The guys have the props to win you money during Super Bowl 55. Get inside info on over/unders on Patrick Mahomes completions, Tyreek Hill yards, Tom Brady interceptions and what color Gatorade the winning coach will get soaked with. 

Some say this matchup of Tom Brady-Patrick Mahomes is the closest thing we’ll ever see to Michael Jordan-LeBron James and that is just epic.

Mike and J Dawg disagree on who won the Rams/Lions blockbuster trade of Matthew Stafford for Jared Goff.

And NBA News featuring LeBron James getting in a war of words with Courtside Karen at the Lakers-Hawks game in Atlanta.

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I'm Jayden that's Mike and you wouldn't believe it but this is our 10th year of preview the Super Bowl on the sports hangover. Here we are Jeremy a lot of stuffs going on. A lot of gambling. We got a little game later for some props for the Super Bowl. There's really only one big news item I feel like


other than the Super Bowl, which is pretty big. Yeah, other than the Super Bowl. Well, there's two there's LeBron getting some crazy Karen kicked out of a basketball game last night. And Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff being traded


everyone's here in the quarterback takes like let's start with some NBA news. Oh, I saw I don't have the iPad.


Died it died. I it's a serial premier. It's a big show. We have more listeners. This thing died. I told you before it fell in the bathtub when I was taking a bath. And it doesn't hold the charge anymore but it still works. And there it is. So it died. We've spent 10 years of you sending me technology I should probably


over send it over. Alright, so do i mean the news Alright, so let's set it up. There was a woman at the Hawks Lakers game last night in Atlanta lebrons plane First of all, she's sitting courtside. I didn't know fans were allowed courtside during a pin that blew me away to I was very confused by that. I'm like, What? What's happening? She wasn't wearing a mask, right? I thought she was maybe she pulled it down to yell at him. But I guess her her jacked husband steroid husband was yelling at LeBron LeBron yells back and then she's sending her man. The guys called like daddy Joe or something. Like it's really like, Ram like there's like videos of him and her she's like naked and he's like holding her boobs on the beach. Very weird stuff. They're an older couple just saying they're not the young he she claims she's 25.


She doesn't look it and I think we can say that because we're criticizing her for how she treated LeBron is one of the best athletes ever. He she's sitting courtside. LeBron yells at her husband, she stands up and is yelling and then she's shocked that she got kicked out. She's so shocked that she goes live on Instagram and streams the whole process. It was ridiculous. I loved it. I mean, I just don't understand like, the the passion in you that whatever LeBron said to your husband that you have to go off and LeBron like this. That gets kicked out. Like if you can really hear the audio of what happened between LeBron and like a dude. Right? It was just kind of like, one second. She's yelling at them. And then she's kind of kicked out. So yeah, we all we all heard her and that was it. So if you don't know what we're talking about, maybe this doesn't make any sense. But basically,


LeBron yells back it happened last night. an NBA game? Yes. And if you're watching NBA, I was not watching any NBA. I have not watched any sports other than football since hockey and basketball started. Have you watched anything? Yeah, I was watching last night. And with is a Memphis Grizzlies fan. So we were watching some Grey's basketball last night. It wasn't funny, but I watched it was like a polite guest thing. Right? So Jay, why don't you tell everybody you're staying at random people's houses throughout this COVID time you're traveling across the world. And people are nice enough to put you in their house. I I did it. You know you have to you you you hardly did it. You did it. But you did a few nights you're one of my shortest since I like I like a week long. Stay at Mike. You know, I didn't even have a place to live you you actually moved in with me to the new place. So I did. You were very nice. It was it was all about closing on houses. But yeah, bouncing around. We're dodging COVID bullets everywhere I go, whether it's California or Florida, we're just dodging COVID as we go. And we're 10 months in and we just hope to make it to the vaccine. Just make it to the shot, baby. That's all we need. All right, let's talk about Jared Goff. And Matthew Stafford when I saw this, I couldn't believe it. I didn't I couldn't believe I didn't even know what the Rams have this many assets to give up. Not assets, draft picks to give up because they just gave up. Jared Goff they got rid of Jared Goff basically they're like please take Jared Goff. I think the lions won this. From the first time I saw that, did they win this, this because they have a first round pick this year, next year, the year after, right? There's a lot to unpack on this trade. But I'll start there. If you say the lions one eight. What you're saying is you believe in Jared Goff as a quarterback. No, no. So I don't believe in Jared Goff and the lions didn't win. But did How could they not win? Why was it a win for the Rams to get Matthew Stafford who, who by all means could be almost the same as Jared golf a very mediocre, you know, very stiff quarterback. I'll tell you exactly why. Jared Goff has been paid $81 million by the Rams in just a few seats.


