The boys take on Wall Street and support the side of the little guy as downside stocks of the early 2000s like GameStop, AMC and Nokia turn average people rich. Mike gives the breakdown of what to expect next.
A game of ‘BS or Believe’ previews where Deshaun Watson, Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers will play in 2021.
Tom Brady is a damn legend and the closest thing to the greatest ever in American sports. But Mike and J Dawg don’t agree on the Super Bowl winner.
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Thu, 1/28 7:26PM • 31:25


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Michael Benatar



We messed up the timing last week.


Michael Benatar  00:01

Well that's because we both thought I don't know if people can hear us but I think



they can Hi.


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See you like it's like going live Welcome to sports hangover i Michael Benatar are joined alongside Jerry dog,



Mike, it's good to see you. anything going on in the stock market world that we'd love to be in?


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It's a it's literally the biggest story ever that ever happened to like if you've ever wanted to invest in anything GameStop, AMC, Nokia, BlackBerry, these things have like past generations. Ready. Reddit has an obviously everybody knows story. But Reddit has basically taken over stock trading in the internet. And it's it's absolutely insane. And



it's amazing. You've been hearing about GameStop. And you're right. It's all these brands that were like dominant in the early 2000s that have no reason to be owned 20 years later, and their brands like the stock markets had a great run during COVID. Because it's like, everything changed and technology is growing. And these stocks are not the ones that are doing well like GameStop, AMC theaters, BlackBerry, those are not the ones doing well during COVID. But that's the stocks that these average Joe's are pumping money in. And they're screwing the richest guys so so for the most part, you gotta love it right?


Michael Benatar  01:16

I absolutely love it. I joined all the discord, all the Reddit boards, I weirdly actually owned AMC stock before all this happened. So I'm very happy at this point. But you



are a holder of AMC, like thinking like movie theaters are gonna come back.


Michael Benatar  01:32

So I bought it when it crashed when I like went to two bucks, and I just bought a whole bunch of shares. I'm like, when this is over, this will be worth something, I'm gonna hold it for the long term. So I bought it literally $2 and went all the way up to $20 yesterday. But the biggest issue here is now that Wall Street, went after Reddit, and went after all these other little people. And they actually stopped trading today.



Even Robin Hood, which is like the app that like everyone in our generation and younger has been using to day trade. Like I use fidelity because I'm a professional here, but a lot of people are using Robin Hood. And it's just it's so easy. Download the app, by the way free plug for them. If you download the app, you get a free stock, it could be something great, it could be something very little.


Michael Benatar  02:12

Or you let a friend invite you so they get a free stock and you get a free stock.



Exactly. It's a great, it's a great thing. So it's just this crazy situation. I'm glad that you own AMC because none of my stocks are benefiting so far, which maybe means I'm a good investor because like I wasn't in GameStop before, which is probably a good thing.


Michael Benatar  02:29

Probably but if you were you would have a lot of money right now because GameStop literally went from like $13 to almost $400



it was over $500 in after hours trading and it went back down today. So finally when they're banned on Robinhood, when like the Wall Street bets Reddit was shut down when the discord was shut down. It was like they didn't have any way to keep buying it up. And that's why I think the stock went down today. And by the way, it's these hedge funds. The richest men in the world are just getting gouged and this show is not where we're going to explain how to short a stock because I'll probably explain it poorly. I don't know if you know exactly what it means I know kind of what it means. I know kind of don't care but basically the hedge funds are betting on the stocks to go lower and they were supposed to go lower because they're not good investments right now and instead they went higher we saw it over the summer with like hertz rent a car if you remember that.


Michael Benatar  03:17

Yeah, where they pumped it up a little. This is kind of common in like, you know with Dogecoin which is actually pumping today which luckily I also list for tomorrow. Yeah, so but this isn't over yet because now This is war. This is Reddit verse Wall Street bros and Reddit is gonna win because obviously that quote you saw the other day it's like we'll stay dumb until until you guys can last being solvent or something like the people on Reddit are not giving up and tomorrow all the short calls, I think are expiring so they're gonna pump the shit out of the stocks tomorrow.



