BS or Believe these QBs: Rodgers, Fields, Stafford, Herbert, Tua

BS or Believe these QBs: Rodgers, Fields, Stafford, Herbert, Tua

The guys play ‘BS or Believe’ on the QBs making the most noise around the league including the future of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

Mike is not happy about the Cowboys-Bucs Week 1 opening night game but J Dawg tells him Dak Prescott will play well in his comeback game.

And Scandal City features Dak being way overpaid and Deshaun Watson’s murky future in Houston.



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\I'm Michael Benatar joined alongside J. Dog. Mike, it's good to see you. We're both on the west coast. I was just telling you I love like getting up early on the West Coast like when the East Coast gets up because that's what I was getting up anyway. So like starting work at 6am Pacific and rapping early hitting the bars early. It's been a good time. He it's a it's a weird feeling when you first move out here like when you actually live here. It's always weird because you always feel behind. But then in the evening, you feel ahead. First ahead if you're if you're always talking to people on the East Coast, you feel like ahead like oh, I can stay up until nine o'clock and watch the UFC fight which I never knew fights would go on that late until like midnight. I say that like Monday Night Football is on at midnight. Wow. That's wild. Yeah, like the West Coast game. So it's nice. You're


here in Seattle, Seattle. Don't give away my whole itinerary one week. So I'm in Seattle loving it. If you're in Seattle right now, you know what I'm experiencing? The weather is amazing. It's great weather. You know, I'm just looking to meet up with like three friends and see what happens. That's great. Yeah, have some fun out Seattle. Great, great city. All right. What do you want to start? We we missed last week's show. I feel like the biggest thing Do you want to play bullshitter believe real quick. Yeah.


I got a lot of buttons here now. So if you're watching I'm gonna do this. But right here Aaron Rodgers. This is what we're How can you How can people watch us Mike if they'd rather watch them? Listen, listen, it's very random. We don't really give too much notice, but we go live. Just follow us on Facebook, YouTube or Twitch. And then you'll know when we're live. And then you can see the visuals or you can watch this later on YouTube.


But bullshitter believe do we actually believe Aaron Rodgers is leaving the Packers. That's the image we're looking at spread far. Holding Aaron Rodgers hand and Brett Farve same gut feeling Aaron's done with the Packers. This is like an exclusive image you have because I don't think there's many pictures of the two of them, like embracing each other. And this is one of them. We know they didn't get along well in Green Bay. And five is saying, gut tells me Aaron Rodgers done with the Packers. You know, I hate the story. And I told you that two weeks ago, and I hate it even more now because it's dominating the headlines, Mike, and apparently it's dominating our show, too. And I get it because it's ratings and it's a slow time of year. So you put this as the number one story and I get it. But it bothers me because this is something we should have been talking about for two years. Because once the Packers drafted Jordan love, this was always going to happen. And now that Roger says something about it, we're all covering it. We should have been way out ahead of this. They drafted Jordan love as Rogers replacement. We knew this was coming. They're jerking him around now because he played well last year after they didn't expect him to play well, because you wouldn't draft Jordan love if he thought he was going to keep playing at a high level. So none of this is surprising to me. He should go somewhere else he's upset about it. The Packers have completely butchered the situation. Do you think it's fair though, that he's waited this long to do it? Why not do it? last year? Did did he actually still think he had a shot at the Super Bowl or playoffs? Like it was this? He's like,


