NFL Draft Preview featuring gossip, BS, lies and rumors

NFL Draft Preview featuring gossip, BS, lies and rumors

Michael Benatar

April 5,2021

NFL Draft Preview featuring gossip, BS, lies and rumors

A QB normally celebrates when he’s drafted or when he signs a fat free agent contract but the guys are breaking down the party Sam Darnold had when he found out he was done with the Jets. And J Dawg reveals the secret weapon for the Panthers that will lead to Darnold’s success.

A game of ‘BS or Believe’ reveals the Patriots QB plans for the NFL Draft, only 3 weeks away! And if Kevin Durant deserves to be fined for comments made towards crying, failed actor Michael Rapaport.

It’s Masters Week in Augusta, Georgia! You made it this far so 2 sleepers to make money on: Cameron Smith and Scottie Scheffler, both at 40/1.

Finally, Scandal City stars another famous cryer, Paul Pierce, parting ways with ESPN after a late-night Instagram Live showed off a whole bunch of strippers.


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Jdawg, Michael Benatar


Every so often that the sports hangover touches on mature topics discretion is advised. vs. Lies and rumors is the sports hangover. No one knows what it means but it's provocative

Michael Benatar  00:20

Welcome to the sports hangover. I'm Michael Benatar joined alongside do dog.

Jdawg  00:25

Mike. I've been deep in draft preparations this week. So I came to the best place I know if you're watching us right now I'm in the Steelers den. I'm in the Steelers draft room right now.

Michael Benatar  00:35

When Jeremy just first got on I thought he was in our mutual friend's living room because every Steeler fan has that thing behind them. So a big lose watch and shout out the Big Blue. He definitely has one of those in his house.

Jdawg  00:46

Right? Yeah. You know, I just I just rent random rooms out around the country. And this this week, I'm in the Steelers draft room. And yes, every Steeler fan on Earth. You have to have this to root for the Steelers, you have to be present. You also have to be loud. And you have to be a little bit obnoxious to watch games. That's the difference

Michael Benatar  01:01

and carry one of those terrible towels around with you.

Jdawg  01:03

Yes, everywhere you go. Yeah. My big, big mock draft season. So we're one week from the draft. Today is Thursday for 22. The draft is Thursday for 29 and Cleveland. Next week. I have a new mock draft. It's on the sports hangover calm. So if you want to stop listening now and go click over and read it and then come back and listen. That's fair. I think that's a fair thing to do, because it'll give you more context for the podcast. And you already downloaded the show. So we don't really care if you leave now even though we want you to stay.

Michael Benatar  01:28

So do we want to get into that right away? Or I have like some headlines we can get into then tease the mock draft later. You want to do

Jdawg  01:35

yeah, good tease. Give us some headlines, but don't make it basketball.

Michael Benatar  01:40

Okay, well, headlines here. Well, this is this is a random one. And then I'm also going to dive into that Jake Paul fight because I was very, very angry about it. After I spent three hours of my life watching it. It wasn't a fight. It was a concert. It was barely a concert but why we'll get into in a second. So what is up with the PGA Tour rewarding players? Is this a new thing? Because I looked at I got an article Mike, what is this? What are they? Why are they paying the players have given there's like a $40 million dollar pool of money and they're paying the top 10 players by their like presence. I wasn't even really sure the metrics. It's like Google Search popularity.

Jdawg  02:16

Six metrics are looking at Google search, Google Trends Twitter profile, how much your your Q score is like how popular you are. No.

Michael Benatar  02:26

Do you know what IQ score is? Because I don't know what accused

Jdawg  02:28

IQ score is how popular you are. Like for example, my IQ score would be higher than your IQ score.

Michael Benatar  02:34

Okay, okay. Okay. And then what are celebrities? What is the MVP index? Right I'm clicking all these links right now.

Jdawg  02:40

I think that might be like how much money you win or how many events you play or win so there is some on field performance for these golfers but it is more Mike it is more about your your profile off the field or off the golf course in this case and rewarding you for being famous and driving people to your sport to watch you. I think it's brilliant because golf is such an individual sport, you know, the top 10 players the Bryson's, the Dustin Johnson's Brooks kept tiger and Phil when they're healthy. They're the ones who drive all all the ratings to a turn that no one's watching for players 11 through 200 yet every event has 150 or 200 players so it makes sense to reward these guys more and so they can actually struggle with off like Rickie Fowler, you know the name even though he's a terrible golfer, but you know the name because he's got all these metrics going on and even qualify for the Masters last week. He's not in the top 150 anymore. He's so bad. He just he doesn't he's not good at golf. I mean, golf is hard, you know, you know that it's hard. That's just one example. But he'll probably qualify and these metrics and take home millions of dollars just by being famous and driving people.

