TSH Investigates: Why are NBA stars missing so many games?

TSH Investigates: Why are NBA stars missing so many games?

Michael Benatar

April 5,2021

TSH Investigates: Why are NBA stars missing so many games?

A QB normally celebrates when he’s drafted or when he signs a fat free agent contract but the guys are breaking down the party Sam Darnold had when he found out he was done with the Jets. And J Dawg reveals the secret weapon for the Panthers that will lead to Darnold’s success.

A game of ‘BS or Believe’ reveals the Patriots QB plans for the NFL Draft, only 3 weeks away! And if Kevin Durant deserves to be fined for comments made towards crying, failed actor Michael Rapaport.

It’s Masters Week in Augusta, Georgia! You made it this far so 2 sleepers to make money on: Cameron Smith and Scottie Scheffler, both at 40/1.

Finally, Scandal City stars another famous cryer, Paul Pierce, parting ways with ESPN after a late-night Instagram Live showed off a whole bunch of strippers.



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Michael Benatar


Every so often that the sports hangover touches on mature topics discretion is advised. vs. Lies and rumors is the sport tangle. No one knows what it means but it's provocative

Michael Benatar  00:21

Welcome to the sports hangover. I'm Michael Benatar joined alongside Jay. Go.


Mike, good to see you. We're coming off the masters. Do you remember last week I said one golfers name on the podcast?

Michael Benatar  00:34

Do you remember who it was it? Was it our boys. Agha, the What was his name? What was his last? I can't even say yeah, it


was well, Sal tours who finished second in the Masters, the highest ranked American in the entire masters. No one's ever heard of him before. And I gave you that name right here on this podcast. But I'm telling you is there's three more majors this year. And if you download our damn podcast, the week of the majors, when I'm giving you these picks, you're giving away free money. And you just need to keep it here on the sports setting Have

Michael Benatar  01:02

I not only watched the Masters I played golf with our mutual friend, we did a little pitching and putting course where we just put pitch and putt. It was kind of nice. He didn't actually play just we're using your pitch and kind of trying to play the short game because things I don't do a lot. So it's kind of fun drinking beers. And then we went and watch some masters.


Well actually loved that I was gonna make fun of you for a second. But then I'm like, well, that's how you get better at golf is short game and putting and people don't realize like they go to the driving range and they hit 100 balls, and then they don't even cut and they just leave. That's not how you get better. You might get one stroke better if you can make five more putts around or get your chips closer five more times. That's five strokes every time and your full swing rarely results in five shots. I'm sorry, you watched the masters. I hyped it up last week. And it was an exciting, I mean Hideki Matsuyama, the lead since like Friday, and he's running away. And there's one little moment when when when he put in the water on 15. That was exciting. You probably saw that like the water behind the green. Remember that shot.

Michael Benatar  02:02

And I thought it was it was weird because the announcers also didn't really know what the talking about. They kept like changing back and forth very quickly between everybody. Nothing was going on. There was no like, Oh, you know, if he gets this, he could be in the lead. There was nothing. So it was it wasn't that exciting at the end, but I had more exciting excitement when I was playing like for you know, dollar putts with Tony, though,


I believe it said they say the second nine on Sunday is when the Masters truly begins. And truly nothing happened this Sunday on the second night. And the course is really built for the drama with the water and everything and it didn't happen. So maybe next year, we'll get back there. Maybe Tiger join us. I did want to say the one cool thing was maybe the coolest thing of the day. And this is might sound weird, but it was Hideki Matsuyama his caddy. Afterwards, he bowed to the golf course that was like a cool moment you know about that. So like that went viral. And I was like a cool moment, like respect the course. And like, I guess national always wins. It always delivers.