we all thought they'd beat the Bucs in the NFC Championship game right? Well, after we saw that regular season game where they got blew out, and Rodgers went through two interceptions, three interceptions, like the most he's ever had on the Bucs for lose that game. I know but so it's just it's weird that it took this long and now he's irritated. I think something shifted in his life. Right? He broke up with Danica Patrick then randomly got married to a celebrity and now is on Celebrity Jeopardy hosting. I think he might be weirdly almost done. Like to me if you told me the odds, were in the favor of him retiring or him going to another team. I'd say retiring more than going to another team. Right? Like it seems like he's the kind of guy that wants to stay there. But didn't you hear some of the stories about him like yelling at like the GM like getting in a fight? Like they had a pull them away from each other? Did you see that article? I did. And I don't have a problem with Rogers doing that. I mean, they're jerking him around. And I don't know you're always like a player's guide. I feel like you should be supporting Rogers more than you are right now. I guess. Well, you know, I'm not a big Roger supporter. So I know but you're a player, you support the player more than the franchise. I do support the player. But I think sometimes it's hard to support it when he saw the writing on the wall last year. But he didn't do anything about it. So is it It sounds like he's been mad since that draft and he was mad all last year. But he played any and he didn't say anything. He didn't say anything publicly here. Donal schefter. broke the story. It's out there. Roger still hasn't come out and said any of this is true. So he's not the one out there Speaking to reporters and doing interviews about it. He doesn't want attention about it. It's just that the Packers somehow


He did. And now it's out there and, and it's very clear what's going on. So I was thinking about this the other day, I don't know if this is like out there in the news, but I thought of the greatest trade package ever to get Aaron Rodgers off the team, because all right, let's assume he's playing into this year, next year, trade them. Now the only place you would go that would feel like an even exchange, maybe not even, maybe somebody would win here. And I think I know who would win. But basically, packers and Seahawks trade, Russell Wilson for Aaron Rodgers swap teams. Russell goes over here the Packers, Aaron Rodgers goes over here. You play the teams, you're over there, you're doing your own thing. It seems like it makes the most sense. It's like the one on one trade. Now maybe you could have done this with the Shawn at some point. But I don't know if he's playing. I don't know what legally is going on with him anymore. There's like more and more people keep coming forward. So I think right now, this is the only trade that you could possibly pull off like one to one. I kind of agree with you. Because Rogers for any draft picks doesn't make a lot of sense. Because how many draft picks? Do you give up for a quarterback so old? Like if it was to Shaun Watson, you give up all these first round picks, because you know, if his legal troubles are behind him, he's gonna be young and make plays for you for years. Rogers is like, well, he was not great two years ago. So are you gonna give up for first round picks? And what if he's not great, and then you kind of wasted several years of your franchise. So I think like a quarterback for quarterback swap makes a lot of sense. The one that I keep seeing is the Raiders and Derek Carr. I don't I don't like their car. Like I don't think that does anything for the Packers. But just a few times. Yeah. Like don't play Derek Carr. But isn't it weird that I don't Has there ever been a trade for a quarterback Like this? Like didn't Brett Farve just basically his contract was up and he got to choose where he went to the Jets when he went to the Jets or the Vikings or something like that. It's almost at some point, you don't hold your value anymore, and you're just signing these cheap contracts now like Cam Newton, maybe he's already at that stage. We're just like, hey, signing into another year. Let's see what you got. But it almost seems a little different with Tom Brady. He knew he's coming in like sign me three years. I can go wherever we want. The NFL doesn't do big trades like this. They're not fun. They don't do packages, and like NBA super max trades. It's like I want to keep my asset and I'm not trading you a goddamn thing so that that's all that could make sense to me. I don't know that school. They're on their way to be more like the NBA with the way that the players are now controlling the narrative, right? Like we saw Russell and deshaun Watson in the offseason now we see Aaron Rodgers it's like they're then different ways even if they're roundabout ways. They're going out there and asking for trades just like a James Harden would when he got fat and told the rockets to train them to Brooklyn, and they did like they listen to him. And if you want the NFL turned into the NBA, it's going down that road. I don't think it's a good road to go down. But it seems like we're about there. I got another bullshitter believe the schedule came out for the NFL. I hate this too. Maybe it's just takes on episode Mike this again.


I'm not doing the schedule. I'm just talking about the damn Tampa Bay Buccaneers plane.