It's just a few seasons and he's been really bad. He's been really bad ever since that Super Bowl. When I get it he threw some bombs to Brandon cooks Brandon cooks drop them, the brands could have won that game. But overall, they played a really bad Super Bowl against the Patriots shut down. And he's been terrible ever since. He made so much money. $81 million hit $40 million more coming the Rams if they cut him, we're gonna be on the hook for $40 million. So we talked about it last week. We said the Rams can't possibly trade him because he has so much money on his contract. Well, if you attach a first round pick for taking him you can so he's so bad that they attach the first round pick. I don't know how you can say the Rams lost when they got out of the contract and got a better quarterback.


Because Well, they obviously made the mistake of giving Jared Goff that contract but 100% I think to go get another mediocre quarterback Do you not think they kind of lost it is Stafford mediocre? Do you not think he would you put them in a top 10 quarterback right now. Dan Orlovsky one of the smartest analysts on TV says the Rams are gonna win the Super Bowl. Okay, that guy's smoking some drugs. Did you?


Did you? Do you think Stafford is in the top 10 of quarterbacks? Like doesn't that mean a great point, if you can talk about this for a second? I can look on? Yeah, my rankings, right. So the Rams did try to go get the Shawn. They tried to get Aaron Rodgers, which is also crazy. Yes. Which, you know, they pulled off in Aaron Rodgers thing, they obviously would have won. So I think the issue here is like they had no other choice. They're like, we got to get rid of Jared Goff. We're gonna lose in the end. But in the long run, hopefully we can win this. I don't think Matthew Stafford is the answer. I think he's a good placeholder. A lot cheaper. I'm not sure if they negotiate any part of the contract in. But if they got the Shawn and now, I mean, I'll just keep talking. But the Shawn they did. I don't think they're gonna train them away. And there's a there's something coming up that if they don't, he might sit out the entire season, which could be a bigger issue for the Houston Texans and well, he's rich enough to sit out that long. Yes, I think they will end up trading him even though they're saying they're not gonna trade him. So I have Matthew Stafford ranked as the number 13 quarterback heading into this season from who that is. I want to know I want to know you. I want to know you. What is your ranking? No, that's I mean, I have him ranked number one is this. You're right.


Like you're forgetting how I blew up Reddit with my quarterback rankings.


list. And I have Stafford here at 13. Now Jared Goff is a lot farther down. As I scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll. I'm going really far. Jared Goff was 26. So to go from 26 to 13 on your quarterback, and to give him some first round picks. I'm not worried about that because they've been given a first round picks for years, and they've been winning without it like the Jalen Ramsay trade. Would you rather Jalen Ramsey, or a first round pick that may or may not work out? Well? Of course. Yeah. I mean, Jalen Ramsey is great, but I think they're overloading their their roster, and I don't think this Listen, you're in LA why why not go after and in Rogers or somebody else? That's a bigger boom. Matthew. Stafford is not an exciting guy. He's literally been a Detroit lion for I don't know. Sounds feels like 20 years. And how long has he been there? And he's never had a good team. Yeah, it's been, I mean, 10 years. He's our age. He's 32. So he's been playing football like we've been doing the podcast for 10 years and and I think one of the things that that you're not thinking about is


awesome. Or him. What do you think? I think I think we age better. You're looking good Jeremy ball is like six kids. So I think we're definitely doing better in some way department there.


