or believe for you Mike bullshit or believe the Patriots will trade up from 15th overall to select a franchise quarterback in the draft which is three weeks from today. Oh three weeks okay.


I had no idea was in three weeks but I don't think they're a team that trades up to get somebody right they're not gonna reach for somebody but he just waited around last year for Cam Newton just to see if he was there. I don't think I think they're just kind of waiting seen an opportunity to jump on i don't i don't see him trading up what who would they get like how far up Do they have to get right didn't the 40 Niners just trade up? They got a noose there what six now? They are third. The dolphins are six so let's recap it so the Jaguars are one it's Trevor Lawrence. It's locked in at number two the gesture at sam donaldson now we know for sure they're taking a quarterback. It's gonna be Zach Wilson from BYU. The Second Coming of Age young. Maybe we'll see poor Zach for sure. Number three, the 40 Niners made the big trade with the dolphins to move up to select a quarterback sorry Jimmy gee it's like all your guys are getting shit shifted. So the niners are gonna have a quarterback we don't know exactly who A lot of people say it's gonna be Alabama's Mack Jones but then a lot of people say he's not worth a third overall pick and it should be Justin fields from Ohio State. So we don't know who it is. We know it's gonna be a quarterback. The Falcons pick fourth. We don't think they're gonna take a quarterback because they have Matt Ryan under contract. You want to take a quarterback? They have Matt Ryan. So do they trade out? Do they trade with the Patriots or do they take a quarterback that there's only one left the Bengals pick fifth Joe burrow he's staying there. The dolphins pick six to he's staying there. The Patriots have to move up to seven would be the less the least amount of spots that they could trade up for to grab a quarterback a seventh overall I think they make the move. I believe it. I think they're not going into another season with Cam Newton. I bet you


money on that mic if you want they saw Cam Newton just like we did I don't know why they gave us a million dollars but you know I love conspiracy theories and my thought the reason that they gave Cam Newton $14 million is only so they could attract other free agents to make it appear that they had a team in place


players and they signed all these dudes okay the truth of it is they're gonna go draft a quarterback probably seventh overall maybe fourth overall he's gonna change a franchise hopefully be the next time ready for them. And cam Newton's the backup to this rookie quarter. I kind of like the conspiracy, I'm digging the tray Okay, so we would have to say most likely, if Patriots are going to do anything they could go to the seventh spot or go to the fourth or fifth spot right with the top they got to go top seven if they want a quarterback and I say they do want a quarterback and that's my sports or Domus we add predictions at all time of year Mike and I'm adding it here in early April that they will trade up and select the next so on a lot of the gambling websites you can select the order of people that are drafting so you can go 1234 so you should play some bets there because I would love to see that because if you hit it I think it's a lot of money if you actually hit it correctly. Like who and you also match it up like maybe they draft or the order of players drafted. That's fine. That's probably a lady say like quarterback number four knowing the Falcons will trade out and people are like well the Falcons don't need a quarterback. So that's how you make some value money that Yeah, I like that. Okay, I got one.


Well, okay, this is a random one because he talked about it last week. It was the Michael Rapaport thing. And then right after we got done, Kevin Durant's like private messages with Michael Rapaport came out, and then my only question is, it was a bullshitter believe one should Kevin Durant be suspended? for fine he's got he got fined for these private messages to Mike.


Why do you really get fined for them? They're pretty vulgar there. They were not in messages. I know but I don't even think we send messages like that to each other. But they're private. They weren't published Rapoport screenshots and publishes them like that's that's not how this works like was he threatening him? Probably not. I didn't see him all what was he threatening? Like? Was it a crime? Was it like sexual abuse? Just like you're a bitch. Boy like your stuff like that? Yeah. I don't think you should be fined for that. Maybe you shouldn't do it. You shouldn't be fined for I thought it was funny. He went on undisputed yesterday and he was like crying. No, he was literally crying. And then this is real Mike, our mutual friend who we talked about on the show a lot. his neighbors are used to be neighbors with Michael Rapaport, as you know and you know that their dogs are friends at the dog park, right? I didn't know that. Yeah, they're friends. My dog is friends with our mutual friend. No. Michael Rapaport went on undisputed yesterday I kid you not he's talking to Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe and he's crying. You got to watch the clip. He's crying. And he goes, I go to the dog park, and they won't even play with my dog anymore. He was like doing this whole sob story. Unlike our mutual friend who is only friends in like rap or at the dog park, let him down and is now a Kevin Durr inside and is not even talking to him at the dog park anymore. It's a sad story. Our mutual friend should really you send out a DM in support of Michael Rapaport. Just a DM Yeah, just send a little dm but like I got your back bro. So we know Michael Rapaport reads his DMS he takes them to heart.


