Never send 62 straight texts and Barstool Bros suck at sports betting

Never send 62 straight texts and Barstool Bros suck at sports betting

The guys reveal interesting data about Penn National’s sports betting revenue vs. others like Draft Kings. It’s hard to be worse than Mike at NFL picks but the Barstool Bros are just that.
Saying good bye to Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers. Then the guys disagree on how Tom Brady will fare in Green Bay on Sunday.
And Scandal City concerning 62 straight text messages and an SEC football program handing cash to recruits in McDonald’s bags.
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Okay, do you take it go?



He said I could take it take I didn't know who started there's a little lag go for that's Mike. I'm j dog. This is a sports hangover and you can't tell but we've been doing the show for over 10 years. Over 10 years. Well listen, you're in a new place. Jeremy is traveling across the US. He's always in a different spot. You right now you're in Jacksonville hanging out on the beach. Just beautiful beach view. Like it's different. I'm in Jacksonville Beach. The people in Jacksonville Beach don't want to hear that they're in Jacksonville because Jacksonville is not the best city but Jax Beach as the locals call it. It's great young town beach town earns me a lot of Santa Monica some of the towns in California.



Yes, a little bit. A little. We get sunrises instead of sunsets. Jax Beach is great. So it's great to join you from here. I'd love to come to California but I don't think anything's open. Nothing's open. Nothing has been open. It's very weird. Let's hit some headlines. A lot of stuff happened over the weekend of Philip Rivers Drew Brees both retired.



I guess it was more sad for Drew Brees because of that game. I was it was hard for me to watch it all. I didn't watch a lot of football a lot of clips this weekend. I was I was on vacation went to a hotel and just vacation during a pandemic cool. Yeah. How did how did you how to get out you know just mental health you get out and go hang out at Hotel by a pool. But Philip Rivers Drew Brees both gone. I don't care about Philip Rivers. We talked about how he made $250 million throughout his career. He'll be just fine not sad for him. I want to talk about Drew Brees and for you I have a bullshitter believe to get us



Judo believe so here's the story that's coming out about Drew Brees a lot of people watch the game he was terrible. No arm strength really look like he should never play again. And it turns out he's not going to but Mike Drew Brees his wife came out today and said that Brees played the 2020 season with a torn rotator cuff, a torn fascia in his foot 11 broken ribs which we didn't know about and a collapsed lung. And I just want to go bullshitter or believe on if all of that was really going on with Drew Brees this season.



You always hear this after the season two it's like oh, you know this guy had a torn Achilles or his ankle was this blah blah, blah. I kind of believe it. But in that's why I think maybe they took a little longer on his ribs. I mean, even though he came back pretty quickly. He's an old man. And listen, these are probably lingering things from previous seasons. I would believe it but also it's kind of like Hey guys, this is why I didn't play very well. This should have been alerted at the beginning. Did you see Drew Brees the little video of like him like handing over the reins to jameis Winston like that's who he's giving them over to it's like yeah, that was kind of weird. Now Jamie Swinson is a free agent after this year and he also threw a touchdown pass in that game like the best play in the game for the stance was the one time jameis Winston was on the field. So maybe, and that's what I'm getting at. Like, this is bullshit to me that this is all coming out now. And of course it's breezes, wife and breeze and breezes about to be a colleague of mine. So welcome to the Welcome to the team drew this is not being critical or anything, but if if you had all these things, what is he doing Sunday night, Thursday Night Football, we're gonna we're gonna start on Notre Dame football and just go from there. You got to make sure you're decent before you do Sunday Night Football collingsworth has that unlock. But Mike, if he had all these things going on, including the torn rotator cuff, which is a hell of a big deal for a quarterback who uses his rotator cuff to throw Drew Brees should have been out there and I would have loved to see taysom hill or jameis Winston in that game and would have given the saints a better chance to win in advance so it's a little bit of a selfish play. I think if these things were all really wrong with breeze and yeah, I came into that game thinking this was Drew Brees his last game so let's see if he can if he can do this and I thought he could. I went through for one over the weekend all my picks mostly all favorites except for Tampa Bay. But it was a it's like a sad way to go because it wasn't even a great game. Like it was like a shootout or something where it was like Wow, I can't believe he's doing this and there always seems to be a little help and listen, he's now gone. I think he'll do great on TV because I feel like he's got a lot of passion.



