Sportstradmus Returns with 2021 Predictions

Sportstradmus Returns with 2021 Predictions

The boys catch up for the final time in 2020 and they are starting to wonder who the REAL Sportstradamus is. You won't believe Mike's prediction for 2020 that came true!

Then, they look ahead to 2021 with new homes for Dak Prescott, Matthew Stafford, Carson Wentz, Cam Newton and Philip Rivers. P

lus, predictions on streaming, the NBA and the Super Bowl.

Scandal City breaks down the Dwayne Haskins debacle in Washington DC, 'BS or Believe' ponders whether the Dolphins 2-QB approach will catch on across the NFL and J Dawg Takes On Jon Gruden for losing 29 of his first 47 games with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Thanks for downloading the special sports predictions episode of The Sports Hangover podcast. HAPPY NEW YEAR!




We are the sports hangover our last show of 2020 Mike you made it. I made it. This is amazing. Here. Honestly, these years Oh fast ensure at the same time so it was fun reviewing last week. I've heard a lot of other reviews on podcast, I was actually looking at photos and forgetting like all the stuff we did. We weren't alone this year. We did a lot. So now we're gonna predict the future at the end of this show. And hopefully get some things right now they call me sports or Domus. And when I say hey, I mean you you coined that. It's a great thing. sports fan actions. Everyone knows No, Sir Thomas sporster. Thomas makes a ton of sense. It turns out, Mike, you had been leading the way and predictions and I'm concerned if you could bring it to our predictions later in the show, I'm concerned that you are going to surpass me as the real sport shut down. It was kind of almost creepy listening back and actually seen the notes of the show. But I was spot on for a lot so I can play. I Well, the first time one clip that I want. I don't know if you listen to our episode, but I did. I started clipping a few and this one. This one was a great one because it almost looked like I predicted this as well. No. Well, so I saw Nikes running from last year. I was like what last tried to approach it this way. And maybe I'll have a better shot at taking over the crown of beam sports or dos. So I had a new approach last year, that was the whole thing. I came in with the new it's hard to tell like what's the last year what's what's right now. But that was last year, you saying you're gonna become the new sports for diamonds? And you you may have these you're about to play a clip, Mike that is gonna shock the world. And they're not gonna believe it's from 2019. But but it certainly is, it was Yes, last year, a few more NFL games will no longer be played in front of people, they will be played.



Just for the home audience, there will be no people on site watching the game. Because there's a lot



there will be no need to play in front of people it will just be made for TV, you won't even know the difference. They can pump in noise into the stadiums. Jeremy, tell me this in five years from now, are we ever gonna be like, let's go watch a football game? Do we do that again? No, in five years, you'll be able to be there with virtual reality right and just set up your wall to take you there. Look, it keeps going we keep going on and on and on. But that is a clip from 2019. In December of 2019. I predicted that. Now. That was also a 10 year prediction, which happened a much sooner than I thought that was shocking. Like I was laughing in the clip. You heard me laughing I'm laughing now listening to it that you that you nailed it that you nailed something. So out there. So random. If you told anyone that in December of 2019, when we recorded that no one would have listened to everyone would have just like I did. And it turns out you called no fans at NFL games, which for the most part for the vast majority. There have not been real fans at games. No. And it's it's kind of crazy. I mean, I also have two other predictions I was spot on with. And I know that was like probably one of the bigger ones. But do you know I also predicted the Tampa Bay Lightning winning and the Lakers winning the championship? That's unbelievable.



Right? Yeah, but I mean, the odds of that happening, I would have put a lot of money and told me that would happen. I also have that clip to where we can play it later. But it's insane. The predictions that listen, you're listening to this today, it's 2020. Don't expect those type of predictions for next year. Who knows maybe one of us is going to nail it. I've nailed in the past. You nailed those. I'm glad you pulled those clips. That's great. We have ours coming up now. I have predictions last year were not spot on just to give you a little hint of what they were. Donald Trump would be reelected. So starting there and going downhill. It wasn't good. Do you want me to go I have some of them right here. Do you want me go over? I guess but. Romo tspn. breeze the CBS which close means going somewhere. Yeah. NFL fixes the 1pm window with streaming services. I think that might be down the road. Yeah, they haven't yet. So good night. xml survives your one. That was that didn't happen. Oh, Trump, like most small businesses did. x. Trump is elected again. I don't know why we were so on to Holly Sanders in Vegas. they've they've definitely broken up and you said they were gonna get married. They're not together anymore. Right? We love them. I worked with Holly back in the day and Vegas Dave is just this wreck loose gambler overweight ugly person and they they married with which made no sense. Yeah, they agree if time like then they just they divorced. Yeah. Okay. They did. Yeah. So






