Draft Night: Belichick Waits for Mac, More Studs & Duds

Draft Night: Belichick Waits for Mac, More Studs & Duds

J Dawg breaks down the big winners and losers of the NFL Draft featuring Mac Jones, Kyle Shanahan, Jon Gruden, Justin Herbert, the Steelers and many more.

A game of ‘BS or Believe’ on Aaron Rodgers playing again in Green Bay and Tim Tebow playing Tight End of Jacksonville. Prepare for the Summer of Tebow!

And Mike brings the Scandal City with news of Floyd Mayweather boxing Logan Paul in Miami on June 6.




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Jdawg, Michael Benatar

Michael Benatar  00:02

Welcome to the sports hangover. I'm Michael Benatar joined alongside j dog.

Jdawg  00:07

Mike NFL Draft How was it last night? Were you fired up? Were you drinking? Are you loving it?

Michael Benatar  00:13

I watched the first I probably watched the first hour and then I left to go to dinner. So I didn't watch the whole thing I was getting a little tweets back and forth you know like Oh, hey do this is going on Adam schefter really kept me in the whole thing. Honestly, it was I don't like how the draft is I don't like all the time in between and then I have to hear the analysts I get very bored I'm the

Jdawg  00:39

first hour that you probably watch it sounds like was pretty awful. We we were subjected to Kings of Leon I don't know why in 2021 that's I don't understand that but that Yeah. And and then the first Picton happens like a 30. Like, hey, we're here eight o'clock. Let's get these going. We already knew Lauren Wilson. We're going first so that kind of bothered me but once it started going in number three, and we'll get into all of it throughout the show. I thought it was pretty entertaining. The quarterbacks went to some interesting places. The dolphins made their two picks a lot of time packed. One thing that bummed me out I'm just gonna say it there and Rogers thing just bummed me out. The draft is one of my favorite days, Mike, it's a day for the draft and it's all about the college prospects, the college quarterbacks What are these teams going to do? Who's going to trade up? The Rogers thing was such a wrinkle in it all and then nothing even happened? He didn't get traded. So like what was all that about?

Michael Benatar  01:31

You didn't like the excitement like that got me excited. I'm like, Oh shit, could Rogers go somewhere else is he? Is he becoming a diva? He married a Hollywood celebrity and he's a diva all of a sudden What's going on? Like, that's what my thought was?

Jdawg  01:44

Well, yeah, if you have gotten traded last night, that was very entertaining and it would have been great but it didn't happen so like we know he's not going to get traded now because you would just trade them for next year's draft picks and you can just do that next offseason so he isn't done going anywhere for the next nine months like guaranteed so that's why it's like a bummer for me

Michael Benatar  02:01

but could he pull like I'm not showing up kind of thing like I'm you trade me or I'm not showing up?

Jdawg  02:07

Yeah, but what's the incentive for them to not do it next February when they'll still get the same draft picks that they would get right now?

Michael Benatar  02:14

No, no, I mean, it's too late like you should have traded at the first round like you want Trevor Lawrence you want Aaron Rodgers? I would take probably Aaron Rodgers at this point. Even though I don't like a meme. I

Jdawg  02:24

mean, Lord No, no, no, he's special okay until we special like him or Zach Wilson. You could say Rogers or anyone else on the list but Lawrence or Rogers disagree with that.

Michael Benatar  02:34

Do you want to do want to get into the the winners and losers of the night?


I know some studs in bed. All right. Well, yeah, we

Michael Benatar  02:39

have no music, but we do have graphics. So if you are watching, already, oh, by

Jdawg  02:43

the way is your map you have a nap first.

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By the way. Don't forget to call us I never talked about our hangover hotline is still active. It's gonna scroll right here, the numbers right here so you can see it. 323-334-0239 just like a regular radio station. Just call us text us.


I want some people.

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And so 99% of our listeners slash viewers are actually listeners on the podcast. And that's great. Thanks for downloading and subscribing. Keep doing what you're doing. We're actually hosting a TV show right now. This is actually a live TV show. We have visuals we have graphics. We have we're on camera. There's a lot going on. I'm surprised my Internet's holding up. But let's let's go for the man I tell people they're not seeing.

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I would say if you want to see what's happening, check out our Instagram or check out our YouTube page. We have a YouTube page. Now our YouTube page was big back in the day before YouTube took off in 2013 we strictly for one year only did YouTube and we stopped audio altogether. There's a weird drift in our timeline where we have no audio for a whole entire year.