You know, like when he's out that's what I'm looking forward to. I like that go to TV like Tony Romo like almost better in the booth than he was on the field. Yeah, and we hope breezes to breeze a lot different than Romo actually was a good quarterback for most of his career and won a Super Bowl Tony Romo's best play in the playoffs. Their most memorable play, I guess, is when he fumbled that snap on the extra point as a backup quarterback and blew it for the Cowboys. Everyone was really good at that people love Romo now as an analyst and he is great, but people forget how he like used to ruin get into football games. He wasn't the elite quarterback. He was a good mediocre just like Dak just to replace them just mediocre just like that. I got another second. Can we talk about Tom Brady in that game? Do we talk about the other old quarterback? We're making a lot of excuses for breeze breeze isn't 43 in time



It is now I saw this that Brady. He's made the conference championship game. Now of course the Bucs and Packers that this weekend we'll get to that preview. He's made the conference championship game and 74% of his seasons in the NFL 14 out of 19 years in the conference championship game that is insane. And it's just mind boggling. He really is the goat and we're still seeing it at 43 years old. I have a note next to my pick this week, which is obviously going to be Tom Brady, but I have it's like Tom Brady won't die. That was all I wrote. It's like I think he's got it. Something's going on. he's doing he's doing a great job, whatever the TV diet TV 12 Oh, right. We should all basically all of America like Dr. Fauci should come out and say, once COVID over, we're all going on TV 12 and you're all gonna live very long lives. He's got something in him and I think this is like if Tom Brady wins this suit if he wins the Super Bowl, this will say he was greater than Bill Belichick and I think that's what maybe he always wanted to know or that was disputed a long time. Like, who is the greatest one? Is it Bill Belichick or is it Tom Brady, and if he wins, I think it could be Tom Brady isn't a small sample size of what we've seen this year enough to say Brady's better than Belichick Belichick had a quarterback who's been to Super Bowl Cam Newton Candela check he was here Okay, Bella check was terrible this year. Tom Brady. At times I was very critical of the Bucs this year I was wrong about Brady in the Bucs. I never thought they would win this game. I never thought they'd be in this position one win from the Super Bowl. Can't we say right now that Brady has surpassed Belichick?



Yeah, but again, if we're just going off a small sample size, I think belcheck will be greater in the long run. Tom Brady's got one year left and like this is if he does go to the Super Bowl. Yeah, we can give it to him as like one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. But if next year Bill Belichick takes, you know the Patriots to the Super Bowl i would i would say they're pretty even because listen, Cam Nunes a piece of trash, he was not good. They went they went for it. They tried it basically half the team did a COVID list they didn't want to play this year. They're gonna tank but they only got the 15 picks so it wasn't much of a tank and it doesn't help them for the quarterback of the future. But I do think Brady's better than Belichick at this point I'm impressed and I was wrong. I don't say it often like you should note this right this now that I was wrong unbraid were wrong. I like I'm gonna I'm gonna clip that I have two other headlines real quick. Did you watch the Tiger Woods documentary? I haven't yet I'm a little bit I know that so did you watch it? I watched it so I want to hear your thoughts on it. I'm scared to watch it because I I am happy for Tigers redemption story and everything I hear about it is it's very critical of the guy



so I guess I didn't find it as I thought it was gonna be more critical of Tiger Woods. It started off like here's the history of Tiger Woods and he was basically like this is why Tiger Woods is the way Tiger Woods is look at his dad look at what he did. It just kind of goes off of that right so like in your childhood things happened to you you kind of replay it in your adult life that's what happened I didn't think was as bad as I like they had the the one girl on that he had like the fling with that famous girl I forgot what her name is.



