Could we find out aliens are real this summer?

Could we find out aliens are real this summer?

Could we find out aliens are real this summer?

With 60 Minutes banging down the door of the U.S. government’s investigation on UFO’s, sometime soon we will hear directly from the Director of National Intelligence on what we know. All signs point to humans being watched. Not great.

Then, sports talk. Mike is a Stanley Cup Playoffs betting expert, even giving picks to random bartenders.

And J Dawg Takes On baseball’s unwritten rules and the White Sox Manager Tony La Russa completely losing his clubhouse over them.

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The Sports Hangover Live 5.19.21

Thu, 5/20 8:59AM • 28:17


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Jdawg, Michael Benatar

Michael Benatar  00:01

Welcome to the sports hangover I'm Michael Bennett's are joined alongside Jake

Jdawg  00:07

What's up, Mike? The traveling circus continues. I'm in Portland, Oregon this week.

Michael Benatar  00:12

It looks good. You it seems like as you move you upgrade occasionally like the last place didn't look this good. And this place looks really good. You have a good backdrop if anybody's watching on YouTube or Facebook, whatever. Jeremy looks good in this one I like I like this place.

Jdawg  00:25

Thank you. Yeah, please watch this. We're live on video. We're on demand on video. So you can watch us live or later. I'm in Portland. It's great. It's not Seattle. I love Seattle, still trying to figure out Portland trying to figure out the vibe. It's a little different. If you've been here, you know what I mean? So we're just sampling the local, the local restaurants, local breweries, and we'll have a full report by the end of the week.

Michael Benatar  00:45

Good because I think what we need to do is a summer you know, hit list with our food expert, Justin gay. He's got to come back on. So maybe you can tell them what's hot in Portland right now. I told you you should have went to the vegan strip club. And I don't know. Yeah, I

Jdawg  01:00

still don't know what that means.

Michael Benatar  01:03

That is a vegan circle. They serve only vegan food at the strip club.

Jdawg  01:08

I was not aware of that. Yeah,

Michael Benatar  01:10

so you should check it out. You got a lot of time on your hands in the afternoon. You work in East Coast hours. Who knows? You could end up at the vegan strip club for dinner tonight.

Jdawg  01:16

It's great. I just love the West Coast. You get up early. You're done early. Like it's it's three o'clock in the ground. What am I gonna do I have all afternoon to do some

Michael Benatar  01:23

you get it now. Right? It's right.

Jdawg  01:25

I get it. Dude. Oh,

Michael Benatar  01:27

we got there's not a lot going on. But the NHL playoffs and the NBA Playoffs started. I know. You have not watched either right? Or have

Jdawg  01:34

hadn't watched either. And it's a great, it's a great tease to talk about both of those best, something much more important. Okay, please don't just place place any soundbite you I have

Michael Benatar  01:44

not even plugged in. So you go and then the next round sound I'll have

Jdawg  01:48

Alright, so this is this is up our alley. Mike, I think you know, this UFOs are real and 60 minutes is the best journalism in the world. And they covered it for 20 minutes on Sunday. And I thought one of the most impactful things, the host on 60 minutes said when he enjoyed the piece is 60 minutes has been around for over 60 years. And we've never once covered aliens, or UFOs. And now they are. So I just want to paint that picture. So basically, there's all these objects flying around the military and the Navy. They all know about it yet they don't know what these objects are. They don't know if it's another country or aliens.

Michael Benatar  02:20

So this is all coming from the COVID Relief Fund where they if they wrote it in they said the government needs to tell us about alien. So in two weeks from now, we'll have a full like deposition of all the knowledge that the government knows on aliens. So that already things a lot of people are coming out there talking about it. It's not as exciting as I thought I would be you know, like when Oh aliens are real. Like I believe in aliens. I believe in Sasquatch. I believe in ghosts, I believe in a lot of dumb shit. But when I see the aliens on the video, I wasn't that excited? Because it's like a little blurb. We're not really sure they're going underwater.