the things that matter in 2019 versus the things that matter in 2020. You can go down the list and pretty much cross out most of them because really nothing we talked about mattered. No nothing. Nothing really did. Let's get into some topics today then we'll do our predictions at the end of the show. We got a lot I got a lot of good ones. I'm sure you got a lot of good ones. I know you want to take the crown back of the sports Thomas leader here so I did some digging. So tons of good predictions coming up. Start with scandal city. Yes. dig up the dirty stories around the sport world in this week's scandal city. It's one of the weirdest stories of the year Mike a first round quarterback playing for a team one win away from the playoffs was released as a very young man because he won is terrible to keeps going to strip clubs during COVID. And three just doesn't seem to be real smart and understanding anything with the playbook. So Dwayne, Dwayne Haskins made a lot of mistakes to get released by Washington. I'm, I was almost surprised that he was released, like, in a way, it's like, oh, maybe you could trade them as an asset or something. But they're like, no, we're not gonna deal with this. You're done. Go in the strip club doing all this stuff. We knew. I mean, it's just weird to hear. And then if you're witnessing it, and you're in the building, it must be even weirder, because they're like, what are you doing, dude? You're, like, making it so you're working at a company. And all of a sudden, like, Oh, yeah, Jeremy's just Doman naked with everybody. We'd be like, Jeremy probably shouldn't do that. I mean, maybe he's not doing the same thing. But it's just a weird, like, you can't put two and two together because it's like, it doesn't make any sense. We're in COVID there's all these rules try to abide by um, just so you can get through the season. 17 weeks, you might not go the playoffs. It's it's interesting to me because you can be one of two things, you can be really bad and a good teammate, and they'll keep you around because you're a good teammate, or you can be really good and a bad teammate, and they'll keep you around because you're really good. He's neither one. He's not a good teammate on the field. So the idea to release him the problem is he went through waivers and there's all these teams like if you look at the list of quarterbacks starting this week, I know we have your best bets coming up and it's gonna be really hard. There's some weird games and weird matchups. The Rams have a quarterback named like john Wofford. The Cardinals quarterback if Kyler Murray can play I don't know his name. Mason Rudolph is playing for the Steelers so many teams that need quarterbacks get Dwayne Haskins when unclaimed on waivers. He's now a free agent. I think somebody will pick them up at some point but it's crazy to me that he didn't see this coming. And I think that's the hard part. Like he fired his Asian agent today. Like clearly Dude, it's not your agents fault. You did this. So yeah, it's a great scandal. I mean, literally the only sports scandal I feel like



like happening in the NFL. Like he was the only one he was the only one breaking all the rules. It's true. Have a few more NFL stories get to let's do j dog takes on Whoa. James on takes on.



We will have a sponsor for this. Way to Baha Mar comes back online. I can't wait to go back. Do you know it takes time to be brought to you by Baha Mar again very soon. Okay. All right. Thank you. We're so excited for Jon Gruden to leave my night football and be head coach again. Jon Gruden has been terrible with the Raiders he has a worse record than Jacques de Rio he has a worse record than Tom cable. He completely blew that dolphins game the dolphins Raiders game last week. Jon Gruden is 18 and 29 and three years with the Raiders. He's winning 38% of his games. That's not good enough, man.



Okay, could we look at it if you were the coach, you're trying to get better you let you get traded a lot of people you're doing a lot of things. Are we gonna blame Derek Carr? Are we gonna blame the coaching because I don't know if Derek Carr is the guy that we need him to be? Also Marcus Mariota probably not either. So do we think if he got a different quarterback Hey, Dwayne. Haskins is available maybe you can pick him up I might be worse than car and cars not very good. I just I think he came into a situation you have to fix it and you got to give them enough time right? If short sample size you could say hey, why why are you not making money in the stock market? Well, it's only been four days maybe I need a year to really see how it all pans out. I think he's got he's got 10 years he's not leaving. It's got the 10 year contract but there's other two coaches I said Del Rio and cable they got fired after three years for having better records in green so why is good and get the benefit of the doubt he wasn't good at the end of it. But that's why he ended up in ESPN ESPN in the first place. Don't you think Gruden is like in with the family? Like he's slowly morphing into the guy.