I thought it was good.



Right? Not not Lindsey Vonn the



the one girl? Well, his ex wife that smashed the car but as we know Elan yes Elan and then the girl he was like having an affair with



Rachael Ray do something so having an affair with her and I think the only thing that I didn't know is that



she had like a 30 minute phone call saying like oh like I'm Tigers friend like trying to like pretend like this is why Tiger was Australia scene with me blah blah blah



not as juicy as I thought it would get like it seemed almost like Tiger might have had some input on it because it wasn't as juicy as as you think you could have gotten on it like it didn't go as deep as I thought it would go on the scandal. And then it was like the redemption like him coming back when and hugging his kids stuff like that. So



I think I think Tigers team is really good at silencing people so I would think anyone associated with Tiger any other guy apparently there were no other modern golfers that participated, which just shows the respect that Tiger has like not one good golfer right now like, Yeah, he's because Oh, yeah.



Yeah, that's that's what I heard. Would you recommend people watch it? Just tell them right now? Yes, I would watch it. Yeah, it's on HBO, HBO Max, whatever. Kind of long like I think you're gonna be there for two and a half hours or something. It's almost like a full movie. But good like if you want to it's almost crazy to think that it happens so long ago and it's like we've been covering Tiger the entire time that all this happened like his peak to the kind of the bottom to back to the top. Makes me made me feel really old because we were definitely covering Tiger back in 2010. And when we started and today 2021 so but it's the greatest redemption story in sports ever. And basically a follow the trajectory of the sports hangover. You could argue that we are a great redemption story how we we've been on the air so long.



Yeah, I think



I think the one thing is, it's like, the people that want to be great are obsessed with being great. Like if I told you, I'm gonna go become president, like, maybe I'm insane, but I think it takes an insane person to do that. And if Tiger Woods wants to be the greatest, he's out there. Like, I didn't know he had a broken like torn ACL playing golf and like limping after every swing. And like, those are the crazy people that are always going to go above and beyond to be like, Oh, I don't quit. Like, we should still, you know, walk away Tiger like, okay, like, those. Those are the fucking crazy people that want to do it because they believe more in winning than more than themselves. It's fucking crazy. What is that? Because you read a lot of books on that stuff. And I don't want to give you too much credit but but Mike's gotten really smart on the in the last 10 years really reading a lot of self help type of brain mapping and shit like that. What What is that skill that the top 1%? Or the point 1%? Have? Is that some amount of grit? Or what would you define that is, um, I would probably I would define it as a motivation. But also learning from your mistakes like everybody, like Tiger learned, like, Okay, I need to get better. Oh, let me change my swing, let me do this. I think it's the evolution, but also not dwelling on the past. And you always hear that with like pictures or whatever, whatever it is golfers like they have to be in in the moment. And I think doing that is what kind of sets them apart from a lot of it. And also obsession, like you have to be obsessed, like, I don't know, if we have any friends that are obsessed with anything, maybe our mutual friend and drinking maybe something like that, like he's



passionate about that, right? Something like that, where it's like, I'm gonna try to be the greatest at this and you're gonna go crazy doing it, but to you, it just feels like well, I obviously have to get here. So like, that's what I have to do to be that good. So it's a it's interesting. And that's why you're supposed to do something that you enjoy, because to be really good at it. You have to sink your teeth in and be obsessed with it. So for sure, Tiger Tiger is that and yeah, this was good. Go watch it. One more thing. Dan leba tarde left ESPN started his own company which I don't even know how to say it. He started with john Skipper. The former like VP of ESPN, right. It's called Meadowlark metal.