Jdawg  02:59

Like what is it? It's the military is telling you. It's not us.

Michael Benatar  03:03

Yeah, so it's not us. But then there's all these other theories like, Oh, they actually live in the moon. And we're actually just like a little test case to see what's going on. Or they live underwater. We've been hacked, we've only like explored 1% of our water of like in the oceans. So we don't know where these things live. We don't even know what's going on like underneath.

Jdawg  03:25

Something's out there. They're unidentified it's far but I just read this quote that that resonated. And I hope you watch it 60 minutes report. There's a lot of good content out there. And you're right, the Director of National Intelligence is slated to brief Congress in the next a month or two that could be pushed back, they say to the end of this summer to reveal their true findings. And again, we're not ready for this. I just want to read this quote that Ezra Klein wrote about and just to get us thinking about what could happen. He goes, even if you think all discussion of aliens is ridiculous, it's fun to let the mind room over the implications. The way I framed the thought experiment in recent conversations is this. Imagine tomorrow, an alien craft crashed down in Oregon. There are no life forms in it, it's effectively a drone, but it's undeniably extraterrestrial in origin. So we are faced with the knowledge that we're not alone, that we are perhaps being watched and we have no way to make contact with them. How does that change human culture in society forever? And I think that's a very real thing based on the reporting that we're seeing with 60 minutes the idea that these things are out there the idea that they could fail technologically and come crashing down to earth and that will just blow up everything you thought COVID was bad wait for that.

Michael Benatar  04:32

So it's kind of tough because this gives the crazies some more like fuel to just like go berserk are the people that are Have you ever seen that show where all the people in New York City are like prepping for like disaster where they're like ready with like weapons and they prep all the time, their whole families like birds like an alert and they're prepping for like a disaster that happen? I think a lot of people are gonna go that direction. But I don't know if it's gonna change many people's thoughts until we have it Like an alien, like talking to us, because, you know, your, your parents, my dad, whoever, like you're not going to convince them that aliens are real. Like they're, they're all their past they're like they're not gonna believe this anymore. So until one actually lands, I don't think it's gonna change anybody's mind seeing these videos really cool, really exciting. Possibly people are watching us. We don't know what to do with it, we can't defend it. I've seen one where it's like, yeah, we can't defend ourselves against whatever these guys are doing because of the way they maneuver in the air. In a way it's scary, but the other hands like kind of exciting like, obviously they haven't attacked us. So maybe we're just like their dumb experiment that they left us here and we're like some dummies just walking around, see what can happen.

Jdawg  05:41

We could do a whole podcast on the reasons why they're watching us and not like attacking us or doing anything with us. like are we? Are we a simulation for them and they're just keeping an eye on us as we play things out? Are they giving us tests like Trump and Coronavirus and climate change and it's gonna keep giving us tests until we like fail and the world ends like like there's a lot of reasons out there

Michael Benatar  06:00

and you believe now the abductions always seemed a little cuckoo for me. But now I'm like okay, this could be really happening they're examining us they're seeing what's going on like what are you I'm I'm all in on this I can't wait to see what happens maybe we'll be in Europe when this all like launches in will be a big party. This stuck

Jdawg  06:16

there forever. The aliens are upon us. And so this isn't going away. We can finally like put our COVID behind us. We're all vaccinated. roaring 20s let's figure out the aliens next. That's next on the list. Um, alright, so

Michael Benatar  06:27

can we talk hockey, I got a I'm gonna pull this up here. This is just I tweeted this out before the show. I'm going to try the tweet pics for games. So everybody can make money. Over the weekend I was in Big Bear. Was there Monday night watching hockey. And no one else was there. I was in a bar basically by myself eating dinner watching just a little like mental vacation. Hanging out. Yeah, by myself hanging out in Big Bear kayaking, drinking beer by myself. There's a lot of fun. And then I made friends with three bartenders, and I made them all gamble on hockey and I had so much fun and made me realize like God, I really miss the bar live just go in hanging out watching the game. So I gambled on the game live bet it won some money. So I think I'm just going to continue it. I'm going to try to tweet out every game Follow us on Twitter. Here all the games tonight. These are all my pics. And you can obviously parlay them. I'm taking the capitals, the canes, Oilers and the blues all the wins.