I'm mad at the schedule. everyone cares about it. I don't care. I do not care about the goddamn schedule. Release. Jeremy. Okay. I care that Tampa Bay Tom Brady over here. He is getting an easy layup when his first game Thursday Night Football playing your boy Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys. Why is he playing the Dallas Cowboys? Is it just like we feel bad for you, Tom, you get to play the Dallas Cowboys. I don't I think it's like it's unwatchable game to me. I don't want to watch it. Tom Brady's gonna we're definitely not unwatchable after nine months of no football you know you're gonna watch


the clock your time and the sun will be out in LA and you're gonna watch this shit. I know. We thought it would be the Buffalo Bills cuz that's a better matchup right? Yeah. Josh Allen and Tom Brady. Like that's a better matchup tissue. Yeah, I think you're wrong about the Cowboys. I think you're bouncing back this year. I think Dak will be healthy where my friends will be. Their defense will be much improved.






it's a great matchup for TV you know the ratings are gonna love the ratings are gonna love the cowboys and the Bucs.


And Jerry Jones against Brady. Exactly. That's what I'm looking for. I have no problem with it and the Cowboys probably win the game by the way. All right, we'll take bets on it. I think it just doesn't make sense to me. Dak Prescott coming off an injury coming back playing football against the Super Bowl champions that basically did not lose a player and you think they're gonna have it doesn't it? I saw this I'm like, who's making the schedule what it did jerry jones pay off the NFL to say put me in the spotlight. My boy Dak is back we're playing who's left on that team who what wide receivers do they have? Whatever they have a live CD lamb and Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup and probably Jason Witten still and Zeke Elliott.


They just did a bunch of defensive players. They're gonna be great. I'm not worried about the Cowboys though. I have a few rapid fire bullshit or burning buildings for you. I get it. The first one the bears will work.


gret drafting Justin fields instead of Mack Jones, the more I think about this, they gave us a lot of picks to move up and get Justin fields. Mack Jones was just sitting there the whole time. I think Matt Jones will be better bullshitter belief. I believe it also Justin fields looked super depressed about getting that phone call. Like, we got you for the bears, bro. He's like, yeah, cool. That's great. You're really awesome. And they're so excited. Like, you see the coach. He's like, yeah, we're so pumped for you to be here and they're like hugging after getting off the phone with them. And he does. He's like, I don't care. I don't want to be up in steam. I agree with you. I think they should take in Mack Jones. I like those behind the scenes draft videos were like they released the call from the team. I think it's good. Here's another one. The Chargers with Justin herber and a new offensive line can win the AFC West bullshit or believe remind me who's in the AFC West again achieves


that's, that's the headline. Ah, I don't think they could win it. But I think they are very competitive. I love that kid. They're all watchable team all of a sudden, because years ago not watchable. I think Anthony when their coach held him back a lot too. He's gone now. Right? He's gone. Yeah, exactly. I think they can win it. That's why I wrote the question that way because the Chiefs didn't really get better this offseason. I haven't seen them add much except they blew up their offensive line, which got them in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs will be a force obviously in the wind a lot of games the Chargers might be able to stick with them. Here's the bullshitter believe on the other la team Mike the Rams are loading up on talent with Matthew Stafford bullshit or believe the Rams can win the Super Bowl. That's a big bullshit for me. There's no way that Matthew Stafford is a is that much better than Jared Goff? Right. They're like, yes, it's possible. Are they not semi? We know how good Stafford is because he's been on a losing franchise his whole life.


I'm trying to think of a good analogy as soon as like, oh, what about like burgers like is a I guess Shake Shack to me a Shake Shack burger is much better than an In and Out Burger. But they're kind of the same. They're like they're both good in their own way. But they're, they're mediocre. They're fast food, you know what you're getting. And that's why golf is actually a Burger King burger and then Shake Shack is actually Stafford because then it's much better, right? I don't know how much better it is though. Because sometimes a Burger King burger those like big burgers they make are pretty good. Or like the Baconator at Wendy's. Like they're all kind of the same meet you know, they're all fast food. I don't know. I don't think it's a big upgrade for him. Matthew Stafford, he's not a exciting player. He's a very he gets frustrated a lot. And over the years of betting on him during Thanksgiving. I'm over. I don't want to see it. Good day. I don't get to see him on Thanksgiving. that chance. Yeah. It'll be Jared Goff in the lions and a terrible first game that we can miss that'll come out and in the schedule is one more bullshitter believe before we get out of that one. The dolphins can win the AFC East because there's been a lot of talk about who can challenge the bills. And some people think it's the dolphins we've had a great offseason. The draft was on the defensive side. We got the playmaker for two and he's gonna be healthy. Give it to me, Mike, tell me. Listen, I'm gonna. I'm gonna believe it if I see something from two because two was a little disappointing as a fantasy owner of two. Yeah, I did not see and sometimes I heard it in your voice too. When we spoke every week during the football season.