So the night that this trade went down was Saturday night like we're all shocked by it a week before the Super Bowl like big trades never happened this time. Stafford and his wife had dinner with Sean McVeigh and his wife in Cabo that night. They were on vacation apparently together when the trade went down, which shows you how close they are Mike it shows you how tight they are. I've been on vacation with you and your fiance in Mexico and we would get dinner so it'd be kind of crazy if we were just randomly on vacation and then I got a call that I was traded to your team like that's not a coincidence that was meant to be the guys were there together they're tight. They're on the same page. We serve together certainly today in Stafford and their wives.


Okay dinner together in Cabo


Yeah, yeah. Um, I I think it's great. McVeigh got his guy he soured on golf and and i as Tony last week, I don't know how the Rams are going to get out of out of golf steel, but they were and I was right about that. At least I thought they're gonna get Watson and it sounds like they did try for watts I drive. I think McVeigh really identified with Stafford and it all came together the the Rams old scouting director is now the lions General Manager. He believes in Jared Goff. So when you first said the Rams lost the trade. I was like wait, so the line you like Jared Goff like the lions. GM likes him because he actually believes he's gonna play well and I don't know many people. Okay. Now what if we put it like this


What if you were a team that knew your quarterback wants to leave, but you want to put yourself in a position to win? Why not gather some assets? Well, oh, hey, now I have Jared Goff in three first round picks for the next three years. Why can't I repackage Jared Goff for rookie quarterback this year? Because it seems like I mean, you're probably going to rebuild, right? You your quarterback just decides to leave and you're nice enough to just let them go. That seems super weird, right? Like with the Shawn he wants to leave. But guess what? They don't want to trade you. So something was up there. It's just like, Come on, guys. I want to go somewhere. And they were nice enough to trade him. It seems too easy. So the other options that Panthers offered the Rams or the Panthers offered the lions their seventh overall pick or maybe it's eighth overall. That's right, right around where they picked they offer that for Stafford and and the lions chose to do the Rams deal because they got golf back, I guess. And additional first round picks. What's another asset right, so you can trade it away? So we'll see. I don't think golf is the answer. I think they're gonna be terrible. Um, I feel like they won because of the draft picks. And I don't think the Rams are gonna be any better than what they were honestly, what if they just start? What's that guy's name that started that little? The NBA. Yeah, he was good. He's working on his MBA a year ago. Then he was starting a playoff game. And that's when you knew the Rams are gonna move on from Jared Goff when they started that dude over golf in the game, and then golf came in and didn't play very well. Even though they won. They still be Seattle, which was surprising. Let's get to the Super Bowl. Super Bowl. All right, chiefs box. Any storylines here. I mean, someone compared it to the closest we'll ever get to LeBron Michael Jordan meeting on the same field. And that kind of resonated with me, because mahomes Brady, like in a Super Bowl, this might be as good as it ever gets. I love it. And I saw a picture from the last like four Madden's all those players are now in this this year, Super Bowl. I mean, Antonio Browns not playing but he technically isn't this year Super Bowl. I wish he was honestly, I wish it was two. I haven't really been following much of what's been going on this week. There's no media week, there's no like, promotion, like there usually is like the media row where you've seen everybody interview all the players, so it doesn't feel as exciting as last year. I'm excited for it. I'm gonna gamble on it. We're gonna get it we have a ton of gambling options here that I want to do. And I want to play a game with you Jeremy, where Oh, we have this form. We have a Super Bowl props bet we've been using the same props sheet. I think for the last like eight years this guy has a Google website and it's just super bowl props. And so literally the first thing that pops up he makes no money from it. He makes nothing from it. But every year he puts together a great like easy prop sheet. And we're both going to fill it out I don't know what we're going to exchange for winnings maybe we can buy each other like a nice bottle of wine over the water so first of all the winner of the game that if the Bucks when you get a share of gbtc Bitcoin and this maybe this is not like legal what we're doing, and it's not it's not real, then we're not going to do it. By the way. If you go to sports hangover calm there is a lot of GameStop sports hang over ticker swag. I made a whole theme of stock shirts. So there's a whole bunch of stock shirts on the website gv, GM AMC you know to the moon they're all bad day for those by the way. The rest like if you didn't get involved in those which I told you last week, staying away from the meme stocks like you had a good day today if you're in the meme stocks you had a bad day. It was a bad bad day for the meme stocks but you still got a hold so every and you still get a shirt so you can go to the sports and that's where you can also get the prop sheet what I was saying is that the Bucks when you win our playoff pool if the Chiefs when I went that's a clean one and so we can do something else for the props now this prop sheet again is on the sports go to his senate all your friends for your Super Bowl party maybe it's remote this year maybe it's like a house party zoom type of thing I don't know what people are doing but hopefully not gathering in Florida I'm sure they will mutual friend is coming over we're going to sit outside and watch Super Bowl so