Davis and four years literally starts looking like I'm slowly everyday like just a little longer hair a little paler. And he's gonna be that guy. So I think he's in with the family. He's I don't know what he did to get there. But he's in and people Vegas or what Oakland Laveau he's like part of the team. You know, he's a good teammate. He's a part of all those things. He's not winning games and they're not going to go to this year and I looked it up because I was like Derek Carr. They really like still wasting their time with him like a young boy you just laying in bed just thinking about their car, just enough



What's their car doing? Yeah, cuz the dolphins won that game in a very exciting way on Saturday night with Fitz magic like going crazy. I was like, magic. Yeah, I was just so excited. Um, real quick. Does that worry you at all about that they had a poem, and they played Fitz magic to win the game. Uh, it it doesn't worry me. It excites me more on that in just a second. Okay, because I was just, well, we'll talk about



29 he's not young anymore. He's done on his rookie contract the Raiders chose to keep him there. He doesn't have to be there. That's my thought. All right, let's do bullshitter believe and talk about too. Okay.



All right, you let me in there. So Fitzpatrick keeps coming in for two it is weird. I get it to a place where Patrick comes in when they're losing against Denver and the almost one Fitzpatrick drove down the field through interception in the ends and there's almost a touchdown this time. Fitzpatrick beats the Raiders because they're terrible bullshit or believe Mike the dolphins are redefining the quarterback position to have a starter and a closer to different guys for two different roles. I love that you thought it is you're a Miami Dolphins fan you could see at heart It's like there's no way shoo we got to we tank forum. I the big issue here is to might not be as good as we think he is. And I listened I wanted to love I drafted in our fantasy league obviously I have some belief in him. But we can look at these other rookie quarterbacks like Joe burrow, Herbert and you're like damn these guys like just stepped in and like any level Listen, Herbert wasn't winning games borrow got injured but I think those two are really good right now and I don't know if two looks as good so that scares me a little bit and maybe it's because like, you know, he got injured. He's just playing soft. I like the idea of like a starter and a closer it could be a thing. I don't know if that's like the way to go. But do you think he's actually gonna play next week? Like is Fitzpatrick gonna play this week and he's starting right to starting that's the great part. So that's what I love about the question Mike, because too is is a great game manager. He's not going to lose the game. He's not going to throw the pics he's not going to get down 14 zero or 21 zero like Fitzpatrick or jameis. Winston possibly could. what he's going to do is be or matriculate the ball down the field shortcuts you know when you play me in man I'm a West Coast offense I throw the five yard passes and that's what he does he throws the five yard passes he takes sacks when guys aren't open he doesn't always win the game but he doesn't lose game either. If it's Patrick comes in like a ball of fire and he's covered in shit that you talk about it's going to go either way it's going to go good or it's going to go back and sometimes it's really bad cuz he's gonna throw picks and sometimes it's really good because he beat the Raiders on the last play against your is your brother a dolphins fan? He's in different he's in different What does he have any thoughts about



two all right now you're living with him right? You guys are all in the same house right? The whole family's here. Yeah, we're concerned that too. It doesn't look as good as burrow and Herbert Yeah. Now they're rookies to is coming out that major hip injury he was also played all this year my sports dramas prediction was it wasn't gonna play at all. You can't judge a guy off his rookie year because Bruin Herbert looks good Yeah. To a might be fine might be better than them next year. We don't know. Another interesting subplot which I've heard discussed more and more the dolphins have the Texans first round draft pick which is currently third overall they picked to a fifth last year so there's gonna be good quarterbacks available? Do they take a quarterback at third overall just to like compete with to