Jdawg  07:26

So those are tonight's but what happened in Big Bear? How much did you win in Big Bear? We

Michael Benatar  07:30

bet live on the Boston game when they were down one and they went into overtime. And then they won the game put $50 on it one $600 on the game.

Jdawg  07:40

Oh my god.

Michael Benatar  07:41

Yeah. And I don't you know, it's a little tipsy. So everybody was there. They're like, All right, we're all going to bed at the all bed. They all want 600 bucks.


Oh my gosh. There's so much money. They all

Michael Benatar  07:51

want some money. Ever. Yeah. So it's fine. So I'm just going to try to get back into it. I feel like we're about to go into, you know, the dog days of summer where there is no content. And I really think this is I got to enjoy this time. Like I'm gonna watch me I got a Laker shirt on tonight. I'm gonna gamble on the basketball game. I'm trying to get back. I'm


gonna watch it. You might gamble. Oh, yeah, I'll

Michael Benatar  08:11

gamble on it. I'm not gonna wanna

Jdawg  08:13

watch it. What's interesting the point you make so we are entering late May early June is coming in normally, hockey playoffs are about done NBA Playoffs are about done. They're just starting because the season was delayed. So we're getting some bonus action this summer. I don't know if we need to go to the TiVo book of content we might be able to glean with current sports.

Michael Benatar  08:31

And we may or may not be in a place where we can gamble soon. So hopefully, they're still on and we can gamble. And watch this way. It's kind of fun. Like you haven't had this in a while. Last year you watched it. Everybody was in a bubble. Literally, like we were the players were was not as back.

Jdawg  08:46

So we're back. So the solo bar scene, I mean, coming out of COVID 15 months of not going to the bar by yourself. That's nice, right? I

Michael Benatar  08:53

really enjoyed it. I was just hanging out drinking. Everybody's really nice. And it's weird when you're alone. I feel like the bartenders want to talk to you. I feel like they reach out. They're like, Hey, how you doing? Like, where are you from? Like, okay, yeah, I'll talk to you. And then just one thing led to another and this guy's a degenerate Gambler, and he wanted to talk about gambling. So that's what we ended up talking about.

Jdawg  09:12

Their listeners know about this pneumatic journey, some spending a lot of times in bars by myself like this. Sometimes not by myself, but most the time by myself, Mike. And so I am doing the same thing. I'm adding up people around me chat at the bartender sometimes complete silence is great. I'm just on my phone. Sometimes people are reading a book. I haven't gone that far. But apparently reading a book at the bar is like a thing as well.

Michael Benatar  09:33

I never like two people reading a book at a bar. Like, why don't you just do this at home? It's actually quieter, maybe can focus.

Jdawg  09:39

They've been home for 15 months. That's true. That's true.

Michael Benatar  09:41

So how are you liking the dinner scene? I always felt like the one meal alone was dinner. And it always feels awkward because everybody, no matter what you do, always couple up lunchtime breakfast. People are always going to be alone. You're going out to lunch for you know, whatever. How have you gotten past that? Because that's, they know

Jdawg  09:59

Well, I'm not in Normally like a solo traveler solo diner, I mean, in my normal life, I'm pretty social, but I would do at airports a lot. And that's where I was my experience would be an airport just traveling for work or whatever, by myself and I always enjoyed it. So I'm just extrapolating that out to the cities, I'm in now, Seattle, and Portland, and it's great. It's just, it's a comfortable vibe. And everyone's just happy to be out like in these cities, especially which are pretty liberal and have been shut down for all 15 months. I think people are just stoked to be out and it's like a celebratory spirit. And again, we're not even at Memorial Day Biden's saying July 4, no, no, Get your swag right now. It's the sports I have shirts for this summer, we have tanks. We have comfy travel clothes, wherever you're heading. If it's France or somewhere else. We got you covered with all the gear.