He's not there. And like, why is Ryan Fitzpatrick coming in the throw the ball like what's really happening? I hope it was just nerves we saw with Justin Herbert did just coming in like, Hey, dude, you got to play today. We stuck a hole on our boys long and he just played to us. Like a sabotage. Yeah. That was a weird one. Yeah, I know is up and down with two. He was coming up the hip surgery. And you know, I admitted recently before the legal troubles that I was ready to trade to and draft picks for Shaun Watson. Until that becomes a possibility again, maybe next year. Let's ride with two. Let's try with the boys. Yes, they can win the AFC East. It might be unlikely the bills are pretty stacked. But I think the dolphins will be the second best team better than the Patriots. I 100% agree that they'll be better than the Patriots. I just I want to see what's going on. I thought they were great. They were fun to watch last year.


From the gamble on it was a wild year to gamble on football. So hopefully this year is a little more normal because that's I don't think it would be let's get to a quick scandal city. Can we do that? Oh, I got a scandal city too. If I can find the bumper, you know, when it gets further away from me, I can't find it. Because the dirty stories around the sport world in this week's scandal city. So this is scandalous. And I know you have one too but just talking about the Shawn Watson the Texans didn't have a first or a second round pick in the Draft. Their first pick was in the third round, which is not what you want when you're a team that needs a quarterback and you're rebuilding but they've made that awful laremy tunsil trade with the dolphins so at least they have a left tackle that they're paying a lot of money to. So they pick in the third round for the first time and they have all these needs. Right? You know, they could use like receiver you know, they can use defensive help. What did they do? They drafted a quarterback and it's very telling to me because their GM is brand new. Their head coach is brand new. They didn't have


A top pick to get one of the good quarterbacks. And yet still in the third round, like the 100 pick or whatever it was, they took a quarterback which means to me deshaun Watson is 100% out, you don't sign tyrod Taylor, you don't draft a quarterback that early. If you think he's gonna sit behind anyone for any length of time. I think Watson is 100% out of Houston. And now we just need to figure out if it's for the legal reasons and he gets in trouble there. Or if they trade him once the season starts. Now they have a bunch of quarterbacks on the roster. They don't even need them. Well, could it be a backup to not have a backup the Tyra but like, we know that we know the abilities of tyrod enough to know that maybe he's not going to win us games when maybe this guy that we just drafted which I don't know anything about could be our guy that could back up or he could be a great trade asset down the road if we can get him to play some games, because we always see those like guys that are out there playing like, I know, Matthew Stafford went down last year and there's some, you know, hustling guys out there throwing the ball or the guy that backed up, Jared Goff like sometimes you see him like, okay, maybe you can play maybe he's not bad. So maybe it's trade bait, but I hope the Shawn plays because at that point, Houston is just a mess of the team. It could be the worst team in the league. Yeah, they will be and that's another reason I was kind of puzzled why they took a quarterback when they did in the third round, because they'll probably be terrible and have like a first the first pick of next year's draft where all these quarterbacks are available. So it does make you wonder what the thought process is, but I think the shine is 100% done won't be in Houston. So it just depends on what the reason is. Why are we gonna throw it back to him? I'm going all the way back to 2013. Our boy right here, we're bringing out TiVo. This guy right here getting signed. Maybe there are a lot of rumors getting signed to the Jags and I liked this tweet. I don't know why I liked it so much, but it just shows like I use friends with the coach getting signed to the team, your tight end all of a sudden used to be quarterback. One clip of you out there which I don't have I wish I actually had this clip of Tim Tebow being a tight end trying to catch the ball. He did not catch the ball. I hit him in the head.