Jdawg  03:46

That is weird. So we weren't a podcast for a year we were we were something else. Yeah. I thought you're gonna say that was before I lost my hair because you actually had an exclusive video of j dog with hair on the YouTube page and you should check that out for no other reason.

Michael Benatar  04:00

Alright, so if you're looking, I mean people most people aren't looking but there I have a map up here of where most of the NFL draft picks came from. Last year the first two rounds of last year of the last 10 drafts. So oh this is last year. Yeah. But I thought it was interesting like California Texas, Georgia, Florida.

Jdawg  04:17

The sunbelt. right we're seeing it we got to describe it for like blind people who are watching us who are only listening to us so it's all across the south the sundown is all lit up red on Mike's map here we got Florida, Georgia, Texas, California as the reddest states that's not a surprise the SEC is well represented for Louisiana Mississippi, Alabama, and then you look up in the the Northwest and the Mountain West we're seeing a lot much Josh Allen came from Wyoming County many other players from that area

Michael Benatar  04:46

interesting. I didn't know that all right, let's get let's do your NFL Draft

Jdawg  04:50

stuff. We're doing studs and dads we have visuals going to tell the people one more time as direct as possible. Where on YouTube where on Instagram,

Michael Benatar  04:56

go to YouTube and look at our most recent show. Who is Are we if they don't know, just search the sports hang over on YouTube and you will find us we're there you can go I think you can go to youtube.com backslash sports hangover and find us there'll be links in the description if you really want to get a good look at us and this beautiful visual we have going on right now.

Jdawg  05:15

Yeah, I had a different backdrop every week I don't have a home just so people don't Yeah,

Michael Benatar  05:18

so tell me tell me what's going on here.

Jdawg  05:20

Alright, studs and duds let's go through it my first stud is 40 Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan Mike really interesting we all thought it was Mack Jones leading up to the draft he made the big move from 12 to three and he got us and that's what you want about the draft you want to get got and we all got got because he took tre lands from North Dakota State no one really saw it coming until the final hours of the draft we started to see some betting line shift on it that's when you really know so the guys developmental but he's got a ton of potential it seems like he has the running ability the passing ability the big arm the accuracy. I don't think he's gonna play all year which is interesting Mike he played for North Dakota State they'd COVID problems they didn't play last year. He's basically gonna have two years off. That seems bad for his development something to follow, but I bet Jimmy g plays most of this year

Michael Benatar  06:04

did you see the the news that came out after they picked it that no one else knew who they were picking until they actually picked it which


Yeah, I love that shit and a lot of trust

Michael Benatar  06:13

a lot of trust in Shanahan here it's just like alright, I guess we're gonna fully trust you on this one. And what did they say then they say like, how can we pass up on one of the greatest talents of all time like in this draft? Like that's what they're basically saying Trey Lance was

Jdawg  06:28

Yeah, not everyone said that because you know when we thought Matt Jones was going to three we didn't know where Trey Lance was going maybe four maybe six maybe nine so no one really said he was generational now of course Shanahan would say that but i think i think the one of the reasons that Shanahan's a stud here is because Trey Lance is going into an amazing situation. If you're a quarterback you want to play for Shanahan more than you want to play for naggy or any of these other spots, quarterbacks when so I think it's a great spot for Lance and he's a guy you might want to buy some stock.

Michael Benatar  06:56

I like it. Alright, you're done. Who's

Jdawg  06:58

alright? This is a great picture. This is supposed to this picture yesterday on his own Twitter account and got a lot of funny responses. Kind of weird staring in the mirror. He looks like a child. Which by the way in the jumps out.

Michael Benatar  07:10

Somebody had to take this photo. Like he had to have somebody come in the bathroom and take a photo. Yeah, no hands.

Jdawg  07:16

Um, I mean, how old do you think he looks there?

Michael Benatar  07:19

Oh my god. You could say he's like your 15 year old brother.

Jdawg  07:22

Yeah, you think he's 15? yet? He is the starting quarterback for the New York Jets so you can understand why it's a dud. He just doesn't. I don't know. Okay, so he's a good looking guy. We've talked about it before he could be in a Disney Channel movie. That doesn't mean he's going to be successful as a Jets quarterback. The pressure is going to be instant. We don't know how he is as a leader. He's going from Mormon area at BYU to New York City, which is a huge change. No apparently hasn't spent much time in New York City. And I think he's small when you look at him. He doesn't look like a big quarterback. I know he's six two, so he's tall but he's not strong.