Michael Benatar  03:40

So they put up for last year, if this metric was around, it would have gone Tiger Woods number one, number two, Rory number three Brooks kept go. Number four, Phil, five Ricky Ballard six Jordan, sweet seven, Dustin Johnson, eight. Justin Thomas nine Justin rose and 10 Adam Scott. So

Jdawg  03:58

that would have been that wears brace into Shambo. That's ridiculous.

Michael Benatar  04:01

He wasn't there in 2009. This is 2019.

Jdawg  04:04

That's 19. Okay, that's two years ago, two years. 2020 is when my boy Bryson came on. He's one of my guys. So you will Yeah, you're rewarding players of all different skill levels. Justin rose won't be in the top 10 anymore. He's fallen off. He had a chance to the masters. He didn't do well. But Rickie Fowler is on it and tiger and Phil will remain on it to for the rest of their life.

Michael Benatar  04:22

But it's just an interesting thing. Because not I didn't know any other sport that would do this that would pay the top people that you're just trending, we're gonna go look at all the metrics. Because I would say the NBA could do something like this where pay your top 10 players even more money because they are the faces pay the lebrons the staffs all these players, maybe they won't take it because they're making so much other money maybe goes to charity or something like that. Because how much do golfers normally make How much does a Jordan Spaeth make a year?

Jdawg  04:54

He says he plays 27 events you make like 1.5 million If you win, you make 500 that's for third place 200,000 for 10th place, say average is 200,000 times 27 events. I need to do the math on that to go to my good when I'm talking and doing math here. Yes, something like that. Let's, let's see what it is just while you're okay.

Michael Benatar  05:15

So this was just I was just thinking about it because I saw this article

Jdawg  05:19

$5.5 million on on course earnings, and then off course, you're making money from Under Armour and all these things, and maybe seven to 10.

Michael Benatar  05:25

Because the payouts for this PJ reward program number one would earn $8 million. And with the rest number two's through 10, it'd be like a scale of how much you would get. But it's kind of crazy. I just think like for the NBA or for the NHL, if you were an NHL player, and this was a thing where the NHL, the NHL, pa would pay you extra money to be popular. I would hope there would be more popularity in hockey alone because they would push it or in basketball. Because right now there isn't like this almost makes it more exciting. Like how popular if I'm bad. I can at least be popular.

Jdawg  06:00

Or at least be on Twitter.

Michael Benatar  06:01

Yeah. Which could mean something to me. That's more eyes on the sport. Right? So hockey, hockey needs a lot of

Jdawg  06:07

Yeah, the issue. The issue, Mike is you need leverage. Anytime you enter a negotiation or you ask for more money, you can't go to your boss and say I want more money if you don't have any leverage on the other side of it. So these golfers there was a there was discussion in the last couple years about them leaving the PGA Tour to join their own tour like the top 10 or 20 golfers, the most famous ones that are the ones that are going to be on those lists. They were talking about leaving the PGA Tour because they don't make enough money doing their own 10 guide tour. And then making all the money on this other tour. The PGA Tour said no no, no, we want you to stay here we'll make you happy. And this was a solution they came up with so they have leverage. I think in other sports they don't have it the one thing that we did see this week with soccer we are not soccer guys but there are soccer guys listening to the podcast and out there in the world somewhere we just don't know who they are. We almost lost a lot of teams from the Premier League and the Champions League and whatever other leagues are out there to the super premier the super new Soccer League in Europe it fell apart right away it fell apart instantly the fans hated it. But that was an example of well those teams may have had some leverage until they didn't

Michael Benatar  07:13

I that was gonna be the scandal city like the Super League but I was all about the Super League. I said this makes sense for soccer. Why not? If you guys are the top leagues why not combine it? I don't understand the leagues itself in Europe like I don't follow soccer at all I don't know why there's like five different types of leagues that people can pay a plan I don't get it I know in America we have the MLS league which is really terrible and but actually I've been to a games a lot of fun to go go to a guys it looks fun. I come maybe if la FC is open when we're here we can go there it is rowdy soccer fans are really really rowdy a lot of passion in soccer

Jdawg  07:52

because they know they have to it has to be entertaining in the stands because whatever's going on on the on the pitch is not very entertaining.