And he that's the way to contact his God. I can't even imagine how many DMS and messages he got that day with the I didn't know anything about it last week. I had no idea that it just kept going on like oh, Kevin Durant's involved in this now. much about it either. It's crazy. I have one more bullshitter believe for you because it involves Los Angeles. The Gonzaga UCLA game Saturday night final for the buzzer beater off the back room from almost half court. Mike, was it the best college basketball game ever? didn't watch it. I saw a clip with a guy. Probably that's what they're saying. best best game ever best. It will be a highlight that go down in history. Right Jeremy? That's what they're saying. Yeah, that's what they're saying. It was epic. It really was. I got to watch the second half. I don't watch much college basketball. You come in in late March early April. You watch three games. You call it a season. That's exactly what I did hurt. And I was watching the second half of that game. UCLA couldn't miss a shot. They were putting it to Gonzaga. And then in the end the Gonzaga dude makes it from almost half court it was it was pretty epic. They are saying it's like the best or one of the best college basketball games ever. Well this year, at least no ever really ever ever. Okay, Was that good? Like 9390 you never see that in college bass yeah all right. I'll try to watch them it's not over yet right? I've not been watching any very over it's very over Baylor won the national championship. No. Oh my god. I've been watching anything. It's been bad. I've been just trying I honestly I've been leaving the house. I've just getting out. No, no gravy. I'm free. I'm free. Can you know what they say? The the TV ratings, the streaming companies they're all going to suffer from from the this summer the roaring 20s because everyone's going out to do it.


We're not going to be home anymore. I have some big big energy. Cool. big dick energy winner of the week. So I have two CDs. I have Tom Brady. his rookie card just sold for $2.25 million.


I regret never getting into cards. I think they're kind of silly. But I do have a stockpile of Pokemon that I will be selling soon. Um, do you have any baseball cards? I know you have some baseball cards. I have any fun I have binders I'm at my parents house now like are these now worth something just in the past? They haven't been you should get them You should go get them graded. And you could you could literally you're you might be a millionaire and not know it. Literally a millionaire. Well, all the cards that are worth something are cards that also don't exist somewhere. They're all like one offs, right? No, no, no. So this was a card. It was one of 99 cards. Oh my gosh. So you


might have some of those. Yeah, they're like 20 feet away. I've got binders might take some pictures later. So I'm like, you gotta get I guess you got to get the rookie cards. You got to get some like Gen Z. I don't know what they look like mostly baseball. I definitely have some football cards. So I really hope I have one of the 99 Brady's football not going as hot. I don't think I'm glad Brady's going baseball is going hot. Oh, baseball is hot. baseball, basketball. You just got to get into it. Baseball. baseball cards are hot basketball. Basketball cards are super hot. You can't even buy a pack now. Like a brand new pack from the store like I know the store and buy a pack. But I think they're about $500 for 20 cards.


Like currently like regular cards are that brand new cards Yeah, this is like this happened to the supply and demand like outweigh each other when I went to a shop because I was like okay, no, I Pokemon cards. Pokemon was really big in the summer and then I went and I said okay, let me go out to a few of the shops. So I went into a shop bought some Pokemon cards, but I was asking about NBA, NHL stuff like that NHL cards worth nothing. I have a ton of NHL cards. They're they're basically trash, baseball, basketball, huge NFL kind of up there. So this is obviously not NF t status, but you can get some good money for it and I would just I would just do it. Now before everything goes digital. You can make some money. This is like a huge there's even websites I have an app on my phone. And you can buy


cards live it's like a home shopping network version but of selling Pokemon cards. I got sucked in for a little while is buying Pokemon cards on there is really bad. But you can do it and I think you should sell your cards so definitely sell them I'm not using them Can I get them graded easily is there like an app I can I can take not easy you got to send it in you got to get a PSA graded and we put it in like one of those little frames it's it's a whole bunch of work. But if it is a if it's like min condition and this is like a nine out of 10 or 10 out of 10 you can get millions for it like a nine out of 10 that's this one I think was a nine out of 10 to Tom Brady card. Wow That's amazing. Yeah, I hope I have some of those


