The Soft Pittsburgh Steelers Eliminated & Fat Harden Traded

The Soft Pittsburgh Steelers Eliminated & Fat Harden Traded

Mike and J Dawg start the show with predictions they nailed weeks ago: how the Pittsburgh Steelers were the softest 11-0 team ever and how James Harden will turn the Brooklyn Nets into an eventual NBA Champion.
Mike recaps his bad week of NFL playoff bets. It will be tough to trust his picks going forward. Then the guys agree it’s too early for the Miami Dolphins to give up on Tua Tagovailoa.
And J Dawg takes on bros who only talk about bitcoin.
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Welcome to the sports hangover i Michael Benatar are joined alongside Jake doe like what is up? It's the first time in a while I've been able to talk to you because our group thread has been hijacked by the Bitcoin Bros. It has Bitcoin has been taken over. Now, you know, when everybody's talking about Bitcoin, it's like time to sell your Bitcoin because everybody's into it. So when I was into bitcoin, guess what, no one wanted to talk about it. Now everybody's into it. Now you know, it's like, it's oversaturated so once there's a big pop, everybody's gonna be out, it's gonna drop to like 20 K, and then people are like, I lost money, buy the dips, just a note to our listeners. If your friends hijack your thread, you can say something to them. Unlike anyone in our thread, we're just letting it happen. We're just letting hundreds of text by hundreds of Bitcoin advice take over a group of there's eight to 10 of us only a few cares about Bitcoin. Not everyone cares. I would say two out of the 10 actually care that can be measured. I'll take some but I have a real one coming up also about Bitcoin. Well, that's a tease for later in the show. There's a lot going on. Listen, we have to update the people on our picks from last week for the playoffs. The NFL playoffs the draft that we had, there's a bunch of great games Mike we had six games this week and most of them were close. It was a lot the place I want to start torture doneness update, you know, you tell me but for a sound there's I have no sound for sports or damas. But tell me what your update is because I want to Okay, good. I'm glad you have an update. My update is you are trying to take my throne of sports, your dominance and the king of sports predictions, and I'm aware of this and I'm aware of it and a little bit off my game. I want to take you back a few weeks ago when I said exclusively on the sports hangover, that the Steelers were the softest 11 and o team in NFL history because I'm pretty sure that one was exactly right. Yes, you're exactly right on that. I lost all my gambling this weekend because of the Steelers. Honestly, everything pointing to the right direction of like the the the Browns will not beat the Steelers because everybody has COVID none of the coaches they're nothing all of a sudden Baker Mayfield like the greatest quarterback of all time whipping it up and Big Ben is just like depressed and old and like Sorry guys, like lost a game cry after the game. I mean, is he done?



I mean, he could be right like this. This looks like it was pretty tough for him. They had a great ride. But it was weird because it's almost like they were the team that was so hot at the beginning and then died. Like the last five games. And that was the tough part. You saw the decline and no one bought like no one bought it. It's like oh yeah, no big deal. Like they're fine. They're going to playoffs no big deal. Are you are you mad at yourself? Because Because last year in case you didn't listen? Yes. You went heavy Steelers. moneyline like in all your bachelor like Steelers moneyline you don't get like a big return on it. But it's dealers and bills. Guaranteed wins. And you're right about the bills, even though you had to sweat that out. I thought it might be close. And it was we'll get to that. But you put all your money on the Steelers money line. And the first snap of the game goes over Ben's head for a touchdown. And it's like you had to know nine seconds into the game that this wasn't what I'm just glad I'm not our mutual friend who's a big Steelers fan who I actually haven't heard of heard from since that day. So I don't know if he's okay. You didn't do a wellness check. We'd like you to drive over and make sure he's alive. No wellness checks. He did have the COVID so still stay pretty far away. So he's really in a tough situation right now. But yeah, it's a it's a weird spot that this team was on top and just dropped and I was disappointed. I was disappointed in the Steelers I disappointed myself for not seeing the the writing on the wall from sports or damas himself telling me that this was gonna happen. I didn't listen. That's my fault. It's tough because the Browns we thought without their head coach would be bad. But it turns out, they're just fired up and you never know how these things will go like often Mike, if I tell you how ugly you are, you're going to come out looking so good because you're going to try extra extra hard to look good. And that's what the Browns did. All week. People are telling them you're gonna lose. You don't have your code. You don't have your cornerback. You don't have your guard. You've been in the playoffs in 17 years and they said, EFF everybody. I'm going to go out there and beat the Steelers and it was an eye opener it really was. Well it blew my mind is it's like why didn't the Steelers try the week before? Right? Couldn't they have technically kicked them out of the playoffs? By winning that game? Why not play Big Ben why not keep them in the doldrums automated instead? They could play the tough I know it just it blows my mind. This is all the Steelers faults you only they only can blame themselves. And I know we're gonna talk about this week's games. Probably not gonna be gambling on it. But I have one bit that I'm running here. I'm done. I'm out of the pool. But I also can I update you on my sports shirt. What is happening in my world. This is this has a little to do with NBA