Michael Benatar  07:57

Did you see him with all the other guys when they were like showing like the pre like show before? They're all standing there. He's like trying to look cool, like very uncomfortable. Because they're all these huge guys around them. He's just yeah, little white dude. Like, Hey, I'm here. I'm a quarterback.

Jdawg  08:10

He looks spooked for sure. So that's a dad I think it's a terrible situation for him. They did move up for an offensive lineman, which I thought was a bad idea. I think you only move up for quarterbacks Mike The only reason you would ever move up in a draft is for a quarterback because the Jets Remember I told you last week on the show how many holes they had to fill Yeah, they gave up to third round picks to move up those are two holes they can't fill all of a sudden so I don't like that move. Even though they're trying to protect Wilson they're trying to protect them because he's brutal.

Michael Benatar  08:36

Yeah, definitely. He's a little great.

Jdawg  08:38

How about this one ANOTHER STUD Think about this. The quarterbacks Joe burrow. tua tagovailoa Jalen hertz and Trevor Lawrence all last night. This is crazy. All last night. They got a weapon that they played with in college. It's really crazy. Joe burrow got Jamar chase for the Bengals too. I got Jalen waddle from Alabama. That picture that we're looking at live on the visual right now is Jalen waddle running with the ball in his hands for a touchdown in the national championship game against Georgia Do you see in the background that quarterback your boy there's two or two or three of them the past pretty cool picture.

Michael Benatar  09:10

So are you can I talk about your boy is too excited about about this move right Is he a winner tonight is to a winner so I sell stock because

Jdawg  09:18

I was on the studless so clearly he's a winner listen to it was on Instagram Live loving the pic last night and the dolphins could have gone either way they could have gotten Jalen wild to vontae Smith. I don't think he can go wrong with either one. I wanted Kyle pitsford Jamar chase for the dolphins but it makes sense to give him an Alabama receive so

Michael Benatar  09:33

let's do it real quick fantasy, you know, not great at fantasy but I try hard. I have to I have to right now draft him last year two bucks. He's my boy. Am I keeping them or myself?

Jdawg  09:45

Yeah, you're keeping two he's gonna be a quarterback this year. Rogers is available then we'll give him the Green Bay. So fast more on that. Okay, Jalen hertz is also go back up. Jalen hertz is also on that list. He got the vontae Smith to the Eagles. So that's a place He played with it Alabama and Trevor Lawrence Mike he went to the Jaguars he got his running back. Travis etn. You're talking about fantasy. A lot of people compare Travis etn to Alvin Kamara catching and running ability. Urban Meyer is gonna want to throw the ball to the running back. Travis etn is in a great spot with Trevor Lawrence.

Michael Benatar  10:15

I love it. All right. Look at you, Jeremy. It's like you're a pro here. It's like I got my own Adam schefter.

Jdawg  10:20

Well, thanks for directing the show for me. Really? That's all we really need from you right now. We're looking at looking at Sam darnold here Carolina Panthers. So they traded Teddy Bridgewater, the day before the draft. And that opened my eyes to Okay, we're going to be ultra aggressive at the quarterback position. And we're going to pair Sam Donald and a first round pick, let them battle and we'll see who plays the best and whoever plays the best will will pay and whoever doesn't play the best will trade it just makes sense. Like challenge Sam Donald. Instead they took a cornerback and I didn't love the first round pick a corner with Justin fields and Mack Jones available. I don't think Donald's gonna be great for the Panthers. Maybe he's better than what they've had. I think they're a dud because they didn't give him any competition. Donald's not good enough to just go in as your starting quarterback.

Michael Benatar  11:02

I actually I think it might be a stud play for Carolina. I'm gonna fly on you because I think what he needs is just a refresher. You know, like sometimes what maybe if like, you're dating somebody, it's like, oh, this is terrible. But in some other relationships, he can be a great, you know, loving relationship. Maybe that's all he needed. He needed a new girlfriend and that is Carolina Panthers. I have hoped for him. There was like, little blips of him being good. Obviously that last game of the season where that screwed over the Jets. Maybe he knew he was leaving. Just like sir you guys. That's there and he had What do you have mana for a year, which I didn't think was like a real City Year. I thought it was a whole year did he come back like halfway through the season?