Michael Benatar  10:44

So last week, I mentioned how Dak was the number fourth highest paid person on the Forbes list.

Jdawg  10:49

I wanted to talk more about this. I had the whole list now.

Michael Benatar  10:52

The whole list here. I thought yeah, I have the list in front of me. I can't believe he's on the day.

Jdawg  10:55

Think about it. Now you maybe think about it. I have I have a little game ready for the game? Yeah. I believe Did you get

Michael Benatar  11:03

Oh, I got that.

Jdawg  11:09

Judo, I just want you to simply we're gonna run through this list of the Top 10 and I know you know who's on it. Tell me if they're worth that much money. bullshitter belief. Tell me if they're worth

Michael Benatar  11:17

it. So where do you wanna start? Number 10? Start number.

Jdawg  11:20

Yeah, start with kit number 10. Kevin Durant, the guy who misses all those NBA games $75 million. And this is this year, right? This is all in one year deal in one

Michael Benatar  11:29

year. So this is like what they the highest paid that year? So I guess 2020? Or is this 2021?

Jdawg  11:36

Whatever. It's 2020. Yeah, but Kevin Durant's coming in number 10, the second highest basketball player 75 million bullshitter belief

Michael Benatar  11:43

so I believe it just because he has a shoe deal with Nike. And he also does a lot of investing. So he he does like he's big in Silicon Valley. That's when he was there. And I think he partnered with a lot of people with venture firms everybody that's getting paid a lot of money now realize I should be doing something active with it. And I think a lot of these guys start doing more of those things. But I'm actually surprised you're not getting paid more. Because you would say what top three in the NBA like names people know.

Jdawg  12:12

Yeah, for sure. top top 10 but he misses all these games. We did this TSA trip. investigates and he misses so many games he's not deserving and so should be bullshit.

Michael Benatar  12:21

Well, you still gonna get your salary and contract and he just signed like a Supermax with the Nets who might be the next champions of the NBA. So

Jdawg  12:30

after a while, we'll see all right, Tom Brady at number 970 6 million How do you argue with that?

Michael Benatar  12:34

Can't argue with it feel like he should be worth more like he doesn't have like Uggs deal and a like, watch deal. He's got a lot of like, partnerships.

Jdawg  12:43

Yeah, exactly. The

Michael Benatar  12:44

TV 12 is TV 12 method.

Jdawg  12:47

Exactly. Lewis Hamilton. We just had some bug spray dropped off we had some ants in the Airbnb so this is a service Oh, nice.

Michael Benatar  12:54

I thought there was like a ghost action going on. I

Jdawg  12:57

didn't know what was happening. Thank you. Very nice. All right. He saw like a little shadows like what's happening? bug spray we had an ALRIGHT Lewis Hamilton number eight never heard of him but he's an f1 driver apparently 82 million bullshitter believe

Michael Benatar  13:12

Europeans love them. That's the thing. I don't I don't watch f1 racing

Jdawg  13:16

the f1 series on Netflix was to be really good it's like a hard knocks of f1 Formula One I

Michael Benatar  13:21

just don't I'm not a big car guy. So I don't like watching people go in circles. So

Jdawg  13:25

this is a long list maybe we should go faster. Roger Federer 90 million bullshitter believe

Michael Benatar  13:30

I believe it. Why don't we Yeah, let's do we can bounce up the top three because these are the guys that get paid a ton of money and number one

Jdawg  13:36

Emaar is on there. LeBron obviously deserves it. Dak was four All right, top three. So number three Cristiano Ronaldo in one year is going to make $120 million. But these

Michael Benatar  13:46

are like the soccer players to us. We don't even have an athlete this big because everybody loves soccer for that. They love nothing else but soccer. They don't watch football. They don't watch hockey. They don't watch anything like that. It's all soccer. So I get it. You're the number one athlete. You're gonna do it so you're gonna get a lot of money.

