NFL Playoffs Draft and Quarterbacks on the Move

NFL Playoffs Draft and Quarterbacks on the Move

Mike and J Dawg conduct their annual NFL playoff draft of teams most likely to win the Super Bowl. Huge prizes are at stake.
We play “BS or Believe” on NFL QBs like Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz changing teams this offseason.
And a game of “How Much Did they Make” on quarterbacks without many pass attempts like Matt Scahub and Chase Daniel.
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Welcome to sports hangover. I'm Jay dog. That's Mike. Anything happened in the world this week, buddy. Ah, it's been a weird week. weird weird week. Starting off the new year hot. Did you see those memes where it was like a crazy looking clown handing off to another crazy looking clown? Like here's the layout of 2020 one's gonna be yeah everyone's on New Year's Eve like oh so happy It's a new year we can start fresh like who is resolutions right now who has any goals for the year who has any trips booked? Like we still have nothing? It's all 2020 it's just a different year. It is what we hope it gets better. Like last year we we thought it was gonna be our year and then it just kind of went downhill it's like we fell off a cliff. Hope like it was our year in February when we broadcasted live from Toulouse It was our month we'll just say it was our first two months it just wasn't our 12 It's weird on my on my phone you like look at the history of photos it's like January February and then jumps all the way to like Christmas this year. There's nothing in between that like screenshots of things you saw on TV that you want to buy or something yeah, it doesn't doesn't matter anymore. It's It's sad but sports are happening so the NFL playoffs are here we'll get to sports so NFL playoffs are here. We're gonna play a game we always do it so we me and Mike we draft teams who we think are most likely to win the Super Bowl we go back and forth in a snake and there's a big prize there's been jerseys there's been trips to LA tickets to an NFL game this year. Why don't we do like $50 or something



deposited into your Bitcoin account or $50 Venmo to each other just so we know we can like prove that we did it this year because it wants to be for stocks is what you're saying? Yes trade trade for stocks or Bitcoin? That is we're only investing if there's one thing we learned in 2020 it's invest in the future because the present isn't so good and stocks always go up that's what I've learned. I learned that and then literally lately by the way they only go up and Bitcoin is a whole nother level we actually have a blog on Bitcoin I'm glad you brought that up it's on pop land SEO it's one of the featured blogs great writer named Cody Ryan he did great Bitcoin 101 explains why is it going up right now and why is it different this time than last time so check that out. Where do you want to start the show? Do you want to do some bullshitter believe I have a whole bunch that go through hell yeah. All right. Let's do it. Oh, believe?



I believe



pseudo belief Okay, so I have a ton of bullshitter believe we can kind of bang through them fast if you want. First one is bullshitter believe which one of these landing spots well Carson Lin Carson Wentz land that's my bullshitter believe and I have some odds here thought Carson wins season's over forum. The obviously through that last game let Washington into the playoffs. That was crazy. How many people cared about that Mike because the Giants didn't get in the playoffs? They were six and 10 you didn't deserve to get in the playoffs like that. Like why do we care? Either did Washington but it's just like you hear like, yeah, Jalen hertz on the sideline like I can't believe we're doing this like it doesn't fucking matter. Like, who cares like go win the game got me if you really could try the winter but they did put in that like other guy, whatever that other band was. He was terrible. They tried to lose but the Eagles went from a ninth draft pick to the sixth draft pick by losing that significant if they're going to get a quarterback to replace Carson Wentz or a receiver to help Jalen hertz so that's a significant jump. Okay, so Carson Wentz landing spots. This is the least likely the Colts bullshitter believe on the Colts. Well I had you I had that as my sports or diamonds predictions. You might forget that last week their head coach came from the Eagles as their offensive coordinator and Carson Wentz win the Super Bowl believe it it's gonna happen. bears that plus 200 so this is weird. The Bears made the playoffs which is really something because you What do you call Mitchell trubisky. He's a piece of shit covered in garbage, something like that. And a dumpster fire on fire. But he's also a starting quarterback in the playoffs which is more than Andy Dalton can say and people like that throughout history, so it's kind of crazy. I think they stick with trubisky even though they're gonna get blown out by the saints this week. What about the Patriots a plus 500 bullshitter believe Carson Wentz will be a patriot next season. I think they they make a trade up for a rookie or Andrew Luck joins them so I'll say bullshit on that. What about the Broncos closer believe Carson Wentz Broncos are interesting. JOHN Elway has done a shitty job as a GM of the Broncos and so he stepped aside he said I will do less work and make the same amount of money and he is going to hire a GM underneath him. And what do you think about that move because I thought in a way is he self aware that he's actually terrible and has not done anything for this franchise it but it's also like a weird stat that the Broncos won a Super Bowl haven't made the playoffs last whatever years it's like some new franchise record that they haven't been back to the playoffs since winning the Super Bowl.