So you think it continues like GameStop AMC continue because they both fell a lot today and I didn't I didn't think I


Michael Benatar  03:55

was probably gonna go the $1,000 AMC maybe 50 bucks.



Really game sounds gonna be $1,000 now it's under 300 so there's a there's an opportunity there if that's a fact


Michael Benatar  04:05

it's it's definitely not



we don't give trading advice it's not 100% you know how much expense you know how my expenses good don't listen.


Michael Benatar  04:12

I think I think what's happening right now is that we're looking at it the wrong way and it's it's the people on wall street that are controlling it all and it's insane that we not read it is getting in trouble or Wall Street bets is getting in trouble because we all grew up together even though all the brokerage firms they always Oh yeah, let's let's do a little this. We'll do a little that. Let's pump it up here, because they have a lot of money. But now this group of people on Wall Street, they can't do it. And I think that's the bigger issue. Obviously, something's gonna change because



I think it's a physical and social manifestation of the wealth gap in America and it's a rich, rich people, the top 1% controls 99% of the assets and the other 99% of people control 1% of the assets and it's it's kind of like the capital mob in a non violent way where everyone kind of rallied together online and said let's do something about it and whether you think it's right or wrong They did and they succeeded because now again, people are gathering online. That's another byproduct of this Mike, like people are getting so strong and like convincing other people to join because you need numbers, right? It's not going to be 10 people or 20 people, you need hundreds 1000s they might have millions of people doing this with the stocks and that's how they're going to beat the hedge funds.


Michael Benatar  05:17

And it went from a little like just around 2 million to over like 3.5 million people in the subreddit that joined the discord keeps getting shut off, but people are pumping up the stock it's not going to stop anytime soon, so they're going after it Nokia, even Tootsie Roll went up today that Tootsie Roll stock shot up they didn't



even make a checklist of things from like when you're 12 years old that were cool and that's what you should be putting money in right? Yes.


Michael Benatar  05:42

And you're you're gaining money I would just you know, it's a very interesting world right now so just



talk about it yeah, it'd be saved don't don't bet what you can't lose what they say so I'm not getting involved in this I just I think I missed the initial boat on game stock and AMC and I'm like making money to the side like you know, I'm day trading and sleep and other things and the market itself is super healthy except for the day This all happened and it tanked everything else around with it because the hedge funds had to sell their good stocks to cover their losses on the bad stocks too much information the market if that can just continue going I'll be okay I don't need this craziness to happen but the craziest is fun to watch the rich people


Michael Benatar  06:20

yeah you should you should jump into like AMC or Nokia or something just for fun just to be like part of the crew you know you got it you gotta be



just for the story cuz it's gonna be an epic movie it's gonna be an epic story to tell and these Wall Street guys that had been around 3040 years they've never seen anything like it like The Big Short has nothing on this this is one of the things I thought was funny is amc movie theaters is is part of this AMC Networks which is like another dying brand because it's a cable network was up 20% yesterday of people confused the wrong AMC so like even if your name is slightly like it like we saw that with zoom at one point where like zoom, the non video zoom was like benefiting in the run up during COVID. So even if your name is similar, I think you'll benefit


Michael Benatar  06:58

Yeah, I love it so much. I've been following it pretty closely seen all the tweets, Elan Musk is it you know Dave Portnoy? Everybody's complaining about it? Hey, I love it. I think it's a it's a good change if anything does happen from it. But yeah, Robin Hood kind of screwed it today because they blocked all trading and a lot of platforms all block trading on AMC and blackberry and all that stuff.