Jdawg  14:02

Alright, same thing with number two Messi. 130 million soccer, international exposure but much better than domestic

Michael Benatar  14:09

duty number one surprise you at all that he got paid this much.

Jdawg  14:12

Yeah. How many fights is he doing for 180 mil.

Michael Benatar  14:15

So Conor McGregor is number one. He has made $180 million now. I think it's because he's sold his whiskey company. He says why copper gentlemen or whatever. Yeah, he sold his whiskey company. So I think he got a big payout this year. I don't think he's gonna be on it next year. He'll probably be bottom 10 because I don't think he hasn't fought in years. Who knows? But yeah, so very weird. He's

Jdawg  14:38

been doing stuff recently read that all these resorts and he like goes squares up with the guys have you seen this? Like an average guy see me like squares up for 10 seconds like nose to nose? And then it's like you have that forever? I don't know. I would love that.

Michael Benatar  14:50

Yeah, I would love it. I probably will

Jdawg  14:52

you tell rover. I mean, he's so short.

Michael Benatar  14:54

No way. He's not how short is he?

Jdawg  14:56

Like a little fella. No, he's not that tall. Last time,

Michael Benatar  15:01

it looks like we could look that up. What do you want to do you want to do j dog or?


Yeah, all right. All right,


Shane Todd takes

Jdawg  15:12

595959 I'm taller than him. Even our shortest friend Sam is taller than him.

Michael Benatar  15:19

He said it was just his birthday. So a shout out to Sam.

Jdawg  15:22

He's actually shrinking with his old age. I'm not sure he is taller than him. Yeah, we don't we take some Look, I get the sponsor read and Jade was brought to you by Baha Mar. It's a whole season in the Bahamas. They're back and better than ever, open. No COVID test required just your vaccination card for Baha Mar, maybe get a free night free column up and see what you can do. Alright. Jayla takes on it's a double dip this week. We've got one that's topical and one that's been on my mind. Alright. The first one is baseball. We have a problem in baseball and I know you're not certain about it, but you're gonna like this. baseball's unwritten rules are trash and these traditionalists are killing the game. The White Sox have a manager who's 76 years old, Tony loose. He was really good. 25 years ago at the Cardinals, not anymore. One of his players hit a home run Mike hit a homerun on a three oh pitch, right? He they happen to be winning the game by nine runs at a time was like 14 to five, he ripped his own player for hitting the home run. He said we have a problem with this guy. Now he's the manager of the team. We have a problem with this guy. And if you want to go and pitch at them, go ahead and pitch it and the next night. They're throwing balls at their at this guy and Tony loose of the manager of the team. He's saying it's okay. they handled it properly. That's what you do in baseball. All because the guy hit a homerun on a three oh count in a 14 to five game. This is what's wrong with baseball. He's paid to hit bombs. He's paid to be exciting. Let him do his job. Baseball is too old something.

Michael Benatar  16:49

I agree it's too old but I don't know what these unwritten rules are. I never played baseball and never got into it. I did start I got the free download on my Xbox. I started playing. What's it called? I started playing MLB the show or something? Right? Is that your plan? Yeah, I'm terrible at it. It's not as fun as I thought. Then I start playing NHL NHL is where it's at that game is great. But I don't know these unwritten rules. I didn't know that existed I didn't it's almost like an etiquette like oh, you shouldn't hit a home run like I get it. You shouldn't like if you're up by 10 goals you don't go out there and try your hardest and fight somebody try to score but

Jdawg  17:22

but what if you do score up seven, eight goals? Is that okay? Are you gonna get hit by your team? Or

Michael Benatar  17:29

you're gonna get hit by the other team for sure.