Yeah, that was uh, that was I was in California for that game. You had a Super Bowl party. I said the Magic Castle that night. All the way back to Hollywood. Yeah. The night that Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl for the Broncos. Um, let's see. I don't think Carson Wentz ends up there. I think they'll finally bring in someone to face off against drew lock, which is very necessary software. I don't think it's a big face off.



There's another bullshitter believe the Texans qb deshaun Watson rumors that he might get traded. Is this bullshit? Or do we believe it? Jeremy, I believe that this is great. They haven't no draft picks that dolphins have their first and second round picks are their best pick in the draft as they look to quote unquote, rebuild with the new GM and new head coaches in the third round, they need the picks. Why are you going to have the Shawn Watson there, keep paying him but not have a good team around them because the best they can ever do is play in that Saturday afternoon playoff game and get blown out so I don't trust what the Texans are doing. Plus deshaun Watson is saying you're not consulting me. I told you to go out and get Eric B and me who is Patrick mahomes. offensive coordinator. The Texan said, No thanks. We're not even going to interview him. Like the least they could have done is in a zoom interview. Mike, I've done so many zoom interviews over the last nine months. I don't even want to do them. But we're all sitting at home. There's nothing to do. Just talk to the guy just act like you're you're enabling deshaun Watson even if you don't really want to they couldn't even do that. I think there's a decent chance better than 50% that Watson does get traded. Can I tell you I've learned that if you do not like guide the zoom call the way you want it to go, you will literally end up just like talking in circles for an hour. If you're done with the call, just like that was great. I'll email you later. Any recap notes, anything like that? You just got to end it. Because it is awkward ending a conversation online because it's just there. And then especially on zoom really hard because you have to like leave and then double leave and there's that awkward silence. That's what I've learned. doing a lot of zoom calls. This kind of goes along. Do you have something on that? Yeah, just gonna say I work from home hacks like add it to the list. That'd be great. I can we talk about where deshaun Watson is gonna go if he does get treated? Well, I had I had another thing that kind of relates to Shawn a little bit but he was with tua and it said to was the fifth pick overall this year. This is from RJ Bell love RJ bell. Great gambler. Listen to his podcast. If I just want to correct you for one second, RJ Bell steered us so wrongly on election night, November 28. Remember, RJ was feeding the beast with all the chumps at 75% Trump's 85% and like the country went to bed thinking the betting markets knew more than everyone else. And it was actually the opposite where the bay mark is dead. Now, RJ Bell was leading that charge. And our drunk mutual friend was very upset. He's like I'm doubling down on the arbiter go get some bite for him.



So RJ Bell tweeted, he said tool was the fifth overall pick, if traded, how much value would he get in return? And I kind of do the same with the Shawn what would you get in return for dashawn? And also to at this time?



Listen, if you're ranking assets in the NFL to trade, I think it's Patrick mahomes. One deshaun. Watson two. I don't think there's anyone else other than mahomes who is more valuable or how much you'd have to give up then Watson. So it has to be a lot like the dolphins they have the third pick and they have to. So hypothetically, you could give them both right give him give him give him the third pick to take an offensive lineman and then you instantly have both that's still not enough and that's why it's going to be really hard to pull off the trace. So with the Shawn I don't think there's any been like, there's never been these like blockbuster trades like barely ever usually like Tom Brady. Tom Brady gets the pick where he wants to go. Peyton Manning gets to pick where he wants to go. Let me fly in. So Mike, is what I would say. Oftentimes, there's like remember the Jets traded up to get the Sam darnold selection. So oftentimes, there's like a one or two, first or second round pick, they get traded for a lot, but rarely a player like Yeah, but I guess like somebody needs to Shawn like I couldn't think of a place that could give up enough for him. Like let's say Tom Brady retires next year after winning the Super Bowl this year, something like that, right? Wouldn't you want the Shawn to come right in and just replace them? What could you give up? I don't think you have enough assets to give up for somebody at that high caliber like he was probably one of the best quarterbacks this year with trading away their best for wide receiver and that was what's crazy to me like he still was good, but the team sucked at GG