Michael Benatar  07:58

Well I think you know is weird I almost enjoyed soccer more being there than watching on TV because watching on TV you you're you're so far away maybe when you come home we'll go out to a game I'll try I liked the idea for the Super League. I don't know if it makes sense here in Europe but I mean in in America and not in Europe. But I think something is something's there because that could be where they can make more money maybe get more national broadcast. I don't know if they because there's like weird deals with NBC or ABC or whoever owns the Premier League do they have to pay more? Because now they're not in this? A lot of issues there. They didn't roll it out very smoothly shouldn't have been an announcement it should have been like everything should have been in contract before they roll this shit out because

Jdawg  08:38

there's only there's a couple teams in contract and then but not all the 12 teams and all the fans are like writing in this Yeah, that's one of the Chelsea games this week like started late because all the fans are riding outside the stadium action so and then they're like no we're out and then the men city GM or whatever the corresponding position is over there. He like dips out because he was like orchestrating the whole thing and he's like I resigned I can't deal with this. So as a lot of Scott soccer scandal if you're into that. I also want to watch Ted last so I haven't seen it yet. I understand that he's a soccer coach. So I want to see

Michael Benatar  09:09

they don't talk about soccer much. It's more about Okay, it's like the office they never talked about the paper that they were like this you know, who's like what happened in the office? That's kind of like

Jdawg  09:18

yeah, so so I need to watch it. Okay, um,

Michael Benatar  09:21

do you want to do I got a bullshitter believer Do you want to go a little draft stuff?

Jdawg  09:25

Let's do bullshitter believe in straight into the draft. Believe


it I believe

Michael Benatar  09:33

in judo believe it Jamie over the weekend. As you saw on our group thread, I was complaining about this fight that one of our friends unfortunately purchased, which was one of his biggest mistakes of his life. It was much money was it It wasn't that much but it's 60 bucks. If you did not watch this, you do not understand the poor quality of what happened and how this was 100% stage and I wanted to There's so much to get into every aspect of this was insane I don't know why there was Pete Davidson there Snoop Dogg other celebrities Davidson

Jdawg  10:07

by the way he did like a live reporting type of thing outside of the the locker room for one of them and he was ripping on Jake. Like, if you're a YouTube star, you can do whatever you want to do, and no one will care and no one gives a shit. You can still do it anyway. Like he was doing that on the broadcast.

Michael Benatar  10:22

Yeah, it was. It was Mish it was all over the place when there was like the five guys up there talking about what was going on. Mario Lopez was there with somebody else and they were all just yelling and cursing like fuck this, like blah, blah, blah. It seemed like a bunch of drunk friends got together and said let's press record and get this out to a million people. And we're gonna make a shit ton of money they had so triller which we never heard of before. They sold 1.5 million paper views which was one of our shout outs to gay dog our summer which by the way, we have to have monsoon because he's gonna he's gonna talk about summer travel summer roaring 20s.

Jdawg  10:59

He should have trends for the next 10 years really.

Michael Benatar  11:01

He has missed out in the last two years because me and me took off.

Jdawg  11:05

Never happened. We're still waiting. I mean, the pandemic have been a great time to drink meat at home and

Michael Benatar  11:11

you have to defend themselves on this next podcast. 1.5 million people tuned in and purchase this, they generated $75 million. Now here's where the scandal comes in. I know you're not very interested in this. But Jake ball investor in triller. And so he's getting a shitload of money from this. Ben askren the guy who he fought that got knocked out that didn't really get knocked out because it was all fake. Got $5 million, which was his biggest payday of his entire fighting career.

Jdawg  11:40

So I didn't know He's a fighter. I thought he was like an actor or something. I don't even know who he was.

Michael Benatar  11:46

He was a 40 I think he was a former or

Jdawg  11:48

current former fighter because you didn't look like he's a current fighter.

Michael Benatar  11:52

He honestly he kind of looked like me with my shirt off like a little chunky like a little like what are you doing here? Are you are you a fighter you working out what happened to him to a fight yet months? The training? Nothing happened?



Michael Benatar  12:04

he was so bad. The music was terrible. I just want to say never pay for these just somehow illegally stream them and watch them you say illegally

Jdawg  12:13

streaming now you I'm going to ask you here if that's okay. You sent a YouTube link out to the group and I was like, oh YouTube link great. That YouTube link was trashed for a couple reasons. Mike one this British dude got on every 30 seconds and said subscribe now if you don't subscribe I'm gonna stop recording this me down and he was the biggest salesman ever and he repeated himself 1000s and 1000s times and then right before the fight starts Of course he does shut it down and then there's no way to even watch stupid feed dip the hell out of

Michael Benatar  12:42

this my sense another like I said this one's better. There was another link I sent after

Jdawg  12:45

the second one telling me to subscribe to his channel I didn't know who

Michael Benatar  12:49

the second link was better. The music was terrible. Do not watch it I was very upset. I literally wasted three hours of my life on Sunday night or whatever night it was Saturday

Jdawg  12:57

night that's a big night This was a TSH investigates right this this was your investigation this week and you're calling it a fraud you're saying that it was not a real fight so Jake Paul knocked out then asked her and I don't think he said that yet but that didn't hit him hard. He felt he didn't get up