Right? I mean it I look at it. I'm like, I don't know if anybody's gonna be able to say it. It's not like the ringer. He didn't come up with that. And I'm not really sure what it's supposed to be. It's the only bird Mike I read this the meadow Lark is the only bird that can sing as it flies.



Oh, okay. So is that expecting an answer, but I was not expecting an answer.



I looked into it, I still don't understand what they're doing. I don't know if it's just gonna be a podcast network, a website, it said, emphasize it's gonna emphasize on creator centric point of view, which I thought all kind of shows were kind of around that like Dan leba tarde obviously has a voice and a show and I don't know if they're trying to compete with the ringer or if they're trying to do their own thing and just have this like, online version of ESPN or some kind of sports centric area, but I would definitely be applying us to get on there. Yeah, that's a good call. I've been listening Dan leba tard show since high school if that helps the sales pitch so that'd be great. I think what they're going for is you know john Skipper Whoa, like you said, You're excited



Hey, john, listen to this one. So john Skipper used to be at ESPN and of course he did all these programming deals for major sports and all that and and in the time since in the five years or so since he was at his height of power, everything is going the individual route, whether it's podcasters whether it's YouTube, whether it's different types of shows that you can just make yourself now in the last 10 months we've been living through COVID everyone can do content from their computer just like we've been doing for a long time. Now everyone's realizing that every guest on cable news is on zoom in their living room just just like I am here. So I think everyone is able to create content and I think it's a great idea to pivot and then you just cherry pick 100 or 1000 or 5000 different podcasts if if a few hit or if a few YouTube shows it you're probably gonna make money on now just because because I feel like john Skipper so formerly spam but he also started the zone, right? Like it's a lot of boxing and other sports like subscription app, I think on like, I don't know, TVs, all that kind of stuff. I don't know what they want this to be because at first I thought well, if john Skipper you heard the names like Dan leba tard john Skipper, maybe he's gonna join the zone, maybe make the zone bigger and better. This sounds like a weird pivot. Because maybe the zone they want to be more like ESPN and have bigger high profile like live sports. I don't know what this will be. And it's weird when like Dan leba tarde has a lot of people that will follow him over like I'm curious to see and listen to what this is going to be obviously the show is going to be the same, but I'm sure



is what this new network will be like, because I think they must have seen what the ringer did, right? Like, oh, it took him three years, he sold it for $250 million to Spotify. And he still gets to do whatever he wants. And I think that's kind of probably what they're trying to set up for. Right? Like, oh, why don't I'm gonna build this up, somebody needs to come acquire it, because this is what we're going to try to do. And I don't know in the sports world what we need right now, but I don't know if it's because there's a lot of content like we do a lot. We do all sports content, pop culture, whatever. But I don't know in the in the mainstream world, what they're looking to do that's different than what people are doing right now. Because I don't watch a lot of TV. The Zone is different, right? The Zone is a direct to consumer subscription service where you pay money, you belong to the zone, and then you get a certain amount of content, their inbox seen there in UFC, I think they they need to expand. I think they did like one baseball game a week or something like that they need to expand into more mainstream sports. I don't know that they have the funding for that right now. But lebreton is not going to be involved with that as much. I thought one of the interesting parts of lab retards leaving ESPN is he negotiated in his buyout to keep the RSS feed that the podcast lives on Mike so he gets to keep all of those subscribers, which I thought was a hell of a win for avatar when you think about his loyal fan base, and it makes sense where you figure he'll be able to convert most of them to wherever he goes because they are loyal. They're not necessarily the average ESPN fan like the mike Greenberg listener is a lot different than the Dan Leadbetter listener. But those interesting pivot and so I just think whenever whenever we go our separate ways I'm requesting our RSS feed and all current subscribers right now just put that well let's see what what to talk about. I want to get the lawyers involved, which happens but Yeah, all right. I got a I got a bullshitter belief for you.