clear of eating or the gambling so I don't know if a lot of people know but our mutual friend you could say is like addicted to gambling like he loves you know he's doing it all the time addicted I didn't know like which direction


he loves it. So he's like Mike What are we gonna do what are we gonna watch it I'm like yeah, we can watch it here so he wants everybody just basically me and Aaron to bring $100 $100 in ones so we can gamble on the commercials on literally every part of the Superbowl so that's a way I can do that. I can get in on that on like a screen like screen. We're gonna we're definitely gonna post up I think we're gonna do this virtually do the prop sheet virtually so everybody can play along even the listeners they can send it in we can play with them


and then we'll do some like you know, cuz squares or something like that sound I looked at the squares are fun. They're they don't require brainpower, but they're fun zero. I looked at the props and I have several that I really liked. Do you have some that you want to review um,


Yeah, minor kind of boring though, because I realized through the years and years of gambling what the good strategy is. So why don't you start and I can end us on a boring ride over here. So let's do a few fun ones. And then I really crunched the numbers on some really statistical ones as well. So a few fun ones national anthem, I went over Did you bet on that? So this is a country couple. Correct? singing the national anthem. Yep. I've, I've, you know, might have watched videos.


I always want to say over but lately it's been I think the last two have been under


I'm not 100% sure on that. But I agree. Everyone wants to say over I'm always going a bit over because because I'm thinking this is their one moment and if they kept 30 extra seconds on camera, then they're gonna take Yeah, so I went under on this one, like, I was gonna circle it. I was gonna go under, ah, just because of the trend and it is really like, if you watch the last national anthems, you really gotta hold some notes to hit that over. So it's it's a long, two minutes. This song you can sing like 45 seconds, I think. Just normal. Yes, well, we can all hold our notes. The other one was Gatorade color. I went orange. Do you have a color in mind? I was gonna lean towards green. We haven't seen green for a long time. A lot of orange over there. Right? What What flavor is green gays? They're not a green Gatorade. There is a green apple. You never see it. I know. But I used to are you thinking but he's colorblind people. So don't take it. Okay. You know what? Maybe like that. Uh, it's, I know I was gonna go green like a lime green. Well, it's almost like the what's the flavor? It's like lemon lime, lemon, yellow, yellow, yellow, little yellow. Okay. It's not his fault. He can't Sorry guys. Whatever, whatever. It is like lemon lime. I want to go a little green here. No,


yellows, yellows. Good. All right now to the game. Have you just want to go like back and forth or back and forth? Alright, game points per quarter. I'm going over every quarter game point going over. So you're going to hold on hold on a second. So quarter, quarter third quarter fourth quarter over over over over it's going to be a shootout over. Okay, so first quarters 10 points, second quarters 16 points over so they have to score 16 points or they're just over 16 points. 16 total points scored in that quarter. And then yes, the third quarter. Fourth quarter 14 that is a lot a lot of shooting overs overs. Okay.