Michael Benatar  03:00

I did bet on all the players or golfers that you mentioned. And it kept me in it. So I was looking. I literally sat down last night. I'm like, What else can I bet on? And the only thing I could find this weekend Jake Paul is fighting some youtuber and I'm gonna bet and watch that. So if you're, if you're bored this weekend and want to gamble on a game or a fight, I'm gonna gamble on that. I don't know if any,


is that boxing or WWE? It's boxing,

Michael Benatar  03:24

boxing. So I'm gonna I'm gonna try. I think that's unlike thrillers. I have to get it somewhere. Obviously, I'll find some other source for it.


They need better distribution. Yeah, work on that

Michael Benatar  03:35

he's getting. He's getting paid like $5 million to do it.


Of course he is. They better make that up. That could be a $3 million pay per view. And then someone's out of some money. I was watching WrestleMania. Last week on peacock really great view and experience. Two nights of WrestleMania Mike and it was exciting. On Saturday night there, these women are going at it for like 30 minutes. Like, I know it's fake. I know. It's all staged, I get it. But you have to be an athlete to like do anything for 30 minutes straight and they were like jumping off of shit and like slamming their bodies. I know it's padded or whatever. It's still super impressive. And I'm not a wrestling guy. I'll watch once a year at WrestleMania and then Sunday, we had bad bunny doing like the Canadian cruncher, whatever it's called. I don't know, I was into WrestleMania and that's not something I normally say

Michael Benatar  04:18

when was the last time you watched wrestling because I think back to when I was a kid you know, middle school, little bit of high school, you know, watching the WWE or WWF at the time merged with WCW in the beginning, you know, that was like the moment the pinnacle of wrestling for me those years of like staying and Goldberg and you know Steve Austin and the undertaker but now I feel so out of it. I don't even know if I could get back into it because I know how fake it is. At the time when I was a kid. I really thought it was real, which was much more fun.


We know it's fake. And if you know that going in, I think it's okay if you just respect the athleticism and what they're doing so so it's kind of cool to watch.




all right. I'll be back Next year is in Tampa in Tampa Bay.

Michael Benatar  05:02

Did you go? Did you want to go in person


or just watch a lot of fans? Were there just that's all you need. Alright, let's do some NBA news. All right. NBA news. Okay, this is important to me and I need to I need you to help me with this. We need to talk through this little bit because what is going on with the NBA, the NBA should be shining so brightly right now in this COVID era that we're still in yet coming out of. It just feels like the NBA is on every night. It's something that we should all be into yet, Mike, where are all of the stars? Every night you turn on a big NBA game and you're missing the biggest one or two players in the game. I was like this always happens every time I try to watch so let me take a look and see who's been missing games this year. Okay. All right. So most NBA teams have played 54 games this year. Consider that 54 the 10 biggest superstars in the NBA. Let me tell you how many games they've played this year out of 54. Keep that in mind. LeBron James. I know he's hurt. He's only played 41 games 76% Kevin Duran, he's played 40% of his games this year. 22 games. He's appeared geodes. He's always out there. You think? Well, he's actually missed nine games. He's only played 45 of them. Steph Curry. He's coming off an injury can respect that. He's played 46 he's missed eight games. kawhi Leonard has missed nine games. He's only played 45 of them. Anthony Davis. He's hurt too. He's only played 23 out of 54 games. I'm going to keep going here. Luca. donk donk ich is a great player this amazing shot the other night. He's only played 88% of his games. who's missing 12% of work? No, none of us are no one is jolin beat superstar 70 sixers the big man. He's played in 36 games out of 54. I'm gonna keep going here. All right, what's going on in Brooklyn? This guy sits out all the time. He's played 38 games that are 54. Why are the biggest superstars Mike in the entire league? Missing games due to the players get paid less when they miss when they miss this many games? Because certainly the fans aren't getting the benefit. They're buying the ticket to go see them. And then they're not there. So often.

Michael Benatar  07:05

They're not all going there. But do you think it was the side effect of the bubble? Because it seems like mentally the bubble has taken a toll on a lot of people. At least in the NHL world. I've heard a lot of things. It seems like it could have taken a toll on NBA you're locked in Disney World for months, evac could take a toll on anybody.