Okay, bullshitter believe Jeremy we've talked about this for a few weeks now you keep freezing on me so I'm just gonna keep talking. Well sure. bullshitter Billy I can kind of hear you yes bullshit. or believe who will be getting deshaun Watson because this is a big conversation things have been happening since we last spoke a lot of heated he doesn't like the the GM or the owner of the League of Houston Texans. And now a lot more people are involved in the conversation. So who do you think it's going to be because now I saw the Raiders I know Miami Miami is really interested in jumping to a Did you see that report today that they're like we're totally like not on board with where's where's my little like I didn't see that report. Where did that hold on? Where was that as you go through that are you gonna give me a list or should I just name the team? I think he's well I had also here the Texans are not high on dot o the Texans are not high and dolphins QB to a Miami goshi ation, that doesn't sound like a real thing. Sound like real thing? Well, the only two I had were Miami, the Raiders. And then I even had the jets in there. I thought the jets were in the conversation for the Shawn. But I don't think the Shawn wants to go to a team that bad. So I just want you to maybe were there any other teams that you saw? That might be unlikely there's one and I watched him this weekend I watched the Rams Packers game and I couldn't stop thinking about how much the Rams regret Jared Goff and how good defenses and how good their skill position players are. And they are quarterback away. And I was thinking how can Sean McVeigh get his hands? On the Shawn Watson? Can they pay all of Goths contract and ship a bunch of draft picks? They met to ship some talent Do you trade cam Akers the new running back do you trade a Robert Wood just to get talent over there? I don't know exactly how it lines up. It's probably not possible and not a real thing. I would love Sean McVeigh and deshaun Watson I bet deshaun Watson who's currently in Cabo posting pictures on a boat with his hot girlfriend. I'm sure he would love LA. I don't know that that's going to happen. I don't think the dolphins thing is going to happen as we recap last week because the dolphins have a plan and two as part of the plan and we're good there. I'm worried about the Jets as a dolphins fan. They have the draft picks at number two overall. So the Texans could draft a quarterback in that spot. And then additional draft picks. They have a new head coach there. But you're right. I don't think deshaun Watson's like a New York City guy. I don't see it right now. He wants out of Houston wants out. But I don't think he wants to go to another shitty team. So it's like do you want to go the Jets? Hmm, probably not. But it could be a spot in Do you want to go in Division? Like are you going to go to another AFC team? Are you going to try to go to an NFC team so it's not direct competition? I don't know if that matters at that point like it like Miami's and AFC. Clearly they're going to try to negotiate. I have no idea. One of the problems for Watson and it sucks for him is the Texans traded a lot of draft picks over the years to try to get better for Watson to win and people forget and I think you might have been the one to remind me last week was it that the Texans and deshaun Watson number beating the Chiefs 24 zero in the second round of the playoffs last year, and they lost the game and their team went to shit after that. Now, so he so he's been playing without a lot of



Talent now he's going to go to a new team and whatever new team trades for him, whether that is the Jets or the dolphins or someone else, they're going to trade all their draft picks for deshaun Watson. So again, he's gonna come into a situation where he doesn't have a lot of resources, he doesn't have a lot of young players around them. That's a concern. I don't know how you fix that, because whatever team trades for him is gonna have to give up a lot. Well, you got to get a team that has all those picks that can just get the shot because you're you could say that what what's the percentage of like, top five picks that actually hit every year? like would you want to give it like a 25% chance I'd like those few picks hit quarterbacks or at least under 50% of quarterbacks specific overcoming quarterbacks, maybe defensive players. If it's less than that, I would say giving up a few top picks for deshawn would make sense and there's only a few teams that have that many picks available. So yeah, I mean, we'll see but it's a big move. I mean, this is probably one of the biggest because I would say they're immediately a playoff contender at that point.