Michael Benatar  13:13

okay, but then there was video I don't know if you saw this. I wish I could I could actually can I can. I'm not going to do it now. But if we could screen share and I could show you video on this but he was in a UFC fight they were showing he was getting elbows left and right to his head and still standing in still like aware of what was going on. Jake Paul's not a real fighter who hit him. Ben asked her as he was walking out smiling happy that he got knocked out he was happy because he got $5 million. I don't care that it's a fraud. But let us know that this is like WWE style and not UFC style because it was all staged the music was so bad when our when our summer trend gaydar comes on. He's got to tell us how bad this was because he was seen in like high rez I was seeing it on a streaming feed. So I don't know if there's any better better on his end. But

Jdawg  14:02

why do you say the music wasn't good? Wasn't a Bieber? Wasn't it all these guys like

Michael Benatar  14:06

it was all dubbed over. They were not actually singing. It was terrible. And Carrie New Year's Eve style. Yeah, but it also kind of looked like there was a stage and there was like, you know, smoke behind them. But it almost felt like if we ever went to a like a bar that had concerts or something like that. It felt like a bar performance. Like oh, cool. Like they're they have a band up there right now. Now I go like production values. Okay, but it wasn't the best. It was so weird. I was just very frustrated all the time.

Jdawg  14:38

Yeah. That will frustrate you will be the NFL Draft. Can we start with J dog takes off?


Yeah. J Tom takes

Jdawg  14:48

a request for j dog takes on this week. We haven't heard that been positive. I'm entering the end of the pandemic but I got my second vaccine. So I'm back baby j dog takes on. Alright, we're starting this with a recap feeling. I feel great. I had a headache. stiff neck. I felt like I was been asking for a day and then I moved on Jadon takes on is where we start the the mock draft portion of today's proceeding. So I went back to the 2020 NFL mock draft and I said let's start here. Where did j dog get it right where NFL teams got it wrong? I think you might enjoy this. I have three picks to share with you that I mocked last year. I think the team's wish they did this instead. And then I'll reveal my some of my mock draft for this year which is coming up okay. The Philadelphia Eagles last year in my mock draft I had Justin Jefferson go into the Eagles hidden amazing season for the Vikings. Do you remember they took Jalen reagor instead a receiver same position. It was the wrong pic. True or false? j dog knows more than the Eagles GM?

Michael Benatar  15:45

I don't think he goes don't much because they had Carson Wentz for the last three years and they thought he was going to be good and just traded him away. So I would agree. I would agree j dog knows no more.

Jdawg  15:54

That was my first one. This is a quote from Justin Jefferson quote. I thought I was going to Philly but I answered the phone and it was Minnesota. Philly. Where are you at what you doing? You should have Justin Jefferson here's my next one. You'll love this one you're gonna love it. Love Miami Dolphins. They took two in the first round Do you know who j dog Mott to the dolphins at quarterback?

Michael Benatar  16:13

Who did you who who was

Jdawg  16:15

Justin Herbert. I had Herbert in my official mock they should listen to me we all believe in now we didn't think so at the time but now we don't want Herbert over to it's so true. They won right

Michael Benatar  16:26

well why is this so what was the situation though? Because they were because two went number one overall

Jdawg  16:30

or was it Burro went one?

Michael Benatar  16:34

I think it's it's kind of crazy thinking back because you're like Justin Herbert. What was he drafted at?

Jdawg  16:40

He was drafted at six to the Chargers I thought to it should have gone to Washington at number two because they still need a quarterback like they just signed Fitzpatrick so I don't think that was wrong, but I had the dolphins taken her but I like

Michael Benatar  16:50

that you should should try to get in these draft rooms. Jeremy should let them know maybe we'll email some NFL head coaches. Let them know what's your

Jdawg  16:56

Yeah, I can slide into their DMS at a word scout. The last one The last one is the chiefs. And this is debatable, but that was fun. I had the Chiefs taking DeAndre swift in the first round. They went with Clyde Edwards Hilaire instead, I don't know who'd you rather have right now? It's just a toss up. But I'm curious. What

Michael Benatar  17:11

do you think? Wait,

Jdawg  17:12

who's? Who were who did DeAndre swift? I had then taking swift who's on the lions? Like how good you are when you're on the lions, right? Because like he could be really good, but you're on the line.

Michael Benatar  17:22

We did have that weird like fumble on Thanksgiving that I remember that really screwed me over a lot.

Jdawg  17:27

It's a lions tradition from


every year I

Michael Benatar  17:30

think I bet on the lions on Thanksgiving.


I don't

Michael Benatar  17:33

know. I don't know. Clyde Edward Hilaire was he that like I don't didn't run the ball that much. He had like a dad's levy on Bell there. They had all these other guys got hurt. You got to

Jdawg  17:43

it's up for debate.