Yeah, we always forget about JJ Watt. I think you need to be a team that's kind of ready to win because you're going to give up so many draft picks for him that you're not going to have any other help for him. So if you're like a mediocre team like the Broncos for example, there's no point in giving up all these draft picks for deshaun Watson cuz there's no talent around them. They're all going to be gone and Houston you're not getting any picks for years. So I think it's been established team I don't think the Patriots are that maybe they were a year ago when they had Brady but they lost a lot and they look bad a lot of the year. I would love the dolphins to do it like the third pick and then a second round pick and then next year and then to uh, I don't think it's really gonna happen, but it's exciting to think how to be exciting. to others. This is a weird one.



NHL sold the naming rights to their new division bullshitter



Believe Is this a good move for the NHL? Let me read the division names for you.



They'll play it's like the Honda NHL West Division discover NHL Central Division, the mass mutual NHL East Division. Is this a good move for what they did? Because I think it's insane. I believe it's fine I think it's fine to make money anyway you can all these sports leagues Say what you want they lost a lot of money this year the NBA did the NHL did even the NFL and they're rich as owners did. So I think it's recoup a little money is okay. Now you as a hockey fan, you're not going to call the Lightning's division of mass mutual South Division like you're not going to say that so I don't know what value it gives to these brands. Maybe it'll be in like press releases and online when you go look at the standings, but other than that, no one's gonna verbally say it right. I just thought they're really weird because I've never seen somebody you know, like, a few years ago NBA released where you can like advertise just on the chest of the players and that was like, okay, like, not too bad. It's not invasive. It's not like you know, soccer jerseys where it's literally like the name of the company on the middle of the jersey. But this is interesting move. I don't really understand it, but it



did for them, I think and good for them. This is a another one. bullshitter believe are the Chargers gonna hire the clapper?



The clapper is getting head coaching interviews. He got one with the chargers. He got one with the Jags, NY it's like, oh, he had such a great year since he left the Cowboys. He was the Giants offensive coordinator. They were incompetent for most of the year. Mike, I don't know how the clapper is in interviews at all. Yeah, the entire year. He was incompetent, but he's going to the chargers. And I think the charges organization just like somebody that's mediocre or less than mediocre. That's what they like to do. Because they're not good or disturbing for Justin Herbert. We all hope Herbert ends up with a better coach than Jason Garrett. That's all I got for bullshitter belief. I've got a game to play. Can you give me a little jazz music mic, a little jazz.



Bring it down a little bring it down. You know, we're talking quarterbacks and we just lost Matt Schaub to retirement Matt shaba. You know, very well, former Texans quarterback, and that he hasn't played in a while and but he played for a long time. So I looked at how much money he made. I want to play a little game with you. How much did they make as this jazz music continues underneath and I want to start with match shop match? How much money do you think he's made throughout his NFL career? I want to say like



60 million, and 60 million would be a lot for him not playing the last five years or so. Right? Yeah, but I always think like once you get into like a contract, so like I'll give you 10 here and then you get traded away get another 15 over here and just kind of like hanging out. But in Matt Ryan's back for a while. 94 million he's made on the field for an average Mike of 28,000 per pass attempt in his career. That's pretty good. 28,000 every time he threw a pass in a game I have read a lot more for you. This is topical. We're gonna do our playoff pics pretty soon. Washington somehow made I don't think we'll be taking them anytime soon. But Alex Smith is in the playoffs. great comeback story. Amazing. How much money do you think he's made throughout his career? I think he's made a lot of you went to while his team went to Super Bowl. Right when he's on the 40. Niners I'm gonna say like Alex Smith probably made like $150 million.



