Suspension from PGA Tour for all LIV Golfers

Suspension from PGA Tour for all LIV Golfers

After all the major golfers resigned, PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan officially gave a suspension notice to all of them. Monahan has issued an official statement that mentioned how suspended players will no longer enjoy the membership benefits and opportunities they were promised by PGA.

Renowned golfers Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, and Sergio Garcia are amongst the 17 others who have resigned from the PGA Tour. In response to the series of events going on, LIV Golf has also released an official statement condemning the decision of the PGA Tour Commissioner.

However, the suspension by PGA was anticipated since Monahan had already stated that any golfer whose interest would lie in any league other than PGA would be suspended and might even have to face a permanent ban.

Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf who has interestingly been a player with the PGA Tour has expressly said how PGA’s stance is "anti-golfer, anti-fan and anti-competitive."

Everyone is anticipating a court battle that would determine if PGA Tour has the authority to permanently ban golfers, who are free to have their stances on participation.

Eminent golfers Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Reed have also decided to join LIV and might have to face suspension from PGA Tour as per a report printed in the Telegraph.

LIV Golf has been funded by Saudi Arabia. Monahan has mentioned in his memo that the reason players have been leaving the PGA Tour is because of “financial reasons.” LIV is in talks with other major players from the PGA Tour ahead of their inaugural event in London.

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