I hate Disney World. Really, though, because where were you locked in? You were locked in your house. I was locked in a one bedroom apartment. Like I think we a lot of people like most Americans had a worse experience than NBA players. No, I

Michael Benatar  07:35

know. But you hear the stories. It's just like this grind. It's almost like being in a jail cell. Right? It's like you go to your hotel room, you can't leave. And then you go play basketball, which sounds fun. But if you have to do it every single night all over. And it's just the same day over and over and over again. I could see how that takes just a mental toll on you. I don't have any idea where all these people have been. I haven't been watching much basketball. It's weird ever since the pandemic. I don't casually just have Sports Center on or anything on in the background anymore. It's like listening to a podcast. You know, maybe Bill Simmons, or maybe people are tuning in to listen to the sports hangover and us talk about sports. But there isn't as much watching of the sports because you couldn't do it with your friends. So it wasn't as fun anymore. So now it's like, oh, I'm watching golf because I'm lonely and play golf. You can play golf by yourself. And you can watch golf by yourself. It's a one person sport. So I don't know. It's weird. It's like a weird shift. So I don't know what the hell's going on. Did you find out what's happening? did you do?


I found out you're all lazy. I found that out. Listen, the bubble is a fair thing. Like everyone went through something last year. It's it's this collective trauma that we can't even begin to unpack that's still unfolding in real time. And, and I'm not saying that we can figure that out for any individual. But if you're in the Disney bubble, you have a setup better than 99% of people. And since it isn't a bubble, they weren't in the bubble. And they've been able to do their own thing. I know when they travel on the road. They go to the hotel room. Yeah, I'm living out of hotel rooms in a suitcase to Okay, and I still show up for my podcast. I haven't missed 12% of my pocket.

Michael Benatar  09:07

You haven't? Actually you've been here more since you've been traveling on the road than you have yet


otherwise, so figured out. So I just want to see like in what other industry is this acceptable? And why is it acceptable in the NBA because like it's a player's only League, the players are driving the league and you are all about that the athlete is in charge. And now the NBA is one of the first leagues to say yes, that's accurate. And this is what happens. So you're seeing the league deteriorate, because you're saying you're not watching NBA no one's watching NBA I want you to get up in the morning because I want to see what Mike Greenberg is talking about. Because apparently he has the pulse of the sports fan on ESPN. Every single morning in March and April. He's talking NFL Draft. He's not even mentioning the NBA. It's not NFL season. It's a

Michael Benatar  09:48

season. Easy because the way the NBA season is it's so long, that it doesn't matter right now and we don't care. We care in playoffs. I'll watch it in playoffs. I'll watch playoff games, I watch playoff hockey, I watch occasional lightning games back here, you know few, whatever, but I'm not I'm not as sad as I would be if it really mattered. And I think that's the difference between the NFL and all other sports, right? The NFL matters every single week, every single game, but these basketball games like the 54th game, guess what? That doesn't matter you get 82 of them to play. So eventually it will matter but in a longer period of time so if you really love basketball, which I know a lot of people do that watch their team the out there and watch it right you'd like you watch Miami Dolphins even though it's a shit show, you still watch them? Not anymore. Not anymore. I mean, they have to of course, yeah, so I guess that's like my reasoning for it. And they they already have the NBA. As they they the NBA already has all the money from all the television networks, it doesn't matter what the ratings are right? Because they already have all the money. They know that the playoffs are where the money's at chain,


then they need to shorten the season. What's the point of being an NBA fan during the regular season? If if the network's don't talk about it, if people aren't going to games as much if people aren't watching as much? Where are you making that money from? Who is paying for all that?

Michael Benatar  11:07

I mean, at some point, I would love to go back to a sporting event, even though I hated going to some but now I'm like, well, I'll go back just like be there. You did.