feel like that's a lot in late if they let Fitz magic go? I don't know what his contract situation is. I thought it was gonna retire like five years ago. I feel like at this point, Bella check could pay him like 20 million next year. Like he's that good. He's worth it. But it's great. I mean, he's just like an ageless wonder going out there with this big beard playing like he really swings it to you really does. Um, I think two is missing. The lack of confidence that fits magic has because Ryan Fitzpatrick comes in and he, you see the confidence in him. He's like, fuck it. I'm gonna throw the ball. And I don't think it has that yet. Or maybe might not get it but he needs to figure that out. Or he's gonna be whatever what's Uh, what's the Rosen chosen? Don't compare him to him. The problem with the dolphins. Their skill position players are terrible. They have no running backs or receivers. So the idea is they draft some they sign like Alan Robinson and Juju Smith Schuster are both free agents. Hopefully one of them comes to Miami. You draft a guy in the first round. That's two new starters. Get that Miami son do you do in Miami? That'd be childhood friends with two from they're both Polynesian descent. You didn't know that about you didn't know that. I mean, obviously you're sitting up at night thinking about Derek Carr to us so quarterback stuff at night, that's for sure. I one more bullshitter belief for you. And this is about last week's show. So go back. Last week we kind of give out awards for the year. We recap our favorite shows our favorite athletes, all that stuff. Mike bullshitter believe we both forgot Dave was one of the shows of the year on FX. The problem was it was very like recency bias like



I was thinking about the current situation like what I've recently watched was hard to think back to march and like February, because it seems so long ago literally another lifetime. So yeah, Dave definitely on top of the list a little dickie. Love it. Great show. Just easy watch and really funny. A lot of dicto so really funny, really white humor and then one of our guys Gator who's



super Jewish so it helps if you're Jewish watch but you don't have to be it's not a prerequisite but Gator in the show. Mike. He's a friend of our show because he did a cameo for me when I shaved my head. That was one of our 2020 moments. That was one of the biggest things to happen.



all year. He left me a message he called me Mr. Clean, said he's watching the podcast. So shout out to Gator on data out. I think it's on Hulu and FX x for one of the shows of the year. Yeah, it's great. Um, what do you want to do you want to do some predictions or you want to do best bets? How do you want to do it here? Let's do some predictions. And we'll keep the best bet for the end of the show. Go out with that. Um, we don't music for this. These are 2021 predictions. Do you want to kind of go back and forth or how do you want to do it here? Yeah, well, yeah, why don't you start us off and we'll ping pong. Okay, this one this one might be like a more of a one the five year range but I think this will be happening with NFL NBA, maybe not NHL throw is like a little behind.



NFL NBA will have exclusive rights to live stream through social through social networks. Instagram, tik tok Facebook. I think we're going away from the the big boys having it because they need to, like, get out there. Right. There's a lot of clips and everything. They're not monetizing. The Instagrams, the Facebook's, I think they have to have some exclusive right there where it's like, you know what, the beginning of NFL shows or whatever. It's like copyrighted copyright cannot be Rebroadcast or whatever. People are sharing clips all the time. So I think if they have an exclusive deal with them, Hey, guys, clip it up all you want, share this clip share that. I think that will happen sometime in the future. And I know, great, cause like you said, it might be too early for 2021 but it's bound to happen. Yeah, I think that's the way to go. Because at some point, you know, like, if you're 15 or 18 or whatever, you're probably not sitting around on Sundays watching redzone maybe you are but maybe you get in there watching it's a resume. Yeah, well maybe you're getting it from tik tok. Maybe you're getting from Facebook but I think a lot more active social stuff with all these might be a good deal for them.



I think I agree and I am going down the same road I didn't go to social networks but basically I said our dads will have to learn how to stream because live sports are moving to streaming and both of our dads listen the show they used to listen to Jim Rome now they listen to us so that's a big deal for us. But they're gonna have to learn how to figure out amazon prime and they're gonna have to get like there was an NFL game last weekend on amazon prime and it wasn't a good game and no one's really Rogers or so bad. I didn't I didn't watch the announcers I think it was like the F squad like let's just get some amazon prime announced anybody like football studio. Let's get them in here. That's what they're doing is bad. So that should improve but I do think between youtube tv having exclusive games YouTube itself amazon prime, I could see Apple TV going in for like a random NFL package like why not like any of these streamers could definitely benefit from that. And and it really becomes real when it's not on TV to like so often it's on NFL Network and Amazon. Like it becomes real when it's only on stream. But I think that that's the issue. I think they want it on TV as well because it broadens the audience. So putting it just on a streaming device, kind of like well, it's tough. It's almost like Wonder Woman also they wanted it in theaters which by the way, terrible movie. Don't watch it. Um, but I think Yeah, at some point that's the way it's gonna go. I like that. Exactly. All right, I have a I'll go next. I have a few quarterback. new destinations recorded. I did that too. Oh, okay. So in so we agree. Let's go back and forth on these on the quarterback. So my first one goes to something we talked about earlier, I lead myself into it. Jon Gruden cannot live with Derek Carr in Oakland. Okay, so the quarterback or I'm sorry in Las Vegas. So the quarterback in Las Vegas you need a break a break quarterback with bright lights and a bright city Dak Prescott to the Raiders. I did that too. No way. I really liked that one I really liked. I really liked that one. I thought it was a good move because I looked up his contracts up right do we both look up the same website like I was looking up contracts like