Yeah, Portnoy's man of the people at every turn. He's just helping out the small guy and he's gonna be like running for president I saw he's added to 50 to one on some sites as an ex presidential candidate. So. Alright, let's get to the Super Bowl. One of the things I really enjoy about the Super Bowl matchup and there's a lot of things to pick from Mike is that Antonio brown and levy on Bell are in the Super Bowl. And Ben Roethlisberger and all of his Steeler teammates are not so who won really in that situation?


Michael Benatar  07:49

Well, I mean, I did levy on Bell even play a snap, though he



was hurt. I guess he played this season. He played this season. He didn't play in the AFC Championship game. They were lucky to have Clyde Edwards Hilaire back and in Tonio brown didn't play


Michael Benatar  08:01

in the NFC Championship game.



He should be back for the Super Bowl. Right?


Michael Benatar  08:06

I thought for the year. I don't like the issue. He's out. I listen. I love the story, too. I love that gone. The Steelers are a lot. They got to find somebody to replace big band at some point. Right? Like he can't be there another year. Kenny.



Well, we're going to talk about quarterbacks on the move a little teaser, but Ben is on the list. So we'll get to that in a second. But I just love how like everyone's blaming Bell and brown and yeah, they both got crazy when they left town. Maybe Pittsburgh makes you crazy. Maybe you become better and more well behaved after you leave Pittsburgh.


Michael Benatar  08:34

I like that. I like that theory was well to ask our big Steelers friends if that's that's a true fact.



COVID you'll be able to ask


Michael Benatar  08:42

Yeah, we'll see. One day I'll see him. There's a whole bunch of like random news. I want to talk about WWE moving over to NBC peacock or just NBC. Like, all together, they move in the peacock. I want to know Yes.



It's all on peacock. It seems like a good deal. for them. It seems like a pretty exclusive deal. From what I hear Mike wrestling fans don't know if this is you included. They're very passionate about wrestling. And one is they watch a lot of the classic stuff because that's when wrestling was good. And two, they watched WrestleMania which apparently will be on peacock.


Michael Benatar  09:11

So Oh, so it's not gonna be like a pay per view, because they used the pay per view it um, the weird thing to me is that when you see these new networks, they go out and buy content, they go buy exclusive rights to certain things like Netflix did it, you know, like, oh, we're gonna get the office. We're gonna get all this. Sometimes I wonder what the play is? Like, is there really a large fan base? Because I think there was only how many people were like subscribing to the WWE Network. Like, we could say a million maybe what it was, but it's weird how bring it over. So I just I just wonder what the play is like, it's just like stacking up like, Oh, yeah, we have all this and it's just to say we have all this. And also they're getting rid of NBC Sports and then moving it over to NBC peacock as well, right?



Well, I don't I don't know that. We need to get into all the details of what's going on my wrestling fan base is very passionate. I think it's a great deal for peacock. And I think everyone,


Michael Benatar  10:08

I think it's a good



move for years and years to come.


Michael Benatar  10:12

I think it's a good move. But I'm just I'm curious. The idea of they're consolidating that we're saying, okay, it's on peacock. And the move then is like, well, we're basically we're becoming cable, but just on a streaming platform, which they're all doing. So it's just to me, that's the interesting move by because I easily gonna hurt some of the people that originally wanted to watch it on regular TV, because it's, they're moving so quick. And I know COVID moved a lot of stuff a lot quicker. And if this is the move, and obviously, you know, NBC Sports are gonna still air on USA and all that other stuff. But I just think it's an interesting move. Sometimes I've because I feel like moving fast.



Yeah, I think like you said, everything is accelerated during the last 10 months. And all technology is moving a lot quicker. When you look at ecommerce like Amazon, or streaming or any technology business. It's moving so fast. And it just makes sense. I think, if you want to watch things on cable, there'll be the option whether it's NBC or USA Network. And in the long run, I think everyone's going to be streaming if they're not already. Even the old geezers, like our parents will be streaming soon enough. Now, if you have the XFINITY, Xfinity remote, it's great because you just talk into it. So I know you don't have comcast cable, but a lot of people do, Mike. And it helps the old people tremendously. They don't need to navigate different apps, they just say, peacock, or they say wrestling on peacock, and it goes right to it. So that's a pretty cool innovation.