The dolphins are the Jets anybody who gets the Shawn I there and immediately Nick bandit. I mean we saw some bad teams sneak in first round definitely some bad teams. Do you want to do what do you got big energy or scandalous story for you? This is a small ticket to Mike um this is something that applies to you now. A lot of people out there suck at sports betting and I'm not saying that you do. I just know that there were some weeks we jumped on the podcast here and things weren't so good, right? Sure. Yeah. always happens. Well, you you have a lot in common Mike with the barstool bros because I found this stat and it was shocking to me. That pen sports books nationwide, they took in $72 million of bets in December, betters lost 14 million of the 72 million they brought in normally the margins are three or 4%. In sports betting This is what I'm learning the book will make three or 4% based on the 5050 ness of every matchup if you will, betters lost 19% at Penn National Sports books for comparison, DraftKings betters In the same month of december lost 4% Why are the barstool bros gambling at Penn national so bad at sports betting? It's gotta be that hype right there following the bets like if you were following along with the sports hangover this year, you might have lost just as much as them. And I think that's the difference right? When you're when you're doing it on fanduel it's like you're individually there, you're not having a whole bunch of guys tell you, hey, you should bet put 10 grand on this put 10 grand on that. Like we're saying like put $5 on this but $5 on that you might lose it but that's not a big deal. But I think if this other one barstool is kind of guiding that a little bit. And that could be the effect. So listen, if I was the that casino I'd be pumping in money to Barstow St. mentioned more beds do a show all goddamn day about gambling, you're making those millions of dollars. Also side note, Andrew Yang, who is now running for mayor of New York City, I live there one day so I would love that he wants to open up casinos all over Manhattan to bring in hundreds of million dollars every month of revenue into the city instead of other states, like New Jersey and Connecticut are starting to do it. So he's worried that they're going to have the casinos people will leave the city and they won't get the money. So Andrew Yang thinking outside the box, those casinos in Manhattan and started a picture right yeah, I'm just gonna play devil's advocate real quick when you make it like a seedy city because you don't only like outskirts of Vegas a little bit and it kind of gets a little gross. And I imagine you know, in New York, like not I wouldn't say every streets beautiful. But there could be some side streets that you go on to and there could be a casino then like it's weird vibes. Like unless it's like Vegas Strip style, like, oh, we're only in Times Square. Yeah, then it would work. But if it's like on the outskirts and like, random ass little parts of the city, then it could get super shady. Well, Andrew Yang made the point. There's a lot of bad things that come with gambling, sports, betting addiction, losing all your money, crime, sex, alcoholism, all that fun stuff. And you're right, there are some downsides. But if you're making $750 million in revenue from your casinos for the cities that help homelessness to help bring people back to help local businesses to help health care. That could be a good thing and Lockerbie Good thing I like that. scandal city. Let's do it. Oh, where where's it there it is. Time to dig up the dirty stories around the sport world in this week's scandal city are you want to go first or do we do maybe we have the same scandal? We don't even know.



I hope we do. So you tell me yours. It's about the Mets jam.



No, but that's a good one. All right. Are you go first let me hear you. Okay, that's mine is the University of Tennessee apparently has been recruiting football players with by giving them McDonald's when they come on campus for their visit seems harmless enough. Inside the McDonald's bag Mike is cash money. And that's what Tennessee football has in? cash in the McDonald's bag. Can you believe it?



Yeah, it's pretty smooth. Never cash. Are we talking as a couple, like 10,000? That's a little much a couple 100 I mean, these are 18 year old kids just come in for the weekend. So they think they get an Egg McMuffin, and they get 500. That's it. That's a big difference and they're going to play at Tennessee. Now, it hasn't helped Tennessee. They've been terrible for many years now. And sadly enough, just today they hired UCF athletic director as their new athletic director. So UCF is losing one of the main main architects of their national championship season. Ah, is it this year, next year when kids can start getting paid? Can we think it's this coming year 2021. We pick a lot of money and I'm going to tell you this, I hope not a lot of people don't go out and do this. But the sports angle would definitely be sponsoring lower tier players like the backup kicker. We're going to be sponsoring a lot of these other years that people might not know. But they're gonna wear the sports hangover swag, they'll be paid in sports hangover swag. That's how Yeah, like when they walk to the stadium, you know, they show him like getting getting into the stadium, they're gonna be wearing the sports hangover hoodie, and that's gonna be a lot of branding for us that we haven't had exposure to.