Does this sound they're they're bringing him back. Yeah, the Jags are bringing them back. It's pretty much official now. So this tweet says this TiVo deal just shows the personal relationships go further at this level than actual ability. And it's something I've seen a lot Mike this week of guys in the league and around the league talking about how he doesn't deserve a chance and Urban Meyer is playing with fire because it could lose the locker room. If he's like dropping balls in practice. And he's clearly not good when there's like other guys who have played tight end their whole life who who are more deserving of a chance and of course race comes into it because T Bo's white, and a lot of football players are not so I think that's going to be an issue as we go forward. I think TiVo from a leadership perspective is great to have on the team. I get it even the mentor like Trevor Lawrence, I was like a coach like none of your offensive coaches are as prestigious as Tim Tebow. So he becomes like the most prestigious coach for Trevor Lawrence in a way which I think helps him out. Does it hurt the locker room at all because if you were Trevor Lawrence coming into the team you you just got signed to the Jags Chairman, you You are now the rookie quarterback of the team, you come in, and there's this guy that kneels and prays every game and like does all this stuff and like hypes everybody up with you know, maybe more of a preacher like presence in the room? Does it take away from your ability to lead the room at all? Because I think it's hard when there's a guy with such a big presence that you need to be show that you're the leader and I understand he was probably a great guy. You met him once right? Didn't you say he was a great guy remembered your name is super nice. He knew he knew everyone's name on the set. It was crazy. He's a super nice guy. I think he'll only help the locker room. I don't know buying the scandal side of it and that he's gonna hurt it. I can buy the scandal side and the fact that he might not deserve it because he's a washed quarterback and he's a washed baseball player. Don't forget, like you may have a favorite play where he dropped that ball that you're talking about. My favorite play is when he threw the touchdown pass Marius Thomas on the quick slant against the Steelers in the playoffs. And for that reason Tim Tebow has more playoff wins as a quarterback than someone like Andy Dalton, who still is in the league making $10 million a year. I think good for him. You gotta hustle the system right? I have one more scandal city this refers to your boy Dak Prescott. So Forbes put out a list of the top paid athletes and your boy Dak not only he jumped from like not even being on the list to being number four wealthiest player in the like in all of sports. Not the NFL. In all of sports high Oh, there's like three other guys above and they get paid a lot more money. And Dak is here. I like a little. So Prescott earns 31 million from his one year franchise tender in 2020. And this offseason, he's earned 160 million extension, which includes a $66 million


signing bonus. This is Jerry Jones feeling bad for the broken leg and wanting to write him a check for $66 million. Which Mike you come over here and shatter my leg all over the house. I'm staying in and I'll take the 66 million you can do whatever the hell you want to my leg. I mean, he also made it the NFL to give them a primetime


slotted starting playing the Super Bowl champion. So the story we're all tuning in for


I don't I don't understand how he's getting paid this much. If you quiz somebody I should have quizzed you I should have said, Who are the top three Highest Paid players in the NFL? I don't know. But now right now it is Dak because he's higher paid than anybody else in the NFL. Like Dak Prescott is a speculative stock he is Roku, where he's he's not what he's going to be in the future. You know, it's going to be much higher and much more successful in the future. So you might as well buy it now and let it ride and see what happens. Um, yeah, probably not. I have one more scandal. I mean, do we care about the Kentucky Derby winner testing positive for steroids? Tell me about it. He was tested positive for steroids on a second place when so I don't know if the casinos give your money back for if you bet on the guy. No, it's official 30 pay them out. But Bob Baffert, the trainer went on fox news on Monday morning after this came out and he said, a drunk person urinated near the stall where the hay was being kept and the horse ate the head and urinated and the man had a cough so he was on cough syrup. So yeah, horse ingested the cough syrup. That was Monday. by Tuesday afternoon, Bob Baffert issued a statement apologizing for giving real drugs to the horse and he backtracked from his urine story claim. That's the scandal here that I enjoy this bullshit trainer who's won like every Kentucky Derby like we all know what he looks like, once a year we see him at the track is like, oh, take one of his horses. It's gonna win and it always does. But he's pretty scandalous in the end. I love it. I mean, good for him. He tried. I don't know. Not good for him. Good for him. But like, it was a good effort. He tried. He tried to get away. He's dragging his horse. I have one thing here I just want to is like some big energy. Did you see this video of the Steelers punter. I know we're doing a lot of interacting right now. I don't know if this is actually gonna work. No, but I put the tick tock live here. This is great. I'm pulling up a tick tock live. This is the Steelers punter. They drafted I don't know what position like third round or something like that. Right? This was like a very high draft pick. But they drafted a punter which we're trying to get to. And his punt. He's like, that's no they didn't.