Michael Benatar  11:31

Yeah, it's all like being integrated. Like I just got a new TV, Smart TV has all the apps, all you have to do is like talk to it. And it'll just take you to wherever you want to go. So



exciting time for streaming. We've been streaming for 1010 years. I don't know what everyone was waiting for. Yeah, I


Michael Benatar  11:45

don't know what anybody's waiting for either. We're literally doing the same thing we've been doing for 10 years. Finally, technology caught up, we can do it a little easier now because this one used to be like post editing, putting stuff on now. It's just all live, which is great. I love it. We're here live the future Jeremy. We're, well, I



don't know what we're in the last 10 months or like, you can't process it, because we're still in it. But every day now. It's like the GameStop stuff. And every day, it's like something else. It's like we're still in this moment. It's hard to process that we're all living through it. And like you'll like in 10 years, you'll be like I can't believe I lived through it. And we're still in it. Like I hope everyone's aware of that meta situation that we're in. Do you think


Michael Benatar  12:20

it's like, slightly calmer without Trump in office, but there's still a lot of crazy shit going on. Like we got the vaccine rolling out. People are missing that up. We have this read a wall street thing going on. There's like all this crazy shit. And it's weird. How we're kind of like this, like traumas made. It's like our tolerance level so high that you know now like oh, yeah, whatever. Like, who cares? Yeah, like they're taking over Wall Street. Like no big deal. Like, oh, the right in the capital. Oh, okay. It's just like we're, we're just like, okay with it. Now.



We got okay with the chaos, and thankfully, he's gone. I feel like things have already calmed down since Biden's trying to get these vaccines in our arms. We can go to France. This this summer. That's our goal for everyone who listened to the podcast gets a trip to France. So yeah, it's just, yeah, everyone's coming to see you. So so I think things calm or things are looking better. The vaccine will be big. Hopefully it keeps rolling out. My parents got the vaccine here in Florida. That's a big that's a big deal.


Michael Benatar  13:22

My dad's still unsure if it's safe. He's wanting to wait for people to go get it first. You're tipping his politics on a podcast. It's a listen. It's it's very weird. Everybody should just go get the vaccine.



I think. Let's get this over.


Michael Benatar  13:39

What do you got?



Let's do bullshitter belief. All right. Believe


Michael Benatar  13:47

Judo believe



all right, Mike. Adam schefter says over under there will be 18 starting quarterbacks changing teams this season is over under is 18. And get this he said he's taking the over which is shocking because if there are more than 18 that means they'll be less than 14 of the same starting quarterbacks from this past year, starting next year. So there's a few that I want to run down and just see what are they moving into? Where are they going? Okay. So bullshitter believe that Shawn Watson is he going or not going?


Michael Benatar  14:20

Well, I think right before the show. He officially announced he wants to be traded. Yeah. So I feel like you really weirdly wants to go to the Jets. I don't like the move. I don't know why.



I saw Chris Mortensen said no jets


Michael Benatar  14:38

maybe I'm wrong. I thought he saw the Jets but what other places you see because I don't feel like any of them are like that great. Like I mean obviously anything could be better than Houston.



Well, we said that we don't want we don't think the dolphins makes sense because two is a guy and all the offensive coaching staff hires this offseason had been for two so I think we're gonna keep


Michael Benatar  14:56

it makes sense for sure.



It makes some sense. I don't want to give up that I love what I don't want to give up that much. I have a team and it's a team Mike and and i think chapters saying something here when he says 18 quarterbacks are moving, there's gonna be some surprises definitely some surprise and one surprise is going to be Jared Goff. And I don't know if he's going to go to Texas or go somewhere else. We talked about it recently. But the Rams are throwing Jared Goff under the bus every chance they get every press conference they have since the last game of the season, the loss of the Packers, they're saying we don't know who our quarterback is, Jared Goff can compete. We don't have a long term plan to position. Meanwhile, he signed for four more years at like a massive extension. So I don't know how they're going to get off the books for that. Do you think that it is million dollars if they release them, so I don't think I know.