Seriously though, we are gonna find kids like that. Mine is the message you sent. Can I just tell you this is like etiquette. Let me tell you this. The Mets GM sent 62 straight on answer text messages and dick pics to a form of foreign female reporter. Now, for etiquette. I would say if you don't get like a text message back after like a question or something you probably you don't maybe don't follow up maybe follow up like Hey, did you get my text message? Something like that. I would not recommend sending dick pics like sometimes you know our mutual friend he doesn't answer me he like avoids all contact with me for some reason. Sometimes we send you a dick pic. It doesn't send me a dick pic but I would never send him a dick pic. If I was trying to get ahold of him like hey, can you answer this call kind of weird I don't think that's that's the relationship dynamic I played



it was it that was a bad story so that they just hire this guy so Steve Cohen super rich guy buys the Mets and he hires a GM they start slinging deals and everything's looking good for the Mets. They're all excited. And and then this comes out and and like you said 62 texts, straight text without a response, including a dick pic to a female reporter clearly sexual harassment. Clearly inappropriate, clearly had to be fired. And he was So congrats to the Mets on that swift action. I have a few friends that'll send like five or six texts in a burst. And like instead of like, you know how, like, instead of typing like four lines, I'd rather send four texts. It pisses me off. And I you know, I tell people when when it pisses me off, and they don't stop 62 would definitely be a record for me. Yeah, I hate the people that do like, Hey, what's up? Are you doing it? It's like, let's just get all one thought down because you don't need to send this many text messages because my phone's been vibrating. That's the thing, the notifications. I mean, that they would drive me nuts. Anyway, I like to silence text as it is. Yeah, I do a lot a lot of muted conversations.



With Hey, can we treat women with respect? It's 2021. They've been through a lot. Everyone's been through a lot. Can we just treat everyone with a little respect going forward? Don't Don't send the pics, there should be a block, you know what you should do? You should go on to the secure apps, like signal or telegram where everybody's going now to like, have personal conversations like if you want to text with me, because there's no encryption in any of the messaging apps right now. So anybody can hack it. I think that's maybe that's how people are finding all these things. But if you want to have a conversation, it's weird. Everybody's like moving over to these apps. I think it's all q anon when you go there. Don't expect like dick pics a relationship comprehensive. No, no, it's like it's like a messaging app. It's like WhatsApp, but just like secure. So I think that's where Q anon is now that they're not alone. Any other one? Yeah, that's why they're all there too. And they're causing problems on those sites. Alright, let's get into our bets.



Luckily, we both have two teams left. I thought it was gonna be totally out of it. You're right.



You're recovering. Well, you have the UAE teams this week. You have the bucks in the bills. I have the home teams Packers chiefs. When we did the draft a few weeks ago. I thought you were done. I thought I was counting my Bitcoin money. Luckily for you that coin is shooting right now. So you'll have a good endpoint by me that one coin if the Packers or chiefs win the Super Bowl. The big question now and I assume you're going to stick to your guns is you're going to take the road teams the bucks and the bills this weekend. I'm doing it all I got a Oh wait. Oh, what's going on? Oh, Thomas is a live on the chat. Breaking News Japan considering canceling the Olympics. All right. Well, that's breaking news to us. I thought I thought the Olympics were already canceled from last year right over the reschedule or move to the summer. Yeah, we have a helicopter outside. Excuse the noise. You're on the beach. What are you gonna do? Alright, so if you want to talk Do you want to talk about the games at all? I didn't watch a lot of them a lot of highlights. mahomes is hurt.