That's a funny part of about you, because you always hated going in by halftime or early third quarter you want out of there?

Michael Benatar  11:22

Yeah, it's not. It's like, Alright, because it really, it's almost like the same way as a regular season game. If we're in a playoff game, I'm gonna stay because it really matters. When I'm at a midseason game, and it's like, they're winning. I'm like, Whatever, let's just go, we can go somewhere else and do something like the game's over, like, I don't care. So I don't know what that is. I just want to leave. But I think they're still making money. And maybe next year when people are actually going to sporting events and watching it and talking about it more. This year is weird. We're like trying to come back. We're all getting vaccines, you're getting your second shot soon. We're gonna be back. The roaring 20s are here, but they haven't kicked in yet.


So the NBA players are just waiting for it to kick in to make sense to me. They don't care. And they're no problem because every other profession cares. And their job is to entertain and help people through a traumatic experience. And instead, they're all missing 40 to 30% of their names. The best player, the player on that list might have the top 10 superstars in the league. The one who's playing the most games still missed 12% of his games, and he's playing the most out of all the superstars. I still want to ask this question. Yeah. When when you buy a ticket, the Lakers are bad example right now because their guys are hurt when you buy a ticket to go see the Brooklyn Nets and James Harden and Kyrie Irving are not there and they're and they don't have an injury. Are you paying 50% less for your ticket? Or are you watching on at home? on cable? Are you getting 50% off your cable bill because the the net superstars aren't playing or maybe you bought NBA league pass and you're paying $100 a month or whatever it is, you get 50% off that I just want to know why these percentages don't add up for the consumer when they add up for the athlete.

Michael Benatar  12:58

It's it's all racket Jeremy they're they're scheming they're taking your money. It's it's over? I don't I have no idea. I have no answer. I I think it is crazy that the superstars can be out but I guess I'm like, Alright, if I was a superfan and I went to a game and the bronze aren't there, or Anthony Davis isn't there and where I'm watching the team. I'm like, you know what? These these guys are stepping up. I'm really appreciating the backup squat. But as a normal fan when I'm watching TV, like I'll turn this shit off. Like I'm not gonna watch it. Like who cares? Like if they lose, it doesn't matter. They don't LeBron so there's two sides of it. But I think I'm not. I'm not like a hardcore passionate guy. Like I like a lot of different teams. So I'm not gonna lie I probably have how many jerseys Do you think I have? Jeremy?


I don't think you have seven jerseys across sports. Seven jersey. So

Michael Benatar  13:49

I actually think because I was not counting, but I think I have about 18 to 25 jurors


what that's like almost all the team.

Michael Benatar  13:59

But I'm hockey jerseys. I have I have a soccer jersey from LA FC out here. I have a whole bunch of football jerseys. Every


NFC with every NFC was I have I

Michael Benatar  14:11

also have Tim Tebow jersey. Some of these are collector items, honestly. Say it's weird, but I want to I have a guest that tweet that kind of goes into this a little bit we'll


get to I just want to say ah investigation TSA, TSA tSj. Sorry, john csh. This thing over some people call us tSj for for j dog. Of course. TSH investigates is what that was and this might be a recurring segment if I if I see this. And the consumer is being violated like the NBA fan is now I'm going to investigate and TSH will be there.

Michael Benatar  14:43

Okay, I have a tweet that's gonna really help you get into this.



Michael Benatar  14:56

So we haven't done guest that tweet you know, in a long time to every one of our readers Original original. This is like one of the first few segments we ever had on the show kind of went away. You know, Twitter became like a real thing after we started playing guess that tweet before it was like, it wasn't news. We actually made it news. And now people use it as news, which is weird and


you use you said Twitter's out. don't invest in Twitter. It'll be dead before you know it now. $70 stock I think was $8 at the time, so you're right again.