Michael Benatar  15:39

Did you see the Ramsey tweet where he's like, oh, why he wanted to Shawn Watson he like commented on one of his tweets like I come over to LA



I love to hear that and that's where I'm heading I think Watson ends up on the Rams I don't know how I don't know how they have the ammunition they're gonna give up like cam Akers and some good players along the way. That's my weird random prediction Watson to the Rams I don't know where golf goes it doesn't seem like he's gonna be there. That


Michael Benatar  16:03

seems like a tough move right? Like you got to move golf. They have no assets left they have no money left really because everybody's all full up with tons of money. I don't know how they do it. They went they went all in and it didn't work. But if they got the shot I think that could be a good like starting point. But I think the Shawn wants to go somewhere where they're like, ready to win. I don't think he wants to go he go the Rams but if they give up everybody they're not gonna win. So I'm gonna say bullshit army.



That's fair. I don't know how it's gonna happen either. I'm just saying the Rams have been known to be very creative. I think that Matthew Stafford he's in the same boat. The Lions say that they're going to train him because he went to the new management said Trade Me and they're like, sure we will they already have the seven pick in the draft so they can take take a quarterback they might get a first rounder maybe a second. First Stafford bullshitter believe Is he gone? And where's he go?


Michael Benatar  16:52

Oh, he's definitely gone. He already announced like they're parting ways right? I 100% believe that, man I don't know where all these quarterbacks go cuz it's just like a you know, a carousel right? Like, okay, you over here and I'll go over here, but the off to get traded. So that is interesting, too, because they're there. I kind of like the move, like trade me so you don't lose this asset. So you can actually trade me away and I'll maybe get something in return. Or at least something in return. I don't know if it's gonna be good.



So you don't have a team yet. I have a team from Matthew Stafford. A wild card. I'm getting bold on the show. I'm saying the Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott is a free agent to play for the Las Vegas Raiders. I think Jerry makes a big trade first round pick for Matt Stafford


Michael Benatar  17:33

Are you are you out on back?



Oh, I'm in on deck. I've never been more in he's back story of a Lifetime movie when he comes back. Yeah, he's gonna win a championship after he broke his leg. He's just not gonna do it in Dallas because Jerry Jones has been fucking with them long enough.


Michael Benatar  17:49

Ah, I like that spot. I feel like he's a good Stafford's. Like a good fit there in Dallas. But is it kind of like on his last leg right like I don't know if this is the team form because how many years of Stafford have left like to maybe



he's not that old. He's He's our age. He's 3132.


Michael Benatar  18:08

I know but a lot of guys are retiring early like only Tom Brady like Drew Brees are playing until their 40s I don't know if this is the move for him, but I'll go with it for now. I actually had another one. I wrote down I had a bullshitter believe just on Matthew Stafford. I had a list of spots that where he could go. Oh, I had the Colts Texans eagles and Panthers on my list.



Colts makes the most sense Panthers. I think we'll end up with a veteran quarterback whether it's Watson Stafford Dak or someone else. The Texans I don't think it makes sense to like have a big name. I think they should like rebuild if they're gonna go all in on like draft picks for dushaan. Like, just take one.


Michael Benatar  18:44

Yeah, just start over.



The coals do make a lot of sense. I have another one here. Ben Roethlisberger. bullshitter believe he's on the Steelers next year. And if not, where's it go?