NBA news so big on Jeremy.



I couldn't let you lead with NBA I know you don't delete our shows. You love NBA one. But finally James Harden has been traded. And if you listen to my sports or damas prediction in from last year in 2020 I said the Brooklyn Nets will win the NBA championship and this is one more piece to add that this is one reason why I think they're gonna win and now James Harden is officially a Brooklyn net. He's getting traded. Now this trade I have it in front of me. It's like a five team trade. I don't know. I don't understand these trades. I don't know how five teams get all these different pics. I don't know how it works. I've never seen this in the NFL. I've never seen it at the NHL jomi to go over this trade real quick to see how James Harden got from the rocket to the net. So the Nets get James Harden. The Rockets get old depot. XM, Kurt. They get like four players, three Brooklyn's first round picks. For Brooklyn first round swaps, the Pacers get second round pick and a player and the Cavs get two players. And then somehow they all end up in certain situations. I don't know how it works. So here they are. So James Harden isn't that that was my point. They are gonna win the championship this year. Now. That's coming up, right? I mean, they're gonna play someone from the west who's gonna be really good probably LeBron, maybe cry, it's gonna be a good opponent. So who's on the net? So let's talk about it's James Harden. Kevin Durant. And Kyrie Irving. Correct? Correct. Jeremy, you are a pro. Yeah, I can name three nets, which is pretty good. Now we know the Brooklyn Nets are the super team of the East. There's a few super teams in the West who can knock them off like jianna, grns. And Milwaukee. He's kind of like done, he signed the new contract and it's like, you can't compete with what Brooklyn's doing. I think if they can get it together. I think Brooklyn's the team to beat right now. Why? Why not? They they're gonna go to the playoffs. They could definitely be LeBron, but I don't know. LeBron looks good. I haven't watched a lot of basketball. But I'm excited about this. And I think this is really big, I think. But are you concerned, Mike as someone who's put on weight on your life, and then you've taken it off, but you have put on weight in the past James Harden's in a fat face and we've all had fat phases. That man is in the face. He I think he just let himself go now. I saw a clip the other night when he was just like warming up and one of the announcers like mob Yeah, he definitely had a cheeseburger for the game tonight. He bulked up a little he started not to care. Think he pounded a little bit too much to get out of this team. And I don't know if this is gonna hurt the rest of the players or superstars potentially in the future, because we talked about this before. I think they're getting a little too much black power, and I am all about player power. But this is like a crybaby way of getting what you want. And listen, it worked out for him. Not everybody in the league can do this. I don't think some random magic player can cry baby then work their way out of the Orlando Magic. But if you're a superstar, you can do it. And now it seems like this is what you do. It's like, Oh, I don't want to be here anymore. I'm not gonna play. I'm gonna get fat. And I'm gonna pout on the sidelines and fight people in the locker room. And if you don't like it, blame LeBron because he started it when he went to Miami and I always always hold that against him no matter how many championships he went. I will say though, what LeBron did was different because his contract was up. So James Harden's contract was not up. So this is the difference, like, James Harden literally pushed himself out. Like we're getting me out of here. So a little different, but He's, uh, we'll see what happens, Stephen will say about harden in Brooklyn is he's 31 years old. And as someone who's crossed that threshold, taking off the excess weight that you just happen to put on during an extended break is not easy to do because I'm still trying to work off my COVID weight and it's not happening and you can attest to that.