Michael Benatar  15:23

Yeah, no, I know. I'm back on Twitter. I'm really trying to like more on Twitter. Yeah,


they're monetizing it. It's fine. Oh,


yeah. Once they do the the little clubhouse version


of the tip jar, right?

Michael Benatar  15:34

Yeah. Oh, man. I'm in. Alright, so who? Alright, here it is. I'm going to leave out the name. Blank has more tweets on Twitter than career NBA points.


Say it again.

Michael Benatar  15:50

Blank, which is the NBA players name has more tweets on Twitter. Then career points in the NBA.


More tweets than points. So it's a guy who doesn't score that much. I'm gonna say

Michael Benatar  16:07

it I was gonna say it is a superstar. So you can kind of narrow it down a little?


Well, just a funny one. It must not be him. But Rex Chapman, like runs Twitter. He has like all the viral tweets. You know, he's an NBA player. That's, you know, Rex Chapman.


I don't know, do I follow you?


But it's just funny. He's an NBA player, and he wasn't very good. So that's why this is a super active superstar.

Michael Benatar  16:34

You mentioned him on your list.


I know that's the list. It must be Kyrie.

Michael Benatar  16:41

It's Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant has 2000 23,506 career points and has 24,200 tweets. And then the first comment, which I love is how the fuck does he have 24,400 tweets? Who tweets that much? I think I have like 500 tweets. That's


that's the question to ask. Right? Because we aren't wondering how we score too many points when he does play. He's a great and he was also he and he still is for many years.

Michael Benatar  17:10

You get two and three points for every time you score Twitter, you have to do it one in one on one. It's not just like it doesn't


Yeah, but retweets count. Like there's some easy ways to pump those.

Michael Benatar  17:19

Okay, all right, but he has a shitload of tweets. And also I want to bring it up. Obviously, he's injured a lot. So he's at home, probably tweeting, but also Kevin Duran invested in Coinbase before I think you'd like 2000 something. And a lot of people are making a lot of money off the Coinbase IPO and get Yeah, getting paid.


It's amazing that the Coinbase founder made like $20 billion off of the IPO when they went public yesterday and we still don't know exactly what Coinbase is. It's all make believe it's a digital wallet and it's

Michael Benatar  17:51

real. I have a lot of money in there right now.


I actually downloaded Coinbase myself and if you sign up right now and link your bank account, which this might be a very bad advice. They gave me $10 in free Bitcoin. So I'm at $10 now now $10.12 after right

Michael Benatar  18:06

that's right, just by bite all Jeremy just get in there. Now you own real Bitcoin before?


I know, I know. We were talking about last week I was talking about my bullshit stock gbtc and in the last week, I did some research. My brother's as expert around Bitcoin. He's building a whole website that we're going to pump here and I'll probably sponsor a segment coming up. But it's all about Bitcoin and crypto. And so I'm on coin base now and the future's bright is what I'm thinking.

Michael Benatar  18:31

Okay, good. That's really good. It's all pumping right now all coins are pumping. It's all season as I call it.


There's someone else pumping mic. It's our big dick energy.


Dick energy.


What pumps more than that? All right. This week I'm giving you I don't know if you have one. I'm giving it up for Julian Edelman. The guy is retiring, quote unquote, retiring from the Patriots. He might come back we don't know. But let's give it up for him because he had a huge career. He stuck it out a lot of years. With Bill Belichick. I always felt like he was buried behind like gronk a little bit and the other stud receivers like Wes Welker and Randy moss, like, I don't mean isn't talked about in that same language and maybe he should be we don't know how good he would be without Brady. I guess we saw a little bit with Cam Newton but that's not a fair comparison.


Do you think


and also, I just want to mention to Jewish playmaker, you don't see many of those don't mean you are Jewish playmakers. And so Arlene Edelman, so shout out to the three of us.