Michael Benatar  18:54

I'll say I'll say believe he is on the Steelers. Well, I don't know if they could get at this point. You can't get rid of them. Right? Like I feel like they they're pretty tight over there. They want to keep everybody this is a team a family whatever we're together. I think maybe they go out and draft somebody or try to get somebody to pick up the ball to backup quarterbacks, like Chuck. What's other no other guy that Mason Rudolph like, I don't know if we're, they were ready for it. And now they can now know like, Okay, let's go find some other guys.



Well, they signed Dwayne Haskins in the offseason. So that was a big, the big thing already. They just signed them last week, which is a weird time to sign someone but they did. So to me, it's an indication that Ben won't be on the Steelers next year. And then you say, where's he gonna go? And then I say, he's not gonna go anywhere because he's gonna retire because Ben is done. And he's made Antonio Brown, and he's looking at leveon Bell and he's looking at his current Steelers team that is incapable of doing better than I did this year. And he's looking at Juju Smith Schuster leaving as a free agent and no cap space available. And James Conner leaving and Ben's gonna say I give it up and that's why he was crying when his ass got blown out by the Browns in the playoffs. Do you?


Michael Benatar  20:05

Do you think Dwayne Haskins is a viable guy to backup? Or even start? I don't think he's a real quarterback. I think what he's done, how are you going to get this guy to believe that he can be a starting quarterback?



I tend to agree with you. I don't think Haskins is the answer. I don't know what that signing was about the the Washington football team. They released him they can trade them for a fifth or a sixth round pick. They just got rid of them. They clearly didn't want them and no team valued them for a trade. I don't it doesn't do much. It was super


Michael Benatar  20:35

rare. Maybe they're just like, looking at him this summer, like hanging out getting to know him a little maybe they can still cut him. I don't know what the deal was, but seems kind of weird.



I mean, that's my last quarterback on the list. And this was surprising. Listen, I'm surprised you haven't called me out on this in the first 20 minutes of the show, but I guaranteed the packers and Aaron Rodgers would beat the bucks I guaranteed and I did not think that the Packers offensive line would let Jason Pierre Paul, a man without 10 fingers a man who hasn't been relevant in years since he played in New York to get around that right side so many damn times and hit Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers was hit on his first five past attempts of the game. They set the tone right away. I was wrong. Matt lafleur made a terrible decision. We can talk about any of that you want the angle I'm taking with this? bullshitter believe the comments that Aaron Rodgers made after the game about the future is uncertain. I don't know what's next for me. Very odd, very vague. That's kind of how Aaron Rodgers is bullshitter believe he comes back to the packers and if he doesn't come back, where does he go?


Michael Benatar  21:37

I'm gonna say bullshit. I don't think he comes back. I think he was pissed. He was pissed at the draft last year, right or is that the year before when they drafted a quarterback? I don't think he comes back he could go somewhere else. Now obviously they're good team. They're doing everything right. But when it comes down to crunch time, it doesn't seem like they can do it now. So what else are they going to do?



But you say he's gonna go somewhere else. It's the problem is it's not up to him and the packers are a great team. That's what's different about the Texans are some of the other teams treating their quarterbacks. They are a good team. They were heading into the Super Bowl until they got upset at home at Lambeau Field. Why would they trade Rodgers unless he requests it? And is he going to go all the way to that step and say you took that rookie quarterback you need to trade? Well, why not? I


Michael Benatar  22:21

mean, if you could trade wonders the thinking on pig, you could get something for him. You get



multiple first round picks and teams will be lining up and I think that's why shefter says there's 18 teams looking for new quarterbacks because we don't have that many and he's one of them. I think a great landing spot Mike, if it's possible at all, it would be your San Francisco 49 years.


Michael Benatar  22:40

The 40 Niners I don't know how they pull it off though because all these quarterbacks with such high like Garoppolo is getting $125 million.