And that would be amazing. Right? Because that's a lot of money and he hasn't been great and everything. $189 million for Alex Smith so much money, a lot of money. It is weird with the contracts because they like compound or you get traded and they get even more you get bonuses. A lot of money in the NFL. Just think about like a star in a movie who might make like 15 million for a movie who'd like say Tom Cruise makes 15 million for a movie. That's a lot of money. Alex Smith has made so many more times in that throughout his career. 189 million and it's Alex Smith. He's not even a top 20 quarterback. I have more. Chase. Daniel is the lions backup quarterback. We never talked about him. He never plays. He's thrown 261 passes in his NFL career and he's old. Mike how much money has chased Daniel made in the NFL way? How old is he? I'm gonna say he's old. I'm gonna say he never played because he's only thrown 260 passes in his career. Always a back I'm gonna say $30 million. You really close? That's your close yet $38 million for an average Mike. Every pass. He's thrown. He makes $144,000. Now if you were going to NFL today, and I said you could be the greatest backup who never plays. Maybe you'll play like 10 snaps your whole career, but you're gonna make $50 million. Would you be okay with that? If you went into the NFL today, like tomorrow, you're getting drafted. You're never gonna be a star. You're gonna be that guy that's like, Hey, remember that bald guy and the Detroit Lions like he was there for like 20 years. Just realize I'm the bald guy.



He made $50 million.



Would you agree with that? Yeah, especially they say being a backup quarterback is the best job in sports and chase. Daniel is the reason why 38



million dollars for 260 Pass attempts in his career. Pat mahomes throws for that many passes in five games. Now obviously you make a lot more money when you're Patrick mahomes. But being 50 to $30 million $30 million. Not a bad life. It's pretty good. I have one more for you. And this is important because he's a father to a lot of kids and he's got to pay a lot of meals, a lot of meals for these kids. It's not Ryan Fitzpatrick, who by the way, I saw it at chick fil a in Manhattan with his eight kids one time so it's not Ryan Fitzpatrick. This is Philip Rivers, Philip Rivers. How much money do you think he's made throughout his career?



He's been here a while he's been with a Charmin the best. He's rarely been in the big playoff moment or anything like that. He was like, worse than Eli, even though he like kind of fell off at the end.



He's been around for a long time. Let's say you made twice. I'm gonna say like $250 million.



You're getting really good at this 140 3 million year 7 million off. blew my mind though. Like when you think about again all the famous people in the world all the Bezos isn't everyone out there that a guy like Philip Rivers can take home $250 million in his career. It's kind of crazy. Yeah, I was looking at him like alright, if he was in the year league for like, let's say 12 years. And he's getting paid 10 million, but maybe it's really 20 million. It's like that's a lot. It adds up and it's insane that they're getting paid this much money. Yes. And we know NBA contracts are bigger I get it. The max contract in the NBA can be $200 million. And that's just one contract. But those guys are on the court the entire time playing games every single night. These football players play 16 games a year if they're healthy God knows Philip Rivers has missed a lot of games throughout their throughout the time but he still gets paid. It's just a shocking stat Thank you matchup for retiring and opening the door for that little game. And a new backup on its way in to make $30 billion so good. The Falcons By the way, pick fourth overall in the draft I want them to take a quarterback and move on from Matt Ryan. We'll call that bullshit I don't think the Falcons have it in them to do I don't think so either. All right, I got one BD and then we can do our playoff cool.



Energy winner of the week all right this one I'm sure I think you know this one already but Russell Wilson called the last minute passed to David Moore to have David Moore make $100,000 bonus and they were about to do a kneel down and he audible that the line and my boy Russell went out there be like, David we're gonna get you some goddamn money right now. And wasn't even like a deep passes, like literally just a pitch. And he got $100,000 big ego and the Russell Wilson right there. Russell Wilson is the king of being just a nice overall guy. He has his crystal clear image. He helps his teammates. He's well spoken. He does charity. He does it all. It was great. He got him $100,000 which if he wants to throw me a pass for 100,000 I'll catch it. Yeah, go go catch it, go go get some money. All right, let's do that. I have a big energy to make. And this is a little bit controversial. So some people know I have controversial takes on certain things. And that's just who I am. That makes me the content creator that I am right. We lost the sports title. So yes, you are now the content. Give it up in that show last week. By the way, we did a show last week, all of our sports predictions for the year sports are diamonds. But most importantly, we recap some of Mike's predictions from last week. I really encourage you to listen to it. I won't give it all away. But you nailed several parts of COVID without even knowing COVID was a thing. And also,