Michael Benatar  19:27

Do you think though immediately when I saw this, I went conspiracy theory, I thought, Okay, he's retiring. And he's gonna come back and be a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. That was the wrong route. Right. Yeah, it was to the gronk route. Come back next day could still happen. Oh, yeah. Right. I think I think you might have to negotiate something with the Patriots But well, at this point, that's


what that's what the Patriots said. I think he was waived with like retirement clause. I think he's free to go and I definitely think that could happen because remember what gronk talked about was playing for Bella check is something he didn't want to do and these superstars are grasping our waters but but but the stars of the Patriots They all want to leave Bella check so badly. I don't know. Yeah, and croc our boy.


Yo soy Fiesta


is back with the Bucs how they have so much money to bring everyone back.

Michael Benatar  20:11

I don't think you got paid that much to come back.


He got 10 mil.

Michael Benatar  20:14

That's not that much. I don't I don't feel like for a year for years, it's not bad. It's pretty good. The salary cap like 150 million or something.


Yeah, that's like 1.7% of their salary. cap. Um, just to finish that I don't think Bill Belichick will ever build a huge winning franchise again, because in this era where the NBA and the stars and the players control the league, the NFL is becoming more and more like that. And the Patriots stars the last few years at the doors open they're gonna walk through it and they want to leave no one wants to play for a crazy tough guy like Bella check. He's too tough, he runs too tough. his ship doesn't have to be that way. We've seen it with Bill ariens Bruce Arians at what he did with the buck so I just think that Bella check his system is so early 2000s and it's not gonna let

Michael Benatar  21:04

you do you think it's they don't want to play with cam and maybe not Bill Belichick later I think belcheck could still do it. If he got the right he needs a quarterback basically I think the rest of it's all just scheme like let's get some defensive players whatever but


he needs back in 14 million. That's a solid amount for a backup quarter running. Running quarterback I told you I guaranteed it. I don't know if there's a prop bet for will the Patriots select a quarterback in the first round of this NFL Draft which is only two weeks away. We're getting super close to the mock draft we'll hit next week on the sports hangover of it and on the sports hangover.com so that's I've been working on it for months trust.

Michael Benatar  21:43

I'm ready. I'm ready people


will take a quarterback. They will take a court

Michael Benatar  21:47

okay. Okay, I got I have two big energies here. One the biggest energy was the W NBA released Really? dope jerseys. That's what they're they're big, big energy was I looked at all their jerseys. And I really liked it. I think this is the first time they made jerseys and it didn't look like it was made for like an alternative league. It was like these are great jerseys these could be NBA jerseys, so if you haven't looked at them yet, really clean. They're really really nice.


I haven't seen it How many did you buy to add to the

Michael Benatar  22:19

collection? I didn't buy any yet Not yet. So yeah, also talking about we talked about coin base tops. You know the card company I'm sure you have a


baseball card

Michael Benatar  22:30

they are releasing baseball cards and if t baseball cards April 20. So tried to get in there I tried buying some Top Shop NBA cards today waiting in line with 300,000 people didn't get a card. Oh my god.


I was gonna say I thought the NFT biz was was crumbling a little bit. I thought the values were coming down.

Michael Benatar  22:48

Well, they're they're coming down. But look, it's all it's it's like anything you still gotta invest in when it's on sale right now. Okay, so we're gonna get in but Tom is doing it. I love tops is doing it, I think right? They're gonna release 24,000 cards, premium packs, and they all offer 45 cards inside of there. So I think it should be kind of cool. I'm excited. I'm gonna buy all these digital things. My digital wallet right now is packed full of crap. And I'm just gonna hold it. And that's all you got to do just hold it don't don't sell the values in there yet. It's like I held on the Pokemon cards for God knows 20 years in my parents like attic somewhere. Now they're worth, you know, 1000s of dollars. So beisa if you can get your hands on one of these tops or NFT Top Shop things go grab because I couldn't get it straight. That's great.