That's I know that's a problem. You're right. Like there's too many big court quarterback contracts out there. So how do teams move on from them? Do they start eating like crazy amounts of money to bring in a Rodgers or a Watson maybe but Shanahan deserves a good quarterback and


Michael Benatar  23:02

Jimmy ga in it. I have a whole bunch of a list of there's a whole bunch of free agents quarterbacks coming so these are all guys that they could just scoop up Dak Prescott, Andy dawn, Cam Newton, Mitch covered in shit trubisky James Woodson tyrod Taylor, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jacoby, brissette, Colt McCoy and Nate subfield all available all free agents listen to some of the cream of the crop there but these guys are available and you could take like a jamis on your team and obviously I imagine the saints are going to resign them but this is this is kind of an interesting year because I don't think this is I don't think we've had this many quarterbacks available for teams to kind of pick from like oh yeah, this guy could work for me on this position right now.



I don't know how you added Nate Sud felt on there but the rest of them sounded interesting


Michael Benatar  23:48

I just read the whole list I copied it a rotor made some fella and made said though



Listen, it's good for sports podcast during the dog days of spring and summer without football so it's gonna keep us in business. We'll have all the quarterback talk all offseason so stick with we


Michael Benatar  24:03

we did a good job this quarantine. We had no sports. We still did shows. So



yeah, we talked about life and lock downs and things like that. Speaking of quarterbacks, can we transition into big dick energy or


Michael Benatar  24:18




We're of the week. Listen, I was wrong, wrong wrong. Tom Brady is swinging his big dick around Tampa Bay this week next weekend for all the weeks because that guy played great. He outplayed Rodgers, he's going to the Super Bowl in his home city on a new team, a team that I didn't think was any good that I didn't think they could make a playoff run. Tom Brady will now have started after next week. He was started in 19% of all the Super Bowls ever played Mike like two out of five Super Bowls ever. Tom Brady's starting in the game? That's insane. Colin coward had this amazing stat. He compared Brady from like oh one To 2010, and then Brady from 2011 to 2020. And you put both of them next to each other, and he might be the first and second best quarterbacks of all time just on those 210 year runs, and he has them all. It's insane. The guy's amazing. We thought he was done. And, and he is making Belichick look bad now and all of this, Belichick was struggling without him. Congratulations to Brady.


Michael Benatar  25:24

I love it so much. Now, we all know it's the first time a team has ever played on the home field in like the hosting city of the Super Bowl. So that's a big one. I just I it's like, what he done probably can't be done again in the same way. Just because of what's happened like football is obviously changed a lot in the last 20 years. But this isn't saying that he's still going and still performing that well. On a brand new team playing against a team that you know, Aaron Rodgers has been there how many years now with that team, eight years, something like that. Andrea? Can't even he Aaron Rodgers with the team that he knows he can't be a tom brady on a brand new team where maybe you're still working stuff out. I give it to Tom Brady. I think he's figured it out. He understands the game and he knows I think he's honestly he'll be a great coach too. Because I think he's figured out how to



read that's one thing he won't do is coach once he's done playing cuz he's playing to like, to the age where guys are like, almost done and they're like professional jobs. Like they want to be done. He's 43 he's gonna play again. It'll be 44 I'll probably play again. 45 I think when he's done playing he's done but give the guy credit for what he's I give him


Michael Benatar  26:37

credit. I think it's great. I think it's what he did his thing. I know people hate watching Tom Brady in the Super Bowl every year but I love I mean, we talked about our pick to I'm lucky to survive because you went all in on bills did not pay off for me.



It didn't work out. Yeah, I thought the bills would play better in that chiefs bills game they they got out to the good start like normal. They're up 10 zero, I think or nine zero and then it just all fell apart. And the chiefs. The Chiefs came back Josh Allen didn't look in the second half and that's okay. The guy's still learning. He's not Pat mahomes yet.


Michael Benatar  27:10

Not yet. I I thought the game I was very excited. I'm like, Oh, this is we got this like Patrick mahomes coming off a concussion? No big deal. went the other way. I did not believe Tampa could be green bay. And I was worried I was worried I was already gonna have to pay up you know my Bitcoin to you.