Jdawg  11:45

That's a long mano spell.

Michael Benatar  11:47

Yeah, I thought you only get modern like Middle School.

Jdawg  11:50

He's got a great offensive coordinator Joe Brady. I think instead of what you're saying, I think this move is telling us that they're gearing up for deshaun Watson and or Aaron Rodgers when they become available next year because what they did is the Panthers they said we're not going to take a quarterback. We'll figure that out later. And they're sticking with Darnell which means Donald is not the long term guy look out for deshaun Watson going to Carolina

Michael Benatar  12:11

or is it that they just think they're gonna be so bad they're gonna get a first round pick. worst team in the league this year.

Jdawg  12:17

I don't think there'll be that bad. I like the coaching staff that rule Joe Brady. I don't think they'll be that bad. They should be improved. I just didn't like the pick. They could have taken Justin fields and had him compete. Alright Justin Herbert Justin, look at this picture. Look at these pictures. Look at his hair the guy I just have hair envy as I mentioned don't have any myself and this is just a special set of lettuce here for Justin herber so he got a left tackle we're Sean Slater from Northwestern The line was a problem for the Chargers last year Slater's like a top five talent he never should have been available at 13 teams are chasing these corners and receivers and the offensive tackle the second best one fell to 13 the Chargers will put them at left tackle for the next five years pay him on a cheap contract and Herbert will be protected

Michael Benatar  12:58

I love the Chargers I think they're gonna be excited they are las team at this point because the Rams not

Jdawg  13:04

the Rams. Matt Matt Stafford now they're Come on

Michael Benatar  13:08

there they're done. They're just trying to move money around and try to fill some slots right now they knew Jared golf was bad they're probably gonna play that backup whoever that guy was,

Jdawg  13:15

by the way No, they're not the Rams the GM has COVID and he's missing their draft tonight drafting on his own kind of sucks for Yeah,

Michael Benatar  13:22

not fun. But the war rooms kind of boring like this Seattle didn't have first round pick. Did you see the Instagram photo they sent out was just like empty cutouts of everybody in the war room because nothing was happening that night.

Jdawg  13:33

I didn't see that the funniest shot last night I thought was the Green Bay Packers war room because they look so so upset and so sad and also it's like fluorescent lights and like four white walls like one year in Green Bay and to you pissed off Rogers you're just not having a good night.

Michael Benatar  13:47

You do you think Rodgers is actually pissed off? Or is it just I need a way out of here at some point and I need to start it right now and I'm gonna play really angry this season because I thought he played angry for the last two seasons wasn't great.

Jdawg  14:00

I feel like you're blaming him a little bit my i think you know they drafted Jordan love in the first round last year when they could have drafted a receiver like Justin Jeffers and we went over that recently. Then they took a running back in the second round like Oh, that's great. And then you resigned Aaron Jones So what was the point of the running back and again last night again another chance to take a receiver to help Aaron Rodgers and they go cornerback so they're not helping him at all if I'm Aaron Rodgers I'd be pissed to

Michael Benatar  14:24

sue if you were gonna pull off a trade with Aaron Rodgers say the drafts over they can trade them way I saw that on a salary cap or something they still he's still owed $37 million if they don't trade them before June 1 or something like that.

Jdawg  14:37

So I don't know what like I said you don't trade them before next February so it's gonna be a lot of talk about nothing but you don't have to trade a quarterback because they have Jordan love so I think you just can't trade with a bunch of first round picks. Okay. I've got a dud here. It's your boy Jon Gruden, the pictures the visuals are just amazing. Please watch us live on youtube or Instagram. Right now. It's a sports hangover on either place. Jon Gruden didn't have a good draft yet. again so he picked the offensive tackle Alex leatherwood who Mel Kiper started ripping him for like the good draft coverage Mike I know you were watching it was so positive like booger, and Louis Riddick. I know they're loving everybody like every pick, they love, love, love. The Raiders pick at 17 and Mel Kiper started crushing Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock for for terrible value and apparently is a guy who should have gone like late second round early third round. Oh, it took a 17th overall. And what I would say is, and that's the same thing in fantasy football, we go through it as drafters ourselves. It's okay to fall in love with a player and make sure you get them. That's okay. But you have to manipulate the draft board and know where the value is. Sounds like the Raiders could easily traded back 10 spots maybe in the second round gotten this dude, you don't get the good value there. Also, they could have trade up for a quarterback. We're not Derek Carr, people neither one of us know Matt Jones and Justin fields. Were there like Mack Jones went two spots ahead of the Raiders. They could easily jump the Patriots form. The Raiders had a bad night. Don't