What's your digital wallet? Is it only Coinbase? Or do you have others

Michael Benatar  23:38

why I use like my digital wallet on Chrome I use meta mask which is my way of transferring insecurity and it's people are calling it web 3.0 where now everything is encrypted with my special key to get in so instead of using passwords I just signed in with my crypto wallet and it gets me access to stuff so and right now I just got on to this like horse racing one where you buy horses and you can breed them and it's all NF T's and weird shit so we're just getting into it all I own digital land all this weird shit so if you want to invest in it, it's kind of weird and it's like definitely funny money but at some point I think it's gonna be like a legitimate thing. For more people


right? It's good to know. Look out for square cash app is the digital wallet to so they're doing it PayPal does not do not.

Michael Benatar  24:28

Use Square Square is the same because if you don't actually own it as well you're again just buying a stock of it. You do not have a transfer wall. I do not have a Bitcoin address.


That's bad advice.

Michael Benatar  24:39

Do not buy it on square do not buy it on paypal you do not own it. You do not own the wallet if you encrypted key with your wallet. You don't own it. You technically don't order it on Coinbase either, but that's that's why you got to get other wallets


a different story. Alright,

Michael Benatar  24:52

I have two other things random things UFC the jerseys that came out over the weekend with their handles on it. This was gonna be a bullshitter believe You want to play


what you call bullshitter believe you see Oh, you said UFC

Michael Benatar  25:05

UFC. Oh say whatever you like


you can't disrespect this university.


I believe we


should all believe

Michael Benatar  25:15

they're close together I can barely read. All right, so give me a


Yeah, it's a common mistake Gus malzahn the new head coach of UCF called them UFC in his opening press. So that was a debacle. So you're just like our head? Can

Michael Benatar  25:27

you work there?


I don't work.

Michael Benatar  25:31

bullshitter believe Did you like the UCF jerseys with the name tags on the back?


I love their spring game they had their Twitter handles on the back. You do wonder if Twitter is dead should have been Instagram or Snapchat handle. But I think Instagrams better but I think it's great to allow the players to one be individuals on a team and to to capitalize off their own name and their own likeness. I think you take it a step further Mike and next year I have a addition instead of their Twitter handle or Instagram handle you ready for this? Yeah Venmo handle I'd like that. What is that? What What if that's illegal in the future?

Michael Benatar  26:13

Just Yeah, Bitcoin address. Yeah,


I'd love Yeah, that's typical. That was a sick catch. Here's five bucks like this make sense? We're definitely that is a future of sport.

Michael Benatar  26:23

I would definitely do that. If somebody just caught something threw a pass. I'd be like, Damn, this guy definitely deserves like five especially


if you're a fan or you like made 100 bucks on the bat like you throw in 10 bucks. Why not?

Michael Benatar  26:33

Oh, I'm in Jeremy. I think you just made a whole new way of like, donations or gambling or something. Should


we delete this? So no one steals from the show. Or how does this work? Well,

Michael Benatar  26:40

we're live right now. So we'll just delete.




helped me develop it and then my Venmo is at chase hog.

Michael Benatar  26:48

It sounds very complicated to make. I got two others just random things. Teddy Bridgewater, on his way to Denver. do we care? bullshitter believe is this a good move? For me? it I guess I'm hearing or reading Teddy Bridgewater might be becoming a Denver Bronco.


Like, I felt like I was plugged in today and I haven't heard that anywhere. And it's not reflected in my mock drafts. So So where are you? Is this today? Did this break today?

Michael Benatar  27:13

This was well the day that I thought we're gonna do the show on Tuesday. And I was there he laid or do to two days late or early?


This might classify as bullshit lies and rumors.


Okay, okay.


Here's the bullshit on that because here's here's what the Broncos are going to do. They're actually going to make a move and acquire Trey Lance in the first round the NFL Draft quarterback from North Dakota State tunnel. Ready to play week one I know is one team so they're gonna make a move up grab Trey Lance drew Locke will start this year, then drew locks out. I don't think Teddy makes sense in Denver.