free agent Gruden needs him and Las Vegas is going to be desperate and they're gonna have fans to fill a new stadium. I love it. I thought the Prescott one was good. They like that you love Gruden, but not that. I do love Gruden. I don't like Dak DAX coming back from an injury. I don't know if they're gonna go with him. So my next one was who's going to be the cowboy? Who's gonna take over that mind? I'm so curious who you said. So I went with a guy that really lost a lot of value the last few weeks. A rookie just took over. I'm going with Carson Wentz here.



Moving down the Dallas taking over same division. I love it. I think a new perspective forum could help. I don't think he's as bad as he is but been pretty last few so current ones Dallas. This is an anti Carson Wentz podcast we said Nick foles should have stayed the Eagles quarterback and I'm not saying they would have kept winning games but it wouldn't have been as bad as what Wentz has been doing and it turns out there's a someone went back and looked at it. Carson Wentz started playing bad football when he became a vegan. So that's just out there. I love that theory love a good comparative performance, but that could be possible. Now Carson Wentz is under contract so if you're looking at the contract details, you know that Eagles would have to trade them and I don't think they would trade them in the division to the Cowboys. Sure. Okay.



So I have Carson Wentz being traded to the Indianapolis Colts because they don't want to pay Philip Rivers $25 million to miss the playoffs, which if they lose this week, or if all the teams in front of them when they are going to miss the playoffs, even though they're 10 and five so I'm saying rivers out went in and remember the Colts head coach is Frank Wright he was the Eagles offensive coordinator when Carson Wentz won the Super Bowl there so it's reunited with the Colts okay I like that. Um my next one was cam noone will reunite with Ron Rivera and Washington he will become the quarterback over there cheap guy right he's gonna be free agent one year deal. Ron's gonna call him up like cam. Let's get back to it. Let's get the band back together. come to Washington, Dwayne. Alex Smith clearly doesn't want I don't know if he like wants to play football or the starter like he's pretty good. I don't know what the situation is there. But clearly they need somebody else when I get Yeah. Alex Smith is trying his best but apparently he doesn't have a calf muscle at all, which seems really hard to play NFL quarterback without one.



So thoughts to him as he continues that I don't have Cam Newton on my list. I love the thought of him going back to Ron Rivera, and Washington. They should take in a quarterback in the first round last year they didn't I'm curious if they'll do it this year. Now they could win the division they might not pick to like 18 or 22nd. So we'll see about that. I want to clean up my thought on the Cowboys quarterback situation. I do have a quarterback go in there and it's a team that's sure to rebuild and they have a good quarterback but it just never worked out and I think we definitely need a divorce. We definitely need Matthew Stafford to leave Detroit. I think Dallas is the home because Jerry will do whatever it takes to get a big name quarterback in there. It's not gonna be like a rookie. They want a big name play right away. I think Stafford makes a lot of sense for Jerry. Do we think Stafford's too old? Because it wasn't Stafford drafted the same year as Eli?



No, that was not Stafford that was Ben Roethlisberger Eli and Philip Rivers all together. I mean when was Stafford a year? I'm gonna look it up, but I bet you're older than him. Oh, no. That's what I was gonna say that he's getting kind of old lot of injuries last 30 to



say the same. I can't I can't I wish I was alright. I like that. I just think getting a 32 year old quarterback you want to go for the wind. So this is like I'm going for the wind. So if Dallas thinks they're in a place looking I Zeke is terrible right now if you had Zeke on your famous team you probably China fantasy championship this year. But if you had Alvin Camaro, you probably did play dead. Or if you didn't, it's the wrong. I got I got a few more. Sam darnold and to the year he's playing really good right now. I think contracts up is working on tracks up. I think Sam Donald might be a Chicago bear. I think they might move on from a lot of people here. I love Sam darnold to the bears. I think it's a great fresh start. I like the fresh starts. Yeah, we all like the fresh starts coming out of 2020 especially uh it's interesting because um