Michael Benatar  15:56

they also have a What's his name? That a fucking Tennessee guy is Marissa Mariota. Yeah, why can't well


let's let's see. Not too much. I guess all right here we got

Jdawg  16:08

Raiders. There he is. There he is a stud Bill Belichick look at that picture of Bill. He's never looked better in the draft room. So Bella check. He didn't trade up for a quarterback. I told you. I guaranteed you last week he was gonna end up with a quarterback. I thought he was going to trade up but he did end up with one

Michael Benatar  16:25

he didn't have to. He

Jdawg  16:26

didn't have to. He sat right there. 15 and Mack Jones. I was so pissed Mike last night as it was unfolding, because he's such a perfect quarterback for the Patriots. He's accurate. He's a leader. He played at a successful college at a big program. He's not mobile. Does it remind you of anyone?

Michael Benatar  16:43

Yeah a lot a lot of memes last night of him and Tom Brady both on daddy Yeah, you take off your shirt that's Yeah, they look exactly the same. Now what's his name Mac might be a little bit heavier than Brady coming into the NFL but still definitely not a mobile guy.

Jdawg  17:00

Yeah, so I think it's perfect for the Patriots and and Mack Jones too. It's a good system for him. I think Canada and we'll play this series on the one year deal just as I told you, that was all an appearance so the free agent sign there. Oh, we have cam Oh, we're going to be good. The whole idea was to build a lot of free agents and then have the cheap rookie quarterback for the next five years. And I want to say sports Adamas nailed this one last week.

Michael Benatar  17:23

I'm gonna have to go back to our records and make sure we're gonna verify that

Jdawg  17:28

well I just told you I did all right my final one you got to do it. The Steelers are dead so the Steelers a lot of hype about what they're gonna do in the draft would it be offensive line or running back? They went with a running back NAS Jay Harris and the guy is not bad. It's not a bad running back. It's okay on paper. And then you consider and my guy Warren Sharpe was helping me out with this Mike. I know you love Warren Sharpe he's a great guy. The Steelers offensive line has gone from 12 in the NFL back in 2018, all the way to 31st. Last year, they were 28th and 20 19/31. Last year, you can put the best running back on planet earth behind that offensive line. And he'll probably look pretty terrible and nyjah Harris is a great running back. But what's the point when you don't have the offensive line take the old line in the first round, take the old line in the second round, get the running back in the third round. And in two nights in two nights it could have transformed the whole thing now they're going to average offensive linemen because they might take them tonight in round two and three, maybe round four and five. It's not going to help nyjah get the job done. The Steelers are duds they're living in the 1990s we have Ben's last season and we give them a running back I don't like I don't

Michael Benatar  18:32

like So did you did you talk to our mutual friend at all?


Yeah, he whispered you he likes

Michael Benatar  18:38

oh you liked it interest likes it?


He's He's old school too.

Michael Benatar  18:43

Yeah, so I wonder what big blue things also have this

Jdawg  18:46

big so big blue. Give him the hangover hotline numbers

Michael Benatar  18:49

it's here it is it's 323-334-0239 hit us up big blue or any Steelers fans? I thought it was a funny move because every you heard all these other things like all they need this they need that and they still take a running back it doesn't make any sense. I don't know. It's just from the outside looking in we obviously know Okay, there's holes like well big Ben's gonna go soon. What are you looking for a quarterback? Are you looking for some more receivers maybe somebody else other than Juju weight is usually there anymore. Where's he going? He

Jdawg  19:19

came back came

Michael Benatar  19:20

back but it's just I don't know it's almost like when you're building your team sometimes you're like any so much you're like God this guy's good. I just got to take them which I guess sometimes it can make sense to because in a draft if you're in a st draft and there's three guys there but you know this guy is the best guy at his position. It's hard to say no. So I don't I don't blame them but it is funny that this is not going to help them at all this year.

Jdawg  19:44

They're starting center retire they're starting right tackle left Atlanta Baltimore Ravens they have two holes right there. That's my list. That's my No.

Michael Benatar  19:53

So these were the other headlines. Look at this. We can like walk through do we do we do we want to do it. We don't have to do the whole thing and Now Now it's a lot of text based.