Michael Benatar  17:45

Yeah, who knows? Maybe you know what we'll see this year. So just write it down. Like who performs better this year? Because this is their you know, software.

Jdawg  17:51

Exactly. So that is all setup. I have done it 2021 NFL mock draft it's the gossip bs lies and rumors edition because there's never a time in the NFL season where it's more appropriate to have gossip, Bs lies and rumors except the mock draft. So obviously I'm a good draft or I'm a good scout. I got some right last year. Let's look at this. A few headlines for you. Mike, I want you to comment on each of these. Okay, my first one. Yeah, I have five quarterbacks going into top seven picks. Okay, what do you think? Do you like the quarterback rush to start the draft?

Michael Benatar  18:23

Um, I find it interesting because how can there be so many good quarterbacks coming out this year? When other years there wasn't? And I would say do you Alright, so do you find it that they are more desperate for quarterbacks this year? Because they need a quarterback? When in the other years? It was like, we don't need one but we'll take somebody you know 15th overall 30th overall, like Lamar Jackson was what 2820 to 29th overall, and he's a starting quarterback. Does he is there more need this year? Because all these quarterbacks or is it just a year full of good ones? Because it seems weird. It almost seems like the media pushes like oh, yeah, a lot. Everybody needs this. Because we're all mocking this right now. Right? Like we're we're doing these mock drafts does that make me wrong?

Jdawg  19:10

Like most mocks will be wrong, not mine. But But yeah, I think you're on the two points there. One is yes, there's, there's at least the five teams if not more, who are desperate for quarterbacks and we'll run through some of those in a second. And then the second thing is, I think there's there's going to be bad quarterbacks that are picked in the top seven too. And that's part of the thing like 50% of these quarterbacks maybe maybe 60% of them will be bused. You could say three out of five of these quarterbacks will be bus so they're not even that good to start with. They're just like teams that need some hope. Okay, so we've got number one, Jacksonville Jaguars. Oh my god, what's going on? What's going on the video here? Where is

Michael Benatar  19:44

the screen? So where are you going? Give me I

Jdawg  19:46

don't show too much. Go back to the top. All right, we got we got Jacksonville Jaguars. Trevor Lawrence first submitted Bill Belichick joke remember last year when he was sitting with his, his dog was standing up for him at the draft? Yeah. Alright, so we did include that okay. Jacksonville Jaguars Trevor Lawrence last time they took a quarterback this Hi this is an amazing interface if you're watching us right now. Mike Scott double box triple box we got the blog up we got images as a sick. Okay, that's our new format going forward. Trevor Lawrence Doug, keep us on there. Trevor Lawrence is going to Jacksonville Of course Urban Meyer came out of retirement to coach Lawrence. The last time they took a quarterback. He was a big drinker Blake bortles. Ran Jacksonville Beach bar scene. I've talked to sources there where he would blackout on Friday nights. Play a game on Sunday. That's a real thing. Not a rumor writing. So now they're going with Trevor Lawrence who's very clean cut just got married. So I think he's gonna be a different kind of quarterback for the Jags number two.

Michael Benatar  20:45

roadway okay real quick. I just want to start there.



Michael Benatar  20:48

Do you think the Jags deserve to be a good team like if Trevor Lawrence is good and Urban Meyer is a good coach in the NFL. And can get this team to a playoff team and technically maybe win a Super Bowl like Florida is just thriving right now. Do this the Jacksonville do they deserve this? Like I don't know if Jacksonville deserves to be this team.

Jdawg  21:12

Well the Jets certainly don't nearly lost the game. Remember they won a game that they shouldn't have won probably was that the Raiders beat them on something else or they beat the Raiders. Something happened with that Raiders? Hey, Mary.

Michael Benatar  21:27

I think they might have beat the Raiders. But then it was like, in a way looking back. Was this a calling card? So what's his name could go to the Panthers. what's what's this

Jdawg  21:38

guy? Sam Darnell. Yeah, I don't I don't know. I mean, the Jets should have been number one. They blew it and now they're not going to get Trevor Lawrence the Jags. they've picked up high before like I said with bortles they ruin that pic. So maybe they'll get Lawrence right. Okay, let's go down to number two. You got to show the picture because the guy is just good looking. Zack. He's gonna be the new jets quarterback. He's a good looking guy. He could leave football to be an actor. At some point. A lot of people say looks like a Disney star. He's definitely going. Number two, I wanted to share this

Michael Benatar  22:07

meme where it's like, it looks like Zach Wilson playing Zach will sleep in a Disney movie or something like it looks

Jdawg  22:13

like he should be in High School Musical. Right? Yes. So I wanted to share this theory and I wrote about it was that Wilson and we can just keep that up for a second. Yeah, calling cow herd has this theory on quarterbacks and basically he says quarterbacks who play college football on the west coast and then are drafted by an East Coast team. And when they struggle, they fall apart because their family and friends are on a three hour timezone difference. And you can't call them to talk to your mom or dad after a bad game because they're living different lives on different schedules. So all that is to say, Molson is going to college at BYU. Now going to the New York Jets just like Sam Darnell was at USC and then went to the Jets calling bullshit on calverts theory and I think Wilson will succeed with the Jets. I think his theory is full of shit. I you and me are on different time zones and we've never had a problem communicating I've never been depressed because I couldn't talk to you.