good ones Yeah, we'll put them toward the sports hangover Of course. Yeah. My big energy is we have arrived in Augusta Georgia it is masters week. Oh man. Play the soothing music mic please because hectic energy this week. It's our that's the kind of jazz music maybe yes, a garland. Um, sir first masters in April in two years since 2019. The azaleas are blooming last year's masters moved from April to November it was frozen It was cold we didn't even have flowers. It's been two years since we've seen flowers at Augusta National and they're back the course is going to be playing tough and firm they want it to be a tough masters this year and the return to April and of course pour one out for our boy Tiger Woods who cannot be there who's still recovering at home following this the car accident I was six weeks ago now we have no updates on how he's doing just like I told you super secret of operation at the Tiger Woods camp so we don't have a clue what his outcome is how his prognosis is, but he's not around in Augusta this week. So give me some bets cuz I always like the bets we've never hit any over the last few years when I say hey, give me like three guys bet on we haven't hit some we got really literally wait we literally won the US Open bet when I was with you. Oh yeah. September when Bryce Andy Shambo when the US Open. So that was a few months ago. Okay, well, yeah, I got to put bigger money. So this year, give me your top three guys. Well, my guy Bryce in first and foremost, he's going to try to bomb it over some trees take some angles we haven't seen he's the one bulking up. He's the one who's gained a lot of size and speed to hit the ball far. He's going to shorten the holes hit wedges in. That's going to be good on the fast firm greens. Okay, number two. Jordan speed is back. He won his first tournament like five years last week. And you always want a guy who's playing hot coming to the master. So those are two favorites I like so I'm here Naga Jordan speed.


He was his like he was hot young kid and then kind of dip for a few years what happened in those few years was like a mental like did he so mental and and i don't even blame him go off Mike it's torn you up is ferrania mentally and we're not playing for millions of dollars just


went I went golfing last Monday just a quick nine hole right before the sun was going down out there playing with some random friend of a friend. He was there with my friend and he is so mental in the game. He's just getting into it. And he's like come on get loose get loose and he's like swinging it right before he hits it. It seems like if you're too in your head you're never gonna hit the ball by the end of it. I didn't care anymore had a beer in me I was hitting that ball like I've never had it before. It is the the most mental on the least mental if you don't think about it, I felt like the balls are just flying off I felt you know felt the flow of it all. So don't think about it. That's what my thing is at least excited. I'm so excited to hear that you're hitting the ball. Well, I I too have resorted to drinking instead of carrying on the golf course it's helped me most of the time it is a


slang that you just instead of carrying like I don't care I'm carrying I thought you were like air area and I'm like, oh you just somebody that it's a bell curve. Like you reach the four beers at the top and if you go down to five beers you're coming down the backside and it's not so good. That's when it gets sloppy just like the beginning when you when you care too much. We so four beers are so yeah, yeah, we've seen that. We're gonna see it again. In June, I think Well, yeah. Put you on display with a lot of beers. So that's great. I'm happy to hear it. Back to the master. The Masters the real pumped. I was thinking of some underdogs and one would be wills Allah Taurus. I think he would be an underdog think about I don't have other underdogs prepared and that's a misnomer. Text me text me before it starts Thursday. Right? Yeah, we won't tell the listeners but I'll text you man. We can put it up on Instagram or something we can wait. Oh, you know what? We'll put a blog up we get to the people to the sports hangover. No, we'll do we'll put it in this episode description. It's a gem. It's like an Easter egg hidden in in the description. If you read our description and you're already listening. So all you have to do is go to the description right now. There are two sleepers you should put like $10 on if they win the masters. You're gonna win like $400 Yeah, pay pal less than winnings. Yes, please. I'd be good. I have one other big energy, or did you want to continue on about the Masters? I mean, you know, it's Pebble Beach and the Masters and the best thing is how pretty it is. You got to watch it my carve outs Sunday afternoon. Let's call it noon pacific time. Tell Erin, you got plans for three hours and you gotta watch. She's leaving town. She's gone. Long, long, perfect. I'm alone. let some people over but only if they're gonna watch golf with you. You got to watch and it's not the back nine don't even don't even call it that Mike in Augusta. It's called the second nine. Oh, such fancy people. And you know what they say this is a real saying from a golf writer who's probably dead because it was so long ago. He said


the Masters doesn't begin until the second nine on Sunday. Okay. So whatever happens on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, even Sunday morning, when you're getting your chores done, it doesn't matter. Watch the last nine holes on Sunday and you'll be in for a treat. Now. Do you think this is just a betting strategy? If our guys are poorly performing on a Friday? Do I double down on Saturday this thing? Maybe they come back like get a little better odds on our guys. What do you think about that? We don't like that golf is definitely a momentum game you kind of are who you are once you show up for the week. You know, I used to have a lot of inside access to those things. Kind of watching the watching the range on Monday night and see who's hitting the ball. No.