This is they drafted that guy. I think he's pulling up a video right now of an offensive lineman kicking a football. Yeah, so there's no sound I don't know if we're gonna be able to hear any of the sound anyways. But he's a big boy. Big Big Boy. Big Boy. And I don't know if this was the no you can't hear it's gone through that. I can hear it a little bit. This guy's like going through talking about like comparing them to Steph Curry all this stuff. This guy's a big unit. So imagine a dude with a lot of weight on him that maybe should not be in a punters uniform, maybe alignment. And oh is a 254th pick. So I thought that's pretty high up there. Basically, he's got a big ass leg and he's gonna be their punter. I just wanted to bring it up because I thought it was kind of funny. I never see drafting of punters. Oh, you know, they're supposed to take an offensive lineman in the first round and they took a running back instead. So I think that guy's gonna actually play right guard who's gonna play preseason and just try to try to get some reps in on the line to looks like he's he's got the size for us. I think that's what they're thinking get the punter offensive lineman combo all at once, um, anything else you want to talk about? Because I have some hangover hotline. I have some I have some notes from our YouTube do a hotline you know, we have to get out of here in a second but do a hotline and then we'll get out.


Alright, so are these comments? These are comments on our YouTube videos. I have not I've never actually looked at any of these. So nine months ago, a ruin nation commented on our T ball team Tim Tebow was blackballed from the NFL. Now, let me just tell you this video came out in 2013 and he just really wasn't blackballed was he?


is just not good


to get back. So yeah, he said Chiba was blackballed, so I don't I guess that was like one of his comments. He just had to let us know like, 10 years later that that's, that's what happened. Oh, he's actually back. So he's the opposite of blackball. Tony Romo overpaid as cowboys fans unite against Jerry Jones. So this was a video that we did years ago. And this guy King a game says, as I said before, media will make anything it's a storyline. Jerry Jones always overpaid for players and this was a one month ago, so I don't know who he's told. He hasn't told us that one. But thank you for telling us for the first time. Yeah, the media does overhype everything. That's our job. That's why we talked about Aaron Rodgers and this show. And yeah, Tony Romo was paid too much just like that Prescott's paid too much and Jerry Jones can afford it and it's gonna fly everywhere and his private plane on his yacht and he's fine with it. So don't look to be I would love to be friends with Jerry. I'd love to be the quarterback of Jerry's team because Jerry wants to overpay you


I would love to be a fan of Jerry's team.


Mazda, GM Jerry, just owner Jerry. Yeah, owner Jerry. And this is one of your hot takes. Why are nba stars missing so many games and Jackson Matthews he says thank you for talking about this. NBA players miss a ridiculous amount of games and he just wanted to comment this was two days ago and he just want to give you some props so I just want to shout you out j dog. We should have Jackson on the show because it's an underreported story and we're trying to get out there we can only do so much ourselves so the idea that Jackson's into it and we've got people commenting on it. Where are the NBA players are gonna come back? We don't know but we need to continue investigating because that's what TSH does if you miss that show go down a few shows it's in the headline wire NBA players missing so many games it's a thorough breakdown there's percentages their stats, there's your deep dive on this NBA players pretty good Yeah, pretty good a couple weeks ago for us Yeah, those tha t sh investigates which was a really good I like that that's all I got you got anything else you got Jr. takes on this week or no? I do but we're gonna save it for next week because that's what the tease is all about. So come back next week. Subscribe Now come back. We're selling swag as well. Memorial Day is coming July 4 is coming the roaring 20s are coming you want to look good, feel good play good drink good. You do it with your sports hangover merge on the sports That's right. That's right. Go sports hangover calm. And if we don't get arrested Melissa reviews hopefully we are back next


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