Michael Benatar  23:07

Well, no you haven't but it is I will say the standard for deciding times is West Coast. I am always like three o'clock because it like you never we never get

Jdawg  23:17

like what that's a concession I've made for you 10 years

Michael Benatar  23:19

ago yeah, just because you're always you're traveling a lot so as long as we have one timezone we're sticking to I also like that coward This is what happens when you talk to yourself for three hours you come up with weird conspiracy theories like that. But I do I do love that one.

Jdawg  23:33

He is a theory based guy so that's kind of covered free I think Wilson will do okay in New York it's all decided we know Lawrence Wilson are one to the draft starts at three let's scroll down let's see it a lot it's right Justin fields don't scroll down too much. Okay. Justin fields. Okay. So the niners traded up for fields and are for a quarterback rather and we don't know is it Matt Jones? Is it Trey Lance is Justin fields. They could go either way. Matt Jones is a betting favorite. People say the Alabama quarterback will work with Kyle Shanahan some people are saying Kyle Shanahan is a racist he only wants to work with white quarterbacks that's a theory that's been floated out a lot of Raiders here's what I want you to think back to my your favorite quarterback of the last few years is probably Robert Griffin the third right

Michael Benatar  24:14

Russell Wilson not rely rG 333

Jdawg  24:17

College not on

Michael Benatar  24:21

first of all RG three was what 2012 or something like nine years ago yeah so when he was coming out I did love RG three I was all

Jdawg  24:30

as offensive coordinator okay let me tell the story was I know I put you on the spot so Kyle Shanahan is the San Francisco for Niners head coach he's calling the shots not GM john Lynch. I think he's smoke screening with with Mack Jones wants everyone to think he's taking Mack Jones he's gonna take Justin fields to do the RG three offense, run pass do it all with the niners. That's my pick.

Michael Benatar  24:53

So what do you do with Grappler do not trade them during the draft because that contract I mean, you got it. You got to do something Do you do aka alex smith mahomes kind of do keep in there for a year and then move on

Jdawg  25:05

I think so i think so absolutely but we'll see we'll see um let's I think or Apple could be trade draft night I think he stays this year and then fields moves in the following year. We're not going through it all because we need people to go click on it but let's go through six with with the grid we

Michael Benatar  25:19

go deeper to if you want do we want to go like a little deeper like some

Jdawg  25:23

kind of want people to go click on I don't want to give them all

Michael Benatar  25:25

but we're not going to give away I would say a very small percentage is actually watching this but we could go deep who who are my boys Seattle take it I

Jdawg  25:31

want to ask you but we'll get to see it. Well, they don't have a first round pick so they're irrelevant. That's fine but the Falcons the Falcons first. The Falcons have a big decision to make at number four. This is one of most intriguing spots in the draft. Mike is going to come in the first hour once the draft starts so I need you locked in on it. The Falcons have a new head coach Arthur Smith, where to go I'm pulling them up I wanted to give us a highlight video while we're there. Kyle Pitts you tell me a little bit Kyle Pitts is amazing tight end from Florida. Now the option for the kids ever watching ads? I don't know what's going on. Yeah, we're getting.

Michael Benatar  26:00

We're gonna go back.

Jdawg  26:02

If you're just listening to this, which 90 90% of people are they're gonna have no idea why we're reacting like this. The Falcons have a decision to make at the quarterback position with the new head coach or their Smith. They can stick with Matt Ryan for two more years where he's under contract or start the clock now and draft a quarterback. They could go quarterback they could trade out to a team like the Broncos or the patriots who need a quarterback or the most likely scenario and the one that j dog thinks will happen. They draft Kyle Pitts a physical freak at tight end. There's no doubt Mike he's the next. Travis Kelsey. The next George kittel. He will help Matt Ryan imagine Matt Ryan and his fading years having Julio Jones Calvin Ridley Kyle Pitts. You could you could succeed in that offense. That's why I think the Falcons go that route.

Michael Benatar  26:49

So why are they so stuck on Matt Ryan? It doesn't make any sense. I actually since we're here and people can maybe see the screen. How old is Matt Ryan?