I also think I predicted something that might be happening right now. But I forgot what it was it was somewhere in the thread. Somebody put something and like, Oh, we predicted that last week. Somebody's going somewhere. And I didn't know who that was. It was some prediction that I had



so many predictions. I can't remember. I got it anyway, my big dick energy and this is controversial. So apologize if you're not into it. American Airlines is my big dick energy for banning emotional support dogs on planes. I think this is the good move. Listen, I love dogs, I really do. But the idea that you can walk onto a plane with a dog of any size and have that plopped down possibly on top of someone who doesn't want a dog there possibly to someone who's allergic possibly to a kid who's scared of big dogs like I was 30 years ago, Mike, there are so many reasons why this is a great move for American Airlines. Listen, if you need a service dog, if that's what's going on. You deserve it. That's a DA compliant, you have it emotional support, quote, unquote, and they're bringing all kinds of damn animals including dogs. Props to American Airlines for getting rid of move. It did get a little out of hand there. I feel like everybody found a loophole. It's like oh, I can just buy this vest on Amazon and I can just bring my dog anywhere I want now because he's my emotional support dog. So congratulations. It's a good move. It's better for everybody that people aren't sneaking around in line that they're actually need these dogs on the plane so that the better move is leave your dogs at home with strangers with a bag of dope dog and just let them get high all weekend. Yeah, just hang just get a nice dog sitter. There's so many great dog sitters that just love to hang out with your dogs. Really easy and honestly flying with your dog does not sound fun to me at all. Never. We would never, never. Alright, let's get into our



playoff pool, whatever we want to call it, who won last year? I kept thinking I did. But then I'm like, I think you might have picked Kansas City or do you know I would take the Chiefs? So I want so are you going to Venmo? Me $50. Now just to cover last year for did so did you win? Or did we swap was that the year we swells a year before? Right? That was a year before because we had a patriots chiefs swap. I think I left the chiefs and then the Patriots Something happened with the Patriots by got off the Patriots and accepted the chiefs. That's what it was last year, the Patriots lost in the first round. So they weren't. But it was it was a weird year because we never swapped and then the one year we swapped in, you're like of course I'll take Kansas City. And the last. Yes, of course, since I won, should we let you go first? Because you have some catching up to do? I guess. So I think that's just fair. You know, let's make it take it here. It's naked and give it to the loser.



Okay, so we got all the teams lined up here. The the smart part of me wants to say you take Kansas City because they don't have play this week. So higher odds that they're in the Super Bowl.



That's good point. And I like it, but I would persuade you not to take the cheese. So Jeremy, I'm sticking to my guns here. Because I mentioned this at the season start. I said my Buffalo Bills are going to the Super Bowl. And I'm sticking to my guns. I'm taking the Buffalo Bills off the board. Buffalo Bills are my pick. That's fantastic. Mike, I love. I love you. That's a bold pick. And it's sticking with what you said in the beginning of the year. And that's important. I don't think I had a prediction at the beginning of the year. So I don't have to stick to the same guns. But of course you threw me off as you've been doing for 10 years, and I'm not sure which direction to go here.