Jdawg  20:01

Okay, we're done the visuals thanks for coming to our

Michael Benatar  20:04

window visual we can pop up visuals whenever you want. I have some big energy real quick. Okay, big dick energy winner of the week so my big dick energy is our boy Trevor Lawrence new Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback. He's getting paid in crypto, everybody's going crypto. He partnered with block folio. I love it. Everybody's going crypto get your money in crypto. A lot of other NFL players are doing it. I think it just makes sense. Why not question though.

Jdawg  20:35

Question. Why does he have to get it in crypto? Why can't he take it normal and put it straight into crypto himself?

Michael Benatar  20:42

I think it might be I mean I get it you could just buy it yourself but I think just getting it in Bitcoin just sent over to you it's a little more it's quicker you don't have to go deposit your money there's no steps involved I can immediately I could send you a million dollars with Bitcoin showing you my address right now and you can instantly get it over to so I think there's something about this too it's very very easy.

Jdawg  21:05

My coin base account went down the last few days Mike care to comment

Michael Benatar  21:09

you got to diversify you cannot be just in the big two you got to be spread out between a lot of defy coins you got to be out there you got to just play the field

Jdawg  21:17

can't do it always got something always got a rebuttal

Michael Benatar  21:20

I have I have a ton of coins I can show you my my holdings there's there's a lot a lot of coins that can just go Yeah,

Jdawg  21:26

but you play quickly. bullshitter believe Yeah,


we can play bolster belief. I believe it or believe Judo believe

Jdawg  21:36

Hey, let's jump back to one of your big headlines. I need a prediction on the records. We can go back and listen to this bullshit or believe Aaron Rodgers never plays for the Packers again.

Michael Benatar  21:48

I mean, I want to say believe, but I'm gonna go bullshit. I mean, it does seem almost impossible to move them. jams are coming out saying he's not going anywhere. So I don't know how he could move. He can be grumpy. He can complain. Seems like he's grumpy and complaining all the time. I don't like

Jdawg  22:05

hosting jeopardy. He was very pleasant. He might do that full time. It turns out

Michael Benatar  22:09

well, he he was he was in a good mood. He just got married which was very random right? He just like met I don't know her name but got married from the girl from the HBO show that was really young. No, not Olivia Munn that was years ago. This is a

Jdawg  22:26

been Woodley. Yeah. Big Little Lies. That was good show.

Michael Benatar  22:29

Great show. God man. Bad he didn't like the ending.

Jdawg  22:34

Can I spoil it for people to smile care spoil this is all washed into the police station together and it's like, this is how it ends. You all go to jail.

Michael Benatar  22:41

Hey, there might be number two.

Jdawg  22:44

Oh, I don't think can resign that cast because it's such a good cast.

Michael Benatar  22:47

I'll never Well, I mean, they got Nicole Kidman for like another show. I mean, I'm sure HBO that guy has some money they can pull. Yeah,

Jdawg  22:53

Kidman was great. Reese Witherspoon was okay.

Michael Benatar  22:56

She was fun. She's like the light hearted, crazy character. You need that long. I don't know. What were we talking about? Where were we going?


Lisa? Yeah,

Michael Benatar  23:08

that's bullshit. He will be playing unfortunately. That would have been a great move. And the NFL never has exciting moves like that. I think the NBA does it a lot more where LeBron gets moved or traded or he's going over here. NFL it's like, all right, like we kind of know. Oh, you're gonna trade this guy. Not a lot of big moves.

Jdawg  23:28

What was this D bag Mark schlereth doing last night saying on Twitter that the Broncos had a deal close to Rogers. And then they took a corner they even like take a quarterback. I don't know. It's just bullshit.

Michael Benatar  23:40

Yeah. Well, Teddy's over there that we didn't talk about that Teddy's in Denver right now. I think that's a really good move for him. I felt like it was a solid move. For Denver. They need drew lock. Yeah, I mean, upgrade right.

Jdawg  23:53

He's expensive. One more bolster believe Tim Tebow will play tight end for Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Michael Benatar  24:02

I love these random headlines. They come out of nowhere. I don't know if this is true. I don't know if this is believable. Isn't he our age? Is he not in his 30s?

Jdawg  24:11

Yeah, he's in his 30s he's a baseball player for the Mets.

Michael Benatar  24:14

Yeah, I yeah. Sure. Is he on the minor league? He's not

Jdawg  24:17

Yeah, but he gets hit. He doesn't have a zero batting average.