Definitely don't have that anymore. So I can't help you out in that. Okay. Okay. One other big big energy, a lot of big energies this week. This one's an exciting one the kings are offering Bitcoin as salary payment. So they're offering all their players you're allowed to get a portion or all of your salary in Bitcoin, which is great. It's happening more and more across sports. We saw the basket or the football player got a signing bonus Russell Okun got assignment signing bonus, I think from the Panthers in Bitcoin. And I think his signing bonus when he first got paid was was was worth 13 million. And like three weeks later, after Bitcoin surged, it was worth 21 million. Yeah. So I love it. I think for anybody that has, I mean, this is not financial advice. Don't listen to me. If you have like money to legal disclaimer, yeah, don't tell us. If you have money sitting in like an account that's literally doing nothing and getting 0.01 interest, put it in fucking Bitcoin, and you can earn some money on it. You can earn a little interest you can get actually you can do it into a stable coin, and you can get paid 13% interest on a stable USD coin. So I have a big chunk of money in a stable coin. amarin 13% interest on my money that just sits there. It's safe. It's not going


went up or down. And that's the way to do it and Bitcoin is great. I'm glad everybody's doing it. You can get interest on that, too. I this is also not financial advice. I know I had to clarify it but now I do. Listen to a lot of financial podcast.


Well, you're right because Portnoy always says it when he's giving out his stock advice. He must face the wrath in the past from it um, gbtc just buy it in your trading account. And it just grows and grows just like that. It's not the same it's a totally different but same but different and it's tied to the success of Bitcoin if bitcoin price goes up your gbtc stock but the nice thing about my thing if you own real Bitcoin, you can earn interest on your Bitcoin just sitting there so your gbtc whatever crap stock that is, you don't have to say crap. The Bitcoin actually earns interest. You can do things with it. You can buy NF T's if you want if you change it into aetherium you do it all. And the great thing about mine is you don't need to understand what Bitcoin is to reap the benefits of Bitcoin. Alright, let's do some scandal city where we're scandal city. I got it somewhere there it is. Time to dig up the dirty stories around the sport world in this week's scandal city. So we haven't been scandal city in a while.


I don't I don't feel like we haven't hit that button in a long time. We haven't had a lot of scandals going on. I think this might be


I don't even know what the call is. Did you see Paul Pierce go on it live with strippers and playing poker in the background? Which is nothing wrong with that that might happen on bachelor parties. That might just happen. But you can't do it. Yeah. When you work for Disney. And you can't do it when you work for Disney and also have a show on ESPN. Not gonna fly. He's very casual just hanging out. I saw it live I actually saw Instagram was confused by it all nudity there, Mike. Then all of a sudden, now he's fired. So we totally agree to part ways and I think you said it great. Like you can do that. But when you're an employee of a company, especially Disney, you're gonna face some backlash from it. And it's kind of refreshing in a way not that I support him losing his job over a drunken Instagram Live. And I'm not saying he should have kept this job either. I'm just thinking like, if if it was a regular employee, like a ticket taker at Disney and he did it he would be fired so it's refreshing when the celebrity gets paid the same amount or gets the same punishment as the guy who doesn't matter. Do you think he would have been fired because if it was just like some ticketor I don't think anybody would have watched it if anyone knew if it was like making the rounds Yeah, but this became like pot like it's Paul Pierce live smoking a cigar with strippers in the background drinking it was it was crazy. He says has become a big part of ESPN his NBA coverage so it's a big loss for them. And it's okay with me though because Paul Pierce is one of my most hated athletes the way he left that finals game like crying in the wheelchair and then he came back three minutes later I don't know if you know that story but it's very famous for your Paul piers. Um, but yeah, I just thought that was a fun scandal and I didn't I thought it was weird that he got fired I thought it was just gonna be like okay, you're suspended for two weeks like let's try not to do Instagram lives you can you can do that all you want just let's not broadcast it to the world. Yeah, maybe there's some other strikes behind the scenes that we didn't see that's that's what I had for scandal city to look at us not we always I don't think anybody knows but we always do our notes separately and then just come together and do a show we don't we don't know people how one of the most successful podcast works Mike I know I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Um, what else I there's also a blog up on the sports hangover right now it's the top five draft picks and it's a little write up of all of them. I'm trying some new writers on the site. So we got somebody wrote something up there if you want to check it out. The USA t shirt our best selling sporting over t shirt ever. Up there summers come in the roaring 20s are coming. A lot more swag will be up there very very soon. So everybody go to sports hangover calm. I'm going to buy the new t shirt. I'm going to do it in a sports wicking tank top. I think we'll be in when we have sports wicking now. We have sports weekend we have like Under Armour style t shirts we can get on I stepping it up. So that's all on the sports all the merch and we normally market toward say July 4 is kind of the day and that's what Biden said is the day everything's going well. The vaccine rollout is going well. We're all gonna be vaccinated. I got Memorial Day, Mike, we're gonna be together we're gonna have a sports hangover themed party meet up in LA like morial day is our official start of summer that's when you need your gear. So I need you guys ordering it in the next few weeks. Okay, we'll put up and maybe we'll put up a promo code next week. I'll I'll get some graphics for this. So if you ever watching, you can actually go and just like click and buy I think you can do it on YouTube. I have no idea. So many things were Yeah, Richard, check out the sports follow us on Instagram at the sports hangover and if we don't get a Melissa reviews, hopefully we are

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