I didn't actually gain much COVID weight I think I just I lost a lot of muscle weight so that when eating carbs I know you have I have definitely been eating carbs it's definitely been a different lifestyle. But it's it's harder when you know I built a gym. So now I have a gym in the garage. I just actually finished up in the gym before this so it'll work out a little glow. Mike's glowing on our live live Facebook and YouTube p&i one more sports have done this, okay, you mentioned it and I don't know if you want to go down this road, but we're just gonna step down this road and you take it as far as you want. Okay, you said a year ago over a year ago now in our sports drama show preview in 2020. That Mike Pence would be president of the US after Trump gets impeached again, not only did you nail the Trump impeachment, we're like 5050 right now, if mitch mcconnell not to get too deep here, but mitch mcconnell wants to swing the Senate and close the door on Trump forever. It's possible that pencil takeover for a day or two before but so I wanted to give you a shout out for that. This is great. I mean, it just it's really sealing the deal on



a democracy crumbling around us. This is great. I don't I don't know what to say anymore. Trump really kind of went over the line and a lot of



is wild.



There's just so much political stuff like getting kicked off networks, people shutting down servers for pie like parlor like, I don't know what's going on. But whatever that has to do. Trump made a bad decision. And now people are taking charge and making decisions for him and listen now the only thing he has to do is go on TV. Did you see him the other night? He was actually on TV reading a script for the first time in his presidency. I think Did you see him? Yeah. teleprompter Trump he pops up every so often and he says something appropriate Well, now he's got he doesn't have Twitter. So now he needs to TV to like go out there and say some shit. I have a BD real quick. I just want to want to shout me to



energy winner of the week Jeremy. So I'm gonna it says slash sports or dominance, but I'm gonna give the BD award to you Jeremy. years and years and years ago. You've been calling this okay? years ago. youth football. No one wants to play football stats this weekend. Guess what? They put the NFL on Nickelodeon. It drew 2 million viewers on the bear saints game over the weekend. It's their most watched program in four years. And their whole point behind it was because youth football participation has been declining for so many years. And they're like this has got to stop. Well let's go get those kids. Let's slime some NFL players and get people back on the NFL. Jeremy, you called the decline of the NFL or maybe the cancellation the NFL from years from now not obviously this soon, but years from now. And this was the this is the point where if they don't get these kids now, there might not be an NFL in 20 years. Thank you for showing you we know Mike we know the NFL is in trouble because kids aren't going to grow up playing football they're playing everything else like I I'm kind of like a kid and want to play tennis I'm not going out to play football after the show. You're hit you're playing golf you're not playing football right so that's one of the one of the ways to look at it. I thought that Nickelodeon broadcasts was cool I popped it on for a minute they're doing slime in the end zone like lasers around the football field. They actually dumped slime on Sean Payton after after the game. That was a good idea like you said the most watched thing on Nickelodeon long time. And I think the NFL should continue to branch out these different ways. There's there's games all over the place. There's Amazon there's peacock. There's games on every stream what every network last What did you think of the ESPN multi broadcast on the other channel where they It was like everybody that's ever been on Monday Night Football and the reject booth calling, like replaying the game. I thought it was like kind of interesting, but then it got kind of annoying, because after every play, they'd rewind the play and then watch it and be like, Oh yeah, it kind of got repetitive after a while it was like novel for the first 10 minutes I'm like all right, I don't need to see keyshawn Johnson like keep telling me about this great play that they made like let me watch the game because they had four different boxes kind of fun but not when you when you texted me about that because they've been doing that on the college football national championship game for like five years. So it's the first time they brought it to the NFL and and it was pretty cool. there's still room option. There's like the sky cam option. A lot of times I don't know if they had it for the NFL game they have like the home team announcers like the home broadcasts maybe like the Ravens and the Titans announcers like doing a home or broadcast it's fine because it all adds up to their rating of the game and it's like five channels right so I think it's a it's a fine idea. It's a lot of money and a lot of production value for a for a Titans ravens first round playoff. Yeah, but it was fun. I mean, if who is on this weekend on my watch it. Who knows? I would rather watch Nickelodeon one a little different, but it was good. Are they gonna do Nickelodeon again, I had no idea they're doing Nickelodeon. They might. The only reason to work this time is because NB and CBS and Nickelodeon are in the Viacom family. So they were able to simulcast. And it all worked out. But we'll see if that happens on there. And my big dick energy Mike is a guy who finished number three in NFL jersey sales this year. And first I want you to kind of take a guess, at who that might be after the Patrick mahomes is of the world but there's a man who finished number three in Jersey sales, obviously very popular, and he's just getting a really bad rap right now. And I want to stand up for him. I just want to see when it gets to that. I mean, I'm gonna I'm gonna throw it out there and say it's your boy to it is thank you for saying that. So number three, the dolphins haven't had a guy in the top 20 of Jersey sales in such a long time. And he's number three. He also had a better rookie season than Josh Allen did. He had a better rookie season than Cam Newton is your boy Cam Newton. So I want the heat on to it to stop I want the trade speculation with the Sean Watson stop. He's not going to Houston. We're going to keep building around two acres in Miami and we're going to keep the guy in the top five jersey sales for a very long time. So my I had a bullshitter believe around that. It's like the potential of two bullshitter believers to get traded to Houston because last week, I think we mentioned it a little bit but this week, it seemed like it might have been more real than we thought because