Yeah, well, the coins going down. So maybe Yeah, maybe it won't be as expensive. So to recap that I have the Chiefs left in our pool you have the Bucs and this is what we want coming Superbowl time we want it one on one. You don't want one guy already winning unless that guy was me. So I think it's good that we are tied up swap


Michael Benatar  27:46

Brady for mahomes one year is that what we did?



We did that was a I think those two years ago and then Brady won it. And then I kept mahomes last year and he wants I'm rolling with mahomes again and yeah, Brady. It's always mahomes Brady, right like, that's


Michael Benatar  28:01

great. Yeah, I was thinking about that when he won. I'm like, What Didn't we already see this? And I'm excited. I think it's gonna be good.



You grew up in Tampa? But yeah, you're hardly a Bucs fan at this point.


Michael Benatar  28:14

No, I it's weird that was you can bandwagon I'm excited I'm gonna bust out my jersey I'm gonna support the bucks on Super Bowl even though I'm not gonna have a party nothing's open he can't go and watch anywhere I'm gonna sport it Tampa is gonna spoil it. This is the those that stat that Tampa has been. All three teams in Tampa have been to their championship game since Tom Brady signed in Tampa. So maybe Tom Brady's bringing that Mojo over a winning line. He won the Stanley Cup, the raise went to the World Series, and now the Bucs are going to the Super Bowl. This is absolutely insane for Tampa. This is not a sports town. I grew up in Tampa and not a sports fan. I would not call Tampa like a hardcore Sports Center. I'd say a lot of New Yorkers come down you see other teams represented. It's not a team with passion for their local sports



at all. You know, you know what it is? It's a town thriving during COVID-19. Florida is wide open folks are going to bars and restaurants living their normal lives. And ever since this thing started. The Tampa teams are the ones stepping up because you're at the lightning one, of course, the finals. And then you had the raise in the world series against the Dodgers, your Dodgers in your backyard at Chavez Ravine beat them. And then we have the Bucs here. Now that you know what that means we need to bet hard on the Raptors to win the Eastern Conference because they're playing Champa too and they're a good team. It's possible. Okay. Hey,


Michael Benatar  29:41

that's that's a good bet my my bills bet did not pay off. I'm gonna I'm gonna go with the Bucks here. I mean, I'm betting on them. I love it. I think this is great. The wind in your hometown. Definitely an advantage. I feel like they don't have to travel anywhere. They're just there.



They're less than normal with limited fans at the Super Bowl and like it's great. They're bringing in nurses and First responders and those that have had the vaccine so it's like not gonna be like all bugs fans like maybe normally it would be. I'll take mahomes and the Chiefs all day the Bucs defense cannot repeat that performance they played out of their ass like think about the two games prior to the Packers that led me to take the Packers the Bucs barely beat Drew Brees and he had like that list of injuries I rattled off last week like including torn rotator cuff, and then they barely beat the Washington football team who had a losing record. And their quarterback was Tyler. Hi Nikki. So I don't think the Bucs are that good. They just played a hell of a game when it mattered the most. And you got to give them credit for


Michael Benatar  30:35

Tom Brady does it that's what he does. He pumps him on he's ready to go. That's all I got Jeremy nothing else. We'll be back next week. Super Bowl week. I'm gonna have a ton of props that we can bet for the Super Bowl, you're going to be alone so it's going to be I mean, maybe not you in Florida but I'm going to be alone.



I'll be I'll be in I'll be in Florida. I'm heading over toward Tampa. Not all the way but I'll do a little exclusive access. Okay on that direction. I think I can tell stories of last time the Super Bowl was in Tampa me and our mutual friend ran into some celebrities down there so I can tell there's


Michael Benatar  31:07

some good old stories. Okay, I like that. Follow us on the sports go over to Instagram follow us there at the sports hangover podcast. And if we don't get less and less reviews, hopefully we are back next week. Nice

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