You're gonna hate this score.

Michael Benatar  17:33

I think it's like a it's almost like you want to shift motivation if you're in hockey. Like if you're down three goals. You're gonna get out there and fight somebody or change the momentum of the game. Now baseball I do not understand the momentum of the game is like a snail's pace. They get so bored I see clips of people trying to like they're putting stuff on each other's backs. They're chewing bubblegum that you whatever the chewing, but it's a boy they're like bored. They don't know what they do. So they're just making a bullshit. I don't know. I don't like baseball. I don't even know I don't know these rules. So the rules are terrible.

Jdawg  18:04

Okay, guys are terrible. My next dog takes on unless you have a j dog takes I don't

Michael Benatar  18:08

have a j dog six on No.

Jdawg  18:11

I have to. Okay, it's going back to the draft. But this one's been on my mind. I keep thinking about it. Okay, the Jets are getting a free pass for drafting Zach Wilson and we're all just saying yes, Zach Wilson should have gone second and the whole thing about the draft was who goes third. Shanahan chose Trey lands. We saw fields fall to the bears. We saw Mack Jones fall the Patriots. Why do the Jets think Zach Wilson's the guys Zach Wilson looks like a child Zach Wilson is probably Conor McGregor's height at five nine. We talked about how he's going from Mormons and BYU to New York City and what a transition that's going to be for him. I think he's going to fail miserably. I think the Jets are going to fail miserably. And I think the Jets are getting a free pass just because the guy had one good season of college football

Michael Benatar  18:55

who are the two teams right now it's like Houston and somebody else to be the worst teams in the league right like the odds I don't know where I saw it the other day but it was is Houston and somebody else


I want that B

Michael Benatar  19:06

is Houston I can look it up but it was is definitely Houston somebody I don't know if the Jets are going to be that bad like this has to be an upgrade for somebody right Sam darnold was a waste I not doing anything now he's somewhere else maybe it's gonna be a little better form but yeah, I don't know. I don't know. Trying to look it up but God these odds were these odds. Let's go.

Jdawg  19:26

The Texans are definitely gonna be the worst. Yeah, if

Michael Benatar  19:29

the Shawn doesn't come back, it's gonna be really bad. Alright, I can't find this. You can keep talking but I'll keep looking for that second

Jdawg  19:36

team was I think the Texans will be the worst. I'd put the Jets right there with the Texans. I think the Texans have some leftover talent. If you consider Brandon cooks talent. I don't know. Maybe they don't. But everybody's gone.

Michael Benatar  19:47

Right. Everybody's everybody. They kept

Jdawg  19:48

a few they have like David Johnson still and Duke Johnson. Right. They have the Johnson boys. They drafted a quarterback up high. They have tyrod the play this year. Yeah, that'd be terrible. That's all it's about the Jets. They're gonna be just as bad and you should hammer the under on the jets and don't buy any potential. Don't buy the dip with the Jets.

Michael Benatar  20:07

No, but do better maybe during the week, you know, just if they're down by, you know, whatever plus 19 you take them, you got to take them there.

Jdawg  20:15

I think that's a plus 19 the other side.

Michael Benatar  20:18

What else? I got a I got scandal city more than Rogers, do you want to talk about Aaron Rodgers? Or do we want to not talk about him? It's more about this.

Jdawg  20:27

Before you get into it, I just want to say something about Aaron Rodgers. And it kind of clicked for me recently. Um, I've I've always defended Aaron Rodgers. And I've always said that he he should have more more rings than he does. I've always said that he should have more resources around him than he does. And I think Aaron Rodgers is really just realizing what I've been saying this whole time. Like, I think he's been listening to the sports hangover when you think about it, because Aaron Rodgers is saying something years after I first raised the flag on him. And I've been defending him all this time. And I talked about how Mike McCarthy ruined him. And I talked about how the drafting of Jordan love ruined him. I was just a few years ahead of this curve. And maybe that's another reason to continue defending the guy cuz I was right about.