Michael Benatar  27:46

A bullshitter believe Browns are willing to trade. Odell Beckham and there's three locations that they're willing to train them to. Colts 40 Niners or patriots bullshit or belief any of those


sorry those teams that the Browns want to train him to go Dell wants

Michael Benatar  28:02

to go to that's what I read it was it looked like either they all agreed on this already or these are already in the works and they have mentioned this to these teams, but it looks like Browns want to trade to these teams.


And I get the Browns moving on from him. They're running football team with Nick Chubb and Kareem hunt they've got Jarvis Landry. They don't need those delis just to distraction might as well trade them for a draft pick. The Niners don't make sense they have Brandon IU, they have debo Samuel and a young quarterback Odell she's gonna get mad at the young quarter.

Michael Benatar  28:31

Could you not? Could you not say that? Odell could go anywhere because I know you just mentioned Brandon. I I couldn't tell you what number Did you play last year is he knew


debo Samuel was a second round pick. He's pretty good too. I don't like that fit insane.


Okay, okay. All right. What about Colts?


I like to call it say brought back t y Hilton. They drafted Michael Pittman in the second round last year but they could definitely use more weapons. Carson Wentz is going to miss some some targets this year. So anyone like Odell who can make a one handed catch or help him out? That'd be a good thing. The Patriots are the most intriguing though because their wide receiver room is not good Bella check had a weird free agency with the receivers he went for Nelson, Aguilar and Kendall born even though there was all these like real people out there like will fuller on the dolphins or Juju or Sammy Watkins. There were some real guys bargain shopping

Michael Benatar  29:23

which didn't feel like bargain shopping but it felt like he was


a little Yeah, he paid a laugh.

Michael Benatar  29:29

He paid a lot so I don't know if he was just scared like, oh, they're gonna scoop him up like I don't think anybody wanted Nelson Aguilar. Like what is he done the last few years?


I didn't understand that either. So but I also can't like believe Odell and Bella check system like that doesn't make sense either. Well,

Michael Benatar  29:45

I mean, it could be good. He needs a superstar over there. They need to be the you know the Patriots again, he needs that like he does


and I could honestly if anyone's gonna get a mesh with cam it's it's just a guy to run really fast and run by corners and can throw it up because he's not going to be accurate cams. I can be accurate. From any distance, so you might as well just throw up a ball to a fast guy and see if he catches.

Michael Benatar  30:04

You got anything else?


I think that's it. We have swag on the sports hangover.com summer swag. They all talk about July 4 as America's great reopening we talked about Memorial Day which is coming up in about six weeks me and Mike are gonna get together maybe Catalina Island TBD and have a meetup for our listeners in the LA area because we'll be fully vaccinated and I don't care what you are at that point

Michael Benatar  30:27

I found out that you could jet ski to Catalina Island which sounds absolutely miserable because the waters very cold. There are a lot of sharks, but you can do it if you want that. Just looks


scary with the sharks. Yeah, it's

Michael Benatar  30:41

not a lot of great ones.


I went jet skiing in San Diego and I never considered sharks actually. Long sharks. Same Pacific Ocean.

Michael Benatar  30:50

Yes. Same same motion. Oh, yeah. Check out the sports angle calm. Everything's up there. We have blogs, Jeremy's breakdown of the draft coming soon, right? Better than anybody anything. ESPN, Yahoo, whoever does that. This is better the sports hangover.com go there.


Yeah, well, we're going to get that up next week, a week before the draft and the next big show is our big draft preview. And then we should probably do a show the day after the draft to break it all down to so lots of draft content. We're going like get up. We're not talking nba stars don't want to play screw them. We're not gonna talk about

Michael Benatar  31:17

our goal. I'm gonna get the most out of us. Hopefully we are back next week.

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