we I lost my I lost my train. Who would you say? Am



the Jets Mike the Jets? Have a second pick in the draft? They probably won't take a quarterback they'll probably keep Donald and build around him. You're saying they should take a quarterback and trade darnold to the bears because trubisky won't stay and Nick foles he like broke his hip. He had a really weird injury a few weeks ago and he's not coming back anytime soon. I have. I have Jimmy Garoppolo going to the bears. The 40 Niners need to reset they have not had a good year. Jimmy G is always hurt plus like some weird stuff going on with him and Shanahan I have Jimmy g going to the bear so the only show see with that is the contract. I think they have to take over the contract for Jimmy Jimmy G is getting paid a lot of money. I think the niners would have to eat some of that deal. I'm afraid I could see I could see him even go into the Jets. At that point. Why not get rid of Donald so when Donald comes into the bears I have now Mitch turbit. Mitch trubisky going to be a backup for the Jags.



Lawrence Yeah. Somebody will be there Trevor Lawrence and Mitch. I think it's a great combo. Wow. A veteran behind Trevor. I think it's a really good spot for him. You have some



quarterbacks here who I don't know they they don't inspire anything for me like trubisky and cam it's like, should lead the league. That's the thing though. I think these are the teams that will accept this. uninspiring thing like, I don't think the Jags are the greatest organization in the world. I don't think the Chicago Bears or the Jets. They don't know how like these are teams that are desperate and go to pick somebody up. Those are my thoughts on that. I love the idea of trubisky moving on Irish Trevor Lawrence has a good veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick type to guide him through his NFL career. I'm so glad he's going to the Jags not the Jets. That's tremendous. My last quarterback. I don't know if you have one more here. Last one is who will be the Patriots quarterback in 2021. And it's another vegan. It's someone who Bill Belichick has been masterminding a return or an appearance in New England for years. And once the Patriots weren't bad enough to have Trevor Lawrence, this is what's certainly going to happen. Mike, okay. Andrew Luck will return to football and sign with the Patriots Bella checks master plan. It's like what's going on? They're not going to rebuild. That's no fun. He's not going to stay there and do that. with Andrew Luck. They instantly become a contender again in the AFC Did you honestly, I don't think it's gonna happen because I think Angela just dipped. I think he's just like, I'm done. He might have moved to another country. Have you heard anything of Andrew Luck in the last I haven't seen or heard of him. But I did hear a story from Adam schefter on his podcast is digging deep for this, where the night that Adam schefter broke the news that Andrew Luck was retiring. Tim Hasselbeck called him who also works at ESPN and said, Adam, I think you got this wrong. I was with Andrew all weekend. And he never said anything about retiring and Adam schefter thought he blew the scoop, which was a really interesting story, which to me tells me that Andrew Luck either wasn't prepared to retire or wasn't going to stay retired because he never thought about it much before something happened. He wanted to get out emotional right? Like he didn't like at the beginning of a game right? Did he retire like and walked away during a preseason game and then like the fans were booing I'm like on the it was so uncomfortable.



for it to happen is really weird. So makes you wonder Do you have a drug suspension that we don't hear about? I'm not saying that I'm just speculating. Okay, I



that's definitely a great spot for Andrew Luck. I think that'd be just Bella checks too much of a scheme or like have Cam Newton for a year and then what like no, he's too much right? You think Cam Newton had a bigger potential than what he showed up with this year? Yes, but I don't think the Patriots did because they stopped throwing the ball around like week five and they exclusively had cameras running back it was kind of a weird offense. Um, so I have a few just like championship guesses predictions but before we get to that I have a few more quarterbacks really got a you really dug deep on the court. It's just like musical chairs you got to replace all the words so I said Philip Rivers would leave the cold so who's gonna give Philip Rivers $25 million a year to play quarterback? Probably no one because that's a lot of money and it's not great quarterback play. So I do have Phillip rivers. This is one of our most speculated things. My dad is joining the ESPN Monday Night Football booth. Finally some clarity greasy and I've been fine this year. But they're not there for the long term. Right. Steve levy is in a great job. I had Steve levy as a play by play guy on my football on last year's predictions because I know you listened to that right? Of course. Did you braggers he always looks like he's like in shock that he's on TV. It is always his hair's a little frazzled. Not that I should talk but it's just interesting every time they show him so I've got levy with Philip Rivers Monday Night Football 2021 I'll probably also be on ABC. So they're getting more exposure to the game they're gonna flex scheduling I believe coming up if not 2021 sometime soon in their next deal. So yes, please make it a bigger play for the NFL and it all revolves around philip rivers and his 11 kids now. Yeah, something like that. What are the NFL TV rates up? 2022 Yes, negotiations should be revealed next year. We'll know where the new the new deals are going just to clean that up again. Louis Riddick. He will be leaving ESPN PSC is going to be the new gm of the Houston Texans. That's my prediction as well so that I think that would be a good move for he's gonna save the Shawn Watson's career that's when bengkel deshaun Watson deserves it after bill O'Brien. I have a few just championship I want to throw out there. I think the NHL Washington Capitals will win the cup this year. The Super Bowl I'm not predicting a winner but the Super Bowl matchup. I mean, I already kind of did this year I said Bill's it's gonna be bill Seattle Super Bowl. So cowboys won't still make it. The Cowboys to the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. He that's what you originally said. You said bills Cowboys, right? bills cowboy. Yeah, at the beginning of the year. That was original prediction. Yeah, that was good. By the way the Cowboys can make the playoffs with a win and an Eagles win on Sunday. I can NBA championship nets are gonna win it I think Kyrie and the East Yeah, carry that they're gonna win it all there. Why not like their back? It could it could be a nice little super team. We'll see what goes on but that was my prediction. That's all I got. I was looking up like some long shot ones, but