Michael Benatar  24:20

But is this something Have you ever seen a 30 year old? Well, I guess Brandon wasn't Brandon Weeden. 30 when he was in the NFL. Was he almost 30? I think he was I can look that up.

Jdawg  24:30

Yeah, he he played baseball first. And then he went to college. Yeah.

Michael Benatar  24:35

I just don't think there's like a 30 something year old that comes in and all of a sudden changes position. And now I'm going to be a tight end. Right? That's not like a thing like you can't go try out tomorrow and be a tight

Jdawg  24:44

end. Well, it's ironic, right, that he should have been a tight end all along and he could have been in the NFL and he was always too proud. And now that he's older, I guess he knows he'll never come back as a quarterback and he's tight with Urban Meyer, of course, you know, that was his college coach of Florida. So it kind of makes sense. And he's got the good quarterback Trevor Laurie. Aren't there any be a great leader on the team? I kinda want to say believe and it's it's kind of how thin I mean really, I think I think the NFL I think schefter had the Roger story ready to go in case anything TiVo ever popped up that he just didn't want to deal with. And the TiVo thing came out, like yesterday afternoon, and like 30 minutes later, shefter goes Aaron Rodgers once out of Green Bay, and no one mentioned TiVo again. Thank god mercifully, but it just goes to show like, they tried to suffocate the TiVo news. Now,

Michael Benatar  25:26

if you ever go back and watch some of our old YouTube videos in 2013, we talked about TiVo almost every single week, like there was


ratings at that time. were amazing,

Michael Benatar  25:35

booming, we were booming back then. Yeah, it's crazy.



Michael Benatar  25:39

it was really good download days. But that's I just don't understand what the point is, like, at this point. You've hosted like college game that you've done all these other things. What is the drive to go want to be a tight end and get beat up, you're playing baseball, you can make good money playing baseball, you don't need to go get your head hit multiple times playing the tight end and learn the new position. You got to block you have to do all these things. It just doesn't. It doesn't make sense to me at all.

Jdawg  26:07

And I agree, but I think it'll be there. So stay tuned to the sports hangover, because we're going to bring back to summer of t bo,

Michael Benatar  26:13

I love it. Hot boy summer. I do want to do I have some scandal city?


Yeah, hopefully, hopefully. Time to take out the dirty stories around the sport world in this week's scandal city.

Michael Benatar  26:25

So the the first scandal Well, it wasn't really a scandal, but triller you know, Jake, Paul, the thing that they were fighting his little fight company. They're suing all these people or websites that they're 17 Oh, there's 100 no 12 streaming websites, as well as 100 unnamed individual individuals that illegally streamed his fight. So I'm just saying this is wild that he's actually going after I've never seen anything like this where they go after all these people. But he's going are we including we did not illegally stream that we do not?


No, no.

Michael Benatar  27:04

Our mutual friend, gay dog. He bought it. Unfortunately, he he was towards this like $2 million, or whatever they made or off $75 million. So he's suing them. So I thought that was a little scandalous right there.

Jdawg  27:17

That is scandalous. The scandalous part of it is that it ever happened. And we all watched it. That was the most scandalous part.

Michael Benatar  27:24

Another one Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, not Jake, Paul, Logan Paul are fighting the I think he's the older brother. So he's fighting Floyd Mayweather. I don't know how they're doing this. It's becoming boxing has become remember back in the old days, the MTV like deathmatch, where they were like, cartoon characters fighting each other. This is what it's become. We've predicted 20 years in the future. Boxing is no longer a real sport. It's a celebrity sport.

Jdawg  27:54

Yeah, we did see that come in. Maybe it draws better viewership as a celebrity sport. We talked about how the it was like a concert last week and there was people tuning in all over the place who normally wouldn't tune into a fight. The Floyd Mayweather one is interesting because that Paul, the Paul brothers are big boys and Floyd's a little boy, but he's a quick boy. And sorry to use boys so much, but he is and so I don't think he'll ever be hit but the polls will have a lot of like range and length on them. But Floyd's best moves are like you know how we would dodge that last fight with some I forget who was against he was just playing defense the whole time and then he won. So I'd expect something like that. I don't think Floyd goes down to the Paul brothers.

Michael Benatar  28:31

I got one more scandal. I don't know if you're allowed to comment on this. But NBC Sports has lost all NHL games. Is this correct?