I think the other day someone asked me today if mahomes is going to play and and I said we're calling cow herd said if he can't play we have to delay the game. We're not actually



Gonna have an AFC Championship game with Chad henne at quarterback. Sorry bills fans. We need to wait there's two weeks before the Super Bowl. We can push it back a few days. I just regret not putting more money on the bills when I said they were gonna win last year. I'm all in on the bills. I think I think the bills are gonna beat Kansas City.



mahomes there's no way you can be correct after a concussion. headaches, head pain, whatever it is back pain, neck pain. I think this is an advantage for the bills. Unfortunately, it's an advantage mahomes obviously would want to see I mean, it'd be crazy for repeat this year and him going to win. But I think the bills This is like everything's falling in place. Right? Didn't what's his name get hurt the last game when he's playing? Why can't Lamar Jackson playing? Yes. Yeah, the the Ravens didn't look in that game. And then they had the backup quarterback coming in to try to lead the drive and that was ugly, too. You're right. People forget you had bills, cowboys Superbowl. Now the problem with you betting a lot on the bills before the season is you probably would have bet a lot on the Cowboys too. So it may have offset somewhat. But regardless, you said it and you gotta stick to your guns now. I think mahomes will be fine. If anyone can recover from a concussion. It's mahomes and I'm not betting against that man in an AFC Championship game for the rest of my life. I'll tell you that. And then the Tampa Bay Green Bay game I'm taking Tampa Bay here I told you at the beginning of the show. Tom Brady won't die I think it's his year. I know Green Bay a lot of cruising but Tom Brady came into Green Bay right or did Aaron Rodgers come into I don't know it was a way or whatever but Tom Brady right that was in Tampa then Rogers got to a seven zero lead and the bugs destroyed them I was like 43 to seven It was crazy. Are you taking the Bucks money line?



Yeah, I'm gonna take the Bucks money line. What's the line? I don't honestly I don't even know now that money line Yeah, I think I honestly that's that's inexcusable, Mike it's inexcusable to take bucks money line and I've been wrong about Brady money line. Well, the it's three and a half points spread.



Okay, so that's an easy minus three and a half of the Packers they are going to cover so easily. I've been wrong about Brady. Throughout the year. I've been wrong about the Bucs. The Saints were not the saints were used to there were not many fans at the Superdome. Were there any I don't remember the Bucs



was fine. I don't trust them. It was a close game with Drew Brees having every injury I listed a little bit ago. The bucks will not win in Green Bay. I will bet it all I will bet all of my everything Mike that the Packers will win the game and cover minus three and a half. And if that doesn't happen, I'll come on this show. And you can rip me for it next. Okay. Tom, the Bucks are plus 140 to win the game so almost to the one on the money. Maybe I hate the money. I hate it and sorry to our Tampa fans listening. Listen, there's a lot of Tampa fans that we're friends with. Mike was a Bucs fan before he was a fan of eight other teams, but I am I don't think they're gonna win. I'm just surprised they're here. Well, I hope they win. We can't I mean, Kansas City Green Bay would be a great Super Bowl, but I think bucks. Tampa Bay. That would be so good. A super bowl of bucks. bucks. Bill's not so good. It is in Tampa. So we saw this before and the team that has a chance to play the Super Bowl. It just never happens. Never never happens. But hopefully this year that's all I got Jeremy a big games this weekend. I'm excited for him. I'm actually going to watch him be home to watch them all. So I'll be ready next week. Sunday's a big day. Clear schedule. Glad you got to vacation in



take care of your mental health. We've been through a lot. We have a new era in the country starting yesterday. It's great to see some normalcy going on. Hopefully it's a great beacon for 2021 and the rest of the years to come and let's just let's just take care of each other and no more dick pics. Really? Yeah, no more. Just stop sending me those Jeremy. All right, check out the sports everything's there. Follow us on Instagram at the sports hangover podcast. And if we're gonna rescue most of us, hopefully we are back next. We

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