I think out of principle. Yeah, yeah, I do feel this way. I really do feel this way. And I know what I'm doing when I do this, but I'm going to take the Packers I think the packers are the best team. best team in the playoffs with the quarterback playing the best. Okay, including against the chiefs. I'm going to take the Packers. Okay, interesting. Um, well, the next team that I think might be in the Super Bowl, joining my Buffalo Bills, and I put a bid on this is my Seattle Seahawks. Wow. He's wearing the shirt and everything. He loves Seattle. He likes $3 bets on Seattle. Mike, what's the reasoning? You think Russ can cook in the playoffs? I think Russ can cook Listen, Russ has an easy path there. He's gonna play an injured Jared Goff which is pretty bad. Or he's gonna play a backup who's a little scraggly in with I don't know his name on the Rams. But whoever that guy was that played last week. I think this is an easy road. If they can beat the Rams. They'll be confident they'll be ready to go. And I don't know who they have to play the week after that. But if it's the bears maybe or maybe the saints or whoever the Green Bay Packers, I think Seattle can do it. It's an interesting matchup with the Rams they played twice already. They're always close games. It's not the best matchup for Seattle. I hope you survive out of that one going straight to the chiefs. I don't need to deliberate on this one. I love mahomes to get them in the second round like I just did is stealing money from you. I apologize. I'll probably be a Packers chief Super Bowl and therefore you'll be pissed because you don't have a representative. I know I really went weak here I didn't even stick with any you took the two teams that already clinched so my likelihood of winning now are very very slim.



I'm gonna go is



God What do I do here? Go go with it. Go with it. Go and



I'm gonna go with this team here. This team I feel like so a little bit of a sleeper. Maybe we people don't believe in it. You're former quarterback of Miami Dolphins. I am taking the Tennessee Titans here. I feel like Oh, you are so big on a titan to barely beat deshaun Watson's broken Texans team to get into the play. Oh, I this is my reasoning. Not a lot of belief in him. The Baltimore Ravens are favored right now against Tennessee Titans. I understand that Baltimore is a little more frisky they can do more on offense. But I gotta believe in my boy Henry. If you can't stop Henry, he's a goddamn truck. big, giant truck that you can't stop. I think it's them if they can control the offense. I think the Titans are hard to beat and they have a decent defense. So I'm gonna win in January with the run game and defense they have both of those things. I don't hate the pick. It might be a little early on the night to be taken.



I've seen a lot of Tannahill games in my life. I'm not worried about him in the playoffs just



Okay, I'm gonna go with a team that I really think has a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Also it's the saints the saints are rolling. They got embarrassed by the Chiefs but other than that with since Drew Brees has been back there scoring points they're looking good



eye it's a swan song. You know he's going to NBC next year. What a great thing it would be if he could get to the Super Bowl and went okay, I like that. I like that pic. I very, very strong.



NFC teams here I don't think I have many left so I'm just going to kind of hedge my bets over here in the AFC



I'm gonna go with the the team that I think could really have a nice bounce back maybe make maybe make the super bowl here I'm gonna go Steelers. Oh, can I delete off of this app we're recording on I don't I don't I don't love it. But I just feel like they're the next team up in the AFC that could do it out of out of all the AFC teams I feel like I have the three like who knows wildcards like they could maybe beat the Chiefs who knows you do you have the bills, Steelers and Titans now so it's like everyone in the AFC except the Chiefs so you have that going for you if mahomes doesn't make my bet the Steelers have been looking really bad they losing all their games. They lost the Browns the other day. They're playing the Browns again another Browns we'll get to that but they they have no no healthy players. There's a lot of COVID going on in Cleveland. A lot of COVID I do have some bedspreads too if you want to go over those after yeah that's coming that's coming after this. I'm going to go with a team you think will lose this weekend at least I think that's what you think the Ravens I think the Ravens are playing their best football ever since Lamar Jackson had the poops he has been playing the best football of his year before that he wasn't doing much ever since Superman it might be a different person. Have we done a DNA check? Is it weird that we're going into a UFC so heavy because it seems like we're not confident in many of the teams in the in the NFC and the NFC Well, you see hawks I got the packers and say Who else is there in the NFC? I mean, Russell Rogers and Brees the rest of the quarterbacks aren't as impressive. I mean, I guess I'm gonna have to take them but I don't 100% believe in old man Tom Brady, but if this is gonna be his year, I'm gonna ride with them because there's no one else on the board here that I really believe in. So I'm going with the bucks. I thought you would have taken the Bucks sooner. You know, we have a lot of friends that are bucks fans that listen to the show you grew up in Tampa. And yet you took Ryan tannehill and Ben Roethlisberger before Tom Brady in the bucks. I all these stats on like men over 42 or whatever, like I don't know if he can do it, but he's got a lot of skill around them. And Tonio brown everything. Hey, if he I gotta take a long shot here. You got it. You got the stack team right now. I'm saying there's a chance I think bucks and Seahawks definitely have a chance in the AFC I'm gonna go with a guy who's made $250 million in his career, Philip Rivers, the Colts. I don't know that they're a special team. But I like what they're doing on the ground with Jonathan Taylor. I like what they're doing with defense similar the tight ends, it's ground game and defense this time of year. If rivers can get out of the way, I think it'd be really funny, plays his whole career with the Chargers, but he has his best season ever with a different team.