the Shawn wants out and this seems like a great spot because Miami has a ton of first round picks. I could just trade them



Wouldn't you want this wouldn't you want the Shawn you love to shine? You bet I literally five years ago we were in Vegas you're like they're going to Super Bowl you wanted them to go the Super Bowl you want them to be good and now you're going to get the best player on your team. I mean, Watson you're right he is the number two quarterback in the NFL for the future I think it's mahomes one Watson two once you get rid of the Rogers generation those are the two guys at the top and then everyone else follows behind. I am also a fan of a plan I want to plan and the dolphins have been working on a plan for years and they're hoarding money for free agency they're hoarding draft picks so they all hit at the right time and that right time is coming up and if you give away so many of those resources now Mike just for Watson just for one guy what if two is a Watson What if he's one notch below Watson you can keep all those picks we need to see more of two I'm not ready to bail on the guy yet but don't you think we know if he's not because like Joe burrow and Herbert were like the kind of impressed us even even What's his name? The backup for the Rams? Like I was kind of impressed by him. I would watch him play and also Yeah, he was like he wasn't bad. He's a little scrappy guy. But I just think it my other thought was will these guys last as long as the Rogers or the Brady's because they're much more mobile quarterbacks because we haven't seen mobile quarterbacks last as long like RG three, I feel like was the first big guy that came in that just like only lasted two years are are mahomes and dashawn gonna last as long because they're a little bit more scrambling a little bit you know, they might lose that edge after a little while. As you know what? I think scrambling, scrambling and being mobile as a quarterback is the modern NFL. Tom Brady is not going to win this game against the saints because he can't move around the pocket. That's one of the reasons that that is going away. Very few like look at burrow, and Herbert and tua will eventually be a better scrambling. The guy is still 14 months removed from serious hip surgery. It's like almost like blobs of blood flow to his hip. That's serious shit. I just wanted to share the stats. Josh Allen's rookie year he had six touchdowns and nine interceptions. 211 touchdowns. Five interceptions. Okay. Josh Allen's rookie year at 1500 passing yards to head 1800 passing yards. Can we not compare him to the epic seasons of burrow and Herbert for a minute and just say he's a rookie coming off serious hip surgery or Hey, past receivers and see what happens not hating your boy Jeremy, I'm just I'm just trying to say there might be a better option out there that could win you Super Bowl today. And I did say my dolphins my winter bowl years.



I just want people to know they're watching. We have tons of visual viewers too. It's getting dark where I am. It's 5:40pm in Florida and I don't have a light and it's just going to continue getting darker and so it'll be the outline of myself. Do you want to do best bets or do you want to go over our bits from last week first and then jump into some best? Yeah, I think we I think we should recap that so we did the draft last week it was a snake draft you would look at the results and you might think like Jeremy had all the good picks but he didn't it was actually a back and forth so still remaining Mike still remaining. I have the Packers the Chiefs haven't even played yet. Both of those. The saints and the Ravens picked up some nice wins on Sunday. And I also have the browns and the Rams a few upset teams that went on the road and pulled some upsets and they both have some really tough matchups against the chiefs and Packers this week. Who do you have left? Literally nobody I have the bucks I have the bills. And that's it right that's it that's all I got. That's all you have to have the eight teams left after just one week it always happened this way one of us is always like way behind and this time it's you thankfully because we did bet on a Bitcoin like the winner gets a hold Bitcoin at $80,000 there they're way too much. Now we get one share of gbtc that's a different story.