Jdawg  27:00

This has turned into something else. I don't hate it, but

Michael Benatar  27:02

3035 years old. I think it's like alright, I'm 34 I still feel pretty good. Right? How old are you?

Jdawg  27:10

Oh, you complain a lot. You

Michael Benatar  27:11

complain a lot?

Jdawg  27:12

I do. I'm 32 and I don't always feel good.

Michael Benatar  27:16

I just don't understand why they're keeping Matt Ryan but let's say okay, they're gonna keep him he's this a guy that I need to draft in fantasy? Is

Jdawg  27:23

this a guy that's gonna be oh my gosh, absolutely. He's He's a top tight end. If you're in a keeper League, which I think you are. You're gonna want Kyle Pitts no matter where he goes. I hope he goes to the dolphins but I think he's gonna go number four the Falcons. Okay, the Bengals are next and number five.

Michael Benatar  27:39

to rock everyone do bangles Okay,

Jdawg  27:40

we'll go through a few more. The Bengals have five Mike they they have another decision make do they go offensive line protect Joe burrow. He tore his ACL last year. It's the worst injury you can have in football. I think they should go offensive line. But here's the thing about Joe burrow. He had an insane season with Jamal Chase. Look at the stat line for Jamal Chase. That's one season of stats and 20 1984 catches 1700 80 yards and 20 touchdowns. Those in one season of college football they don't even play 16 games Mike they play like 13 games in a national championship. LSU won the championship burrow was throwing him all those passes. You got to do burrow, Chase and run it back. It's the only way also LSU tigers, Cincinnati Bengals or Tigers? It just makes too much sense.

Michael Benatar  28:24

It just makes too much sense. Now if we will know if Joe burrow has enough leverage inside the organization to push this through right? Because they're probably asking like Hey, your boys come in. They can you guys can play together have really good chemistry. Where's AJ green these days? He's not Is he still blame?

Jdawg  28:40

He's in Arizona. I don't know why he got a contract but he got like 10 million.

Michael Benatar  28:44

Really? Yeah. Oh, geez. Arizona is really going for it. That's gonna hurt my boy Hopkins out there because that's, that's my keeper.

Jdawg  28:51

trade up for a receiver. That's a tip that I did not include my mock draft in the Cardinals pick, like 16th in this draft. They're trying to move up in the top 10 for Jalen waddle or Kyle Pitts interesting. They're trying to help Kyler as much as I can.

Michael Benatar  29:04

Well, I'm interested to see the draft because if burrow has that push or pull in the facility, they're like he can talk to the coach or talk to the GM and like, I need this guy here to play with me. Then it'll be interesting but if not, we're so where do they go? If they don't go this route? Like is there this offensive

Jdawg  29:19

line? Yeah, it's a nice little offensive line tackle right now in my draft. He's going a little bit later probably to the Panthers could go the lions. We'll see what happens there. I think they need to match up. I think burrow is in the draft room on draft night saying we have to draft this guy. I think they do it. That's why we're number six real quick for a second. Okay. All right. Well, we're gonna say

Michael Benatar  29:38

I was gonna say Are there any draft picks that you think you know, down like 20th 27th that are gonna pick that you think are gonna be kind of studs this year?

Jdawg  29:48

Because you're random let's do a random scroll in a second. I want to talk about six and seven. Then we'll scroll six real quick. The dolphins pick six. I think they trade out at the draft goes like this and Pitts is off the board. They want Kyle Pitt so so bad that he's not there. It's okay we'll trade back get more picks, you know who needs a quarterback the Denver Broncos drew Locke is not good and we all know it. So the Broncos go from nine to six. I set up the trade scenario right here. And the idea is Trey Lance is the quarterback, they lead drew lock play the first few games of the year. If he sucks, you go to Lance, if not let lock play out and then you go to glance next year. He's a little bit more of a developmental quarterback. He could be the best quarterback in Denver since Tim Tebow. Just kidding. Everyone's better than Tim Tebow is john Elway is who I'm talking about.

Michael Benatar  30:27

I love the cross out. Okay, that's good. Now, did john Elway step back a little from managing fully because

Jdawg  30:32

uh, yeah, so they might have a good draft finally.

Michael Benatar  30:34

Yeah, cuz it's weird. It's almost like he was trying to make the same thing happen. That happened to him like I'm gonna pick the next quarterback because how many damn quarterbacks do they have in the last five years? They got the the what's the the heist guy? He was like seven feet tall. He got like $20 million and walked away. $100 million dollars. Goddamn, what was his name isn't funny. No, no,


he's a really really tall dude.

Jdawg  30:58

If you got Trey Broncos, yo, Brock. Osweiler. Ross in peace.