I do not believe in this team, whatsoever. Things have been going a little bit better over in Chicago, but I think I'm going to take the bears here. Beat the saints. I don't think the Rams are going to win or Washington is going to win. So I'm going to go with the bears because they have a little wild chance of beating the saints. And I think this could be a solid move on my part. I might bet them this weekend too. You think about the bears. We're gonna get to your pics here for the weekend. You're taking trubisky we just played bullshitter believe who the next quarterback in Chicago is. Yep. But you're taking trubisky this week. Fascinating. He's got to fight for his job. I don't believe in this team at all. But I have a sports hangover sweater with their logo on it. It's the Rams. their uniforms are better than their quarterback play. We don't even know who's gonna play quarterback this week. I don't think they'd beat the Seahawks. I do believe in Sean McVeigh. I'll take the Rams.



Well, coming down to the last two I'm just going to take the Washington football team here. I actually think they have a really good shot at beating the Bucs this weekend so good hedge on my bed here I'll take them and I guess that leaves you with a good old browns. Yeah, I'll take the COVID written Browns it's a real shame you know you think about it the the Browns waited 17 years to get to the playoffs they made it and now their head coach can't coach the game because he has gotten so bad so Okay, good. I'll put this in the description of who we have so be able to this $50 for investment of stocks or Bitcoin because both of them only go up yes and not yes and not 50 not 50 bitcoins $50 the bitcoins at $37,000 per Bitcoin Mike This is a $150,000 bet 50 US dollars you will be getting so this weekend I have a lot of bets. A lot of like random bets not not my normal bets that I usually do. I have them all laid out. Let me say there's only six games are you betting each game. I'm not betting each game I'm doing like Like for instance, I'm going to take Seattle minus three and a half with a parlay with the under in the game. Because these teams always play each other hard. Defense always plays hard. That's why I'm going there.



Obviously with a lot of my picks here, you kind of see where I'm going with this week. But I like that. Let me see what else I have I there was a lot of



Okay, so this one this



is a great one. If you want to parlay the to get a little extra money here, Bill's Steelers parlay straight up money line bet. I like that bet. 250 pays 200 if you want to be betting on I'm taking both sides I'm taking



Steelers and bills, Steelers and bills. Okay Steelers and Bill's both moneylines both money line parlay. If you want to get on the Steelers and bills, I feel like your picks are mirroring your selections.



And then if you want a little money line bet it never hurts to throw a little dollar on here but it's three to 150 wins you 150 put that money on the Washington football team. Very, very slight chance that they win. But their defense is solid. Alex Smith is back. This could be a great story. his comeback story. Jeremy beating old man Tom Brady. I think that this could happen. Big pay. You just gotta throw a little money in. That's it. I don't think it has to be a little money. It can be a lot of money. I I'm not impressed with Tampa. I've said it throughout the year. Their defense hasn't impressed me their run game doesn't impress me. Brady's arm strength and deep balls doesn't impress morose. They've been looking better offensively lately. I think it was week 17 the last week of the year did the Falcons score a bunch of points on Tampa Detroit Did someone did like they're giving up a lot of points each week. Yeah. I don't hate the Washington money line at all. I don't think they're gonna win, but their defense is good enough to win. Well, if you're liking the Washington one, you'll love this Washington plus eight and a half parlayed with the under low scoring game 50 wins you $128 I love this one. A lot of like, he can't do the same kind of bets because you're trying to, to really cash in on these like weaker teams and these are the best odds are going to get all season in the playoffs. So you want to go hard. Here's another one last one. moneyline bets. These are all the teams that are gonna win this weekend. Buffalo Bills, Seattle and Steelers. best bet of the weekend. $100 wins you $200 get it in. That's an easy one. Right? That's That's it? It seems like an easy one. I want to talk with the Rams when Russ isn't cooking man. He's not cooking lately. He's got a cook. I know he cooks in January. So don't get afraid. But he hasn't been cooking into this. Do you think Jared Goff with a broken thumb is going to cook harder than Russ. Russ has got everything cooking right now. Who did the Seahawks nearly lose two and week 17.