I don't love it. I always feel like when you start a Superbowl you know there's like jitters? I feel like there's a slow start to the first quarter so


jitters I think he's gonna have a little jitters I think my home is gonna start kind of slow maybe bit under in the first quarter go get go see the ads. There are some wild props on like, you know, sports books online that you can go gamble on our sports. Yeah, go download this prop sheets on the sports hangover calm. I was gonna go with under for Patrick mahomes completions, it's under 27 and a half. My theory is a lot of running. They want to control the game, control the ball, use a little Tom Brady strategy against them, obviously going to score a lot of points. But they're going to try to run and control the game that's so this is my like, I'm hedging my bets a little like if I think Patrick mahomes will be Tom Brady. But I'm hoping Tom Brady wins is with the Buccaneers win it. But this is a lot of control. I saw the 27 and a half completion over under and I was like, Well, that seems too high. I want to go under but then when you do that, which you are doing every time he completes a pass you're gonna cringe a little bit and you want him to you want him to do great, right? It's Patrick mahomes in the Super Bowl. I know. But at this point, you might as well stay away from me. What do you got next? What are you gonna have? I have two chiefs I have one is tyreke. Hill over 90 receiving yards. Last year in the Super Bowl, Mike had 105. So he was over against the 40 Niners defense which is better than the Bucs defense. And he had 16 targets in the Super Bowl, which more than anything else, it shows that Andy Reid was trying to get him the ball a lot in the Super Bowl. No reason it would be different this year. I like that. That's an easy, you thought about it easy numbers. I'm in on it. I'll take it tight, but it seems like tyreke could get a ball on the 10 yard line and just run 90 yards right like that's our






Mine, Rob gronkowski over two and a half receptions. I think this is kind of like the last hurrah for Tom and gronk. Because who knows if they can last another year so they're getting old. I think this is where they want to show like to have gronk score touchdown in the Super Bowl, or he has to get more than two receptions. So I think this is it. I love this one. This one. I'm actually going to go back on the sports books. I don't hate it Mike. I think gronk I mean it's probably his last NFL game.


Probably his last Super Bowl Never Say Never with this patriots group they could play well into their old age like Brady is, but I think it's a good bet. And I see that he wants to play until he said he might play over 45 Brady or gronk drops like 32 or so well, obviously Brady's coming back next year, so that's 44. So yeah, 45 is not unattainable, though. I'm giving up on that guy. I'm just like, I'm all in like he's the best and he'll be the best forever and


my tight end back to the Chiefs for a second. Travis Kelsey. I love the guy. I really do. I'm going under seven and a half catches I'm doing it because the Bucs have some great cover linebackers. They have Devin white, they have a vontae. David, I think it's a force feed to the outside and tyreke and the running backs, which you mentioned was a great point. I think Kelsey as great as he's been this year. Take the under there because you got to take me under it. So


I love Kelsey Kelsey is like the the security blanket for mahomes. I was gonna go over on this one. I really liked Kelsey and I think that connection there because Kelsey always kind of running those short routes, right? So he's always closer so he can get that feel that comfort in the ball. The Bucs fans will tell you they have a linebacker named Devin white, the guy swarms. He's great. I bet you I don't know for sure. I bet you he'll be covering Kelsey. Okay. There's a few others that I like like first offensive play the game is a rush like I'm gonna go yes on that. Okay, well,