I couldn't figure out like another 10 year prediction. I didn't have enough going into this and this year was weird. So I feel like I don't feel on it. So we've talked a lot about James Harden. My prediction is James Harden stays on the rockets. I think a great prediction for you would be that he joins the nets and becomes like a three headed monster with Kyrie and Duran. That's how they win at. That'd be nice, but I don't think that's gonna happen. I think harden stays there. I don't have many other NBA predictions. Um, did you say you have the Seahawks beating the bills in the Superbowl? I don't I just said the matchup. I just thought the matchup was good enough. We leave it at bill Seattle, but it's good. matchups. Good enough. I said the bills we're gonna win in at the beginning of the year. Right, I said, and they're looking better than ever. By the way on the sports Right now I have a new blog 2020s winners and losers. Josh Allen is one of the great winners of the year. We didn't expect much of him coming in the year. He's been amazing. And you were right about that. So I'll give you more sports dramas credit for that I've got the Packers winning the Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers, he's too good to leave his career as only winning one Super Bowl. This is a great team. He's got the running game going. In the past we've always said they need more receivers any more weapons. It's working with the vontae and like tonyan catching a touchdown every week. It just works. Rogers is great. The defense is good. They will be probably the Chiefs maybe the bills and the Super Bowl. I love it. I just don't have a lot of hope in Aaron Rodgers. I know he's like good, but like the chokes a lot. That's the kind of like when there's a big game. Sometimes he doesn't want it. So we'll see. We'll see. We'll see about that. You know, next week, we have to do our playoff draft. We do it every year we can get all the teams going to the playoffs and then we kind of go back and forth for a great prize that's rarely paid or not paid out much. All right, let's do best bets real quick. That was 2021 predictions hopefully this year's over cheese. Yeah, well, let's move on. Best Bets. I only did four teams. I am still kind of like researching a little It is Wednesday a lot of time left in the week. Most of these games are based off of things that happen in or playoff scenario. So I'm taking Browns minus nine at home playing Pittsburgh, no big bang. I feel like this is too easy, but I'm going to take them the Pittsburgh has been looking kind of bad but then all of a sudden good like oh we're gonna come back from 20 nothing and win the game. I'm taking the Browns no Big Ben I don't think that's gonna happen and what's his name is not that good. What's Mason Rudolph so many we have Mason Rudolph and the Steelers. One is that the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger audible the entire second half last week because their offensive coordinator was so predictable. So what's going on there too? I heard that Ben will not help Mason Rudolph gameplan this week he will not help him at all. He just won't and we've heard this before like Ben is so selfish and curmudgeon II he won't help the next guy up which is weird because like if they win the game, they get a better seed. They have a worse opponent like the whole thing that matters. I don't know. I don't get it. I like to bet I don't think the Browns go down to Mason Rudolph, our Steelers friend our mutual friend. I was talking about this. He said we're gonna end the Browns season with with our backup quarterback. I don't think that's going to I don't think so. Well, he's blindly in love with that team. Washington at the Eagles. I'm taking Washington here minus one and a half. Alex Smith is back Washington defenses real. And if Washington wins, they clinched a spot for the playoffs. So I think I believe in Washington. I don't believe in Eagles right now. They're up and down. I don't know if Jalen hertz is good. He's not great. Still rookie. I'm gonna take Alex Smith. And why I don't think Alec Smith is playing isn't is Nikki Meineke. I thought Alex Smith is back in. I thought I thought hi Nikki was playing. I don't know for sure. Did you look it up? I'm glad you picked this game because it's one of the good games of the week. It's on Sunday nights last game if the if Washington wins they're in. If Philly wins, it's the winner of the Dallas giants game so it's a lot riding on it even though they're gonna lose in their first round playoff game no matter what. I like the other way. I like Jalen hertz. He's playing well for Philly. wants to spoil Washington. I don't know who's playing quarterback at Washington. Maybe you'll find it. But I don't believe in whoever it is. I can't find it right now. All right, that's that's fine. We're allowed to disagree some weeks when we agree my bets are never that good. So I like a little disagreement here. Titans at Texans.