Mike Do you still feel confident you can win this with the bills are bucks winning the Super Bowl? Listen, if the bills are who I think they are, and I think they're gonna go to Super Bowl I'm hoping I just hold on to them. I think I can I think they can do it this week. Who are they playing this week? They're playing the the Ravens right? That's a tough game right? It's a night game. Lamar Lamar has been on one I told you ever since he went to poop and came back and Superman to that game against the Browns like a month ago. He's been on another level. I mean, obviously the odds in your favor.



You You might win this year this year. I didn't do so well. I didn't plan it out. I should have just taken a you know, one of the teams on a bi would have been smart of me taking a bi team. I don't know what happened. The Seahawks. I don't believe in the Rams at all. Like I don't think they're a Seahawks. Were your second pick after the bills. Yeah, well, I thought they were good but they didn't listen. They're so broken both the Steelers and Seahawks, two of your picks have fired their offensive coordinator.



I would have definitely fired my offense coordinator when you had Russell Wilson and you just run the ball the whole time with some backup smokes that no one really, you know we can't even run so before we get to best bets let's talk about Russ, you know you're talking about recipes cooking. You're a big Seahawks fan. You love Seattle for like three different reasons.



Tell me tell me Mike. What happened? Why didn't Russ cook



rustington cook because they didn't let him cook. They started throwing the ball obviously within like the last five minutes of the game. That always happens. They like that drama.



I don't know what their game plan was, I thought maybe they didn't they thought the backup was going to be in right like, Oh, this backups can be in. Let's change the game plan a little bit. Let's conserve, like the throwing and try to run the game and really control the clock. That's what I thought going in like, Oh, that makes sense. But then all of a sudden, Jared Goff comes in, and he's like a good with a broken thumb. So I don't know what was going on. It wasn't good, right? He was adequate. He was good enough to beat the Seahawks and Russell Wilson didn't have the opportunity to do it. And they didn't have a good game plan. So I think it's good that they are there. All right, let's get your best bets. You're not betting with real money this week. But if people out there still real money, these are the best. Yeah, do the opposite. All right, this week. Listen, I'm gonna throw it out there right away. I'm taking all the favorites. I'm not bullshitting around this time. None of these underdogs are gonna win. Rams a Green Bay. I'm taking Green Bay here take the money line. I still like them. plus, minus seven here. I know the Rams have a great off. Great defense. I'm hoping it's gonna be really fucking cold in Green Bay. haven't checked the weather. I'm hoping it's cold. I'm hoping it's like rainy. Jared Goff is not prepared for that. That backup quarterback you better believe he's not coming back from that hit to his head were squashed his brain cells back into his head. And I think their backup backup quarterback in the LA is Blake bortles. So if Blake bortles comes in, you know the game is over. I'm taking Green Bay. What do you think? The Rams defense has been so good. I would not be surprised if Aaron Rodgers had trouble with them. I think that davante Adams Jalen Ramsay matchup might be like the best of the weekend. Just keep your eye on that. Because that's super fun, like best against best. It's amazing. When you talk about the Rams when they gave golf so much money. Like if they had someone different, like even much cheaper and different. They'd have a better chance to win than actually having golf like the dude Woolford whatever his name is. He was playing better than golf. You were kind of inspired by him watching.