Is this what I'm freezing? I'm freezing. Are they buying it?

Michael Benatar  28:44

who's buying already next season all NHL games will be broadcast by ESPN and Turner sports so they'll be on TNT, TBS, HBO Max and ESPN.

Jdawg  28:54

What do you think of it?

Michael Benatar  28:56

I think it's great for the sport. I think finally getting out of the bucket of NBC Sports channel where it's very hard to find and they never feature it they never feature it on NBC rarely you're

Jdawg  29:07

not a doc Enbridge guy okay

Michael Benatar  29:09

i am and i love i love doc they better get doc somehow back involved but I don't know how they could grow the sport when it's on this like sub channel now ESPN people know ESPN the tune in to ESPN TNT

Jdawg  29:20

is not something you ever watch you get to see

Michael Benatar  29:23

now with TNT RB games they're the big games they'll be on TNT TBS

Jdawg  29:28

Stanley Cup Finals will be on TNT

Michael Benatar  29:31

Stanley Cup Finals will be on ESPN. Every other year they'll all get okay and the theme songs coming next I thought was a good move warm. I think this is where other sports are. So more people tuned in. I know there was golf on NBC Sports but I just didn't know if you had any comments or inner workings of what might may or may not have happened over there.

Jdawg  29:50

Certainly not for you. I think it's great that Steve levy and Barry Melrose get to do hockey again on ESPN. Don't care about the tournament. aspect of it

Michael Benatar  30:03

it's just weird that Steve levy and and what's his name kind of what's his mo rose Barry. Barry Melrose has become more and more of like a slimeball looking guy over the years, because they're like hasn't been hockey and I just imagine them like, in a back room corner somewhere like, Erica, we're gonna talk some hockey now he's like all slicked back ready to go.

Jdawg  30:24

The hair is great and more haryanvi it's the theme here. Yeah, great.

Michael Benatar  30:27

I love it. Okay, just just moving on there. But I thought that was a big I thought that was big news for the NHL world. Well, it

Jdawg  30:34

literally it's not because the NHL no one really cares about. But, but I'm glad that is big news to you.

Michael Benatar  30:42

It's small dollars. You

Jdawg  30:43

want to talk you want to talk about the great sports that continue on NBC, like Premier League is super exciting. We talked about the scandal recently with the Super League and they tried to take down the Premier League and we're like, no. What else can we talk about? golf is a great addition WWE. WrestleMania is an NBC sport now that's amazing. So that a lot of great options.

Michael Benatar  31:02

Yeah, though, I 100% agree. And I love that the future peacock is bright with all these other live things that are going on over there. I just thought this was a miss by them. You know, you can see it from the outside looking and you're like, Oh, you know what? They should probably hold on to it for a little longer.

Jdawg  31:19

We can disagree and we can edit this out. So that's

Michael Benatar  31:23

alright, that's all we got. Don't forget to go to the sports hangover calm. The full videos are also on the sports hangover.com I post them there with every episode on the blog. You can buy. Hey, hot boy hot girl hot everything summer is coming up. It's booming. We have tanks. tees, we're ready for the summer. Jeremy, I am so ready.

Jdawg  31:44

I'm ready. Like, it's gonna be May. And that means that means Memorial Day is right around the corner, which means that's the start of the anti COVID era. Right except in Seattle, Washington where I'm heading thanks a lot you hooligans who won't get your vaccine who won't allow for restaurants to open different story by Memorial Day is a true opening of America. Joe Biden so much to live for. That'll be fun. Memorial Day is where it starts. So I'm coming out to see you Memorial Day. We're gonna have a party. We're gonna get together. I hope everyone does. And you're going to wear your sports hangover gear from the sports hangover. Calm the tanks, the tees and hoodies whatever you need. It's all there.


No, actually need

Michael Benatar  32:24

some hoodies here because it does get a little cool at the

Jdawg  32:27

night time fireplace, you know,

Michael Benatar  32:29

it sounds great. Alright, cool. Check out the sports thing overtime. Don't forget text us. 323334239 comments are great. Also, you can tune in occasionally people catch us live, make some comments on the show. This is where we're a full on production. Now.

Jdawg  32:46

The evolution of this show, you're gonna write books about this word saying never one day we've had such a roller coaster up

Michael Benatar  32:52

and down, up and down. We're gonna realize that most of you hopefully we are back next week.

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