Titans here are favored by minus seven and a half. They clinch the AFC South if they win. So I think designs might want this. They can clinch it. Texas. Garbage fire of a team right now. I don't know what's going on. It's so bad. It's been lost to the Bengals and you think like the Sean's figuring it out and they're playing better and then they lose it home the Bengals and you're like, What's going on here? I always forget JJ watts on this team because I swear he's invisible. And he's such a superstar on a team where he doesn't make an impact and their defense on never any good. It doesn't make sense. I I like the Titans to win the division with a win. Probably not the Colts out of the playoffs. Oh, okay. Seattle at San Francisco. Seattle minus five and a half. I'm taking taking my team



If Seattle wins and Green Bay in the saints lose



Seattle gets the top spot in NFC. So they're still possible I don't see green bay or the saints losing they're playing the bears and Panthers respectively some bad quarterbacks there. Um, but again, no motivation really for Green Bay and the same select go to hard because you've already 38 right so for but they all want that by like you said there's only one by instead of two. So that's a big deal to get that number one seed versus the two or the three. The 40 Niners I thought would play poorly against the Cardinals last week that shitty Amazon game you're talking about and it came out and beat the Cardinals even though the Cardinals needed to have it before the niners feel fired up. They feel like that last season. They have a lot of veterans there. I would go the other way and urge you to reconsider it. The Seahawks know the saints and Packers won't both lose so they won't have that in their heads. I think the four Niners come out tough. I'd go Do you think I'm trying to envision Russell in the locker room? Right. I feel like he plays with a lot of passion walking around a lot of speeches. I think this is a game like it's a division game division rival. They should go out and try to win. I think the win the game they might not cover, but I'm hoping they do. I hope it's like a blowout game. So we'll say that's all I got. As bets. Weird weekend. It's a week 17 when you're gambling in week 17 you never really know what's going on but you try to play with what makes sense like Titans need this to clinch so like, okay, that's easy. You didn't take a lot of favorites which is unlike you so I hope it works out. I wish you took the Rams Cardinals game that could be a potential like matchup of two playoff teams. They both need to win to get in and it's like these two quarterbacks we've literally never heard I didn't want to touch it. It's like Jared Goff like, honestly might be better that he's not in because this other quarterback might be a lot better. I don't know.



We didn't have Jared Goff in our predictions for the quarterback carousel, but you know, Sean McVeigh would love any of those guys. Except Cam Newton. We could pick up Dwayne, he won't pick them. Just sitting there for free. God.



That's it. This is our urine show. We'll be back next week in the New Year fresh in 2021. Things will be different. You can go sporting over comm a lot of swag, the blogs, everything is there. Jeremy, this is this is another good year 10 years. It wasn't a good year. Don't tell people that it was. It was a good year. We completed shows every week. So there's that Mike? I don't know much other reason. You know, it's just it's so sad. Thanks. Shout out to all of our listeners, notably our Canadian friend who gathered us all into loom this year. We record it from Tulum. It was a great show, go listen to it from like the first show in March on our little real estate that you can hear the breeze in the background. That was so much fun. And from that day forward, we just everything shat on ourselves. I mean, there's shit everywhere was a terrible year. We had no sports for months and months now we had all the sports going It was great. And now we're left to wonder what is next year look like? I'm just ready for the new year and this whole new slate of things. Same. I agree. All right, Jeremy. Good show. I'll see you next year.

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