Michael Benatar  21:06

So I'm not I listen, this is from some guy on Twitter. I don't know if he's putting out fake news, but it's like, the locker room like shaming matla, Fuller, and like calling them Matt Lapore saying like it's just like weird things in the locker room that Aaron Rodgers was like, leading or letting happen. So I don't know if this is something that can be fixed. Like when you're so like, this guy came in? I thought the team was looking okay, right. Like two years ago, they were like decent, maybe even last year,


but I don't very decent.

Michael Benatar  21:39

Yeah. But there is just like, you know, there's always these teams that you look at, and you're like, oh, they're not going to get past that part. Because they don't have it this year. They don't, they don't have that. But even with Tom Brady, where like, we don't really know what his ceiling is. But it doesn't look like he's reached it yet. And they won the Super Bowl. Right? You see those teams are like, no, they're good, but they're not great. And I think that's how we saw the Packers, like they're always like, some nights. They could be great and other nights or just shoot the bed.

Jdawg  22:06

And it really depends on Rogers in general, if he played a good game, they probably won. If he didn't, they probably lost and maybe that shouldn't be all on his ass. Because if they had a good defense at some point in the last 15 years, maybe they could have won a game for him. I don't think that happened to

Michael Benatar  22:18

Jeremy when he is a Denver Bronco. And they go to the Super Bowl and win it. Then we can say he needed some more assets around him. And maybe he was right to be mad, but who knows.

Jdawg  22:29

It'll be interesting. He's gonna be on a different team at some point. And maybe I'll live in a city that he's in. I've got a guest that tweet.

Michael Benatar  22:35

Oh, where's that one? A datum? I don't know where that one is. Guess

Jdawg  22:51

it's not really a guess. But I just wanted to share it because it's a tweet and it's funny. And it kind of gets you into a peak of one specific NFL franchise that listens to our show. najee Harris is a new Steeler running back from the NFL Draft. And he has a quote about his transition from college at Alabama to the NFL. Are you ready for this? Real quote. I know on Twitter, we've got hella free time compared to Alabama. And that is all you need to know about what the Steelers are doing with their non complicated offense. Apparently, their non offseason game planning apparently. And just the difference between a Nick Saban college program and a mike Tomlin NFL franchise.

Michael Benatar  23:33

Now it's offseason, right. Like, how hard Are you working off in the offseason? You're not is there? otas right


now you're working now?

Michael Benatar  23:40

Yeah, working out. But it's not like mandatory if you wanted to go take a vacation. You could, right. Yeah, I don't. I don't know how the schedule works. Yeah, but it's not looking good for the Steelers. I know the Steelers fans have lots out. But I don't think this is the year it's not

Jdawg  23:54

good. I don't think many years in the future or the year you got what you got. You hope you enjoyed the 2010s and now it's over. Yeah, sorry, Lou.

Michael Benatar  24:02

Yeah, it's just like the Patriots like they're big and good and I don't think they're been good for a while

Jdawg  24:08

but who knows? Maybe you're right the Patriots hopefully enter the same down downturn as the Steelers what's the hangover hotline number for lewd to rebuttal. Oh,

Michael Benatar  24:15

yeah, Lou. Hit us up at is 323-334-0239. I'll put it up. That's not the one I don't know even where it is. website.

Jdawg  24:26

Set your strip club lips.

Michael Benatar  24:28

There it is. For hotline. Yeah. Yeah. Call us. Call us right now. Somebody is watching. So if they can, they can call us right now to maybe it's probably

Jdawg  24:37

one of our

Michael Benatar  24:37

parents. Or I have some food news. We haven't done Food News in a while.

Jdawg  24:43

We're taking a minute for sure.