how how can you? You wanna you want to get those jitters out of the way? I think it's always like, get it going. Run the ball. Let's see what's going on here. Will there be a trade off? run the ball? mahomes. Brady, I don't want a lot of runs, please. I know you don't want to but I feel like they got to get the pace. Right. You can't have Brady an old man Brady throwing the ball for the whole time. You got to like run the ball a little bit. And will there be a two point conversion? I think obviously there will be if somebody is down there honestly. Yes. I love it. I mean, especially like Andy Reid's very aggressive, he'll go for it. And if the Bucs are losing, they'll go for it. I love that one. Um, any other fun ones you like to like? Uh, yeah. Well, Kansas City had the lead at halftime. I'm saying no, they're slow starters. Mike. Bills game they're down. 10 zero. Remember the Texans game last year in the playoffs down 24 zero. I think a great chance the Bucs are winning in the first half and lose the game. So this year is weird too because a Budweiser is not doing ads this year so there's gonna be less but I don't know why they're not doing this here.


We we usually been on commercials so it's like one of these are you know whether they like coming to America trailer appears before halftime Pringles ad before Doritos ad like these are random things that will be happening during the Superbowl and this is why the Super Bowl is great. Because people that don't like the Super Bowl pay much more attention to the halftime show. And the commercials because you've been Oh, you're over what two years ago for the Rams Super Bowl.


Great food bad game and no one was really watching the game. It was like us sitting on the sofa and everybody legit party. You had a bartender tending bar and that was cool. Yeah. And it was raining that was supposed to be outside but it was inside it was it was a mess. But it was fine. Also terrible Super Bowl. And Brady was that that one too? Are there any other ones that you like that are that you think are long shot, but could possibly hit and I mean, there's obviously a ton more on Real Sports books. But this is one you can play with your friends. So we're trying to give some insight. If you're going to go play with your friends use this one, go to the website, download it. So the way I'm thinking about these is like you're framing a narrative. I've kind of explained it already. It's going to be a high scoring game. The Bucs will be winning in the first half. The Chiefs will play better later. So I'm going to go mahomes fourth quarter touchdown pass. Absolutely, yes. Okay, I think that's an easy one. He's going to be slinging in the fourth. And then that means that chiefs are going to win the game. So I'm kind of putting this narrative out here. high scoring bucks, early chiefs late chiefs win. I mean, I'm probably going to go with this one as well. But Tampa Bay, Tom Brady throws an interception. That one for sure. He's gonna that's a good one. That's a good one. Cuz I just feel like when he's comfortable, I think that's when he starts making mistakes. And we saw that last game where he like threw What do you throw three interceptions at three against the Packers? Right? That's crazy. Well, this will be on the website. I still wish it was Aaron Rodgers. mahomes I kind of do my wrong. Tom Brady Patrick mahomes. This could be the handling off of like the next greatest quarterback. Right? I won't be surprised at the Bucs get blown out. I'll say that. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised either. They're really, really hoping here but I don't have a lot of hope in it.


It's all on the website, go to sports, hangover calm. You can buy t shirts. The prop sheet is up there. The prop sheets free by the way. So go on the website. It's literally linking to the dude's Google Drive. On the internet. You just click download, and it's all for you. And then we'll post ours we can put this put this on your like your Instagram or something and people can kind of follow along see who wins this property because we're also submitting this property to our friend, our mutual friend.


gamble mutual friend with $100 $101 bills and it was a Super Bowl. It should be good. I hope it's good and follow us on sports hangover, the sports anchor podcast on Instagram and I'm gonna start doing this week tiktoks for the sports hangover, so you can follow us on tik tok at the sports hangover podcast. I will be doing just blips like 15 32nd blips of the news that we cover on the podcast on Tick Tock because I love Tick Tock I don't know if you're watching lately do a lot of tic tocs Well, I think you made a good point and Mike is killing Tick Tock and he just turned 36 and for 36


for a 34 year old to be killing on Tick Tock like you are you you gotta be the most productive 34 year old on Tick Tock so for that help, props to you and happy birthday. Thanks. All right, guys. If you're us, most of us hopefully we are back next week.

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