Michael Benatar  31:02

Yeah. But he's like, he's literally he has $100 million because of what john Elway did he got traded got more money. It's like what is this guy doing? I think I think he had some ego issues like this is what I have to do I have to make this team the same. It was when I was there something

Jdawg  31:22

Yeah. And it didn't work even though the body was big arm it should have worked out number seven. I've got the Patriots making the move here. I guaranteed it last week the Patriots are going for a quarterback in the draft. They surrounded their their whole entire team with $150 million 159 million there it is in the first six days of NFL free agency. You don't do that with Cam Newton a quarterback you do it knowing you're gonna have a rookie quarterback on a cheap contract for the next five years. It's going to be Mack Jones. Now could Mack Jones go to San Francisco at three? Yes. And this scenario, San Francisco takes Justin fields and Mack Jones falls down the Patriots grab them at number seven. And it's it's gonna remind a lot of people at Tom Brady I'm just gonna say it he's a pocket passer. He's super smart. He's accurate. He's not very good on his feet. He's never gonna scramble out. He came from Nick Saban and Alabama. Just like Tom Brady came from a big school like Michigan, Mack Jones to New England. It's scary. It's scary because it could be really good for them.

Michael Benatar  32:19

I'm just curious how Kevin's gonna take it because he is a very emotional guy you see it all the time on the field he gets real pouty I don't know if he's gonna like this. He probably thinks this is his shot to do it again but as we've seen with aging quarterbacks it usually doesn't get much better just for Tom Brady I guess but most older quarterbacks It doesn't get any better.

Jdawg  32:39

So you're right and it's not gonna get better for Cam Newton it's all a smokescreen can do and will be the backup to Mack Jones All right. Scroll


expenses team bring

Jdawg  32:47

pickup player tell me who you want to hear more about?

Michael Benatar  32:50

I mean it just gets kind of boring right offensive lines linebackers do we got anybody all right well tell me about this guy. Why Why are they going after him? I've heard I've heard stories about a man I don't even know this. I'm not gonna butcher his name. The New York Jets are taking this guy right

Jdawg  33:05

now j Harris on the on the jet so I've got him go and 23rd overall, the Jets have a lot of holes on their team, right and so they could go in a lot of different directions after the quarterback position. They could go ahead, they could go corner they could go offensive line. The best thing to do with a young quarterback is to get a young receiver running back to take pressure off of him and to run the football and I think the Jets want to play defense and run the ball with their new head coach Robert Salah, the defensive coordinator from San Francisco I think Harris does come off the board in the first round as the first running back and the Jets could be the team to get them

Michael Benatar  33:36

Jeremy How much time did you spend on this mock draft

Jdawg  33:39

here so many hours I need people to listen to this podcast many times like listen to it again and again and I need people to click on it again and again just keep refreshing your page when you're on it to make sure it's all worth it in the end

Michael Benatar  33:52

that was great Jeremy so everybody can go check it out it will be in the description so you can click directly to the blog so that the sporting competition directly click it will also put up a little clip on social This is going everywhere Jeremy you're getting out there next week's the draft are we going to do like a a live metal live mock? Like posts draft you want to do like a little post draft recap

Jdawg  34:12

Yeah, I think I think next Friday we have to put a show out and see how many pics I got right first and foremost and then see what picks NFL teams got right now. Obviously j dog knows more.

Michael Benatar  34:21

Are you confident enough in that first five that I could go bet on the first five taken off the board?



Jdawg  34:27

not very confident no one really knows what's going on. I think the Falcons will certainly go Kyle pits or trade out. I don't think they're going quarterback with two years on that Ryan contract. That doesn't make sense to me. The other picks three and five. I don't know fields or Matt Jones at three. I couldn't tell you. Okay, interesting.

Michael Benatar  34:43

I like it all. Sounds good, Jim. Good. Good job. Good job.

Jdawg  34:45

All right. We'll be back next week to recap that it's a lot of work. So the sports go check it out.

Michael Benatar  34:51

Yes, go go check it out. I'll put it on the front page. Also, there's links below. Follow us on Instagram at the sports hangover podcast. Follow us on Twitter. At csh podcast we're reigniting our Twitter. It's no longer dine. I think Instagrams and I told you this last week Jeremy on our private one on one chat. But yeah, I think Twitter's Twitter's back. I find I finally understood why it's such a creeper plate, not creeper. But like you can browse more than you can post right? You're a casual poster. I would say you post once a month. You're like,


That's crazy.

Jdawg  35:24

Yeah. Hello. Tune in a little promotion. Yeah.

Michael Benatar  35:26

What's going on? We're gonna try to do it a little more with sports hangover and I think it's


in the draft.

Michael Benatar  35:33

Yeah, we're gonna wrestle the bourbon the views. Hopefully we're back next week.

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