Michael Benatar  24:45

Here's what I found. Here's some news for Food News. Okay, Jeremy, you're gonna be in town soon. We're gonna finally finally go into Chavez Ravine and go to the Dodger Stadium. Never been inside. I think we have like a picture. Have you like walking up to the gate? We're gonna go in and recently they just put in a Shake Shack not in and out in and out said they didn't want to be in there. Shake Shack to me reminds me more of like East Coast New York, but shake shacks in there so they got some good food, big beers big pretzels. Are you excited? excited for Shake Shack?

Jdawg  25:18

That's Uh, yeah, I didn't know that. Now my only experience with the Shake Shack in a baseball stadium. humblebrag. I was sitting in the meds owners box behind home late. And they allow the option of Shake Shack to be delivered to your seat for free from centerfield, which is like such a long walk now. That was the owners box. I don't think you'd be there for the Dodgers. So we might have to pay for it ourselves might have to stand in line ourselves. But I'm super excited the greasiest burger. And I think you might have to get a milkshake too. So you're gonna have to go in the dairy route.

Michael Benatar  25:46

That's okay. I'm into the dairy route. Then I I also found Do you know who the Myrtle Beach pelicans are? They have like a baseball bat of beer for $1 It's huge.

Jdawg  25:56

It's like this was a big cat who tweeted that as I thought I know,

Michael Benatar  26:00

I just I saw it. Like I was reading something. I'm like, Damn, this looks great. Dodger Stadium does not have that. You're gonna be much more expensive.

Jdawg  26:07

But I do need to be on my best behavior for entering ship as you're doing like take no chances as you go in. I'm going to be like super super on point.

Michael Benatar  26:13

Yeah, sober just walking sober. That's all.

Jdawg  26:16

That's right. That's, that's hard to do. Mike tune in for next week. For the listeners. We're gonna be in the same place and things always get weird when you record from the same place. So the reason to watch and listen next week.

Michael Benatar  26:28

It's gonna be awkward. I think we're just going to sit here and face the camera and talk because I have no way of camera one camera we can get mad at each other. Wow. Yeah. It'll be weird. We can

Jdawg  26:39

I record from upstairs just like this. We keep it sweet. Keep it SAP. That's good. Okay, we can do that.

Michael Benatar  26:44

We can do that. Yeah. So next week, you'll be here. We're gonna do a lot of activities. We're gonna go. You're gonna watch me play hockey. We're gonna go watch baseball. See what happens.

Jdawg  26:53

Good activities. Tell me more about your Laker shirt. It's kind of cool for people that can't see it a

Michael Benatar  26:57

championship Lakers shirt wearing it tonight going to gamble on the game just trying to really felt like I wasn't into it. And I'm just really immersing myself into all the sports I'm gonna watch it just to put it on every TV put a game on this team but a game on that TV. Just have the sound on you know, I'm going to sports are back.

Jdawg  27:15

This is how it should be in a post COVID

Michael Benatar  27:17

world. And we're going to go to a basketball basketball game and baseball game. The last game I went to a sports game. What a sports game is I went to I went to the Lakers game in February of last year.

Jdawg  27:30

really well. You could add COVID there and you never knew it. Never know. Everybody was definitely in LA

Michael Benatar  27:36

definitely here. Check out the sports we have tons and tons of swag up there right now get it in summary is almost here. Tank season is upon us. So go to sports hang over. We'll hopefully be putting up some more swag next week. I'm going to be putting out a ton of like team branded swag. I think championship like playoff teams. I'm gonna try to put up good, calm and follow us on Twitter at t sh podcast. And I'll be tweeting out tons and tons of pics. And hopefully we all make money. That's all we need.

Jdawg  28:06

Yeah, if you're gonna make the bartender's money, at least make our listeners money.

Michael Benatar  28:09

Hopefully these all hit tonight. Hopefully it's on a bus. Alright, if we don't get the rest of Moser B's, hopefully we are back next week.

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