So the Rams aren't gonna win, but it could be like a 13 to seven game so the Rams could cover and I would take the under two. Okay. All right. All right. I like the under I could see that happening to defenses. Jared Goff not beatable move. ravens at Bill's, I'm taking bills here minus three. I have to take the bills, I have to believe in the bills because this is my last chance to hopefully make it to the next round in our playoff pool. I believe in the bills. They didn't play great. I was not inspired by their play. Over the weekend. I was a little nervous. Oh, it was like oh, okay, what do you guys doing here? It wasn't the best football I've seen. I'm hoping they step it up this week. I'm glad they played though. Because it's like the chiefs. I'm worried in Green Bay. I'm worried coming off that Bye. I was worried that you're getting a little cold. Like you're a little like hesitant at first. So that does scare me in the Green Bay game. But I like the bells here. What do you think? I don't know. I didn't put the Colts away by any means a cold are driving to win the game. And Greg has been in enough of those situations where you knew he'd be in position to win. And you also know he wouldn't win at the same time because that's who Phillip rivers is. I think the bills ravens game is like the closest game of the weekend. I could see either team winning. I'd be worried about it either way. I think it's gonna come down like the last drive and will that quarterback make a play or not? I'm telling you Lamar Jackson's been amazing. I know they were losing to the Titans early in that game. One of those runs like he was sacked at the 50 yard line except he like escaped one tackle and he weaved his way. 50 yards like no matter what you plan for defensively, the guy can still get loose. I don't know who to pick here. I just think it's gonna be a great game on NBC.



Oh, it's on him. You said okay. Browns at chiefs chiefs are minus nine and a half. I'm going chiefs here. I think the attitude in the Browns locker room was way too excited. They were celebrating way too much to beat the Steelers. And that's not fair. A team can't celebrate after their appearance in 17 years and they won it listen.



I don't think the the attitude going into next week as the celebration like you got past the wildcard weekend. You shouldn't be celebrating this should be like a grind. Get it and guess what? I know my boy Tom Brady. And Aaron Rodgers wouldn't be celebrating like that in the locker room doing like Corvette Corvette. All these videos in the locker room. So I just think that's gonna get a little karma is gonna come back. I think the chiefs are gonna dominate them, they got no shot. So the chiefs are gonna win this game for much different reasons. I think the Chiefs will dominate them because the Chiefs or the chiefs and the Browns are a seven seed in the playoffs and they have no business going at the number one seed and winning the game. So the Chiefs in the home chef I find that even though the Browns get their head coach back, a Tampa Bay at the saints. I like the saints minus three. I don't think anybody's going to be in the



Stadium, but I just think overall the saints have been playing better taught like it's weird if you ever watched the games it's weird how like the Bucs either get off to a hot start or they're not very hot at first and then somehow get up to a lead. I don't know if the saints are gonna allow them to do this. And this saints bears game was the weirdest game like super low scoring. I didn't know what was going on. Like at one point I'm like, oh, okay, maybe the bears got a chance here like they seemed like they were in it because of the defense. I think saints can do it here and this is the last time from Drew Brees. Right. Tom Brady's coming back. He's coming back next year. Tom? Yes, Brees is not coming back break. Brady is probably coming back. I agree. I don't like what I'm seeing from the Bucs. They were in a five point game with a losing team and a quarterback named hi Nikki. That makes no sense from last week. The Bucs are not a good team. They're average. The Saints are pretty elite. I expect saints Packers to be the NFC Championship game and that would be a nice match. That would be nice. Real quick, I just have I'm also going to moneyline parlay all those just for my last hurrah of the gambling and then gamble and Super Bowl. But I got a stat here. New New Jersey sports better betters wagered



nine $996 million in December. They gamble almost $1.5 million every hour. In New Jersey. This is how big sports gambling has become. So a lot of sports bettors are doing it. And I think it's also when you're looking at the lines and the money. It's really getting pushed around by a lot of public vendors because they're they have a lot more access to it. Like we're in a group we not only talk about Bitcoin, we talk about gambling. And a lot of people are throwing money on just random sports to gamble on like somebody's bet on what baseball or what was a basketball tonight in a little hockey just as the money on so it's a lot more accessible to a lot of people. And I think when you're looking at the lines,



all this money could be public money. And I think sometimes people try that. But oh yeah, I gotta get to Valley here. Sometimes better just to go to favorites. And that's what I'm doing this weekend. So take faith. I like it. I like it. And the states are making a lot of money on taxes from this. So pretty soon in this democratic country that we're heading into in 2021. There will be sports betting and a lot more things like that legalized across the board. Mike, it was a great show. It's where I am. I gotta get out. I know. I know. I know. All right. All right. Check out sports. Follow us there. Follow us on Instagram at the sport takeover podcast and putting the rest of Melissa reviews. Hopefully we are back next

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