Doesn't matter who the bad team is the bad team. I know that. It was a Was it the car 40 Niners Was it the 49 Yeah, yeah. Where they mess around with the 40 Niners if they're a playoff team. Let's say you sometimes you don't want to try that hard. You know they did that's what the Seahawks do. They like winning by like one point that's what they love the thrill. But let me get that I get it. I might hit that parlay. But it's yes when it out because the first two games are Saturday afternoon. 10am and 1pm your time then the last game you have the Steelers Browns Sunday night on peacock. That's a huge matchup. I was gonna say the only game of the weekend the AFC m you get the Steelers Browns on peacock right? Yeah, it's on peacock. Watch it there sounds like it's great. By the way, did you know that? It is free. The game is not free on peacock but peacock






Mike? The browns.



Ben Roethlisberger. There's a stat against the browns and it's disturbing if you're a Browns fan he had 24 two and one against the browns. That makes no sense. It's like a 91% winning percentage. That's enough to put your life savings on the Steelers money line. Especially with COVID ravaging the browns. They just had it we're recording on Friday afternoon. They just had their first practice of the week just now. The browns, the Browns because of COVID. I would put my entire Bitcoin Empire on the bills and Steelers this weekend. That's what I would do because I don't think the Colts you can write them off I think Josh Allen's crews in the bills have a long history of being losers. Now they're gonna they're fine, do you I just I feel like the matchup still makes sense like Josh Allen verse Philip Rivers Philip Rivers is Oh man. I don't think these old men can do it in the cold and they're gonna be outside Philip Rivers what do we owe you the fucking the dome? The dome is an issue when you're inside and then all of a sudden you're in go to Buffalo. It's too cold.



Yeah, I mean, he's old. We know he's made a lot of money and he's old. So I think Josh Allen's exciting they can get the monkey off their back when the first game against the Colts. Then they'll probably play the Steelers. I would definitely take them against the Steelers. Okay, well, we got all our beds. We'll put it in the description. I have one more headline that was kind of random. Do you remember master p?



Yes be Megan say



he is bidding on Reebok. He's trying to buy Reebok. I think Adidas owns Reebok right now for $2.4 billion.



My question When did best RP come along $2.4 billion to buy Reebok. We should play the same game we play with quarterbacks with with old man rappers. That's what we should do because a lot of money for him on CNBC Mike



Yeah, you know I'm watching all day and he did an interview talking about his his price for Reebok and if it works for him he was kind of negotiating like with the host on CNBC says interesting. Yeah it's shocking as ama it's a smart play but you have to have a lot of money to roll it and they're trying to make Allen Iverson shoes like the Jordan of Reeboks, which I think they could but feel like like Nike puts out shoes every single day every day like two or three pairs of brand new shoes. It's insane. I don't know if Reebok and Nike got it you shouldn't Under Armour you're not buying Reebok either right? I buy Reebok master pizza get over you want to



masturbate is enough to that's interesting maybe they just made him the face maybe they made masterpieces people like you will buy Reba I don't like Under Armour at all Under Armour shoes are terrible they're like going under a little bit like they're a brand that tried really hard but never really got the like the style they got that like sport wicking moisture stuff right but they didn't do the rest right so I told you before they make great golf clothes and golf shoes. Oh my god. I got brand new Jordan golf shoes. Great. Sure look sick. I saw maybe you can show the people on Instagram. Yeah, I'll show them on Instagram. I gotta go where I was gonna go the driving range this weekend. Just put them on a little like, God, they're, they're great. golf and tennis. Listen, 2021 might be a lot like 2020 so golf and tennis are two activities you can do? That's true, because you can do it by yourself on a field outside. Yes, good. All right. Check out the sports blogs up on sports hangover and also on pop like to check it all out. Everything will be in description. Follow us on Instagram at the sports podcast. Melissa reviews public. We are back next week.

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