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  • Why NFL Contracts Are Not Guaranteed?

    Just like any other circumstance, NFL contracts are also subject to various factors. They depend on various institutional and general factors. Let’...
  • How To Watch NFL Without Cable

    Technology has evolved to a level where we don’t need to gather around one TV with cable to watch a game. Even with multiple cables in the same hou...
  • Why NFL is Better than NBA?

    What brings all of America together is the Superbowl. It is one of the most-watched events in the country while only half of that public watches NBA Finals. 

  • 2021 NFL Mock Draft - Gossip, BS, Lies and Rumors Edition

    1. Jacksonville Jaguars – QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson



    The last time the Jaguars selected a QB in the top 3 of the draft, Blake Bortles became the mayor of the Jacksonville Beach bar scene and threw for more interceptions (75) and than games started (73). So this time, Urban Meyer mandated his top QB get married before joining the Jags. Lawrence will enter Jacksonville as a husband and as a reason for optimism for Jags fans




  • 2020 Winners and Losers in Sports

    "When the pandemic shut down life in March, many of us assumed it was an opportunity to get in the best shape of our lives. Nearly all of us were wrong. But Bryson DeChambeau emerged from his personal ‘bulking season’ with 40 additional pounds of strength and 20 additional yards on his average drive."
  • Is Tom Brady The Greatest Of All Time?

    Brady has played in 41 playoff games, an NFL record, has made nine Super Bowls, is Super Bowl MVP and has won two Super Bowls, two AFC championship games and three AFC championship games. All of which is undoubtedly impressive, but has Tom Brady established himself as the greatest of all time in football - or has he now won it all? Brady has behaved like a name - he's the best quarterback in NFL history and the most successful quarterback of his generation